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Solar Houses - A Different Sort of House System

When people think about house systems in astrology, in particular modern western astrology, the focus tends to be on the Ascendant-based systems such as Placidus and Equal House. However, sometimes that doesn't seem to tell the whole story. Other times, one may not even know their birthtimes or all of their birth info, and thus the Ascendant-based systems aren't really all that possible for them. There is another house system concept that exists, and that's that of the solar houses. Read More...

Mercury Retrograde July 2019 - Harsh Love

Mercury Retrograde is upon us once again, and the aspects making this one up, even without asteroids? It's... harsh. Very harsh. I'm telling you right now, based just on what Mercury station retrograde aspects, if you're in a fated-to-end relationship? It's going to explode in your face. For some, this will be a critical wake-up call, and for those who experience the detonation? The safe harbor of people who would once take you in and listen? For some, harbors (and hearts) are closed. Read More...