New Moon Gemini – June 2024

New Moon Gemini 2024

Things are beginning to move rather quickly, and that’s no surprise with the amount of Gemini activity happening right now. Try to keep up, as things are way up in the air right now!

The New Moon Itself

New Moon Gemini reaches peak conjunction at 16 Gem 17’43” on June 6th, 2024 around 5:37 AM PDT / 12:37 PM UTC. The second decan of Gemini for this New Moon adds a slight Libran feel to this, which will be even more amplified as I’ll get into in a moment. For the next four weeks or so, how we communicate and get along with others will be highlighted.

Gemini, being ruled by Mercury, has a strong communicative effect on this New Moon. Mercury is also in this sign right now, so themes related to messages, localized travel, and the day-to-day concerns are in strong focus.

With the Sun conjunct Moon aspect here, it’s a time of fresh starts, new adventures for some, and the beginning of new projects and such. Set your intentions well going into this cycle, and be ready to do some due diligence to make sure you don’t stumble with the first new steps.

Other Aspects to the New Moon

Powerful Opportunities, Provided the Work Is Done

New Moon Gemini makes a tight conjunction with Venus, and also squares off with Saturn in Pisces. This setup is a mixed blessing.

Venus, being so close to the New Moon, of which both the Sun and Moon are applying (getting tighter) the conjunction to itself, is all but in cazimi, or very tightly merged in with the Sun’s energy. At exact peak New Moon, it’s still outside the range by several minutes of a degree, but quickly comes into that cazimi point. Venus’s themes of love, romance, valuables, money, these all come into play much more strongly for this lunar cycle! Definitely a time to take advantage of the opportunities that will open up now. But there’s a catch.

The square to Saturn in Pisces threatens to splash some seriously cold water on your face and wake you up from the daydream of riches and frolicking. That’s not to say with some good discipline and watching for roadblocks that you wouldn’t get your well-deserved rewards, but you’ll have to not be careless now. You can still pull off great things, but there’s that little devil in the details. You have to do the homework before you can play outside with friends, after all. Or at least you should.

This isn’t the time for procrastination!

Setting Up for Growth

New Moon Gemini sextile North Node in Aries, and trine South Node in Libra, also opens up some good possibilities.

Not as powerful as, say, an conjunction or a square to the Nodes, but there should be some slightly easier momentum towards building to the future, provided the past relations and dealings with partners and peers weren’t ridiculously devastating. If things have gone well, and you and others have treated each other well, then you should be able to make some good strides towards the finish line of whatever you’re planning.

Otherwise, without that good karma, you might be able to delay the onset of problems, but that’s a major if with the Saturn square to the New Moon-Venus union. For some, past misdeeds and errors are already hurting. But recovery may be possible for some of those people. For the others, well… calm before the storm.

Self-Immolation In Gold?

Of course, we cannot ignore the asteroid themes to this New Moon. New Moon Gemini conjunct 99942 Apophis and 4464 Vulcano, and square 3402 Wisdom in Virgo adds a little bit more to the picture.

Apophis (AKA: Apep) was an adversary of the sun god, Ra, of course. Essentially, a destroyer. Vulcano (think “volcano”), is also particularly incendiary. So while gold and riches are highlighted with the Venus cazimi, these two asteroids also urge caution to not kill the golden goose… or light that goose on fire for that matter.

The square to Wisdom in Virgo adds a touch of unwise actions, whether through calculated schemes or general carelessness. We’re seeing at least one prominent Gemini (Donald Trump) being called on some past unwise decisions right now. Learn from his recent issues, and conduct your business wisely, lest it be cast to the flames.

It should be noted that New Moon Gemini also sextiles 13897 Vesuvius in Leo, so it’s possible that some remnants of prior downfalls could yield some new insights. Think of the unearthing of Pompeii, destroyed by Vesuvius so long ago, and what’s been learned from the ruins.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the New Moon

Drowning in Illusions

Neptune in Pisces, slowing down before its upcoming retrograde, is tightly conjunct fixed star Scheat, and also conjuncts asteroid 34 Circe. This is a very powerful combination in some ways.

Scheat is an unfortunate star, associated with poisonings and drownings. This can be a testing period with addictions and drug interactions as well, so make sure you know what medicines you’re pairing with which supplements, and which food doesn’t interact as well.

Also consider the mental aspects of this combination. Circe is an occult asteroid, and Neptune represents some serious mysticism, illusions, and deeper mental focus as well. If you’re not rooted in reality, it’s very easy to lose yourself in deceptions now. Those deceptions and delusions can pull you under, so be careful.

There’s a very strong tendency for people not to face reality now. Trying to talk sense into your friends and loved ones may not be possible if they’re deep in a trance.

Neptune opposing Black Moon Lilith (itself conjunct 55555 DNA in Virgo) is also troubling, especially with the uptick in the word of a new Bird Flu showing up. I don’t like this opposition given that context. However, so far, human impact has been minimal (minus a fatality in Mexico, yet I also understand the deceased had several medical issues prior to infection and death, but just be aware).

There’s also some funky business afoot with Neptune squaring 307 Nike, 10961 Buysballot, and 1981 Midas in late Gemini.

There’s certainly some manipulation and posturing happening on the political circuits, especially in this clusterf*** of an election year.

In general, expect deceptions, back room deals, and some not-aboveboard manipulations. Keep alert for fraud in your dealings with others.

Dominance Threatened

Saturn conjunct Nessus in Pisces during the New Moon, with both Nessus and Saturn squaring Venus and the New Moon is quite concerning now that I look at this.

Nessus is obsession at best, and abuse in worse cases. This can get violent too. Those who see their power threatened are likely to vocalize threats rather readily.

Saturn-Nessus opposing 9770 Discovery and 5325 Silver in Virgo is also a point of concern. Deceptions, power plays, and threats (veiled or otherwise) are certainly cold and calculated with this combination. Saturn-Nessus and Discovery-Silver square Prey retrograde in Sagittarius, itself opposing New Moon Gemini-Venus is also a point of concern.

Veiled threats to varying parties, implied retaliation, and at worst, murder for hire, these are real possibilities. Those involved in sensitive affairs would do well to make sure their security is top notch, and maybe for some, consider skipping town (and being careful if it goes to that step).

For the rest of us, read all of the documentation, make sure you’re signing onto good projects, and watch out for the devil in all the details. Absolutely be careful and watch your back if you have enemies you may have forgotten about.

As far as friends? You may find some were false friends now. Or, some of the true friends are either enforcing “tough love”, or might have some serious problems going on of their own and can’t deal with you right now.

Scorned Mothers

Pluto retrograde in Aquarius square Mars in late Aries is an offsign hard aspect that signals trouble.

Pluto is the destroyer and renewer, of course. Mars is action, drive, passion, and also aggression, rage, anger. Pluto square Mars? Violence is likely. With Pluto retrograde, some people in trouble may self-destruct. Check on your friends if concerned.

Pluto opposite 149 Medusa and 26955 Lie in Leo are troubling as well, given that betrayal and deception in the name of ego have lead to many a downfall. (This seems to be a very prominent theme now in the zeitgeist).

Mars square 4580 Child and 11144 Radiocommunicata in late Capricorn is also a point of concern. The Jeffrey Epstein list story is not going away, nor should it, and that’s a heavy and extreme example of this. Expect more stories of child exploitation to be reported and come to the surface would be my guess with this. Vigilante “justice” could happen, which could be very problematic if an innocent party is “sentenced” in the course of such actions.

Justice, not vengence.

Mars conjunct 5180 Ohno and 763 Cupido also plays into all of this and also warns us to be wary of people looking to use us for their own pleasure and carnal desires. Be wise when travelling.

Tempered Optimism

Jupiter in Gemini conjunct Mercury could have us feeling a little more optimistic about some of our broader goals, and wanting to share that with the world. Nothing wrong with tooting one’s horn at times, just be aware of your potential audience, and also watch for overoptimism.

Fortunately, Jupiter trine Pluto retrograde and sextile Neptune is a good mix. Some creative impulses, applied constructively, would be awesome to see. Given the other harsh themes I noted with some of the asteroid placements, some serious film noir works could be written or filmed during this cycle. If you’re into writing the next murder mystery and getting on a bestseller list, definitely consider cracking open a notepad and write some ideas down.

Some darker art could wind up being cathartic. See where things lead, but also consider what you’re putting out into the world. The Jupiter trines and sextiles should regulate this a little better.

In Closing

There’s a great deal of opportunity this lunar cycle with New Moon Gemini, but also a strong amount of caution and potential danger. Be aware of the warning signs, don’t travel alone into bad areas, and watch for the other drivers when travelling (there’s been some crazy accidents lately!).

I’m not certain if we’ll see another major solar flare event during this lunar cycle. If so, I would expect communications to be affected pretty strongly with the Gemini/Mercury influence if we get more flares.

Given the news and political cycles, as well as the wars going on in Gaza and Ukraine, don’t expect peaceful resolutions this cycle. In fact, I’d say with the Nessus-Saturn link and the Mars-Pluto link, both will escalate, and bloodily so.

May cooler heads prevail, and may tyrants fall spectacularly. As a warning to other would-be tyrants.

Be safe out there.