New Moon Cancer – July 2024

New Moon Cancer 2024

Things are certainly heating up since the last Full Moon in Capricorn. How hot will things get?

The New Moon Itself

New Moon Cancer’s exact conjunction takes place at 14 Can 23’20” on July 5th, 2024 around 3:57 PM PDT / 10:57 PM UTC. Being in the fourth sign of the zodiac in Cancer, this lunar cycle will bring the focus on our home and private lives. Matters involving our mothers and other maternal topics will also be in full force, such as the right to choose to be mothers in the first place.

With the New Moon in the second decan, there’s a Scorpionic twist of Mars/Pluto energy being sprinkled onto the works. This very much goes into the autonomy thing as well as the hidden factors that lay under the surface in our private lives. What will go on overall behind closed doors? There’s always something.

As with all New Moons, Sun conjunct Moon brings new beginnings, fresh starts, and new opportunities to the forefront. It’s no surprise that this is about the time where many weddings are planned, given the home vibe. Is this the optimal time for that? It greatly depends on how this New Moon’s aspects interact with yours and your beloved’s natal charts and core beings.

Not just about home and weddings though. This New Moon in Cancer can also point to factors in headquarters for a business, such as discussions behind closed doors in my view.

Other Aspects to the New Moon

Why. So. Sirius?

New Moon Cancer conjuncts fixed star Sirius this time around! This is incredibly powerful.

Sirius has “the nature of Jupiter and Mars,” and is associated with fame, business success, and good health when beneficially aspected. However, there can be threats and dangers of war as well with configurations to Sirius. This is especially prominent if “a malefic be with Scheat”…

Neptune is conjunct Scheat right now, and just stationed retrograde. Does Neptune count as a malefic? I suppose it depends. And Scheat has its own unfortunate reputation with accidents and drownings, as well as poisonings. With Neptune associated with water (by nature of being the Roman name for Poseidon), there’s a possibility of contagion or perhaps even biological warfare during this lunar cycle.

This would also include complications with the recent H5 bird flu, which apparently Moderna just got a contract to develop from the United States government. We’ll see if that contract survives depending on the election.

More Under the Stars

New Moon Cancer also conjuncts 8543 Tsunemi and 99942 Apophis. This is… ominious.

Tsunemi, we can think of as “tsunami.” Apophis, on the other hand, is named for an Egyptian god of destruction. Together, with the New Moon, and with Hurricane Beryl active on the outset of this new lunar cycle, tells me that we’re going to see more extreme weather events.

New Moon Cancer square 875 Nymphe and 829 Academia in Aries is also concerning, given that there’s also New Moon Cancer opposing Ceres retrograde in Capricorn.

Nymphe brings to mind nymphs, or nature spirits who took the form of very attractive women. This is more of a sexual asteroid these days, and one could think “nymphomania.”

Academia brings to mind, well, academia. Universities, higher learning. Educational matters, and probably promiscuity on campuses, that sort of thing, would be highlighted.

The Elephant in the Womb

Now, something that fits into this lunar cycle analysis and current events.

If anyone’s paying any attention to the political headwinds in the United States right now, there’s been a lot of word about book bans, an emphasis on sex, abortion rights, LGBTQIA+ rights which don’t fall into “traditional” marriage… and Project 2025 by the Heritage Foundation would be the culmination of a rollback in many social advances made over the past several decades.. It would effectively be American fascism wrapped in the American flag and wielding a cross.

Honestly, Project 2025 is a grave and existential threat to the current American way of life, and will affect global events should it be enacted. Climate change control efforts would end. So it’s not hyperbole to say that Project 2025 is an existential threat to all civilization on Earth.

What does that have to do with astrology? Look at New Moon Cancer (home and private life, and also close to the U.S.A. Sibley Chart solar return this time around) and its aspects to Nymphe (sex), Apophis (destruction), Academia (higher learning and reading), Ceres (home and hearth).

Read through it, find bullet point versions of this, and understand how destructive this will be.

Usually I would say “but that’s an extreme example”, but… it’s extreme and staring us in the face. And… if it were enacted, I wager that astrology would be heavily censored in the long run, if not outright banned.

Let’s continue with the lunar cycle analysis.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the New Moon


Let’s be clear here: There are six bodies all aspecting fixed stars during this New Moon:

  • New Moon Cancer (so Sun and Moon) conjunct Sirius (already covered).
  • Neptune retrograde conjunct Scheat.
  • Uranus conjunct Algol.
  • Venus conjunct Pollux.
  • Jupiter conjunct Aldebaran.

Let’s go through the list, skipping Sirius as we already covered that.

Hidden Contagion, or Secrets and Shadows?

With Neptune retrograde conjunct Scheat, we’ve already got the beginning stages of confronting the inner darkness involving addiction, poisonings, and accidents.

Black Moon Lilith, now in Libra, also makes an offsign opposition to Neptune, further adding to the mystery and matters hiding beneath the surface now coming to light. But how much of it is true, and how much of it is bollocks?

We are going to be very much challenged to discern truth from lies right now, and we may not even be able to sift the truth out because of the volume of lies.

This also points to a danger of hidden contamination and danger that we haven’t observed yet. Possible contagions I would say. Be smart, be safe.

The Rebel and the Gorgon

Uranus conjunct Algol in Taurus is already causing waves not only in financial markets, but also in the geopolitical sphere. The last time Uranus and Algol were together, World War II was in full swing… and Uranus was retrograde and returning for its last hit within range of Algol when the Japanese Empire’s attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 happened.

Each of us need to start preparing for World War III if we have not done so. Create a “bug-out” bag if you haven’t already, if you can swing it financially.

As this New Moon cycle is occurring, cryptocurrencies just experienced a massive crash. Part of this is related to the Mt. Gox Bitcoin reserves about to be distributed to the people and institutions who have had their Bitcoin in limbo since 2014. As of the time of this writing, that’s over 8 billion US dollars worth. That’s huge. There’s other factors affecting the cryptocurrency markets too, but that’s a major one, and the timing works with this astrology.

Venom in the Heel

Venus conjunct Pollux in Cancer is another combination we have to be wary of. This can manifest in unbridled and unregulated passions, danger of seduction, losses stemming from such affairs, and even poisoning.

With Neptune on Scheat at the same time, we need to be very careful about what we consume.

Martial Star

Jupiter conjunct Aldebaran in Gemini is a martial configuration, meaning military affairs can be highlighted.

Aldebaran crossed over into Gemini long ago about the same era when Antares entered Sagittarius, during the Crusades when Christian Europe sought to take the “holy land” from the Islamic kingdoms already set up there.

Jupiter expands what it touches. We also need to notate that Jupiter was conjunct Aldebaran in between the times Uranus conjunct Algol in summer of 1941, during World War II.

Pain, Money, and Sins Returning To Haunt

Chiron in Aries conjuncts Eris in Aries, squares Venus in Cancer, and also squares 11144 Radiocommunicata retrograde and 4580 Child retrograde in Capricorn.

This is very explosive.

Chiron is the wounded healer, and in Aries this deals with the wounds and healing we need to do in regards to ourselves, our own identity and destinies.

Venus in Cancer involves the more private and hidden side of things in regards to love, money, relationships, and what we value in the home environment and in private. Square to Chiron, we are feeling the pinch, and needing to confront some painful truths regarding how our home lives shape our pain and healing.

The hard aspects to Radiocommunicata and Child… think communications, news, and messages regarding people acting like a child, and also involving communications and news about children. And these are opposing Venus in the home and private life area as well.

Finally, Eris is discord, chaos, jealousy even (given the golden apple story that helped spark the Trojan War).

On top of this, Saturn retrograde conjuncts Nessus retrograde in Pisces right now too. Discpline, obstacles, roadblocks, and the specter of obsessions and abuse. Obsessive abuse even. Domination and imposing will on others. This is a bad conjunction to mishandle.

Which leads to some … uncomfortable news in our world.

Recently, some very disturbing chatter has been taking place in the X/Twitter side of things. More of the Jeffrey Epstein files were released, including some very contentious flight and call logs. Another recent thing was the revelation as to why Dr. Disrespect (a former Twitch streamer) was banned from Twitch… which involved inappropriate messages involving a minor. (This opens other questions regarding Twitch itself, in my view).

And Donald Trump, fresh off his 34 convictions, has other information coming out about him now regarding the Epstein logs, (including a very graphic description of an incident with at least one 13 year old who apparently backed off when she and her family was threatened with death), which is not being mentioned in the news because the focus seems to be on President Biden’s lackluster debate performance and an absolute fixation on his age by the media.

Trump has Venus and Saturn conjunct in Cancer, opposing Radiocommunicata/Child, and square
Chiron, so that’s all impacted by this transit (so he’s almost at a Venus return on top of it).

RFK Jr. also has a previous scandal involving what can only be described as unwanted sexual advances involving a babysitter that he hasn’t addressed and apparently, from one interview I’ve seen.

Are we noticing a trend here?

I don’t have Dr. Disrespect’s chart, so I haven’t checked his transits. It would be interesting to see what happened there though.

The theme of child sexual abuse and inappropriate communications with minors seems to be a theme with this aspect for this lunar cycle. Who else has committed cardinal sins that will be brought to the fires of social judgment now? We’ll undoubtedly find out more.

But will the media bother reporting it?

And keep in mind, these are just a few examples I’m aware of.

In Closing

If I can, I’ll try to flesh out more with other aspects to other bodies. Right now, I need sleep. Expect a potential update to this.

The long and short of it is, things are ramping up and becoming very hot very fast. War drums. Sexual abuse allegations and non-denials. Hyperfixations about one side of participants which is leading to the other side’s issues being ignored (which very much should not be ignored!)…

I’m not sure justice will prevail in all of this. Mars opposite Pallas retrograde, both square 128 Nemesis doesn’t leave me with a lot of confidence in this. More on that later.