Last Week’s Weekly Report

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This is last week’s Weekly Report, which is provided here to review what the last week brought us.

Weekly Forecast for September 18th-24th, 2023

Let’s just get into it. This is late, it’s late, I’m tired, and the chaos has spiraled out of control on my end. Lucky I’m getting to this at all.

As the Week Opens…

This week opened up with Scorpio Moon conjunct Ceres and trine Vesta in Cancer. That pointed to some hopes in enforcing and maintaining some sense of stability, defending our privacy for our own peace of mind, and keeping the home fires lit while we fend off from the more shadowy elements plaguing us.

The Sun-Pluto retrograde-Uranus retrograde Earth Grand Trine, with Neptune retrograde opposing the Sun to focus the lens is still active as the week opened as well. Opportunities there for the taking, yet there is caution in getting too complacent. Miscalculation due to misplaced hopes or miscalculation could spoil some gains. On the other hand, this Earth Grand Trine could serve to mitigate losses. It all depends on your situation.

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus square Venus in Leo is not helping the situation much. Dampers on luck, and being sabotaged by overconfidence comes into play here. Creative ventures have probably already suffered some setbacks in some arenas. (I have already experienced this as I write this going into Wednesday morning).

Day to day forecast (and partial retrospective at this point) inbound.

September 18th

The Black Moon Lilith in Leo apex to the Pluto retrograde and Neptune retrograde Yod finally breaks. By now, Lilith is now focused solely on the Pluto retrograde quincunx. Unseen and hidden issues forcing us to tear down what we’ve hoped to build for the public eye has come into play by now. And if not, it’ll probably come.

Mercury in Virgo sextile Moon in Scorpio probably gave us some messages of hope, or at least ways to mitigate some damage through due diligence and options regarding debts to others, occult and hidden matters, and for some, the more sultry aspects of sex.

September 19th

Sun in Virgo enters peak opposition to Neptune retrograde in Pisces, amplifying the Earth Grand Trine. Drawing on your own intuition and connection to guides/divinity/universe/etc. may provide some insights, brainstorming, and options. Some engagement in furthering our work could be beneficial if it was initiated on Tuesday, but whether that actually goes anywhere all depends.

Vesta in Cancer semisquare Venus in Leo has opened up a challenge to our higher-regarded projects. For some of us, this has taken the form of another project setback, and forcing a rethink. (This just happened with a new creative project of mine, forcing me to abort further launching until I can retreat and regroup… again.)

Venus quincunx Nessus retrograde in Pisces warns us not to beat ourselves up too badly for the issues caused by the shortsightedness of others. This also warns us to rely more on our own volition and resources, as there are too many unknown dangers to our creativity and romantic aspirations now.

In the evening (PDT), Jupiter retrograde in Taurus quincunx Mars in Libra threatens our confidence and forces more rethinking of decisions we probably should not be making in terms of partnerships, alliances, money, and other resources.

September 20th

Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces may bring some more beneficial insights from our own higher selves/subconscious/etc. Pay attention to what comes to mind, and consider that in your planning for further on this week.

Before sunrise (PDT), Moon square Black Moon Lilith brings some uncertainty and fears that we’ve forgotten or missed something that could break us out of a death spiral in terms of how we want to create, relax, etc. What details are we missing? Pay attention to what your dreams say here.

Saturn retrograde in Pisces trine Ceres in Scorpio urges us to count blessings in whatever self-discipline and return to reality we’ve had, as it’s probably securing our ability to feel anywhere near at home with ourselves now. As long as you can make enough to eat and remain mobile (gas, etc.), you have a chance to recover.

Moon then enters Sagittarius, bringing some hopes for some optimism and some luck in our lives right now. Heavens know some of us could use that. Of course, Moon in Sagittarius square Saturn retrograde splashes some cold water on us and forces us to confront some unpleasant bad fortune. We may not be able to win all the battles. But Moon sextile Pallas in Libra may bring some small relief in considering wisdom from others.

By the evening, Mercury in Virgo makes a testy sesquiquadrate to the North Node and Eris. Unwelcome messages about further roadblocks to where we want to go with things are somewhat more likely to manifest now. Yet Sun is tightening its trine to Pluto retrograde in Capricorn now. Some things may be unmade for better things to come.

September 21st

Mercury square Moon in the way early morning hours don’t indicate good news coming. Our dream state could be restless with this aspect. Moon also completes a Thor’s Hammer to the North Node with Mercury when it sesquiquadrates that same Node. We probably are not going to be feeling all that lucky for at least a few hours, and whatever we see in the dreamscape before waking up, or whatever waking visions we have if across the Atlantic will color this darkly. Try to keep your chin up, but be ready to duck.

Into the evening (PDT), however, Moon completes a Fire Grand Trine with Chiron retrograde in Aries, and Venus-Juno in Leo, with Chiron retrograde opposing Mars as a focal point. We really are hoping to turn things around right now, and with whatever creative collaboration we can get and commit to, even better. We need to recover our footing, but we’re likely going to have to have help to get through some of the hardship right now. And decisions are not coming easy with that Mars in Libra right now. Consider who is helping you and be grateful for any help received.

September 22nd

Vesta in Cancer, Ceres in Scorpio, and Saturn retrograde-3811 Karma retrograde in Pisces are also making their own Water Grand Trine going into Friday tells me that quite a few of us are going to be retreated into our homesteads and taking stock in what we still have in the very early morning hours. Sleep extra well during this time, and maybe have a little extra coffee if already awake. Consider if you have a roof over your head and something to eat, and consider that a win. Perhaps we help someone else gain or preserve that in some way.

We may not be feeling all that generous or gracious though as Mars in Libra sesquiquadrates Saturn retrograde and Karma retrograde around the same time. We’re facing some hard decisions now, some related to our fears and what’s holding us back, and some questioning the links we have to people and institutions in our lives.

In early afternoon PDT, Moon crosses into Capricorn and trines Black Moon Lilith in late Leo, focusing our fire on dealings with our public reputations, the institutions we have to deal with, and how that’s impacting our more recreational and creative lives. There might be some solutions that work. With Black Moon Lilith beginning a conjunction to fixed star Regulus as well, we are going to begin discerning players behind the scenes and veils in our lives.

Moon sextile Saturn retrograde/Karma retrograde while Chiron retrograde trines Venus also is a potential step in the right direction to right the ship. For some, there will be some vindication of efforts to exact justice, while for others, the act of creating and other ways to have fun and get your mind off of things a bit might be what is needed.

Going into the overnight hours, Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter retrograde could spell trouble in paradise. As this tightens, Sun enters Libra right before midnight PDT going into Saturday. Relationships and partnerships, again, take on heightened importance. Stability issues are also playing into this, so don’t overspend Friday night.

September 23rd

Moon in Capricorn trine Mercury in Virgo on Saturday morning PDT is showing us some likely good news regarding getting some of our more pertinent tasks done early on. A good time for running those early Saturday morning errands that you’ve been putting off.

Yet Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto retrograde proves troublesome for some Saturday afternoon PDT. In doing our weekend errands and chores, make sure you don’t throw out too many items you think are unwanted. There’s a risk of going overboard.

Mars in Libra square Moon in Capricorn Saturday evening PDT completes a T-Square apexing the Moon as Chiron retrograde in Aries is also involved. This will sour the mood a bit and shows us that there’s a lot more decision-making that we’ve got to make, and make with sound judgment. The “do we stay or do we go” vibe will also be strong with this.

September 24th

Uranus retrograde trine Dejanira/Moon may bring us some unexpected help to get out of or recognize a sticky situation. Perhaps a cop around when you actually do need one is one way this could come about. Or, talking our way out of a ticket that is blatant BS is another possibility. Don’t let yourself be a victim on any account.

128 Nemesis opposing Moon early Sunday morning PDT isn’t that much fun either. Maybe we get out of a rough situation, but there’s still a reckoning. Watch your back.

Moon sextile Neptune retrograde tells us to trust in our intuition Sunday morning. If things seem off, they probably are. Trust your gut on this one.

Sunday afternoon brings us the exact opposition between Chiron retrograde and Mars at the same time Moon conjuncts Pluto retrograde. We may be faced with a decision that we don’t want to make regarding whether to cut ties with someone or not. This may also play into some work-life balance issues, or feeling you’re having to work too much or, conversely, not getting enough work to advance your career. Mercury sesquiquadrate Moon before it crosses over into Aquarius also plays into this. Doing what’s expected of you by society is not granting us the peace we would like.

Nemesis square Nodes and Eris really test our relationships in our private lives. Time to identify who your enemies really are, and form a plan as to what to do about these adversaries.

Sun quincunx Saturn retrograde closes out the week with some uncertainty as to who our enemies really are. So plan, but don’t act yet unless you’re forced to, and then be sure about it. Look at your relationships with a realistic lens, not a pessimistic or optimistic one.

In Closing…

To close this out, it’s an intense week, and as much as we want to hope all goes well, it won’t be easy. Plenty of opportunity for social drama that isn’t needed or helpful. Financial concerns and resource issues are also a factor, but there could be some ray of hope yet. Don’t count on eleventh-hour miracles, but they’re not impossible even with these transits.

Be sure of who your allies and enemies are this week. You may have more of both than you realize.

Be frosty.