Mercury Direct – November 2019 – Visions of Manifestation

Mercury Direct

Mercury’s finally about to station direct again, and this one seems a bit muted as far as direct action. However, seeds of building for the future can come to us during this post-retrograde shadow if we know where to look and how to listen. There’s some action components here too, as it’s not just the aspects to Mercury itself that are in focus here.

Mercury will be stationing direct at 11 Sco 35’11” on November 20th, 2019 at 11:11:39 AM PST (7:11:39 UTC), and will be in its post-retrograde shadow period until December 7th, 2019 9:56:16 AM PST (5:56:16 PM UTC). As always, Mercury may be going forward again, but not everything will begin moving smoothly at first. Double-check important details in any and all important documents you are involved with. Also take care when traveling still, as Mercury will still be a bit slow and sluggish at first. This station direct, I will add, is a bit more forgiving that the previous one.

The closest aspect in orb to Mercury when it stations direct is Jupiter in Sagittarius, on Galactic Center, semisquare Mercury in Scorpio. A semisquare is a harder aspect around 45 degrees in orb, but not as intense as a square. We may be in a holding pattern regarding some expected optimism or luck, and this could make us prone to further disappointments. Some of these, as I can see in the semisquare aspect, are more internalized or something we bring to the table, so we’ll have to work harder to manifest some good luck on our part at this time. Jupiter is also amplified greatly by being on Galactic Center, so don’t lose hope. Just know that you’ll have to work a bit harder to make things go.

The other major planet aspects I’m seeing are softer or “easier” aspects, so this will be good news, even if some of these are pretty wide in orb. Mercury sextile Moon in Virgo allows for some better communications in what we feel would be more productive or useful when it comes to getting things done. So while things aren’t quite getting going yet, and may even be at a standstill, we can still use this intuitive aspect and lunar placement to get a feel for what’s coming ahead. We may find ourselves tidying up a bit more now too as we may now finally feel the urge to move forward with cleaning up some neglected tasks or messes now.

Mercury trine North Node in Cancer is another fortunate aspect. Not as much of a trigger as a square would be to the nodes, but it does allow for some flowing progress to begin towards what we feel destined to go towards, especially for future planning that would make us feel good and nurtured. Some of us may feel the time is right to start planning a future move, for example. Others may find that some planning of home renovations and redecorating is in order. Think things through, as things aren’t full speed ahead yet. But again, we’re in a closing window of increased luck and optimism, so we may be feeling the urge to make things happen now, Now, NOW. Remember what happened to the hare in its race against the tortoise.

On the wider end of the spectrum, Mercury trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces, though wide, is another one where we can channel some of our inner intuition and some subconscious visions to help us put into motion what we want to do. It’s not a Grand Trine with the North Node, as the orb is too wide between the node and Neptune, but both points and bodies trining Mercury do lend their energies towards coming up with a plan for the future.

Going into the asteroid aspects to Mercury… Starting with the conjunctions. Mercury conjunct 42355 Typhon, 666 Desdemona, 100 Hekate, and 16089 Lamb is an interesting mix. Typhon is an amplifier and can be present in natural disaster events too. Desdemona is a harsh asteroid too, being named after an unfortunate Shakespearean wife (and of course having the number 666 and “demon” in it’s name). Hekate is an occult asteroid, named after the goddess of crossroads and witchcraft. Lamb, well, lambs are meek, and also used in sacrifices (and are also quite tasty in gyros). This suggests to me that this Mercury direct cycle will involve a lot of sacrifices, many of which may make people squeamish. So while things can get going and we have some visions of how we want to move forward, we are going to have to give something up. It’s like the Fullmetal Alchemist principle of Equivalent Exchange (from the two anime series I’ve watched): To obtain something, something of equal value must be lost. Of course, it may not necessarily be equivalent in our world, but you can bet some hard choices will be made soon.

4227 Kaali in Virgo (with the Moon), and 564 Dudu in Capricorn also sextile Mercury during its direct station. Kaali is, again, an amplifier of sorts, so the emotional and intuitive need to analyze things will be quite pertinent for now. Dudu, well, we should be able to find the “devil in the details” as it were, and recognize some BS someone may be pulling over us a bit easier now, especially in the realm of career and our public-facing lives.

Mercury trine 2629 Rudra in Pisces is, again, another softer aspect to an amplifier asteroid. This may allow us to see what’s hidden a bit more easily right now, or recognize secret enemies before they can strike.

The harder aspect asteroids get a bit interesting too. Mercury square 34 Circe and 157 Dejanira in Aquarius, and 981 Midas in Leo is another interesting mix. Circe is a bit of an occult asteroid, and is named after a daughter of Helios, a sun god, and turned men into swine in some stories. Be wary of some ill magick at this time, and paired with Dejanira (the victim’s asteroid and one of vulnerability), along with the asteroids conjunct Mercury, this is definitely a time to put on your psychic armor and keep your protection up. Midas square Mercury on the other side, well, this could point to some trouble and difficulties in turning things into gold, so greater effort will be needed for the time being.

The semisquares to Mercury are a bit interesting as well. Mercury semisquare 3412 Kafka and 8690 Swindle in Virgo warns us to be wary of offers and contracts that are too good to be true at this time, and also warns us to go over things with a fine-tooth comb, as we may be in a rush to get things going. Mercury semisquare 15845 Bambi, 12927 Pinocchio, 875 Nymphe, and 28978 Ixion with Jupiter on Galactic Center in Sagittarius is a hell of a mix. We could find ourselves following our nose into a trap right now, falling for some deception that puts us into a position of giving into some lustful passions we probably shouldn’t be falling into right now. Betrayals and being led to the slaughter in a sense is also a possibility. Deer aren’t entirely harmless either, as some people have been injured if not killed by deer, so we could find normally passive individuals suddenly emboldened to strike back, especially if wronged. It may be advisable to check your more carnal impulses at this time.

Mercury sesquiquadrate 55 Pandora retrograde in Gemini is also a minor hard aspect worth noting. Pandora, of course, represents Pandora’s Box. Some actions, if initiated now, could be detrimental, and once that genie’s out of the bottle, there may be no putting it back in. Again, consider your actions wisely.

Come December 7th, when Mercury finally exits its post-retrograde shadow period and is full-speed ahead for real, there’s really only one planetary aspect that directly affects it. Mercury semisquare Venus in Capricorn at this time suggests some difficulties when it comes to communicating or traveling for work, romance, or when involving what we find valuable, even money. It’s a weak semisquare though, so the effect may not be as pronounced. Venus will be conjunct
fixed star Vega
 at this time too. This represents some austerity measures, as well as not looking our best, and possible illness. Do take care of your health around that time.

Asteroid-wise once post-retrograde shadow ends, Mercury conjunct 6883 Destinn, 432 Pythia, and 1924 Horus point to the full-speed time of Mercury being a time of magic and destiny. Pythia, of course, is connected to the Oracle at Delphi, which dealt with prophecy. Foresight should be enhanced once this point is passed in December.

Mercury, still in Scorpio by this point, trines 545 Messalina retrograde and 407 Arachne retrograde in Cancer. After post-retrograde shadow, we may find some lustful encounters that would ensnare us to be easier to sidestep or not be ensnared in after all. Or, some encounters may happen with truly “no strings attached.” Still, do be careful in these situations.

Mercury opposing 896 Sphinx retrograde and 90377 Sedna retrograde, both on fixed star Algol, warns us to not overthink things and not allow ourselves to be betrayed by those who would use and abuse us. We are also warned not to betray ourselves at this time, and to keep our heads on straight.

Mercury square 37117 Narcissus in Leo is a tricky one. Narcissus, of course, denotes a high-degree of self-interest and narcissism, and intuitively I’d say that asteroid is amplified in Leo. We need to be careful that we don’t come across as too pompous around this period in time, even if we’ve accomplished a great deal. There’s something to be said about humility, after all. We may also find ourselves having encounters with narcissistic types, so do enforce your boundaries then.

Mercury quincunx 2601 Bologna retrograde in Gemini warns us to not fool ourselves, as we could find ourselves living a lie at this time if things aren’t going as well as we’d like. It’d be easy to fall into the trap of lying to ourselves and to others to make ourselves look better, and chances are this won’t be a good look.

Mercury semisextile 19 Fortuna, 28978 Ixion, and 1862 Apollo in Sagittarius (near Galactic Center) will be a trigger point for us moving forward and communicating or sending/receiving messages regarding good or ill fortune. This will also be a time where we may find betrayals come to light, as the light of Apollo (a sun god) will shine its light and reveal that which must be revealed. Take the information in stride. This could also be a time where someone who has been trying to pull a fast one on you will be forced to “hit the bricks.” Be watchful.

Juno in Libra semisquare Mercury, while Mercury semisquares 433 Eros (itself with Venus) in Capricorn also points to some difficulties that we’ll have to talk to loved ones about. It could be difficulties in the love life, or perhaps an affair comes to light as well (or the avoidance of one). Do take care to consider who you want to be with and who you want to be in your inner circle. Those with strong bonds may find themselves reaffirming vows with some difficulty at this time as well, or at the very least overcoming temptation. Be wary of going overboard at any work-related parties.

Finally, Mercury sesquiquadrate 4955 Gold retrograde in Cancer I would say acts as a warning against overspending for the holiday shopping season, and especially cautions us on impulse buys. Plan your purchases carefully, and do watch out for unexpected spending (such as on medicine for colds that you suddenly catch right in time for the holidays).

So this Mercury Direct period has a lot of potential and promise, but also some subtle pitfalls that we need to watch out for. Intuition and following your gut feeling can take you far, but will require solid and good effort. Watch for subtle betrayals, and keep your spiritual armor up as the asteroids warn us! We will need that protection. And given how stressful the holidays can be for some, it may need to be put up doubly-so. Still, there’s some good possibilities here. Try to make the most of it, as the hard wall is coming up once Jupiter leaves Sagittarius, and as Saturn and Pluto tighten their conjunction going into 2020. The post-retrograde shadow period could be the last chance to get things going before a lull in productive energies come, so make the most of it!