New Moon Sagittarius - November 2019 - Flame Wall

New Moon Sagittarius - November 2019 - Flame Wall

New Moon Sagittarius... Sun and Moon together, in fire and fire. And we'll be at the point where the Jupiter-Venus-Galactic Center conjunction has ended. Let's hope we've all made the necessary adjustments during this previous lunar cycle, as we're now facing off against what I'm seeing as "The Wall". If we've played our cards right, and we still can, we may be able to blow a hole through this wall.

Before we get into the New Moon itself, I need to explain "The Wall." Jupiter's going to be leaving its home sign and entering Capricorn, where it doesn't have its home presence, but is the domain of Saturn. (Jupiter won't be in Fall or Detriment, however, which is a degree of good news. Jupiter in Fall is later when it enters Aquarius). Saturn and Pluto will also be tightening their conjunction during this next lunar cycle, and I'll touch on that during the lunar cycle explanation as well. Quite frankly, a window of opportunity is closing, but the window's still cracked and there's time for some last-minute changes for the better. So this isn't a death sentence if you haven't started your dream life yet, but you need to make your decision now!

Now, let's get down to business: The New Moon takes place at 04 Sag 03'01" on November 26th, 2019 7:05:35 AM PDT (15:05:35 UTC (3:05:35 PM UTC)). Again, this lunar cycle will also be intense like Scorpio's cycle was, but in different ways. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, so we're going to be seeing some changeability, and things will be a bit more faster pace, as it usually is during this holiday period, so you have a general idea what I'm talking about here. Sagittarius is also a bit more optimistic and concerned about freedom, especially on the personal level, as its ruled by Jupiter. This optimism and our desire for freedom is certainly going to be tested this cycle, and this will also concern matters of faith and higher spirituality, and of course, long-distance or foreign travel. As many will be travelling for the holidays to see family and loved ones, this is another example of what I speak here.

The New Moon has a few aspects to planetary bodies that concern us this time around. New Moon in Sagittarius quincunx Uranus retrograde in Taurus brings a bit of an off-kilter feel when it comes to our desire for freedom, and we may be holding ourselves back, shying away from breaking out of routine. Uranus doesn't particularly like Taurus. Taurus is grounded, it's fixed, it's earthy... Uranus is airy (as it rules Aquarius), it's the planet of sudden and radical change, rebellion... We're going to want to step out of routine, and we may not feel like we can break routine. To pursue our best life, we just may need to.

New Moon trine Chiron retrograde in Aries does bring a bit more ease in confronting what's been holding us back, so perhaps we can use this to overcome some of that Uranian quincunx energy. We need to be firm with ourselves, of course, and I'm certain by using the Chiron energy directed inwards, we will be able to take a look at some older patterns and scream to ourselves "no more!" We have seen what's happened in the past, we've seen what doesn't work, and it's time to build something that will.

We do need to look out for New Moon semisquare Saturn in Capricorn, in its home sign. The semisquare portends some internal conflicts, and this goes hand in hand with the New Moon-Uranus link. Fear of losing everything can be exemplified, especially if it's taking us off of what some would find a "traditional" or "acceptable" career path. You need to do you. At the same time, you have to eat. This is certainly a conflict, and some parties are not willing to wait. You're going to have to work around these restrictions somehow. As a semisquare is less intense than a full square, this should be a bit easier to get through. Nonetheless, it's still a pain in the ass.

We do also have New Moon semisextile Mars in Scorpio, also in its home sign. There's going to be an impetus and a drive to get things done, and a general sense that the clock is running out. This could lead us to feeling like we have to rush to finish up tasks, and this could come back to bite us if we don't watch the details closely. We could also find ourselves being forced to make decisions on matters, and we may see secret enemies revealed to us during this lunar cycle as well. This could also manifest as increased chance of institutionalization and incarceration, so do be aware of surrounding, your health, and take a step back from bad situations.

As we get into the other bodies during this lunar transit, Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces can allow us to channel our inner muse a little easier, and we may find ourselves able to put this into music, writing, and other creative works at this time. I'd say its even a good time to start on a new creative project if you're so inclined. Returning to a creative work you were previously working on but back-burnered could also be beneficial, as Mercury is still in its post-retrograde shadow period.

Mercury in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn is also worth noting, as this may allow us to more easily get some tasks done. We may also find more beneficial messages when it comes to dealing with tasks, obligations, and we can also communicate our way past some other obstacles. Travel might be a little less jarring during this lunar cycle in general too, given this is a softer aspect. Still, do keep alert.

Mercury semisquare Jupiter in Sagittarius and Venus in Capricorn is a bit of a web blanket when it comes to some of our ambitions, however. While we can channel some of the Neptunian-Mercurial energies, and have the Mercury-Saturn hard work link, this combination here suggests that we won't have the greatest of luck falling into our laps, and we're going to have to get out of our own way a bit to get things done. We may also find unwelcome messages or signs that we've overspent ourselves, or otherwise paint ourselves into a corner. While some may be able to paint a door and leave the corner that way, it isn't the most optimal solution. Better to be watchful and avoid the situation in the first place if able. This may not always be possible, however.

Venus in Capricorn conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius (itself still in its last stage of conjuncting Galactic Center) can still give us a boost of good fortune, just that the parameters will have changed with the changing of signs now. Some good fortune is still possible, but will require more work on your part.

Chiron retrograde in Aries square Jupiter and Venus is another downer, potentially, but could yield great rewards if you can harness the energies properly. The feel-good energies are conflicted with the inner wounding we've had to deal with, and we're realizing what we need to cast off to move forward into good things. Sometimes what has really held us back seems good on the surface. This configuration will test us and show us that we may need to give up something that seems good so we can move on to something better.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus trine Jupiter and Venus can help with the above-mentioned Chiron link to the same planets. Sometimes the answer can come out of nowhere, like a sudden opportunity. These strokes of good fortune are less likely to be pie-in-the-sky schemes, and will be opportunities that are more rooted in some sense of stability. Some discipline, of course, will be required to see it through.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus opposite Mars in Scorpio adds another dimension to this lunar cycle in that some of these changes we're dealing with will be forced. This may come across as a sudden job loss or notice of job loss (just in time for the holidays... I've been there!), a surprise bill or expense, or quite possibly an accident, among other things. Be mindful of the unexpected, and you may be able to mitigate some unwelcome surprises.

Saturn tightening its conjunction to Pluto will also be a theme for this lunar cycle, and this will be intensifying quite a bit as we approach the end of the lunar cycle as well. Saturn and Pluto together, especially in Capricorn, denotes the tearing down of institutional structures, and varying systems that have formed a backbone of what we know will be undergoing some very fundamental changes. Given what's in the news cycle right now, this is likely to be... honestly, the political and international stages are looking like they're going to heat up quite a bit. I don't know which direction the hearings in Washington D.C. are going to go right now, I haven't analyzed some aspects to key players. But globally, for all of us? We're going to see major changes, forced changes, and if we're not prepared or even steeling ourselves for the events ahead? Get started. Now.

Pluto sextile Black Moon Lilith in Pisces will further add to some of the underworld vibe and some of the forbidden as this lunar cycle goes on, but these changes will be necessary. Think of it as death being a prerequisite for life (which makes sense when you consider the lion eating the antelope for sustenance). Consider the hidden lessons in each loss, and you may yet be able to move forward into greater things. But it will be an intense process.

Now to get into the asteroid aspects to the New Moon itself. We begin with 151 Abundantia conjunct the New Moon. This does give another ray of hope in all that is going on. Abundance can be ours if we can embrace it and hold onto our dreams, but we do need to work for it. It's like being shown the door, but we have to go through it to get into the next room. This lends itself to abundance via hard work, and for a few, maybe by luck or good fortune.

New Moon sextile 5239 Reiki and 55555 DNA in Libra is another fortunate configuration. This implies that some illnesses and injuries can be healed more easily now, and there could even be a medical breakthrough reported within this lunar cycle. This can also be achieved somewhat by making healthier choices, and I'd say getting a head start on a healthier regimen would be in good order right now. It may not cure everything, but it's worth eating better and getting a bit more exercise if its been lacking lately. Yes, it's the holiday season, and this may be more difficult for some now, but a little bit is better than not at all.

Speaking of health, 10 Hygiea retrograde in Gemini opposing the New Moon does warn us to not sabotage our efforts at self-care. Self-inflicted illnesses and conditions may become apparent during this lunar cycle, but again, this can be side-stepped a bit with Hygiea trine Reiki/DNA. Some may experience a wake-up call that spurs them into healthier actions and habits. On the other hand, this may also lead to overconfidence in one's condition if one's been active for awhile. ...Let's get into the next set of aspects, actually...

New Moon square 307 Nike in Virgo and also square 4086 Podalirius in Pisces is an interesting T-Square by asteroid... actually, no, that's a Grand Cross when considering Hygiea! Ok. So active people really do need to watch themselves and make sure they don't overtrain or otherwise injure themselves in the course of activity during this lunar cycle. This suggests to me that running injuries, running overuse, and other conditions related to cardiovascular activities are more likely to occur. This could be a slip and fall while running outside in the colder weather (in the Northern Hemisphere, anyways), or perhaps someone goes too hard for too long and passes out or has a heart attack while running. Or perhaps someone who was sedentary tries to go too hard too fast and likewise injures themselves. Exercise due caution in your exercising, and you should go far. This may also be a sign that one needs to stretch more (guilty).

New Moon semisextile 390 Alma in Scorpio, and semisextile Ceres in Capricorn leads me to think that this lunar cycle will also involve give and take in the homestead. Resource management or having to reallocate funds to reflect happenings in the home will be likely. It's the holiday period, again, so overspending could lead to some awkward domestic moments. Also, with the stress of dealing with extended family and guests, just remember to take it easy in your dealings with loved ones and those you share your home space with.

New Moon semisquare 2598 Merlin and 6157 Prey in Libra warns us to use our intuition to be wary of those who would prey on us. It is also a reminder to shield ourselves spiritually and psychically, as not everyone you meet will be an ally during this time period (unless you are truly blessed!). New Moon semisquare 829 Academia, 69230 Hermes, and 2696 Magion in Capricorn also acts as a warning to be on your guard psychically... this entire set of semisquares tells us to be on guard for negative spirits and beings, really. Also, be alert to who or what you are inviting into your life. This would be a good time to remind ourselves that we do manifest some of the happenings and events in our lives, and we should be more mindful so we aren't manifesting the wrong things or some major negative vibes that would throw us off. We create our own realities. Merlin, Hermes, Magion, these are powerful occult asteroids (and I'm fairly certain of that with Hermes). It's also a warning not to rush into things, as Hermes was quite the speedster as well.

Finally, New Moon sesquiquadrate 389 Industria retrograde in Cancer serves as a warning that workloads and our job duties may be a bit more than we can bear. Given Black Friday and the holiday shopping season is upon us, this is particularly pertinent for retail workers and those working in logistics and warehouses. This is also a warning to those who would not be inclined to consider others that such workers are humans too, and they also have rights. You don't get to trample the people working at Walmart or Target to get a special on a TV and not pay the price. Of course, some won't heed this advice, so those working these stressful and potentially hazardous jobs, be careful. This warning also applies to emergency services workers (police, firefighters, EMTs, etc), as this does tend to be the time of year tempers fray and people rush. Consider others who are working hard. That's the long and short of it.

In closing, this lunar cycle is intense in its own way, and this is the last gasp before events and things set in. Whatever steps you're going to take to get towards a better life for yourself and loved ones, you need to have that at least in motion very soon after the New Moon hits, as it's going to be way harder afterwards. There's still time and potential for rewards, but we're going to be facing more obstacles going forward. And do be aware that the New Moon after this lunar cycle ends will be a Solar Eclipse on Christmas Day. So we're heading into Eclipse Season soon too. Season's beatings, all.