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New Moon Virgo - September 2018 - Deceptions Unravel

As we continue through this month of September, we find ourselves faced with the next New Moon. This Virgo New Moon is the first one after the August Solar Eclipse, and we're still feeling the fallout from that one. This new lunar cycle is going to be all about exposing deceptions and getting to the heart of pressing matters, and it's going to require us to dig deep into our inner fortitude to expose what needs to be brought to light. Let's begin. Read More...


Full Moon Pisces - August 2018 - Trinity Crosshairs

August's Full Moon is a potent one, I'm going to come out and say it right here and now. There is a lot going on in the sky at this moment in time, and the Solar Eclipse in Leo earlier in the month has certainly put a lot of tension and energy in the air. Also, that tool I mentioned making for myself in the previous article is largely finished for current intents and purposes, so I should have more time to put into writing these articles. A good time for culminations, if I don't say so myself. Read More...


Solar Eclipse Leo - August 2018 - Change in Fortune

If you're reading this, then you've survived the recent salvo of eclipses and retrogrades thus far. The energies all around us have been anything but stable and steady. This most recent Solar Eclipse is testing us quite hard, but we're through the bulk of it. While I've not been blogging as I probably should, I am in the process of making this a bit easier on myself, which should be helpful in the future in general. Let's get into this, as I'm late getting this done. Read More...

New Moon Gemini - June 2018 - Lilithian Unmaking

It would appear my continuous return was not as stable as I had hoped. The previous New Moon cycle that's ending as of June 13th definitely gave me an impact worth bracing for: Day job's ending. Triangular peg, star-shaped hole. Eh, maybe for the best. So I'm in the middle of a job hunt while also attempting to get through everything here. This coming lunar cycle, however, is all about unmaking and remaking things. Let's take a dive into this and see what we have in store... Read More...


Daily Report - Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Tuesday this week is looking a bit easier than a lot of days that we've been having, astrologically-speaking. Overall, I'd rate this as a "get caught up and catch a breather" day. Not to say there aren't a few challenges, but overall it should be manageable for most. Let's take a look... Read More...