Neptune Direct – November 2019 – Intuitive Flow

Neptune Direct

I have to admit, this direct station took me by surprise. And I even mentioned it in my November Report. Neptune stationing direct represents a time where we will be looking less inward, and will be dreaming of the possibilities that can come to us in this world, if only we follow our intuition. And this direct station is, of course, in its home sign of Pisces, so Neptune’s illusory qualities are going to be quite pronounced from this point forward. Let’s begin.

Neptune will be stationing direct at 15 Pis 55’34” on November 27th, 2019 at 4:32:13 AM PST (12:32:13 PM UTC), and will be in its post-retrograde shadow period until March 16th, 2020 9:50:28 PM PDT (March 17th, 2020 4:32:13 AM UTC). Neptune will be taking quite awhile to get going again, but it will start moving forward again pretty soon. We’ve probably had some strange vibes as the blue planet slowed down, and things weren’t exactly clear intuitively, but this should be passing soon, and we’ll be seeing more in the intuitive, dreaming, and psychic spheres shortly.

The tightest aspect to Neptune itself during its station turns out to be Moon in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces. Note that a New Moon was just in effect too, and still is to a degree. Moon square Neptune throws some psychic land mines at us, and we’re likely having some bizarre or cryptic dreams right now. There’s also the risk of tending to want to escape reality with this aspect as well, as we may not be making sense of things going on in our lives, or don’t want to make sense of them. This isn’t the time to put your head in the sand, as we’re going to have to confront some unpleasant truths. In some cases, this could even be the confronting of actual evil spirits, so do keep your spiritual defenses up around this time.

On a lighter note, Mercury in Scorpio trines Neptune rather tightly as well, and this can be a benefit to those who embrace their inner creative muse. Creative works should flow more easily now, and it should also be beneficial to put ideas to paper at this time as well. You can get a great deal done, and will be able to read between some lines a bit more easily now.

Neptune sextile Saturn in Capricorn further boosts the Mercury link, and in effect forms a Minor Grand Trine apexing Saturn. Neptune and Saturn working together can be quite a boost towards resolving tasks requiring a great deal of brainpower, and we should be able to think a bit more clearly now if we can stay on task. Analytical tasks should be greatly enhanced right now, so anything that requires careful calculation should come a bit more naturally now with this flowing aspect.

At the same time of the Neptune station, Chiron retrograde in Aries makes a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius (still on the last vestiges of its conjunction to Galactic Center) and also squares Venus, now in Capricorn. We’re still benefiting from the more positive vibes of the Jupiter-Venus connection here, but we do realize there’s some things that aren’t working out for us, and for us to take advantage of these now-fading positive energies, we have to confront some unpleasant truths holding us back. We could find some uncomfortable situations brewing, or we could be hamstringing ourselves with some serious self-doubts. Do also note that Chiron is now in range of fixed star Scheat, and that’s not a pleasant star to have influencing things. We run the risk of running to the bottle or other addictions right now, and that would derail some of our more creative urges. This could also run the risk of overindulgence in general with intoxicating substances or mental escapes in the name of seeking a good time. Some self-discipline will be required.

Another aspect that meshes with the Neptune station is Mars in Scorpio opposing Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Some of our more intuitive insights may bring about some sudden and forceful changes in how we approach material matter. On the other hand, those sudden changes may be what’s forcing our brains to work overtime right now. This can be a volatile period, and there’s the risk of some violence in some areas, so do listen to your gut if it’s telling you something isn’t right. As we just saw in Albania, this may also increase the potential for natural disasters, so again, follow your gut if something feels off.

Sun in Sagittarius quincunx Uranus retrograde in Taurus does also point to this nebulous time period as one where we know there’s some major changes we need to make to better our higher callings, but we may be afraid to take the step. We’ll need to take some major leaps of faith to go forward, especially if not taking the leap leads the way to certain failure or defeat. The leap could also lead to that, but if not going for whatever you’re thinking of doing is guaranteed unhappiness, then it may be worth taking that chance, especially if there’s even the remote possibility of it working out well.

Regarding the asteroids aspecting Neptune during its station direct phase, we’ll begin with the conjunction I’m seeing. 2629 Rudra conjunct Neptune I think would amplify Neptune’s power of intuition, psychic impulse, and connections to intoxicants a good bit. We’ll have to keep a tighter lid on things and make sure the door of our reality isn’t blown completely off of our hinges.

100 Hekate and 16089 Lamb in Scorpio trine Neptune do have another effect of amplifying magickal and psychic energies, which we can take better advantage of right now. Also, using our intuition and these other increased energies, we can erect better psychic defenses against those who would take advantage of us and lead us like a sheep to the slaughter. I’d even go as far as to say that some people will see that they’ve had the wool pulled over their eyes, and will begin to stand up and take notice. The blindfold is coming off, so to speak, and the wolves in sheeps’ clothing will be exposed a bit more now.

Vesta retrograde in Taurus sextile Neptune teaches us to look within and see what we really value. There are things we consider very important, and we can act on some of our deeper intuition to further secure those things now. At the same time, Neptune sextile 2696 Magion and 564 Dudu in Capricorn does provide us a unique opportunity during this shadow phase to recognize some bad crap in our lives, or to see where we’ve been fed a line of bull, and we can manifest a way out of that pile of… you know.

1862 Apollo and 4580 Child in Sagittarius (with the Moon) square Neptune could be warning us to not be blinded by false illumination, as staring in the sun can very much blind you if you’re not careful. And while it’s fun to look at the world with the awe and wonder of a child, we need to keep tabs on the harsher reality right now and know when playtime is over. And it’s ending soon, for sure.

Lastly for the station phase, we have an asteroid Yod with 5325 Silver in Leo sextile 8813 Leviathan, apexing Neptune in a pair of quincunxes. We may be seeing some opportunity where we can follow our ego and desire a bit, maybe even with the help of a willing partner, but we need to make sure we’re seeing a true opportunity and not chasing more phantoms. There may also be some predators lurking in the deep of some ventures, so do be careful if you elect to swim with sharks.

All the way into March 16th (or 17th, depending on time zone) in 2020, once Neptune finally exits its shadow phase, things get a little crazier. At the time Neptune’s post-retrograde shadow period ends, Neptune will sextile Mars and Jupiter in Capricorn (themselves conjunct Pluto, but Pluto will be out of orb of sextiling Neptune). There’s some intense energies merging here, and Neptune sextiling those at the time will allow us to see solutions to issues that we might not have considered before. We may be forced to stand up and take a stand for what we believe in at that point, but the Mars-Jupiter connection to Neptune should help fill us with some resolve to make it happen.

At the time Neptune’s post-retrograde shadow ends, Moon in Capricorn on South Node and North Node in Cancer square Chiron and Black Moon Lilith in Aries for a T-Square. This will certainly add a different dimension to things. This is rather interesting, and you will definitely want to make sure your psychic and spiritual armor is at full strength around that time. We may be getting some bad vibes then and we will definitely be wary of being wounded, especially by things that go bump in the night. There could be some major shenanigans being planned by people around us in our careers, and we’ll need to be careful of unscrupulous happenings. We can expect some fated happenings to guide us on making a decision on whether we’ll pursue our better lives, or if we’ll try to take comfort in the familiar. Again, could be time for a leap of faith, and that leap may be forced.

Uranus in Taurus sextile the North Node in Cancer when Neptune exits shadow should help things along a bit and shake things up in a way they need to be. We’ll have to recognize what’s being disrupted, and consider why it has to happen. It may be acting as a wake-up call in tandem with the other energies then to break us from a dreamy stupor, and serve to put us on the path to uncertain success. Uranus will be making a wide square to Saturn at the end of Capricorn then too, so some obstacles and definite hard work may be required to make it through that period too.

The post-shadow exit asteroids also help paint more of a picture once Neptune enters full strength. 564 Dudu conjunct Neptune on March 16th/17th will allow us to use our intuition and gut feeling to better detect deceptions, and we’ll be able to see past the BS a bit more clearly. The downside of this is some BS masters may find it easier to deceive others, so do be on guard and listen to your intuition.

11911 Angel retrograde in Scorpio trine Neptune would be beneficial in that we may find ourselves intuitively being an angel to those in need, and we may find ourselves being protected by angels or other protectors during this time period as well. More likely we’ll be the ones being good Samaritans to others.

151 Abundantia and 4386 Lust in Capricorn sextile Neptune in March may allow for more intimate encounters that take on a dreamy or cerebral quality. Some amorous unions may shed some more insights into our own psyches at that time.

128 Nemesis retrograde in Virgo opposing Neptune will be a warning to not become our own worst enemies, especially when it comes to being on the job, or when we’re dealing with obligations. We could find ourselves becoming slaves to detail and over-analyzing every little thing. Hyper-focus could cause us to miss an important clue. This also plays into making an asteroid Grand Cross with 100 Hekate in Sagittarius, and 9770 Discovery and 99942 Apophis in Gemini aspecting Nemesis and Neptune. There will definitely be some bad mojo at work that we’ll have to be on guard for, and we could find ourselves having to discover who our would-be destroyers (Apophis/Nemesis) are. We may find ourselves being hard-pressed to identify our real enemies correctly, so double-check your intuition then.

Another asteroid Yod with 37117 Narcissus and 447 Valentine in Leo (both retrograde) sextile 5239 Reiki and Juno in Libra(also both retrograde) all apexing Neptune could lead us into a situation where we’re dealing with narcissistic individuals in love relationships, and we may be finding that we were attempting to help or heal these people. In the course of doing so, you need to check and make sure you’re not doing lasting psychic or mental damage to yourself. Even before Neptune exits its post-retrograde shadow phase, this will actually be an important question to ask yourself. If you are, in fact, in a healthy relationship and actually healing from previous wounds with the help of a partner, then intuitively one would want to protect that at all costs. But if it’s the other way around, it will become more apparent around that time.

Ceres in Aquarius semisextile Neptune in Pisces in the end will also act as a sort of trigger for intuition, dreams, and deceptions regarding the homestead. That Ceres would be opposing Narcissus more strongly as well, so do be on the watch for excessive pride and narcissism in your home space, whether you may be feeling overconfident about something, or if a partner or roommate is tooting their horn a bit too much. Tread lightly and carefully.

As we can see, Neptune turning direct is going to open up some opportunities and insights for us, and we should be able to make full use of what we’ve learned during the retrograde phase a bit more as we get closer to March. We’ll have to trust in our visions of the future and we’ll be able to act on and work towards some of our most important goals. It won’t all be easy going, for sure, and we’ll have some fears, doubts, and uncertainties along the way too. We can overcome these. But more importantly, we need to keep our mental and spiritual barriers up during this crazy time coming up. Be sure to create something beautiful and/or insightful over the next few months. You’ll appreciate it.