Monthly Report – December 2019

December 2019

This year has been moving quite rapidly, maybe a bit too rapidly. But it’s the last month already, and I’m sure there’s many that would say “not a moment too soon.” Well, may want to consider that “The Wall” is now beginning to hit for a lot of us, and on top of that, we’re also entering Eclipse Season as well! 2019 is going out with a bang, for sure.

As I’ve adopted this method, I’m going to try to go day-by-day in general, except for some of the longer-term aspects. This has proven to be the better way for me of doing this. I’m also brushing aside the individual lunar aspects to bodies other than the Full and New Moons. Asteroids are also ignored for this report, for the sake of time. And, as usual, I’m basing this off of Pacific Time in the U.S. as that’s where I’m located.

December does have a few aspects that last the entire month, and they’re quite notable. Jupiter trine Uranus makes for a major earth-energy trine, as Jupiter will enter Capricorn on December 2nd. Even though Jupiter exits its home sign of Sagittarius and enters Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, it is not in detriment or fall position, so Jupiter’s at normal strength. Uranus, meanwhile, is retrograde for the entire month and is also in its fall position in Taurus, so it’s somewhat weakened. What this means for us is that we can expect some good luck and fortune to still keep us going forward, even if everything is starting to slow down.

Another month-long aspect we have is Neptune sextile Saturn. Neptune in Pisces is empowered by being in its home sign, and governs some of our deeper thinking, psychic intuition, and also signifies intoxicants and inebriation. Saturn, the workhorse, taskmaster extraordinaire, and contraction, is also in its home sign of Capricorn, and this makes a softer aspect to Neptune. The long and short of this is that for the duration of December, we can use these two planets working together to come up with solutions to some vexing problems. Basically, we can come up with some solutions we would never have otherwise considered, as we can read between the lines a bit better. Some individuals in recovery should also be able to have an easier time turning their lives around and resolving to stay in sobriety.

Pluto conjunct Saturn, this one is another month-long aspect, and this one is the big one that many are talking about as their union becomes exact next month in January. Pluto, the lord of the underworld and representing death and rebirth, this is merging with the planet of contraction and discipline. Institutions and structures are crumbling and undergoing crisis throughout this entire month, and we can already see this with the impeachment drama going on in Washington D.C. as one example of this. The devil is in the details when it comes to structural collapse and rising from the ashes, as the phoenix that hatches may not necessarily be the kind of phoenix people expected, so do be careful when sweeping away the old. The new that comes afterwards may not be what you wanted or expected. We will be making quite a few hard choices this month, but some of these choices are necessary to make right now if we want to move forward.

And now, the day-by-day forecast. This is going to be quite a month, so hold on tight!

December 1st features a trine from Mars in Scorpio to the North Node in Cancer. We can take advantage of this energy and make some steps that will propel us forward towards our greater destinies. By extension, Mars would sextile the South Node in Capricorn as well, and we can use that energy to confront the past and rectify that which must be resolved. Venus in Capricorn is approaching the South Node as well and thus sextiles Mars as well. It may be a good time to sell off some old possessions that no longer are of use to us, but may be usable or desired by someone else. The Sun in Sagittarius is also quincunx the North Node while the Sun sits on fixed star Antares, so there’s that notion of no gain without sacrifice. What will you give up to get ahead?

December 2nd shows us the Venus-South Node link strengthening pretty strongly, but also keeps in harmony with Mars, so we can perhaps get some better deals, and considering in the U.S. at least this is considered Cyber Monday for online holiday shopping, this would be a day where the best online deals are going to be pretty prominent. Again, Sun on Antares implies that these deals are going to come at a cost, and that would likely be the retail and fulfillment center employees working their asses off to ship all of these orders. Always have to consider the hand that feeds. Mercury sextile Pluto also plays a hand in things on this day, so travel shouldn’t be too crazy right now (weather permitting), and important messages, especially those concerning a change in status, should be able to get through just fine. Also keep in mind that Jupiter enters Capricorn on this day, so the dynamic will be changing a bit when the king of optimism and good feelings enters the domain of the taskmaster. Good luck will be better attained through hard work from this point forward. Consider the Neptune-Saturn link, and work smarter as well!

December 3rd does briefly bring us a Water Grand Trine Kite with the North Node in Cancer trine Mars in Scorpio, both briefly trine the Moon passing through Pisces, and the North Node is opposed by Venus on the South Node during all of this (the “kite” pulling the bowstring). We will be feeling pretty strongly and forcefully about getting our lives on track towards what we feel will propel us forward into our ideal futures, and we could be feeling held back by money matters from our pasts. Past debts coming back to haunt us is not beyond the realm of possibility. However, we may also be feeling confident in that we can resolve these matters.

December 4th starts throwing some monkey wrenches at us when Jupiter, now in Capricorn, begins squaring Chiron retrograde in Aries a bit more tightly and is entering the one-degree orb zone to this square. We’ll be feeling the inner wounds we have to our pride and egos a bit more today, and we could find our optimism is strained for a few days as this square aspect intensifies. Mercury in Scorpio does begin trining Black Moon Lilith in Pisces tighter as well, so do watch out for messages from the beyond and flashes of intuitive insight. The answers to the self-sabotage could be in reach.

December 5th could get emotionally intense as the Moon joins Chiron in its square to Jupiter. We may find ourselves kicking ourselves for getting into some really stupid or avoidable situations, but this emotional intensity will pass, so don’t dwell on it if you can. Do be careful with some workouts today so you don’t injure yourself as well, as we may feel the need to blow off more steam than usual.

December 6th doesn’t bring a whole lot new, just Jupiter and Chiron still getting closer in their harsh square aspect. Sun semisextile Venus could trigger some possible relationship or money issues, and money can make or break relationships both in business and romance. The Sun will also begin squaring Neptune closer too, so we may be finding ourselves disregarding common sense and that beneficial voice in the back of our heads in favor of our own egos and hubris. Practicing meditation is highly advised today.

December 7th further intensifies things as the Jupiter-Chiron and Sun-Neptune squares begin to peak. Venus also begins to hit fixed star Vega as well. The bank of insert-your-name-here may be closed as we will be feeling like we need to watch every penny now. For some holiday shoppers, this will be a common refrain, and this would be a wise time to step back and double-check your bank statements to be safe.

December 8th brings us Jupiter square Chiron exact. We’re still sorting out how our previous mistakes are affecting our greater destiny and opportunities right now, and it comes to a head. But we do have some good news with Venus sextile Neptune, so we could find ourselves wanting to splurge on something that will lift our spirits and lighten our moods. It could be something inoccuous as a milkshake (yes, this close to winter!), or it could be a few glasses of wine while wrapping presents. Sun square Neptune is weakening, but still present, so maybe take it easy on that wine and just consider sitting quietly with a book by the fire or heater.

December 9th finds us starting to talk about some hopes and dreams a bit more as mercury enters Sagittarius. We could find ourselves spilling out more of what we’re hoping to accomplish, or perhaps expressing some more gratitude for what we do have right now. There’s also the chance of some complaints coming forward, but Jupiter is starting to loosen its tight square to Chiron, so we’ll be feeling like we’re moving past some of the previous hurts we’ve inflicted on ourselves around this time. We also have some hard work and digging through things coming into focus as beauty-oriented Venus is tightening a conjunction to disciplinarian Saturn and demolitions expert Pluto. We could begin making some progress on a project or heading towards a job around now, though we may find we have to give something up to obtain something of value. Scrapping a creative project and starting over is one example of this, but it could also allow for a more satisfying piece of art later, rather than continuing on with an uninspiring clay pot, for example.

December 10th could have some triggering catalysts in play, as I’m seeing a couple semisextiles attracting my attention here: Sun semisextile Venus, and Mercury semisextile Jupiter. These semisextiles flip the switch for both our sense of self being affected by money, romance, jobs, possessions we adore, and of course messages about long-term projects and perhaps travel arrangements being made for long-distance trips, perhaps to see loved ones or go to a retreat or vacation somewhere later on. We could find ourselves having to make a decision on important projects today.

December 11th continues this catalytic combination with Sun semisextile the tightened Venus/Saturn conjunction. Venus does begin to move on from Saturn and its approach to Pluto, so we could be embarking onto our next project or adventure, and we’ll be expecting to prove we’re up to the task pretty soon here. Jupiter and Uranus are tightening their flowing trine as well, so we can expect to feel good about something today, probably the project, job, or opportunity that’s manifesting right now.

December 12th is a high-flow-of-energy day as Chiron finally changes direction, and is at its closest approach it will be to fixed star Scheat for the next 50-some years, not a bad thing actually. Chiron moving forward again (after this motionless period) will allow us to begin moving forward to heal the wounds that we’ve recognized in ourselves, particularly those wounds that prevent us from being ourselves. Saturn, Venus, and Pluto are now in a tight conjunction as well here, and a Full Moon in Gemini is also something we deal with early in the morning as well. This is a major culmination point where what hard work and ingenuity we’ve been putting forward will now be put to the test, and we will see if we’ve done the work we need to do, or if we’ve been found wanting. This is also the final Full Moon before the Christmas Solar Eclipse, and as this is also the time of the year many start winding things down for the end of the year holiday week, we will be finding many loose ends start getting wrapped up, or at the very least put on the back burner for another time. This isn’t the time to put your ultimate goals on the back burner though, as this is the “this is it!” point. We embark on a new journey soon after this point, so let’s see if we’ve all chosen our paths for the next while wisely.

December 13th is, of course, a Friday the 13th point, and for some this could be a lucky day. Mars trine Neptune can reward us for executing on our visions, and we are likely to find some creative inspiration to finish up some projects or at least another phase of a longer-term task as we briefly experience another Water Grand Trine when the Moon passes through in Cancer and trines both Mars and Neptune. Pluto conjunct Venus is also a major flash of energy that lets us get rid of what’s not been working, and we can use this to seal the deal on another project, relationship, or venture that will be better for us. If we don’t take advantage of this by this point, then it will be not only that much harder, but consider again the holidays and many offices closing and people taking end-of-the-year vacations (especially those with use-it-or-lose-it leave policies!)… After Friday the 13th, The Wall hits. And if we didn’t get the right angle or propulsion, we will hit that wall. Hard. Clear the damn wall and break out of the prison you’ve been in for so long.

December 14th could be a hangover of regret if we couldn’t get the crap together by the end of the previous day. While I usually don’t hit too much on lunar aspects, this one I cannot ignore. Moon transiting Cancer will oppose Venus, Saturn, and Pluto throughout the course of the day, so this may not be the best day for bargain hunting, at least not in the morning. This opposition hits more in the morning, so by the time the evening comes, it will have largely passes. If we were successful leading up to the end of Friday the 13th, then this lunar aspect really could just represent us coming down from the excitement of pulling off something amazing. Uranus trine Jupiter, still pretty tightly, should allow for some solace and relaxation, depending on what we were able to accomplish.

December 15th, Mercury crosses fixed star Antares, and this could point to some trouble with loved ones and at home. Arguments are likely when the fleet-footed messenger crosses this incendiary star in the “Heart of the Scorpion”. Venus also begins to sextile Black Moon Lilith, so we can expect some empowerment with women and those who do not subscribe to the patriarchal structures today. Other than this, it’s not a very dynamic day.

December 16th does bring a bit of ego that conflicts with hidden secrets and intuition when the Sun starts squaring Black Moon Lilith. We could see some scandal break out involving sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior, or some other indiscretion in the news cycle. Venus is still sextile Black Moon Lilith, so it’d be well-recommended for some would-be abusers to just not do their thing and behave. This is doubly-so as Mercury is still in range of Antares, which could light disreputable actors on fire if they don’t watch themselves.

December 17th further intensifies the ego-divine feminine conflict as the Sun tightens its square to Black Moon Lilith. I get the feeling there will be some defending the indefensible going on as the Sun begins to conjunct Galactic Center around now too. Mars begins to sextile Saturn as well, so there will be some easier energy boosts available when it comes to working on and finishing up tasks and projects today. Uranus and Jupiter are still in a close trine as well, so some sudden epiphanies are possible when it comes to changing situations for the better and listening to common sense and reason, as well as some possible unexpected good fortune when it comes to getting out of some sticky situations with money and career.

December 18th can get a bit intense and also may be signifying a crisis point or critical mass when it comes to standing one’s ground against what we may be feeling in our gut feelings. The Moon in Virgo joins the Black Moon Lilith-Sun/Galactic Center action when it completes a T-Square briefly, with the apex of that double-square being on the Sun on Galactic Center. Either someone will be brought to task and brought down, or they’ll get with the program and realize that they need to realize the bigger picture, some of which isn’t immediately visible. A light may also be shed on some hidden truths and mysteries on this day. Do follow your gut feeling and intuition as strongly as you can, and make sure that inner voice is really yours.

December 19th is showing signs of some miscommunications based on bad assumptions when Mercury squares Neptune. Be clear when expressing differences in opinion, as people may be acting on their emotions and/or on bad information. Mars and Saturn still sextile may smooth this over, and it may be more advantageous to just stick your nose to the grindstone and get some last-minute duties completed and minimize conversations until this nebulous confusion passes.

December 20th brings some more energetic changes when Venus enters Aquarius and sextiles Chiron in Aries. We may be feeling a little better about some past hurts and misdeeds, and we may even be able to bury some hatchets on this day. Mars and Saturn continue their sextile, allowing for some energy to go into getting some work done. Mercury begins moving on from its square to Neptune as well, this allowing for some clearing of the air and helping bolster the feel-good recovery energies symbolized by Venus sextile Chiron. Do watch for some unexpected misunderstandings as Venus is also squaring Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Misinterpretation is likely with this aspect.

December 21st does represent some potential issues in getting to the heart of the matter and we could be experiencing arguments and hard feelings when the Moon completes a T-Square apexing Venus, as Moon opposes Uranus retrograde briefly. There is a possibility of arguments coming from out of nowhere involving hidden issues and repressed feelings and emotions. This shouldn’t last very long, so try not to come to lasting decisions based on minor arguments now. Chiron and Venus still sextile should be able to help smooth some of this over.

December 22nd could be a good day to do some housecleaning or taking care of getting rid of some troublesome remnants of the past when Mars sextiles Pluto. Mercury semisextile Saturn is also a trigger point for some last-minute tasks likely being plopped on your desk if you haven’t already made it out of the office or workplace for the holiday period. We’ll also have officially entered winter as the Sun enters Capricorn during the winter solstice. Matters involving career, how we appear in our public lives, and such will be very prominent, and appropriate as many of us go out into the world for holiday and soon-to-be New Year’s gatherings.

December 23rd can bring some unwelcome and uncomfortable issues to the surface when the Sun, representing ourselves and who we are, squares Chiron in Aries. Jupiter and Venus semisextile one another suggests that there could be issues with money and valuables, and how we feel this defines us in our dealings with friends and other people in our daily lives. Mercury semisextile Pluto could be representative of either some accidents or near-misses, or could be a flash point for a conversation where something has to end, be it a relationship, a job, or perhaps some stresses involving last-minute shopping.

December 24th is a form of calm before the storm. Mars semisextile Mercury plays into the previous days issues, and we can potentially expect some more travel delays. I’m wondering what sort of Christmas Eve storms we can expect, so it’d be better to travel to your holiday destinations before this point.

December 25th, Christmas Day, gets really intense as the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn takes place on this holiday! Saturn conjunct Pluto will also be adding to the intensity, and there will be a lot of give and take that will be taking place both on this day and for the entire Eclipse cycle lasting until next summer! Sun (and by extension Solar Eclipse) conjunct Jupiter can add some festiveness and some flashes of good fortune and higher spirituality on this day, so some may be reflecting a bit more on what they are thankful for on this day and for some time afterwards. Counting blessings will be on many minds today.

December 26th begins the holiday returns period, and what better way to represent some of this mayhem and hidden feelings coming to light in spades than Mercury square Black Moon Lilith? With Venus quincunx North Node at the same time, there will be a great deal of gift exchanges and returns going on. Sun still conjunct Jupiter will help smooth some things over and may allow for some gifts to be exchanged for items that will be better appreciated and used. The Mercury square Black Moon Lilith aspect may also represent some rough news when it comes to the challenging of traditional gender roles and the changing face of expectations by society for some women.

December 27th should be a bit more smooth as Jupiter and Sun are tightly conjunct even more on this day, so more lucky streaks are possible, but do be careful of some unexpected change-ups and monkey wrenches to plans as this tight conjunction will also be starting to conjunct the South Node, bringing up images and issues from yesteryear. Mercury crossing Galactic Center also greatly enhances our experiences regarding travelling and messages we send and receive. We can be pretty decisive right now, and our communications can confer a final, definitive answer to some matters that have been vexing you for awhile at this time.

December 28th could be a bit more fun as Mars trine Black Moon Lilith brings an air of vitality to the shadow we keep hidden. Some deeply intense sexual encounters could be had during this aspect, and we may find partners being more open to spicing up their unions right now. Barring that, some serious progress can be made on some inner shadow and soul work right now too. Meditation may bring some more intense insights and experiences right now.

December 29th can bring up more issues of the past to haunt us or be resolved as the Sun more tightly conjunct the South Node, while at the same time Chiron squares Mercury. Some intense arguments are highly likely, and these could bring up past hurts way more readily than we’ll be comfortable with. Be particularly careful when travelling right now, as I would argue that the potential of serious accidents or injuries are more pronounced right now too.

December 30th might be a bit better than the day before. Uranus trine Mercury tightly can bring some sudden apologies or revelations that may smooth things over or bring some much-needed closure at this time. Saturn and Pluto tightening their conjunction also acts to tear down structures that are no longer working, and some may even find themselves downsized or otherwise out of a job or project around now too. Keep on guard.

We end this roller coaster of a year on December 31st with Saturn and Pluto closing in to within a degree orb of their tightest conjunction. The intensity of this period is increasing with each day, and will continue to intensify for awhile. Mercury will also be approaching Jupiter, so there might be an opportunity to close out the year on a higher note. Do make use of that energy to communicate some well-regarding feelings to friends and loved ones, and perhaps even colleagues.

That’s the long and short of December: The Wall hits, but there’s that window of opportunity in the second week of the month which will likely make or break us. Can you launch yourself over the hardest portion of the Wall, or will you wind up being stuck somewhere you really don’t want to be? If you still haven’t decided how you’re going to handle things, you need to handle that crap NOW. You are going to be locked into some rough places otherwise if you don’t. The brief lighter aspects can help a bit, but that Saturn-Pluto link combined with the Eclipse Season starting up… You’ve got to be on your A-Game. Make yourself happen to life, especially now, or life will certainly happen to you. Do or die time. Finish up your loose ends, and end the year strong. Peace.

As always, the general listing of aspects and the days they will be active is listed below in list format, as a quick reference.

  • All December – Jupiter trine Uranus, Neptune sextile Saturn, Pluto conjunct Saturn
  • December 1st-2nd – Mars semisextile Sun, Mercury trine Neptune, Sun quincunx True Node
  • December 1st-3rd – Mars opposite Uranus, Uranus trine Venus
  • December 1st-4th – Mercury sextile Saturn
  • December 1st-5th – True Node opposite Venus
  • December 1st-6th – Mars trine True Node, Mercury sextile Pluto
  • December 1st-11th – Black Moon Lilith sextile Pluto
  • December 1st-13th – Mars sextile Venus
  • December 1st-14th – Neptune square Sun
  • December 1st-22nd – Chiron square Jupiter
  • December 2nd-7th – Black Moon Lilith trine Mercury
  • December 3rd-13th – Neptune sextile Venus
  • December 4th-17th – Sun semisextile Venus
  • December 4th-22nd – Mars trine Neptune
  • December 5th-16th – Saturn conjunct Venus
  • December 8th-12th – Chiron trine Mercury
  • December 8th-17th – Pluto conjunct Venus
  • December 8th-29th – Mars sextile Saturn
  • December 9th-11th – Jupiter semisextile Mercury
  • December 9th-12th – Saturn semisextile Sun, Mercury quincunx Uranus
  • December 11th-12th – Full Moon Gemini
  • December 12th – Chiron station Direct
  • December 12th-15th – Pluto semisextile Sun
  • December 13th-16th – Mercury quincunx True Node
  • December 13th-18th – Black Moon Lilith sextile Venus
  • December 13th-30th – Mars sextile Pluto
  • December 14th-20th – Black Moon Lilith square Sun
  • December 15th-31st – Chiron semisextile Uranus
  • December 16th-23rd – Mercury square Neptune
  • December 17th-27th – Uranus square Venus
  • December 17th-31st – Sun trine Uranus, Jupiter conjunct Sun
  • December 18th-23rd – Chiron sextile Venus
  • December 20th-26th – Chiron square Sun
  • December 21st-23rd – Mercury semisextile Saturn
  • December 22nd-24th – Mercury semisextile Pluto
  • December 22nd-25th – Jupiter semisextile Venus
  • December 23rd-26th – Mars semisextile Mercury
  • December 23rd-31st – Black Moon Lilith trine Mars
  • December 24th-28th – Black Moon Lilith square Mercury
  • December 25th-26th – Solar Eclipse Capricorn
  • December 25th-28th – True Node quincunx Venus
  • December 26th-31st – Jupiter opposite True Node
  • December 27th-31st – Mercury trine Uranus, Sun opposite True Node, Chiron square Mercury
  • December 28th-31st – Jupiter conjunct Mercury
  • December 30th-31st – Mercury conjunct Sun, Neptune sextile Sun