Phoenixia Astrology is currently accepting new reading clients at this time. Reading offerings and prices are subject to change. (Previously committed meetings in progress would be locked in and not subject to those changes).

Phoenixia Astrology is open to offering personal astrology readings, ranging from natal/birth charts to better understand one’s core being, to synastry charts for relationship analysis, to solar return and forecasts for seeing the upcoming trends in the near future.

Always note that free will is at play, and that while conditions may be right for particular types of events to occur, it does not necessarily mean that they will occur. One can show another a door, but the other must choose whether or not to walk through that door.

Important Disclosure: Phoenixia Astrology and Jon Russell assume no responsibility for actions taken or not taken nor for decisions made or not made in regards to the information presented in these readings. Clients remain responsible for all personal, interpersonal, and business decisions. Clients are advised to exercise due diligence in all undertakings and affairs.

Please note that all prices are in US Dollars.

I currently have availability for readings at this time. Send all requests as a private message to

Readings Currently Offered:

Reading types offered and prices are currently undergoing reevaluation at this time. Please leave a message on the Phoenixia Astrology Instagram in private message if you would like a reading.