Full Moon Capricorn – June 2024

Full Moon Capricorn 2024

This Full Moon in Capricorn is going to prove to be quite a mercurial one, and I’m not talking Mercury. Neptune takes center stage, and we’ll get into why.

The Full Moon Itself

Full Moon Capricorn’s exact conjunction comes at 01 Cap 07’27” on June 21st, 2024 at 6:07:50 PM PDT / June 22nd, 2024 at 1:07:50 AM UTC. The Full Moon is in the tenth sign of the zodiac, bringing our reputations, our careers, our governing structures, and our legacies into full focus. All eyes are on us and what we’re bringing to the table.

Saturn governs this Full Moon as the ruler of Capricorn, and Saturn is… afflicted. Those who would control us with a set of draconian laws will be coming to the forefront in whatever way they see fit. We will also need to be watchful of factors that aim to restrict us or hold us back for selfish gain. I will get into why when I get to the main Saturn aspect.

At any rate, the Sun is in Cancer, having just invoked the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. We’re hoping to shore up matters in our home and private spaces, yet we have the factor of governing institutions invoking their wills upon us for the next couple of weeks at bare minimum. Control is the name of the game.

Sun Opposite Moon is the main aspect during any Full Moon. In this case, we’ve got our lives we want to live and our own personal and private matters going on. The overall urge to finish things off and advance to the next phase of our plans feel threatened in this instance by not knowing what’s coming next to impose wills upon us.

As far as career matters, some of us are still doing the work from home thing, or would like to get back to that if we’re not able to do so right now. Others are just happy to have a job. I just started one right after the New Moon, and am finding a great deal under the surface. A good company, and what’s beneath the surface I’m finding? Equipment setup. With Gemini having just had all those bodies for the last few weeks, it has been feeling somewhat Mercury retrograde-ish… but Mercury’s full speed ahead right now!

Another thing this Full Moon in Capricorn is going to teach us is: are we asking the right questions?

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

Don’t Hope So… Know So. And We. Know. Nothing.

Full Moon Capricorn forms a Grand Cross with Sun and 99942 Apophis in Cancer, Black Moon Lilith and 55555 DNA in Virgo, and Neptune in Pisces. This is such a strange and contentious pattern.

Neptune is also with fixed star Scheat, which already has a rough reputation as it is. Scheat is an unfortunate star with a reputation for drownings, poisonings, and accidents. Add Neptune’s illusions, delusions, addiction potential, and pathologies that involve drowning (such as drowning in one’s own fluids), and there’s a potential for disaster. Be alert and if you’re travelling, make sure that what you’re travelling on (especially boat and plane) is sound and secure.

Intuitively, Neptune and Scheat also involve weather, particularly flooding. Be aware of flash flood warnings, and also be wary of poor drainage areas like clogged drains and heavy rains.

Black Moon Lilith also adds an element of further danger to this, opposing Neptune. Lilith here can represent matters beneath the surface, the hidden, the occult, and with Virgo here, I’d also argue back room deals are in play here too. 55555 DNA also tells me just that: matters involving health, genetics, and the propagation of the species (as well as matters involving a woman’s bodily autonomy). As this is part of a strong Grand Cross, we can expect some power players to further put the screws on essential healthcare.

Sun and 99942 Apophis…. Apophis represents destruction. Destruction in private, destruction in home life, destruction in very deeply personal matters. The destruction of the right to make our own choices. And with Sun squaring both Neptune and Lilith-DNA, I’d argue that there’s also a potential for either biological warfare at worst, or some serious missteps regarding public and private health.

I pray that Bird Flu H5N1 doesn’t decide to pull a Covid and wreak havoc.

Venus also widely opposes Full Moon Capricorn (though is a bit wide in orb to interact with Lilith or Neptune, thankfully). Matters involving alliances, partnerships, and money and stability are also going to be unclear or intentionally f***ed with. This brings Putin’s meeting with Kim Jong Un and their mutual “defensive” assistance pact to mind,

I don’t like this. Any of this.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Full Moon

Good Luck Keeping Your Head On Straight

Uranus conjunct Algol in Taurus. The planet of rebellion joins with the most malefic star in the heavens. At worst, this can represent literal beheadings, which is reportedly starting to happen to Ukrainian soldiers captures by some Russian units.

We’re also likely to see more elements of rebellion turn ugly, and some rebellious and seditious elements receive sentences. Steve Bannon being sent to a not-quite-Club-Fed prison soon comes to mind.

Uranus also trines 11144 Radiocommunicata retrograde in Capricorn, which might help things along a bit. There’s a slim potential of sense being talked into some who would otherwise rebel against the wrong party. On the other hand, it may be easier to write a missive that sparks the right rebellious movement now. There’s plenty of just causes to stand up for, just know that there’s a lot of risk right now.

Put Energy Into The Right Cause

Mars in Taurus sextile Mercury in Cancer proves beneficial as we can do some intense and productive journaling right now. Make some lists, plan things out. Use the drive and energy of Mars and make some good, solid plans regarding your money, stability, and getting your thoughts in order.

Some minor travelling locally to shore things up and getting some good deals or side cash might be helpful too. Mars makes a slightly wider sextile to Venus in Cancer as well, so maybe some home beautification or redecoration would help lighten the mood a bit.

Mars square 149 Medusa in Leo and opposing 37117 Narcissus retrograde in Scorpio does caution us to be careful of trying to work with people willing to backstab you for your own self-interests. Some alliances are not meant to continue or even be forged.

Watch for Tyrants

Saturn conjunct Nessus in Pisces is a massive warning, especially as Saturn-Nessus also square 55 Pandora, 2878 Panacea, and 85047 Krakatau in Gemini.

Saturn contracts, restricts, and can block things. It is also a harbinger of discipline and hard work. It rips the rose-colored glasses off people when in Pisces, splashing some cold, reality-laced water on the dreamy visions.

Nessus is obsessions at best, abuse at worst. With Saturn, the potential for abuse of power is high. Very high.

Pandora brings to mind “Pandora’s Box.” That square Saturn-Nessus tells me that some very harsh realities stand to be invoked and forced on many people.

Krakatau invokes images of Krakatoa, the volcano heard around the world, and was highly destructive. Whoever’s opening Pandora’s Box is going to unleash more than they bargained for.

Panacea is normally a better medical asteroid, but in this case, I’m not as certain about a good cure or treatment being in focus. Further constraining of essential care is more likely, or unintended consequences of other aspects of medical and other care.

3402 Wisdom opposing Saturn-Nessus and squaring Krakatau, Pandora, and Panacea suggest some very unwise moves, or wise moves prevented by the malevolent ambitions of some key players in the shadows. Maybe a cure or treatment delayed because it isn’t profitable enough as a possibility.

In Closing

Be very careful not to fall for lies, deceptions, and delusions right now. There’s a lot of fear, unknowing, and doubt out there, especially with that Grand Cross affecting the Full Moon.

There’s some potential for setting things up for the future, and some stepping stones you can take soon. For now, be very wary.

Whatever links you build now, build them with integrity, and make sure you don’t try to pull a fast one against someone.

And, I’ve got to say it: be honest with yourself. If you’re lying to yourself, or sugarcoating things, this is the time to stop. Get real with yourself, as the fantasies are about to pop, and the wake-up call is going to be rough for a lot of people.