New Moon Taurus – May 2024

New Moon Taurus 2024

Eclipse Season is over. A new lunar cycle has come, and this one’s interesting in that there’s no squares or oppositions from any of the primary points and planets that I can see. Doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing.

The New Moon Itself

New Moon Taurus peaks at 18 Tau 02’04” on May 7th, 2024 at 8:21:52 PM PDT / May 8th, 2024 at 3:21:52 AM UTC. There’s a little bit of a mercurial Virgo vibe here with the New Moon in the second decan of Taurus too, so pay attention to the little details for the next few weeks. The main focus, however, will be squarely in our stability, resources, and comfort zones.

With the Venus rulership of Taurus, our focus on our money, possessions, and keeping ourselves situated takes center stage. Do we have enough? Can we get more? These are the questions we ask and will seek answers to. Plans for mitigating losses and improving our gains are vital now.

The second decan’s Mercury-Virgo tint will also play into this. Again, pay attention to the finer details in your dealings, and don’t overlook key details if you can help it. An eye for detail will be crucial now, especially with Mercury still in its post-retrograde shadow phase.

This also plays out with Sun conjunct Moon, giving us the opportunity to deal with new beginnings, fresh starts, and getting things off of the ground. New ventures for attracting wealth should be more successful for the next little while.

Other Aspects to the New Moon

Put in the Work

New Moon Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces and widely conjunct Uranus in Taurus builds up some new opportunities for us, provided we can put in the work.

Saturn in Pisces cuts through the illusions of this Neptune-ruled sign. We get shaken out of our daydreams, and we can focus more on the bigger picture. The New Moon’s sextile to this tells me that we’ve entered the start of an important growth period. Seeds planted, properly nurtured, will grow well now.

Uranus in wide conjunction to Sun and Moon in Taurus gives us a muted sense of unpredictability and warns us, or guides us rather, to be ready for surprises. Expect some shake-ups with money, wealth, possessions, and some unexpected opportunities to gain (or lose) value.

With the sextile and conjunction pattern, we could find our projects and jobs we start now may end up being more productive than we expected. Conversely, we could have some unexpected losses as well, but can mitigate those losses with good effort.

Explosive Revelations

New Moon Taurus conjunct 26 Properpina, square 564 Dudu in Aquarius, and 2031 BAM and 5790 Nagasaki in Leo, while opposing 4227 Kaali in Scorpio certainly points to some explosive developments during this lunar cycle, though these are more muted as asteroids.

Dudu in Aquarius on one side of the squares denotes just that, crap. Expect propaganda and BS to fly in online communications. Also be aware of the false promises and overpromising that can occur in fields such as AI and other technological innovation right now.

BAM and Nagasaki together in Leo, squaring the New Moon from the opposite direction, this paints a different sort of explosive picture. Nagasaki was, after all, the second city to be targeted with an atomic device at the end of World War II, and BAM is… explosive. So we can expect explosive and provocative dealings when it comes to recreations, creativity, and short-term flings. Also, I would say this would deal with revelations of such actions.

Kaali in Scorpio opposing the New Moon? Kaali is an amplifier and a bit of an occult asteroid to boot. Think Kali in Hindu mythology. She can be quite destructive, and destruction can bring forth new life. But first, pain. And given that this is in Scorpio, the eights sign that deals with other people’s resources, the undercurrent, the underworld, and other shadowy things…

Proserpina with the New Moon suggests that we are going to have to go deep down into the underworld for part of the journey. Deals with the lord of the underworld and all. At any rate, we have to confront what’s deep beneath the surface.

Things are going to come to light that aren’t pleasant. Fortunately, the primary body aspects to the New Moon help smooth this over for many of us, and we can heed the lessons being learned the hard way by others.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the New Moon

Don’t Drown

Neptune conjunct fixed star Scheat ramps up the Piscean influence here, and this can be good or bad.

Scheat does have a reputation for poisonings, drownings, and other kinds of addiction problems here. Neptune joining with this star also plays into this quite heavily. However, there’s a couple active, wide sextiles that help mitigate this somewhat.

Neptune sextile Pluto (now retrograde) in Aquarius indicates some opportunities to step outside our comfort zone and think outside the box to deal with the delusions we’ve been struggling with. Clearly, for many of us, the “traditional” or “tried and true” means of dealing with issues hasn’t been working. We need to get creative. Think: what other strategies are available to us?

Previous generations, and especially centuries didn’t have the Internet and the availability of knowledge that we do now. It’s a good time to research new solutions to long-standing problems.

Neptune sextile Jupiter in Taurus, itself on Algol is another sextile influence we can use. Jupiter expands what it touches, and here it expands us losing our heads in the clouds. But there’s also a chance to think big.

Some heads may have to roll after all. Make sure they’re the right heads. Maybe mannequin heads so no one actually gets hurt. But do make sure to keep a check on inflated egos. Don’t let your head swell too big, or it could pop!

Of all the planets that can touch Algol, Jupiter is, honestly, the best of the lot.

Don’t Sink

Pluto retrograde in Aquarius opposing 128 Nemesis and 8813 Leviathan in Leo give a solid warning to watch for dangers in our creative lives, and to watch for predators in the short-term dating life as well.

Pluto retrograde square 8690 Swindle retrograde in Scorpio also plays into this, as we must now be aware of deceptions from the shadows as well. Be especially aware of those who promise what they have no intention of delivering.

Pluto retrograde square 15845 Bambi in Taurus completes the asteroid Grand Cross, and likewise warns us not to be taken for a ride lest we become prey for our resources.

Be very cautious of new suitors and new players coming in to vie for your attention. Make sure their intentions are clear, and do not be implicitly trusting until they have proven they can be trusted.

What Did We Overlook?

Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus both sextile Black Moon Lilith in Virgo, and this can be quite advantageous if we’re paying attention.

Black Moon Lilith not only represents the divine feminine in a way, but also what is hidden beneath the surface, flowing underneath until it is uncovered. In Virgo, there’s subtle details that can be missed or overlooked.

With the trine to both Uranus and Jupiter, we can get to the bottom of some of the missing details. Coming to grips with these details can yield new opportunities now.

Speak Clearly

Mercury and Chiron conjunct in Aries indicates a time where we need to focus on improving our own situation. We’ve had some recent review now that we’re in the post-retrograde shadow for Mercury, and hopefully we’ve all taken account of what we need to move on from past failings.

Mercury and Chiron conjunct 4955 Gold and 9951 Tyrannosaurus also plays into this. Where did we hurt ourselves chasing after money before? And where did we run into tyrants? Were we our own tyrant? Be mindful.

Mercury/Chiron opposite 7328 Casanova and 2063 Bacchus in Libra also adds to this. We need to heal ourselves and not be drawn in by false promises and advances, especially those that would serve to distract and intoxicate us. Playing into the Pluto aspects, be wary of false promises by suitors. And definitely be wary of false promises by exes and those who we should end relationships with too!

Mercury/Chiron square Ceres in Capricorn also plays into this. Home and hearth is important, but are home matters holding us back in pursuing what’s best for our career and overall direction in life? Or is it the opposite: have our reputations and public personas laid waste to our home lives?

You’ll need to communicate what’s important to you now.

Don’t Betray Your Planning

Mars in Aries conjunct 2696 Magion is actually a more positive aspect. We’ve got more energy and drive to go for what we want, and Magion with Mars here helps us make some magic happen.

Mars sextile 114 Kassandra in Aquarius I’d say is a more positive aspect as well. Be aware of warnings given while we pursue our goals, and make sure you actually listen. We may also see people notice and pay attention to the warnings we give others as well, such as valid reviews for services and businesses that aren’t operating with integrity. Those that are operating with integrity and fell short of the mark may actually take that feedback into account a little more too and make the right adjustments.

Mars square Ixion retrograde in Capricorn, and also square 389 Industria in Cancer also points to warnings to not be taken in by false promises by employers, business contacts, and to consider the impact of work on our home lives.

Work from home life may also have some potential quirks for the next few weeks. This could be distractions preventing us from getting things done, or a change in policy that affects the ability to work from home, if not outright removal altogether.

Don’t Sample Forbidden Fruits

Venus in Taurus conjunct 545 Messalina indicates some temptations of the flesh and of the bling. Some will find that they can wave some cash and attract some attention they’d probably be better off not attracting.

Venus opposite 37117 Narcissus retrograde in Scorpio serves as a warning to not put ourselves in debt to attract the neighbor’s partners. Not a good idea to covet, in general, and especially not now. Stray, and it’ll only serve to feed the ego of the narcissist with your own lifeblood and self-respect. Again, be wary of those who are self-serving and wanting to drink your waters while leaving you thirsty.

In Closing

There’s a lot of opportunities to be had during this lunar cycle starting from the New Moon in Taurus, but we also need to watch out for a plethora of false promises. While there’s some tempting offers that are actually legitimate over the next few weeks, we need to make sure that those making those offers are on the level.

It’s also interesting with the asteroid aspects how this is coinciding with a certain trial going on in the news, including the bits about infidelity and false promises to get what they wanted. Consequences are definitely playing out, if only in time taken from other desires and other planning.

The wheel of karma does turn, and it can reward us too. Which way is your wheel turning?