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Weekly Forecast for October 9th-15th, 2023

The last few weeks have been ridiculous on my end and I haven’t been able to get to this. And of course, we missed some major impacts. Mars conjunct South Node, Eris conjunct North Node, and Pluto retrograde (almost station direct) T-squaring over the weekend brought an atrocity with the attack in Israel. This was definitely the hallmark of a war and aggression aspect.

This week will not be any less intense.

As the Week Opens…

Eris is still tightly conjunct the North Node and T-squaring Pluto retrograde, as is Mars and the South Node as the week begins. Expect escalations in tensions and conflicts to continue unabated, especially as Mars is near the end of Libra at this point.

Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith and Regulus in Virgo opposing Saturn retrograde and 3811 Karma in Pisces also has been kicking things up several notches. Regarding Venus and Regulus:

With Venus: Many disappointments, unexpected happenings, violent attachments, trouble through love affairs.

Constellations of Words: Regulus

That certainly qualifies. Black Moon Lilith here also represents things coming from beneath the surface and seemingly out of the blue, when really it’s been in the works and brewing for a long time. Saturn retrograde and Karma opposing this is the splash of reality, or in this case a flood of horrific reality hitting us in the face. Sedna retrograde in the opening degree of Gemini, representing betrayal, completes a slow-moving T-square impacting this opposition. Again, not an easy week.

October 9th

Moon in Leo sextile Sun in Libra early on Monday brought more to light, and began the waning crescent phase. The lunar cycle is not only winding down, but gearing up to begin Eclipse Season, which will kick off in full force on Saturday.

Mars continued its tight square to Pluto retrograde Monday. No surprise that wars and conflicts escalated. More will come to light as Venus/Black Moon Lilith continues its opposition to Saturn retrograde/Karma as well. All kinds of failures and inadequacies will need to be addressed now.

We must not forget that Dejanira is apexing a T-Square from the Nodes and Eris/Mars as well. Many victims of war are now apparent. In our own personal lives, many of us are feeling that we are forcibly a victim of other circumstances as well. Harness your inner strength and defend yourself where you can.

Sun quincunx Nessus retrograde in Pisces warns us not to be too hard on ourselves. We may be seeing more failures in our lives where there are actually opportunities.

26955 Lie in Cancer semisquare Venus/Black Moon Lilith and sesquiquadrate Saturn/Karma is not helping matters much. Identify where you’re lying to yourself, and be aware of deceptions from others as well.

Jupiter in Taurus sesquiquadrate 8690 Swindle in Virgo warns us not to be taken in by false promises, and also reveals where false promises of work to be done or said to have been done are laid bare.

October 10th

Moon entering Virgo and joining the Venus/Black Moon Lilith-Saturn retrograde/Karma-Sedna retrograde T-square amplifies the intense emotions going into the fabled 10/10 “portal”. We should be aware of what we’re manifesting now, and try not to be hypercritical where it’s not warranted. That said, critical thinking is vital now.

Chiron retrograde in Aries opposite Sun in Libra is also having consequential effects in determining where our self-interests has harmed or otherwise wounded relations with others.

In the late evening between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM PDT, Pluto retrograde ends. Pluto will still be very slow for the rest of the week, but the forward motion will now bring forth the death and rebirth energies, which are still colored by the square to the Nodes and Eris. Expect major changes, especially in institutional spheres. Whether that means our institutions (cough-US House-cough) gets their sh*t together is another matter.

I wouldn’t count on institutions actually doing anything constructive right now, to be perfectly blunt.

October 11th

The Chiron retrograde-Sun opposition hits peak intensity overnight. We really need to address where we’ve been sabotaging ourselves today, and this goes for nation states as well. Moon sextile Ceres early on does help a little with some aspects of helping feed ourselves in some way, or with others. Humanitarian aid will be highlighted somehow Wednesday with this aspect.

Jupiter retrograde trine Virgo Moon also gives an opportunity in the morning (PDT) for some sense of recovering our footing where resources are concerned. Be wise and observant enough to identity opportunities to recover from recent losses.

Sun quincunx 10961 Buysballot retrograde seems to indicate, to me, some undoing of trying to cheat systems to one’s own advantage. This could be some sort of governing or electoral interference being undone or blowing up in someone’s face. Hopefully in a perpetrator’s face and not that of the unsuspecting or fatigued public.

By around 10:00 PM PDT, Mars enters Scorpio, one of its domicile signs (the other being Aries). Mars will bring a much more decisive, and much more finalizing energy now. Expect the confronting of the dark to be much more forceful, and expect the dark to be much more forceful now as well (as if it wasn’t already forceful).

October 12th

Uranus retrograde in Taurus trine Moon in Virgo early on can bring some mental inspiration and focus, or at least dream visions, of out-of-the-box ways to recover our footing and stabilize things just a little. Or at the very least, further mitigate some losses that we’ve incurred.

Others may question any optimism or hopes we have when Mercury in Libra makes a quincunx to Jupiter retrograde in Taurus. We may not come across as well with our ideas, or those who we’re trying to convince may not get the big picture.

Mars in Scorpio square 128 Nemesis, now in early Leo, this is going to be more retribution and more escalation of enemies rearing their ugly heads. Pluto is technically making this an off-sign T-square, though at a wider orb. Do take care not to start fights you don’t want to get into. Avoid social unrest and demonstrations for the foreseeable future.

Mercury conjunct Pallas and fixed star Algorab brings more messages of war, that’s what I’m getting from this. Multiple conflicts will escalate. New ones, and new saber-rattling, are highly probable.

Moon enters Libra and immediately conjuncts 8690 Swindle. Make sure your partnerships aren’t manipulating you. With Moon coming off of an opposition to Neptune retrograde in Pisces, you need to be clear on who’s really on your side.

October 13th

Nemesis quincunx Karma/Saturn retrograde to open Friday the 13th indicates that there will be strikes and other consequences towards enemies, both perceived and actual. This could spiral as there could be a question of which enemy is to receive retribution. The fog of war and chaos is not making things particularly clear right now. And Eris tightens its conjunction with the North Node all the while, further bringing us to chaos and discord.

Mars trine Saturn retrograde/Karma does have the effect of directing our focus, so pay special attention to what your gut is telling you. Mars sextile Black Moon Lilith also helps us take action in peering beneath the surface, and consider our broader options in dealing with problems.

Mars in Scorpio sesquiquadrate Nessus retrograde in Pisces warns us to not be too trusting right now. We can be quick to anger and react right now, especially with tensions at maximum alert. It’s easy to suspect enemies around every corner. But do be aware of potential threats. This is absolutely not a safe time.

October 14th

Saturday is not a fun day. Do not expect recreation or the weekend or even the next week to go smoothly at all.

Mercury, Pallas, and Moon in Libra oppose Chiron retrograde in Aries, T-squaring 26955 Lie. Know yourself so well that no one can gaslight you into believing that you’re the problem when you’re not.

Nodes/Eris and Dejanira also tighten their T-square Saturday, further aggravating things and acting as a warning where alliances and relationships are concerned. I hate to say this, but the wars are only going to intensify, and you need to be very careful if you’re potentially in a domestic violence situation right now too.

It gets better: Saturday is also Solar Eclipse Libra, which will be in totality across the western half of North America this time. This is a hyperpowered New Moon, and this cycle will dominate for the next several months to even a year beyond (Eclipse cycles can go beyond the following eclipse, apparently). With the Mercury-Chiron-etc. T-Square and the Nodes/Eris-Dejanira T-square simultaneously along with this Eclipse, and Mars-Pluto still squared, though off-sign and wider orb?

It’s going to suck. Be ready for SHTF. Could be this weekend, could be later. But this is a seriously hellish imprint on an Eclipse in my view, especially with the current global situation.

Be aware of surroundings, get out with a walk in nature, and get whatever fun in while you can.

Moon then crosses the South Node and opposes Eris/squares Pluto. Do not pick fights. There’s enough violence going on and this just won’t go well if you do. Use whatever calming methods you have to maintain a level head.

October 15th

Finally, Sunday opens with Moon crossing into Scorpio, and then conjuncts Mars. Intense fears about debts, intense feelings regarding sex, very powerful spells being cast… it’s all here. Moon and Mars do trine Saturn retrograde/Karma and sextiles Venus, Black Moon Lilith, and Juno (still in the last degree of Leo), so there may be some rays of hope here. Be aware of everything around you, and do watch for some opportunities to recover footing.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus quincunx Sun in Libra indicates some uneasiness in our relations with others and questionable resources. Try not to get in a fight with loved ones and partners about money if you can.

We close the week with Jupiter retrograde in Taurus opposing Ceres and Moon in Scorpio, but also Vesta in Cancer sextile Venus in Virgo. Again, some uneasiness about resources or overoptimism and keeping our footing with a safe place to lay our head. But there’s that element of putting nose to the grindstone and protecting our private dens and domains. We’ll have to work smarter and harder to keep our collective sh*t togther.

In Closing…

This week is, quite frankly, going to suck in a lot of ways. But it’s going to be an opportunity to make necessary changes for things to suck less at the same time.

Do not be too trusting of certain situations and people. Even those with best interests at heart have their own agendas, which is only natural.

Be ready for anything. Nothing is certain here.