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In the beginning…

Over the course of my years, I’d have had an on-again, off-again interest in astrology. It wasn’t until the last several years that I started to seriously delve into it. There were synchronicities that made sense, yet at the same time some things just didn’t fit fully. When I finally got a chart done and saw that my Sun was right on the line between Leo and Virgo, that’s when it dawned on me that those newspaper horoscopes weren’t going to give me a full detail. Especially since I had the influences of both signs (though a leaning towards Virgo).

So of course, I had to look into more personalized and more exacting transits, as just a horoscope for Leo or a horoscope for Virgo didn’t do things justice for me. Even more recently, some astrologers use decans, like the three thirds of each sign, and while that can help me in non-personalized readings, I felt I needed… more.

Enter the Communities

Over time I stumbled onto a forum at Lindaland, a community of astrology enthusiasts and researchers (as well as other researchers of other esoteric topics). One thing to remember is that Lindaland was dedicated to the memory of Linda Goodman, an astrologer who is no longer with us. Reading about tidbits about her life and writings were interesting and enlightening enough (especially the Spider Line forum), but what really got my attention was the Asteroid Astrology forum.

Asteroid astrology was one of those topics that spoke out to me. While many people use the traditional planets (yes, including Pluto), there were others who were using a few larger asteroids, such as Ceres, Pallas, Vesta and Juno. Chiron (the Wounded Healer), one of the Centaurs that orbit between Saturn and Uranus, has also come into vogue in the last several years. But still… there was more. Enter the minor asteroids.

One of the members in particular was researching some more esoteric topics, such as mind-control programs such as MK-ULTRA and Project Monarch, and had looked into the astrology charts of victims (and alleged masterminds). There were a multitude of minor asteroids that were making more exacting aspects, and seemed to add a little more color to the picture. When he added the concept of Draconic Charts (which involves “rotating” the natal chart so that the natal North Node rests on 0° Aries) the picture got a little more colorful yet. Researching Mark Andrew Holmes’ asteroid page also led to new insights as he had done an extensive amount of research into asteroid astrology.

In the end, I started looking into my own chart, including asteroids. I found some interesting aspects, such as asteroid 3811 Karma resting practically on where the star Algol rests in my natal chart (and Algol has a very unfortunate reputation). The more I researched, the more I found intriguing synchronicities. And so on I researched.

Also, while people were familiar with the Part of Fortune (or Lot of Fortune, if you prefer), there are apparently other “Arabic Parts” (so called as many writings of this concept were apparently recorded by Arabian researchers, and may actually be partially Ptolemaic in nature if I recall correctly). When researching the other Arabic Parts, I found a few other synchronicities in my chart. Especially one that involved a tragedy with a close family member (and thus led me to realize that just because a Part has a particular name doesn’t automatically mean that for your chart, in this case the Part of Death not meaning my death). A lot warranted further study.

Change the Future, Change the Past

Another interest of mine is historical astrological research. Some recent events have been picked apart by some astrologers, but have they seen all the pieces of the puzzle? Highly unlikely. So, of course, I have done a little research into one or two historical events in the hopes of seeing what similarities there are to then and now, especially since we’ve just gone through the Cardinal Grand Cross period coinciding with a series of Uranus/Pluto squares. Also hearing that there are similar alignments in this decade to those that occurred (or at least estimated to have occurred) during the American and French Revolutions, and the American Civil War, I felt a little forewarning might be wise. Also consider that the last Uranus/Pluto square era occurred around the 1930’s and what that decade led to (World War II), I think we’re in for a bumpy ride. But the worst of manifestations, I also reasoned, did not have to happen.

If people knew what to look for, perhaps the worst-case scenarios could be avoided this time. And perhaps even break some nasty cycles. With what I’ve found in Arabic Parts and Asteroid Astrology, maybe there’s a way to look deeper into the lessons of the past and be aware of the undercurrents so that mankind may take a slightly different course… a slightly different manifestation.

As above, so below. The planets and the asteroids aren’t causing this to happen, as we humans have free will. Granted, some natural disasters also seem to correspond with some alignments at times, but not always. Think of a clock, having an hour hand, a minute hand, and a second hand. Now, imagine a colossal clock up above that has thousands of hands, not just three. That’s astrology. It’s a colossal clock in the heavens. It makes sense. The sun rises and sets at certain times, changing with the seasons as some days are longer and others shorter.

Just in that way, at some points in time Mars will be in one section of the sky and, from an Earth-based point of view, may line up with the Sun or the Moon on a two-dimensional representation (the chart wheel). Perhaps there’s something in hyperspace or 5th-dimensional physics, maybe something gravitationally-oriented that has an effect that modern scientific instruments aren’t calibrated to detect yet. Maybe we won’t have that for awhile. Gravity, even when weak, still has an effect, and who knows what subtle variations the make-up of the red sands of Mars has compared to the ashen grey soot on the Moon, or the burning hydrogen fusion of the Sun? We don’t know. Many dismiss astrology as pseudoscience. For me, I see synchronicities and possibilities, and perhaps future, proven science.

Would astrology work on Mars? Who knows. We’re not there yet. Mars symbolizes passion, anger, energy here on Earth. What would Earth represent in Martian astrology? I don’t know. But if we can crack the code here on Earth, then perhaps it’ll be a little easier when we set foot on other planets. Or maybe astrology will no longer be relevant. There’s really no way to be certain until we get that far. But it’s fun to think about.

So I’ll be posting here on this blog, sharing my observations and thoughts. Even trying my hand at some forecasting, perhaps. I can’t guarantee a 100% accurate picture and am not a prophet, that’s for sure (otherwise I’d have won the PowerBall by now). If anything, it’s something to pass the time and might even give the 10 billion cats on the Internet a run for their money… Ok, maybe not.