Last Week’s Weekly Report

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This is last week’s Weekly Report, which is provided here to review what the last week brought us.

Weekly Forecast for September 11th-17th, 2023

The chaos has not abated on my end. If anything, it has intensified. If you saw my current transits, you’d totally understand why. But I digress.

As the Week Opens…

Opening up this week, Black Moon Lilith in late Leo is still in that Yod pattern with Neptune retrograde in Pisces and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. We need to be open to what the universe, cosmos, whatever is telling us. And we need to discern to make sure we’re not opening ourselves up to entities that would seek our self-destruction. Dig deep into and channel your creativity, as thinking outside the box is likely how we’re going to get past our hurdles here.

Sun in Virgo quincunx Chiron retrograde in Aries is also starting off this week with its own challenge. Our egos are absolutely bruised in some way, and we’re having to think our way carefully through the wreckage. There’s still healing to be had, but it’s not going to be easy.

Proceeding to the day-by-day lowdown.

September 11th

This infamous day begins with Mercury retrograde in Virgo semisextile Mars in Libra. We’re still being forced to revise our plans and facing a myriad of decisions. But what to choose?

Moon in Leo for this entire day will focus our efforts on more creativity. Again, we need to think with our hearts as well as our heads here, and figure out something fast. Older creative projects, given the Moon square to Jupiter retrograde in Taurus early on while Moon also conjuncts Venus and Juno, may be worth looking into again. In truth, it may be your best if not only shot depending on your circumstances. Be open to inspiration, but be careful that you’re not getting your hopes up too much. Partnerships are likely to be strained due to matters regarding money now.

Moon sextile Mars early on will also add a little bit of emphasis on the more fun or creative decisions. As some of us will be asleep when this is in effect, it’s good to monitor your dreams for this one. Moon sesquiquadrate Neptune retrograde in the morning, however, will put some dampers on our thinking. It’s easy to get writer’s block or feel inadequate if mired in your own internal fears.

September 12th

Moon in Leo trine Chiron retrograde at midnight PDT helps us calm down somewhat in terms of brainstorming some innovative ways to get past how we’ve held ourselves back. Be open to your intuition here and pay attention to what its telling you to get past your older wounds. Be your own advocate.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus square Leo Moon around 8:00 AM PDT Tuesday could put us in a foul mood with some unwelcome surprises regarding finances, especially where our other projects are involved. But a few hours later in the afternoon (PDT), Moon trine North Node Aries will help us get a little bit of our mojo back. Overcome the pitfall and don’t dwell on the reversals.

Do be careful with trying to make decisions around 2:00 PM PDT when Leo Moon semisquares Libra Mars. Concrete planning isn’t going to happen for at least a few hours after this. Best to stay on whatever track is stable at this point. If there are no stable plays, then wait a little longer.

Moon joins Black Moon Lilith in the Neptune Rx-Pluto Rx Yod around 5:00 PM PDT Tuesday. I’d say meditate, reflect, and see what comes to mind from your inner or higher self. Don’t accept surface knowledge, but go deep. Our eyes will deceive us now.

By 11:00 PM PDT, Moon enters Virgo. We should have a little bit more focus to analyze the situation from this point forward.

September 13th

Virgo Moon opposes Saturn retrograde in Pisces around 3:00 AM PDT Wednesday. This isn’t much fun. We need to discipline ourselves in the early hours and make sure we’re hitting the ground running, and watching our step every step of the way. Look at things realistically, not with overoptimistic vision as Venus still squares Jupiter retrograde even now.

Moon sesquiquadrate Chiron retrograde a few hours later won’t be any more fun. Dwelling on past hurts is a possibility, and calculating revenge against those who have wronged us isn’t going to go that well. Jupiter retrograde sesquiquadrate Pallas in Libra and semisquare Vesta in Cancer warns us to be wise about this. Some hills are not worth dying on.

Around 3:00 PM PDT, Moon conjuncts Mercury retrograde. Mercury’s slowing down, getting ready to shift back into forward again, but it’s still doing its reversal. Rethinking our approach to problems and perhaps falling back on a contingency plan will be the logical choice for some of us around this time.

Virgo Moon sesquiquadrate North Node around 7:00 PM PDT may shake our faith in how we move forward towards the life we want for ourselves now. Don’t give in to fatalism, no matter how many naysayers there are.

September 14th

Early on, Jupiter retrograde trine Virgo Moon grants an opportunity for some luck to come to those who have worked hard enough for it.

Thursday evening PDT begins a new lunar cycle with New Moon Virgo. This will be a powerful one and a massive opportunity for us to finally get a reversal in our favor. New Moon Virgo apexes an Earth Grand Trine from Uranus retrograde in Taurus and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, kited by Neptune retrograde in Pisces.

With all three of the outermost astrological planets in play here, we have a rare chance this lunar cycle to make a lucky break. Figure out what isn’t working for your public and career persona, and harness what we need to draw upon mentally, overcome those fears, and see what rewards may come. Be warned: You must do the work! Again, the Dark Side of the Grand Trine is idleness, laziness, and getting complacent. Do not let your best chances pass you by.

September 15th

Jupiter retrograde square Juno exacts close to midnight PDT Friday to open the day. Marital bliss is not indicated here. It’s possible some people might be going to bed too late and wake up their significant others after putting in some overtime to harness some perceived luck.

Venus semisquare Virgo Moon might bring us a roadblock of our own making in our creative gain. Did you overlook some crucial detail? Or perhaps its Virgo perfectionism telling us something “wasn’t good enough” when it, in fact, was.

Shortly after this, Moon enters Libra around 11:00 AM PDT Friday. Relationships and partnerships enter the main theme here, and we shortly after this ingress have Moon conjunct Pallas. Consider the wisdom of your partners in crime. Don’t blow it on ego. Juno semiquare Libra Moon, after the Virgo semisquare, reinforces the issues we’ll face with our significant others.

Fortunately, Mercury retrograde ends before 2:00 PM PDT. The revision cycle is still here with the post-retrograde shadow, but soon we’ll be able to make heads and tails out of the monkey wrenches that have been thrown at our plans for so long. And, it’s one less retrograde for retrograde season.

By 3:00 PM PDT, Sun trine Uranus retrograde further helps matters along. We might have some sudden better news regarding wealth and resources, or at the very least a mitigation of a long-standing financial matter. It may not be perfect, but it’ll likely help depending on your individual transits.

September 16th

Saturday gets a little interesting with Mars and Black Moon Lilith making their semisquare throughout the day. We may be acting on some unknown information and trying to come to some decisive action, but there’s a devil in the details. Be aware of seduction and straying on the loved ones.

Jupiter retrograde and Venus are also tightening their square throughout Saturday again. This could be a day we press our luck and try to go it alone in some ways. Cheating hearts will get found out though, so if you have some issues with your partners, better to hash those out and be aboveboard. Otherwise, this will get messy this weekend.

Venus and Juno sextile Libra Moon could put some of the earlier arguments aside and could even lead to some makeup sex for some couples. If that isn’t your situation, then perhaps some creative or cultural events could play out in meeting someone new. Again, Jupiter and Venus are squaring off, so don’t get your hopes too high.

September 17th

Chiron retrograde opposing Libra Moon at midnight PDT entering into Sunday could play into some doubts and reservations regarding our place in the partnerships we’ve been in. Maybe we’re doubting the potential new links we may have developed on Saturday.

This will further be amplified when Moon conjuncts South Node around noon PDT. Those previous relationship mistakes are going to be coloring our decisions even now when it comes to accepting new partners, or in strengthening our existing bonds if no one new entered the picture. With Pluto retrograde still apexing a T-Square from the Nodes and now Libra Moon, we’re going to be more dubious about how our bonds to others affects our reputation and career life. Is this the path we really want to go on?

To close off the week, Moon enters Scorpio, conjuncts Ceres, and trines Vesta in Cancer. Focus will shift going into the following week on the more shadow side of things, including what we owe people both in our home life and in regards to our more diehard beliefs. Some rest and recuperation going into the new week will be instrumental in how things play out going forward.

In Closing…

It seems bonds and partnerships will be highlighted and tested this week. Whatever rethinking we’ve had to do regarding our links to others in our orbit, they’ll shift into resolution mode after Mercury finally shifts back to direct mode. With Venus and Mercury finally both going to be in post-retrograde shadow periods, we’ll finally be able to move on and see the finality of our questions regarding those bonds to those once (or still) close to us.

There’s going to be reversals in fortunes again and again, but some of these may prove to be in our favor, so try not to lose hope. At the same time, cold splashes of reality will be hitting us in waves over and over. But we may be able to turn this to our advantage if we play our cards right, and don’t lose our momentum.

The trick is not to get blown up on the launch pad this week. Some of us are probably feeling like we’ve had a series of detonations before even getting anywhere near orbit. Just don’t give up, please.

And yes, that’s a message to myself as well.

Try to have faith. If in nothing else, then in yourself this week.