Monthly Report - November 2019

Monthly Report - November 2019

November, already? This year's winding down, but it's certainly far from over. It's a major month with Mercury in Scorpio for the entire time, and retrograde for much of it at that. That's something to consider right now. What else is going on this month? Let's take a look...

For this one, I'm going to try to go day-by-day in general, except for some of the longer-term aspects. This may be the better way for me of doing this, and I'm still experimenting when it comes to the monthly reports. I'm also brushing aside the individual lunar aspects to bodies other than the Full and New Moons. Asteroids are also ignored for this report, for the sake of time. Finally, I'm basing this off of Pacific Time in the U.S.

We don't have any aspects that last the entirety of the month from what I'm seeing, so that step's also off of our plate right now.

November 1st, we still have Mercury almost motionless, so we shouldn't be expecting too much to go forward on this day. Saturn is also tightening its conjunction to Vega for much of this day as well, so do be on high guard for heightened passions, false accusations, and power struggles with superiors. It's an uphill kind of day.

November 2nd, Saturn tightens its link to Vega, further enhancing some of the power struggles, but this should be mitigated somewhat with some confidence and hope with Sun trine North Node. This serves to give us a drive to move more towards what we're needing to do in this lifetime, and we may be able to shed light on other avenues of advancement that resonate more with how we should be feeling. This may be difficult as the Moon joins the square Mars is making to Saturn and Pluto, so we do need to be watchful for explosive situations and unnecessary arguments. Embrace that Sun/North Node trine energy to keep your eyes on the prize. By the end of Saturday Night going into Sunday, Saturn's conjunction to Vega goes exact. Not a time to argue with authority figures, and I'd recommend not taking unnecessary risks that put you in conflict with law enforcement either. Have a designated driver and/or cut waaaaay back if you go out.

November 3rd has a nice trine between Venus and Chiron very early, shortly after midnight right around the U.S. Daylight Saving Time end point, so any burning bridges might be able to be doused with some understanding energies right about then. It could be a point of fighting fire with fire too, as Venus will have just entered Sagittarius as well, and moves out of its detrimental position from Scorpio. Venus in Sagittarius is more optimistic, as Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, another benefic planet. Just know which hatchets to bury. Also, the Moon in Aquarius apexes a weak T-square with the last vestiges of the Sun-Uranus retrograde opposition, so there is the chance of some rough arguments or emotional upsets briefly around midday. This will pass, so don't take minor slights to heart right now. There will be a chance to smooth things over soon enough.

November 4th and 5th bring us Venus quincunx Uranus retrograde. This is a bit of an awkward mix of energies, could be a little volcanic in our dealings with unexpected changes in fortune when it comes to romance, money, relationships, property... an awkward money crunch is possible. Mars square Pluto is also exact just after midnight PST going into the 5th, and this could further amplify this. We may not really know how to balance a checkbook effectively this day, and we may find ourselves engaging in some "creative accounting" to get through the day. Moon enters Pisces by the evening of the 5th, adding a bit of a deeper emotional and intuitiveness to things, and could also prey on our deeper fears. Keep your wits about you on these days.

November 6th could be a bit interesting as Mars is separating from its square to Pluto, and Pluto is tightening its sextile to Black Moon Lilith. Listen to your intuition a bit more on this day, as avenues to get around some financial issues come to mind, if you're willing to do the deep shadow work and make some concessions. Mercury retrograde semisextile Jupiter also triggers some matters regarding optimism, luck, and higher callings. Perhaps a message from above to reexamine financial and career matters, or a calling to save some face and cut losses? Sometimes a strategic retreat is necessary to win the battle, if not the war.

November 7th we still see the tight Pluto-Lilith link, and we also see a tight strengthening of Saturn sextile Neptune retrograde. Dig deep into the subconscious, and consider options for advancing your tasks and standing that you may not have considered before. Be aboveboard, as the temptation to draw forth from the underworld can be very strong right now. Remember the Mercury Retrograde forecast: be ethical and don't try to be deceptive. Cutting corners may not end well, especially if you try to pull wool over others' eyes.

November 8th can allow us to get some tasks done a bit easier on this day, with Sun sextile Saturn being very strong. In fact, we've got a Minor Grand Trine going very strongly apexing Saturn, as the Sun trines Neptune retrograde as well. Follow your intuition and that beneficial voice in the back of your head if some good advice and planning suddenly enters your mind. Make sure it's good and benefic advice though. The discipline to override malefic voices giving bad advice should be greatly improved at the same time. Mars semisextile Mercury retrograde may also force your hand with having to make a decision when the right road to take isn't immediately clear. Again, follow your intuition.

November 9th can be a bit dicey in the evening as the Moon in Aries briefly opposes Mars in Libra, apexing Pluto. It's a weak T-square though, but could still bring about some unneeded power struggles. Passions are also inflamed as Venus is conjuncting fixed star Antares on this night as well. Don't fall for the words of sweet venom.

November 10th begins right after midnight with Mars conjuncting fixed star Spica, which can help defuse some of the incendiary energies of the previous evening. At worst, this could help solidify conflict too if applied the wrong way. Use the better part of this and avoid or end whatever conflicts are going on in the best manner possible.

November 11th can be a good day to review and rerun some tasks that have been on the back burner as Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde tightly. Old projects that have been neglected can be returned to and some good progress made, finally. Or, you may find an old matter you thought had been forgotten suddenly comes to light. Near the evening hours, the Moon in Taurus starts completing a Bowl aspect, as it opposes Sun-Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, trines Saturn in Capricorn, and the Sun-Mercury link trines Neptune retrograde (with Neptune sextiling Saturn and the Moon). There's a great deal that can be accomplished with this energy pattern. Discipline, the power to get old tasks completed or make good progress, the intuition to see and visualize new ways of approaching old problems, these can all come together now. It could be a new beginning. Take advantage of this.

November 12th is a high-yield day as well and can be quite productive, as the Full Moon in Taurus hits on this day. Completing tasks, again, is emphasized, and Mars sextile Jupiter is also a great help in an energy boost. It should also be noted that Jupiter is now within range of conjuncting Galactic Center, greatly amplifying its optimistic power. What this means is from the 12th on, great strokes of luck can be yours if you play your cards right or apply the right effort. The Moon moves into apexing a Yod from Mars-Jupiter as well, so you can feel very accomplished right now too. Do make sure your efforts are solid and ethical, however, as the Moon will also conjunct fixed star Algol before leaving the range of this Yod. The big energy boost could be derailed by sudden worry and a stroke of fear if you're not careful. Don't let that happen.

November 13th is quite energetic when the Sun sextiles Pluto, while Saturn continues apexing a minor grand trine between itself, Mercury retrograde, and Neptune retrograde. Again, good inroads can be made in rectifying past misdeeds and misttakes, and the rebuilding can continue in earnest. Great progress can be ours.

November 14th goes high-yield and can be quite draining emotionally as Gemini Moon not only forms a T-Square with opposing Venus in Sagittarius, apexing Neptune retrograde in Pisces, but the Moon apexes a Yod Kite at the same time with Mercury sextile Saturn (and Venus completing the pulling of the bowstring for the Kite). This is a day we could find ourselves in panic mode, as we may feel we've overlooked something quite critical, and we could even be prematurely sending messages trying to put out brushfires that are actually not that bad... or we could blow off brushfires that threaten to become full-blown infernos! Overreaction is very likely. I'd almost recommend a "mental health day" and take the day to recharge, meditate, and just relax if able. Tempers are likely to flare on this day as well. Not a day to pick fights. Once the evening hits, the Moon apexes yet another Yod Kite with Sun sextile Pluto, with a weakening opposition to Venus and a strengthening opposition to Jupiter on Galactic Center pulling this bowstring. ...Yeah. Take a sick day if you can or clear your calendar otherwise if you can. If you can weather the storm, you could stand to make some progress, but don't expect to be thinking clearly. A day that truly tests faith.

November 15th, not too much to say. A brief Moon square Chiron could reveal some inadequacies that you need to deal with to move on from past disappointments. Likely fallout from November 14th's multi-Yod spectacular. Be gentle with loved ones and colleagues if you can, as you'll want to expect that from them in turn.

November 16th can act as a recovery day as the Moon starts crossing fixed star Sirius, which is quite good for relations with others, especially with the opposite sex and with your parents. The Moon in this position in Cancer is also forming a Water Grand Trine with Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, Neptune retrograde in Pisces, and is even being Kited by Saturn in Capricorn. Again, hatchets can be buried, and some needed emotional resolution can happen. Stern conversations could lead to greater understanding on this day. Working on projects that mean something to you can also yield some good feelings, whether completed or not.

November 17th continues with the flowing water energies as Moon, still in Cancer, forms another Water Grand Trine Kite with itself trining Sun in Scorpio and Black Moon Lilith in Pisces, with Pluto being the opposing bowstring puller this time. A good day to reflect on the struggles of the first half of the month, and to listen to your subconscious for solutions to come for the rest of this month. Or, perhaps a good day to just chill, relax, and just let that subconscious rest a little. Rome wasn't build in a day, after all.

November 18th can be intense later on in the day as Mars is approaching the end of Libra and soon crosses into one of its rulership signs, Scorpio, by the end of the night. Jupiter is also tightening its approach very tightly to Galactic Center, and we'll find more going on in how we see optimism, luck, perhaps touches of a higher power. Moon in Leo also apexes another Yod briefly with Saturn sextile Neptune retrograde. Definitely be cognizant of signs of a higher path as this day draws to a close, as there will be much work to be done.

November 19th further brings some intense energy swings as Mars exits Libra and is now in Scorpio as the day begins from midnight on. Mars' indecision from Libra starts to dispel, and Mars in Scorpio ramps up the energy considerably as it now is done playing and is ready to mean business. As the morning into day progresses, Jupiter's conjunction to Galactic Center becomes exact, and Venus also squares Black Moon Lilith tightly. Changes in fortune are quite likely on this day, and we may find what we find valuable, what we desire, it will come with a price. Mercury is also practically motionless on this day, getting ready to go forward the next day. Do not expect this to be a normal Tuesday, as it will be anything but. There is a lot of energy just being released, and don't expect to harness all of this. It likely isn't going to happen. Take a breather if you need, and prevent yourself from being overloaded.

November 20th, the big news is Mercury retrograde ends. Mercury will remain motionless throughout the whole day, but some of the past issues that have cropped up during this transit will still be very much with us all as the day progresses. Moon in Virgo will also have us analyzing things a bit more analytically than normal. It will be easy to overthink things and be caught up in minutiae, with not a lot of progress made.

November 21st doesn't bring a whole lot new for much of the day, basically a holding pattern for the most part. Venus begins to approach Galactic Center, which will begin a supercharge of benefic energies as it gets closer to Jupiter over the following week. Moon in Libra will bring partnerships into focus, but this happens very late into the day, almost into the next day.

November 22nd could feel very lucky for some, as Venus continues its approach to Jupiter and Galactic Center. We could find ourselves feeling quite good if things are going well, and if not, then we could find ourselves in a bit of a crisis of faith, especially if we see ourselves missing out on the best parts of life. It could be a very fun night for some couples, or even some singles meeting other singles. Changes in fortune are quite pronounced as we also have Scorpio Mars applying its opposition to Uranus retrograde in Taurus during this day as well. Last but not least, we also have the Sun crossing over into optimistic Sagittarius on this day as well. It'd be a shame if we couldn't take advantage of the positive energies that are likely to be flowing through on this day.

November 23rd can be quite a fun day, or quite a productive day, as Venus, Jupiter, and Galactic Center are tightly conjunct. Moon crossing Spica is also another quite benefic aspect, though Moon will also cross squaring Saturn and Pluto through the course of the day, so do be on the lookout for some pitfalls and disappointments. These should soon pass, however, and the Moon-Spica link should help mitigate some issues that arise.

November 24th could bring a bit of a brief hangover as the Moon enters Scorpio and joins up with Mars to oppose Uranus retrograde. Hopefully we haven't let our guard down too much with all the party and celebratory energies of the past couple days, as we could find ourselves having some sudden reality checks on this Sunday morning. Do watch your steps so that any regrets felt are minimized. The Moon does move on, though, so the intense emotional energies should be relatively short-lived, and some may not even notice as it takes place in the overnight hours. Intense dream visions could still affect these people, however.

November 25th doesn't seem very dynamic, apart from Sun quincunx Uranus retrograde, and Sun semisextile Mars. There could still be residual effects from the optimistic energies of the Friday and Saturday before, and the reality check that came the day before. For some in the United States, it'll be a thankfully short week as it's Thanksgiving week... for others, it'll be the start of a long season as Black Friday takes place after Thanksgiving. Mixed bag. Venus also enters Capricorn and leaves the optimistic energies of Sagittarius, and thus takes on Saturn's flair for hard work, nose to the grindstone, and maybe an element of some killjoy energy. We'll have to work harder for what we want from this point forward.

November 26th brings a new beginning cycle with the New Moon in Sagittarius. That New Moon is quincunx Uranus retrograde and semisextile Mars as well, so some awkward give and take and some changes in fortune are indicated here. Some could receive some unpleasant holiday news during this lunar cycle as well, which I'll get into more on a later article. Chiron retrograde in Aries is also squaring Venus and Jupiter in late Sagittarius, both now moving off of Galactic Center, and the boost in benefic energies we will find to be wearing off now. More reality checks are incoming.

November 27th isn't very notable with the exception that Chiron retrograde, still square Venus, is now entering range of conjuncting fixed star Scheat. Scheat isn't a very nice star, but fortunately, Chiron is slowing down and shouldn't go full-blown conjunct on this. Still, this can lead to some rough emotions we'll be working through on a more muted level. We may also find some psychic minefields for about a week or so after this as Neptune retrograde ends, and it goes motionless for a few days.

November 28th brings a flowing trine from Mercury to Neptune, so we may be able to communicate better how we feel, and it may lay bare some of our deeper vulnerabilities. This could potentially smooth over some family gatherings on the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, though I expect there will be awkward conversations with that Mars-Uranus retrograde opposition still hanging on. Brace for politics/religion/sports at the dinner table. Chiron squaring Capricorn Venus, Capricorn Moon, and Sagittarius Jupiter, well, this sounds to me like a brutal start to the Black Thursday sales that some stores will undoubtedly hold (as some places don't hold off on the shopping season until Black Friday anymore). How badly do some people really need to shop for doorbuster trinkets? ...consumerism will dominate, and it will be ugly with this triple-square.

November 29th brings intense emotions and intuition as the Moon crosses over Saturn and Pluto on Black Friday. The drive to acquire wealth and status will be quite strong on this day, and this also translates to holiday shopping. Those who plan ahead may find some better deals and lesser stress when Mercury and Saturn make a solid sextile in the evening hours. Task-setting and planning can be done more effectively now, perhaps even objectively.

We end the month on November 30th with a weak T-square apexing Moon in Aquarius as it interacts in square to Uranus retrograde opposing Mars, which is separating in its opposition to said Uranus. We could find ourselves finally thinking "enough!" to the stresses of the holiday season already. Venus is also approaching a conjunction to the South Node, and thus we'll be considering loves and pleasantries of the past around this time too, so we need to be careful that we don't let ourselves feel too alone right now. North Node trine Mars, however, can give us a little bit of a drive to consider the road ahead, and perhaps give us a bit of hope. This is also the beginning of the last vestiges of Jupiter in Sagittarius, and thus the transition of Jupiter into entering Saturn's sign of Capricorn will be starting to set in soon. The hard road will be starting shortly after this month ends, that's what I'm thinking with this transition point.

So there we have November: A lot of varying energies, with a brief very optimistic period the weekend leading into the last week of the month (and the weekend before Thanksgiving if in the United States). This is going to be a very intense time, a very intense month, and we should take advantage of the upswings. Don't be afraid to reach out to friends and loved ones as the final week of the month sets in, as this feels like it's going to be a very intense holiday period this year. I haven't checked December's transits as of the writing of this article, but it just feels like it'll be intense, intuitively. I'll put it that way. Make the most of this month, as for some of us, it'll be do or die, make or break. Cheers.

The general listing of aspects and the days they will be active is listed below in list format, as a quick reference.

  • November 1st-3rd - Sun trine True Node
  • November 1st-17th - Black Moon Lilith sextile Pluto
  • November 1st-19th - Neptune sextile Saturn
  • November 2nd-4th - Chiron trine Venus
  • November 2nd-6th - Black Moon Lilith quincunx Mars
  • November 3rd - United States Daylight Saving Time Ends
  • November 3rd-6th - Mars square Pluto
  • November 4th-5th - Uranus quincunx Venus
  • November 7th-8th - Mars semisextile Mercury
  • November 7th-9th - Saturn sextile Sun, Neptune trine Sun
  • November 8th-10th - True Node quincunx Venus, Black Moon Lilith trine Mercury
  • November 9th-10th - Mercury sextile Pluto
  • November 10th-11th - Mercury conjunct Sun
  • November 10th-14th - Jupiter sextile Mars
  • November 12th - Full Moon Taurus
  • November 12th-14th - Pluto sextile Sun, Mercury sextile Saturn, Mercury trine Neptune
  • November 13th-14th - Mercury semisextile Venus
  • November 13th-15th - Black Moon Lilith trine Sun, Neptune square Venus, Saturn semisextile Venus
  • November 17th-19th - Pluto semisextile Venus
  • November 18th-20th - Jupiter semisextile Sun, Black Moon Lilith square Venus
  • November 20th - Mercury Retrograde Ends
  • November 20th-22nd - Chiron quincunx Mars
  • November 22nd-24th - Chiron trine Sun
  • November 22nd-25th - Mars opposite Uranus
  • November 23rd-25th - Jupiter conjunct Venus
  • November 24th-26th - Sun quincunx Uranus
  • November 25th-30th - Mars semisextile Sun
  • November 26th - New Moon Sagittarius
  • November 26th-27th - Chiron square Venus
  • November 27th - Neptune Retrograde Ends
  • November 27th-29th - Mercury trine Neptune, Uranus trine Venus
  • November 28th-30th - Mercury sextile Saturn
  • November 29th - Mercury sextile Moon
  • November 29th-30th - Sun quincunx True Node
  • November 30th - Mars trine True Node