Weekly(ish) Report – December 28th Through December 31st, 2017

Weekly Report

Apologies for the lateness of this report and a couple missed days. I took a little time off for the holidays this weekend and to recharge a bit, so hopefully you will all understand. Anyways, this is the last weekly report for 2017 (or what’s left of the week, so it’s effectively an extended weekend report), and some intense energies to finish out the year. Let’s get on with it.

Thursday starts out with a big Moon trine to Saturn, which should help restore some discipline and our sense of duty just slightly. We follow up with Moon trine Venus (which itself is now in Capricorn), which will also bolster our easier feelings about what we desire, how we earn money, and relations to others. We should be aware of the Moon squaring Juno and sextiling Nessus in the morning as well, so things might be a little edgy on the homefront, but we can smooth a few things over and not get too uptight or obsessed about what’s going on. As the morning progresses, Moon trine Sun and square Kaali will help us proceed with our goals a bit more and get us further to completion of whatever we’ve set in motion since the last New Moon (which I’ve yet to look at in depth, so bear with me).

As we go futher into the evening, Venus sextile Nessus will ease up some obsessive aspects and possibly act as a mitigation against some of the more unpleasant sides of relationships. Moon sextile Neptune about the same time will help us relax and bring to us some early dream visions most likely. As we proceed into the overnight hours, Venus semisextile Juno and Uranus semisextile Chiron will serve to trigger some deep conversations about how we’re relating to others and our loved ones, as well as what we need to do to push forward and heal some past hurts. Keep in mind that Uranus is slowing down and is almost station direct (and will go direct on Janurary 2nd), so this is a “get ready to go” signal. Finally, Destinn conjunct the Moon and Moon opposing Dejanira will bring to light some issues of how we’ve been kept down and it’s basically a destined point of us coming to this realization. Mercury trine the North Node at the same time may serve to allow us to convey this and finally come up with or enact a plan of action to override this.

Friday overnight, we’ll have some disconcordant energies that will probably bring us to a crisis point and most likely affect our dream state. Moon squaring the Nodes way early in the morning while quincunxing Mercury will bring us to a point mentally and emotionally that the realizations (which I mentioned for Thursday)aren’t the most pleasant ones. Moon will oppose Jupiter and then square Ceres soon after, so we’re likely to be feeling a crisis point with home matters and long term abundance. Could be wondering how you’re going to make rent going into the New Year as one example. Fortunately, we have Moon trining Pluto soon after this, which will ease the pressure a bit and if we’re fortunate, we’ll have an insight as to how to sidestep the problem.

Starting the work morning on Friday (based on Pacific Time), Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith will bring an otherworldly drive towards what we’re valuing in terms of romance and whatever jobs or projects we’re doing. Use this energy to your advantage and finish up some important tasks. Moon trine Apophis and Lucifer later will allow us to endure and dial down any disruptions and get through the noontime (PST) hours, and maybe help us sidestep some of the more bragodocious bunch. Be diplomatic where you need to, as Moon soon semisextiles Eris, triggering a little bit of chaos. Try to keep your head. Moon opposing Karma soon after and a couple hours later, Moon semisextile Uranus could bring a bit more disruption, and we might have to swallow a bitter pill if we didn’t get our ducks in a row… or a sweet pill if we did. Moon sextile Chiron should lean this point in time more towards the sweet pill. Going into the nighttime hours, Moon conjunct Sedna and Algol can make us feel way uneasy about our suspicions, and we could lose our cool if we’re not careful… potentially even accusing others of betrayal whether real or imagined. Check your facts before pointing fingers Friday. Moon quincunx Pholus going into the overnight hours soon after this suggests we watch how hard we party Friday.

Saturday overnight gives us Pallas semisextile Sedna, so given the nighttime in Friday aspects, you really just should take a taxi home if you had too much, as justice can come down on you hard. Eris square Lucifer and Apophis around the same time, this is a time where people who overestimate their capabilities will hoist themselves by their own petards and take others with them. Do not drink and drive this weekend. Shouldn’t do that anyways, but the chances of consequences are highly elevated this weekend! And checkpoints, most likely too, especially as it’s New Year’s weekend! Save yourself the trouble. Jupiter semisextile Mercury a little after this also further screams law enforcement and transportation. I’m strangely specific with this but that’s what I’m feeling.

Going further into Saturday morning, the Moon, now in Gemini, quincunxes Black Moon Lilith and Venus, a discordant set of aspects that will make for some iffy encounters with others, particularly women and possibly occult encounters. Moon trine Juno might smooth this over a bit when it comes to our loved ones and significant others, but don’t expect this to be a normal day. Later on in the afternoon, Sun semnisextile Kaali will serve to amplify our ego and bring some fated events. Moon quincunx Sun around the same time while the Moon also trines Kaali will further amplify this. We might feel a bit stronger, but the events just aren’t going to go the way you might expect. Allow for variances in your Saturday plans. Going into the overnight hour, Destinn opposite Mars will probably trigger some airing of grievances or force open some challenges that we’ll have to overcome.

Sunday is New Year’s Eve day, of course, so this is already going to be an intense day just for the calendar alone. Overnight Dejanira square the Nodes is definitely a warning to be aware of your surroundings throughout the entire day. Watch your drinks like a hawk if you celebrate that way. Moon sextile the North Node at the same time as the Dejanira aspect will give us some insights to consider this, so we should be ok most likely. The Moon quincunxes Dejanira at the same time as well, so some heavy Dejanira going on here. It’s the victimhood asteroid, so be aware and don’t be caught off-guard, and you should be OK. Very early in the morning (PST), Ceres trine Mercury and Ceres sextile the Moon should bring us safely home if we stayed out late, or some safety at home if we stayed in or got back earlier. As we approach the evening hours, Uranus sextile the Moon while the Moon squares Chiron should make for some interesting energies… don’t expect everything to go to plan, and watch out for some sudden upsets, but they shouldn’t be too severe. As we approach the ball dropping, Uranus quincunx Karma and Moon opposite Pholus will bring some unexpected resolutions to events that have been going on in our lives, and the Moon-Pholus aspect, well, it’s very likely the revelry of the night will catch up to us somehow and probably influence some questionable, and maybe fun for some, decisions. And then, the new year begins on the Pacific Coast and overnight going into New Year’s Day, Uranus semisextile Chiron should bring some sudden resolutions to some of what’s been ailing us (or if we’re not careful, sudden inflictions of wounds, so be careful).

And there we have it. 2017 ends with a bang, and it’s definitely a time to be cautiously optimistic. Party smart, party hard, and don’t get caught up in foolish shenanigans. Be safe, have a good time, and may this hell of a year end on a positive note.