Monthly Report – April 2020

April 2020

March has been a ridiculously intense month for everyone. Lots of social distancing, many people locked down to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and a general anxiety of when (or if) things will return to “normal”. Don’t expect them to. The alignments over March, and now going into April, guarantee that we are not going to see what we remember as normal. There is no normal right now. We are in uncharted territories, and we’re going to have to see how we’re going to deal with things going forward. One major alignment comes to mind, and it’s closing in even as I write this at the end of March.

Monthlong Aspects

There’s a few aspects that will be present throughout all of April, and a couple are pretty wide orb and will be rather muted but still present. The closest ones, however… those are the ones to watch.

Chiron in Aries Semisextile Uranus in Taurus

One aspect that will be with us for the entire month is Chiron semisextile Uranus, just like much of March. This semisextile is triggering a continuing situation for much of the world where illness, wounding, and healing are upending much of our societies and civilization. At the same time, people are finding new ways to heal themselves in other ways, such as the forced time off perhaps destressing some people who suddenly do not have the day-to-day obligations they have had to do in the name of making a living. This has the side effect of further wounding people who depended on those obligations to make that living. This aspect will be slowly tightening throughout the month.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

This is the major aspect for the month, and will be pretty tight in the first part of the month as well. Jupiter is a planet of expansion and optimism, and higher institutions of philosophy and religion are also exemplified by this body. Pluto, of course, is like the Tower in the Tarot, and like the Phoenix in other ways, as it deals with the tearing down of structures to pave the way for renewal. What we see here now is a fundamental shift in overall themes of focus and higher purpose here. As this is happening in Capricorn (and where Jupiter is in fall and debilitated), the themes of expansion, exploration, and wishful thinking are at an end. The essence of Saturn permeates this, and this will be a theme until the next wave of Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions occurs years from now. Now we have to pick a path that makes the most sense and work fervently towards it, as this is a time where we will need to rebuild. Pluto enters its retrograde period on April 25th, which will turn some of this death and rebirth inward, forcing us to work on ourselves more too. Jupiter and Pluto’s first exact conjunction peaks on April 5th, and we’re feeling this very acutely now.

Jupiter in Capricorn Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (very wide orb)

This conjunction is at the very outer limits of what we can even consider for these two bodies, and thus the influence will be quieted quite a bit, but still subtle and in the background. Jupiter is diminished in Capricorn, as this is Saturn’s domain, and Saturn, being the taskmaster and disciplinarian, and quite frankly a bit of a wet blanket, just entered its other home sign of Aquarius (which it shares rulership with Uranus). Jupiter is having to sober up quite a bit, and Saturn is continuing its all-business ways, but now we have that Uranian vibe that upends things quite a bit. Things are not as stable as they could be, and we’ll have to be aware of influences restricting our optimism and freedom of thought and movement. More surprising news could be on the way, but it will not be as apparent as it could be if these two bodies were closer together. They’ll barely hit 5 degrees of orb by the end of the month, so don’t expect a whole lot out of this transit.

Mars in Capricorn (then Aquarius) Trine Venus in Taurus (Then Gemini)

Another aspect we have through much of this month is Venus trine Mars. They’ll be trine mainly in earth signs for the first part of the month, but both shift to air signs later on and maintain this flowing aspect. So initially, Venus being in one of its domains of Taurus, is focused on resources and money more, and this is definitely a theme here given the current global situation. Mars in Capricorn has more of its energy focused on getting things done with career and reputation right now, and also with major institutions like corporations and governments attempting to still function. The Mars/Venus trine here in these two signs, along with some of the stimulus and economic impact actions taken by various governments is one way of looking at this right now, as this denotes an attempt at mitigating damage to markets and resource stockpiles.

Later on, Venus and Mars shift signs, Mars into Aquarius and Venus into Gemini. Things get a bit more turbulent with Mars in Aquarius, still with a Saturnian edge but also with the unorthodox and unexpected nature of Uranus thrown in. Gemini fills Venus with some impetus of travel and messaging, yet there isn’t going to be much travel besides what’s essential right now. I suppose this implies that supply chains will attempt to keep going (especially considering the trine aspect here), and while there are likely to be some disruptions, they can be overcome, and also some unexpected gains and discoveries may help things along here as well. It’s possible the absolute worst of economic ruin will be averted thanks to this trine aspect smoothing some things over. Mars and Venus hit their tightest trine around April 18th.

Saturn in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus (wide orb)

Finally, we have Saturn barely squaring off against Uranus through much of this month. It’s around the outer edges of the validity of this aspect, I think, so it won’t be as strong as it could be, and will be weakening a bit further as the month goes on. What this aspect tells us given the locations of Saturn and Uranus is that there will continue to be disruptions to our stability and our livelihoods, such as the continued social distancing measures in place, and non-essential businesses are expected to continue being shut down until this contagion is diminished. It’s not news a lot of us want to hear, but that’s how it’s looking, but it will start relaxing a bit near the end of the month, but still not a full release.

Day-by-Day Forecast

This month, like March, will be throwing us for quite a loop. Still, it’s not all doom and gloom, so let’s see what we have here.

April 1st

We start the month of April with Saturn conjunct Mars, which is a pretty contentious aspect in and of itself. Restrictions will be a bit more forceful with this combination, and thus we can expect more measures to contain and impede free movement right now, especially with the COVID-19 situation. Expect lockdowns to continue to intensify. The Sun and Moon enter the First Quarter phase as well, with the Moon in watery Cancer, so we can expect that we’re midway through the manifestations of this lunar cycle that began in late March. The Moon then passes over fixed star Sirius, which should briefly denote some success in business affairs, so perhaps some online business ventures for some will bear some fruit, and other positive developments could be possible such as more stimulus packages or some companies stepping up and helping out more to stem the tide of the current contagion.

As the day progresses, Moon trine Mercury in Pisces should be beneficial in allowing us to further express our feelings to those dear to us, and perhaps also allows for greater communicating of hope and well wishes to the world at large. More good vibes will be welcome, and perhaps this will also lend itself to more online performances that some musicians are doing now (since concert halls cannot be filled right now).

By nightfall, the Moon approaches fixed star Pollux, and we may find ourselves hearing more unpleasant news regarding COVID-19 and other illnesses. As this is a passing influence, try not to dwell on this and focus on what you can to keep yourself healthy and safe.

April 2nd

In the early hours of this morning, the Moon crosses in opposition to Jupiter and Pluto, both tightly conjunct right now. This will add to the feelings of misgivings and we may be freaking out a little as the realization sets in that the old world isn’t coming back. We’re entering new ground here, and the notion that we have to adjust everything going forward is not going to sit well with many people. Moon then sextile Venus before it leaves Cancer, however, does help us realize that we do have some backup plans such as with relationships and perhaps some other ways of making sure we’re provided for. It’s not a time to panic, but a time to reevaluate our plans for life and how we want to move forward when it comes to said relationships and financial stability.

At midday, the Moon then crosses over into regal Leo, which shifts our thoughts and focus towards fun, our children if we have any, and lighter social desires. Of course, this Leo Moon starts out opposing Saturn and Mars, and it’s quite apparent we’re not going to be having very much fun if we’re not able to go out safely and mingle with others. Short-term relationships and escapades will not be happening at this point in this lunar cycle, sorry. This could be leading to some intense frustrations, and I must caution against taking it out on people you live with, and certainly do not take this out on your partners. Not a good look. The Moon then squares off against Uranus, completing a T-Square by transit apexing the planet of rebellion and sudden change. I suspect something else is going to come to light that upends our expectations of normalcy and being able to interact with others normally in the near future. Try to keep it together.

Fortunately, we end the day going into nightfall with Moon trine Chiron, so perhaps we can hash things out and come to some understandings with friends and loved ones before laying our head down to sleep. Moon trining Black Moon Lilith by midnight also helps with some subconscious visions, and perhaps provides answers in the dreamscape.

April 3rd

Things are still in flux and structures reorganizing forcibly as Jupiter is still tightly conjunct Pluto as the very early morning hours begin, but Mars is already beginning to move on from its conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius. Still, Mars is also forming a quincunx with the North Node, so the temptation to forcibly advance towards the life we want is going to be pronounced, but frustrated by the restrictions still quite evident due to current events. We need to take this in stride, and subconsciously many of us will feel that as the Moon in Leo closely trines Black Moon Lilith in Aries, and then later on trines the Sun as well.

Later on in the evening, Venus will enter Gemini, which will shift the focus of our relationships and desires from concerns about resources and money to how we relate and communicate with one another. Granted, this will also involve Venus passing over fixed star Alcyone and this can indicate concerns with illness (a prevalent theme right now) and our deeper passions. Many of the current restrictive aspects deeply indicate an inability to really act on these passions right now, however, at least not up close (but remotely is a different story for some). Venus will also be trining Saturn closely during this time as well, so do take advantage of technology to keep in touch with loved ones. Neptune conjunct Mercury at the same time as this does allow us to create a bit more freely while we’re isolated, so don’t hesitate to jot down the more creative and inspirational ideas, as we could use more of those right now. There are musicians and other artists doing internet-based performances to spread good feelings during these times, so do take heart that we can still enjoy some things even now.

If we come across awkwardly in our online and remote communications to others, there will be a quincunx from the Moon to Mercury and Neptune before the next day starts, so you may need to clear some things up later on.

April 4th

Messages of hope and respite from the goings on of current events will be elusive in the early hours as the Moon will quincunx the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, which will not be putting ourselves at ease by any means of the imagination. Don’t fear too much though, as that quincunx is short-lived, and Venus trine Saturn goes exact soon after. We can stick to our guns and pursue something creative in our off-time during this period of intensified focus on what we find beauty in. Our focus will be even more analytical as the day progresses when the Moon enters Virgo, and crosses fixed star Regulus. Concerns about health and illness may be more pronounced even more than normal for a few hours once this hits.

By the evening hours, the Moon squares Venus, which will likely manifest as contentious discussions regarding resources and relationship troubles. This can be even more pronounced if resources are tight, especially in areas where quarantines and distancing are more strict or financial resources strained. This also comes as Jupiter and Pluto’s conjunction goes exact, signifying peak intensity of the forced changes that are reshaping every aspect of our lives and civilization right now. Even more pronounced is a brief Yod from the Moon sextile the North Node, apexing Saturn and Mars. Further restrictive measures are likely to be forced, and we can expect further resistance to the lack of concern for others that some powers are showing even in the face of crisis. But by midnight (PDT), Moon trine Uranus may give us some unconventional inspiration for dealing with the tight restrictions we face now.

April 5th

We’ll still be checking and double checking details as the Moon continues its trek through Virgo, and some brief uncertainty will confront us in our dream visions as the Moon quincunxes Chiron, and then Black Moon Lilith in Aries, bringing some of our deeper insecurities and weaknesses to the forefront. Some of us may feel we have a handle on where we could do better, but do we? There’s always room for improvement, even for those who do run a tight ship. As the day progresses, we’ll be facing more uncertainties forced upon us as Mars is tightening a square to rebellious Uranus. Tempers are likely to fray, and with Mars still in proximity to Saturn, there is a high likelihood of conflict if we do not keep our cool right now. Still, more stable relationships can help mitigate this and work through these feelings as Venus still is trine Saturn and Mars, allowing for deescalation.

Sun quincunx Moon later on could act to destabilize some of our emotions, however, so do keep a handle on more mundane matters until this aspect passes. Moon will then oppose Neptune, and then Mercury as the weekend ends, so do not allow your fears to develop a life of their own and spark a runaway chain reaction, and especially be careful with venting on social media as there’s a likelihood of a lot of deletions and edits necessary otherwise right now. We’re not clear with how we need to come across to others, so perhaps some meditation or curling up with a good book before bed would be better called for now.

April 6th

Venus semisextile the North Node while the Moon perfects its opposition to Mercury in the wee hours of the morning may manifest in our dream visions as puzzles and dilemmas regarding how we’re going to advance to where we would like to be once all the craziness ends. As Pluto and Jupiter are still tightly conjunct, that craziness isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Still, the tail end of the dream visions and morning inspiration could point us towards a realization that endings can spark new beginnings as the Moon then trines the Jupiter-Pluto union tightly.

As the afternoon progresses, Moon trine Saturn helps our discipline level and focus somewhat, allowing us to more easily handle tasks and not get distracted as easily. Still, do avoid needless conflicts if you can as Mars and Uranus are tightening their square more rapidly now. This may be easier said than done as the Moon squares the Nodes after entering airy Libra, putting the spotlight further on our partnerships. Fortunately, this T-Square is also a focal point for an Air Grand Trine between Venus in Gemini, Saturn-Mars in Aquarius, and the Moon in Libra. If we can see past the disharmony, we can come up with a way to work together and maybe convince those in close relationships to not throw caution to the wind. Perhaps even come up with some sort of joint project in the home time together, or in close coordination remotely.

Going into midnight, the Moon then quincunxes Uranus, so do be aware of sudden upsets and confusions as you lay your head down to sleep (if you’re on a more “typical” wake-sleep cycle).

April 7th

The dreamscape could be quite interesting and point more towards resolving long-standing problems, so do pay close attention to what you see in your sleep as the Moon will be apexing a now-Air Grand Trine Kite, as while the Moon still trines Venus and Saturn-Mars, Chiron-Black Moon Lilith join the fray in an opposition to the Moon from Aries. We still need to work together with others, but we are finding our own individual wants, desires, and liberties threatened at worst, inconvenienced at best. These are not normal times, so keep in mind we all have to work together now.

We could have some rather interesting news and ideas come across throughout this day, largely involving sudden and unexpected, and likely unwanted actions from authority figures, as while Jupiter and Pluto are still tightly conjunct, Uranus square Mars become almost exact. Some cohesive arguments, resistance, and counterbalancing can be communicated though as Jupiter-Pluto will also sextile Mercury closely at the same time, so at the very least we can expect some more-freely-flowing-than-expected messages and communications to continue (think journalism, or at least individuals getting the word out about shenanigans going on). Do not be surprised if an information blackout is attempted. The Mercury sextile all but guarantees that a press blackout will not succeed if it is attempted, as information wants to be free.

Moon passing over fixed star Algorab by midday points to some frayed nerves and feelings, and this happens hours before the Full Moon in Libra goes exact. That Full Moon is going to make a weak T-Square apexing… Jupiter-Pluto. The culmination of this lunar cycle will thus indicate that our turning point in our society’s focus and our individual focus regarding public life and career, as well as reputation… it’s going to very much be in the front seat for a couple more weeks until at least the following New Moon in Taurus. Do not expect people or organizations in general to be rational in how they approach things for the rest of the day, and do be prepared to weather a storm for a few days is my thoughts and gut feeling on this.

April 8th

The Full Moon energies will still be quite strong as the very early hours commence for this day, but Chiron sextile Mars should allow for some ease of action to make sure we can avoid getting hurt more than we should (this will not be the case for many, however, depending on individual alignments and other choices and circumstances leading up to this point). We could, with the Moon crossing over Spica, catch wind of another medical breakthrough or other discovery that may help indicate another milestone towards resolving this pandemic, or at least a step in the right direction in some other way if a breakthrough does not occur.

Still, we are going to be seeing more frayed nerves than we would like, and there’s a high likelihood of more unpopular actions by governments and organizations when the Moon squares Pluto-Jupiter shortly after its transit over Spica, and do note that Uranus and Mars are still strongly squaring off against one another. If I had to venture a guess, we may start seeing resistance to the lengthened quarantines as some people will be hitting their breaking point after being cooped up for so long. Moon quincunx Mercury will also add to the confusion as people’s emotions start getting the best of them, and also we may find that there’s some disarray in agencies and organizations communicating with one another. Still, Mars sextile Chiron going exact should give a boost towards finding a way to mitigate the issues regarding the current pandemic situation going on.

Moon entering Scorpio will be putting more focus on the unseen, and Moon square Saturn and then Mars will further add to the tension regarding the restrictive actions taking place right now. As Mars will then apex a T-Square between Uranus opposite Moon… Expect tighter enforcement actions. Sun semisextile Neptune around the same time also indicates a triggering of protocols regarding medicines, intoxicants, poisons, all things liquid, even illusions. A lot of what I’m seeing in the chart almost sounds apocalyptic, but don’t lose hope as there are some bright points to come after all of these hard aspects end. It’ll just take a while longer for it to happen, so hang tight as best as you can.

April 9th

Moon square Mars is going exact as this day begins, but fortunately the opposition between Moon and Uranus won’t last but a few hours longer at this point. The Moon will also be the focal point of a Yod between Venus and Chiron/Black Moon Lilith at the same time, so perhaps its best to keep to yourself even in your own homes for a few hours until this all passes. Meditation and other self-reflection is highly advised, and may even yield more creative insights. Picking up a paintbrush would also be good therapy if one cannot sleep right now as these aspects play out.

Actually, creative solutions and coming up with something beautiful, or at the very least showing your loved ones your appreciation will go a long way towards defusing tensions today, as Chiron will apex a Minor Grand Trine between Mars and Venus (being sextile to both). Think of this as a time for creative therapy. Write, journal, sing, whatever takes your mind off of the hardship in the best manner. Uranus semisextile Venus today also triggers sudden inspiration and developments regarding what we find attractive, what we desire, our relationships, even some inflows potentially of money (or perhaps some outflows, depending on our circumstances). There could be some pleasant surprises in store, so go with the flow as best as you can.

April 10th

Moon trine Jupiter and Pluto will be beneficial as we can see some of the brighter sides in the changes going on in the world right now, perhaps showing us why some changes in our societies would be good overall. Now, whether such changes happen would depend on how we act on our observations as to what wasn’t working before, and what was working. Still, we could be victims of bad information which can compromise our health if we’re not careful, as Mercury is closing in on fixed star Scheat on this day.

The Moon does enter optimistic Sagittarius, however, so this does bring a small improvement to our outlook, at least until the Moon opposes Venus. At that point, we’ll probably be feeling some anxiety over our holdings and what kind of aid might or might not be coming to keep us afloat now. Moon quincunx Uranus by the middle of the night going into the next day can also play on our anxieties and fears, so do be mindful of mood swings and paranoia about losing everything. Even if it is a real risk, try to keep your mind on solutions and calm yourself through whatever relaxing activity makes sense.

April 11th

As this very early morning begins, we get an interesting bowl pattern with Moon opposing Venus, Moon trine Chiron/Black Moon Lilith, Venus trine Mars, and of course the resulting sextiles (Moon sextile Mars, Mars sextile Black Moon Lilith/Chiron, Black Moon Lilith/Chiron sextile Venus). There’s the chance of some solid ground to be gained in containing what threatens our stability and future well being. There’s a great deal of inspiration and oomph to pursue more meaningful ends for the farther-off future, so do take advantage of these energies with your passions. Moon crossing over Antares in the middle of all of this is also fortunate as this can also point to some advances in science and medicine, but can also point to a danger of those who would seek to profiteer even off of this global crisis. May discovery and humanity prevail in this.

Mercury (now in fiery Aries) sextile Saturn later on is also fortunate as we will now be able to communicate more assertively, even in the face of restrictions and trials, or perhaps because of them. There is a good chance of ruffling feathers with this aspect though as Mercury will also be squaring the Nodes pretty tightly at the same time that it makes that flowing sextile to Saturn. Don’t give in to fear of the unknown though, as we’ll be able to dig deep within our hidden strength when Mars more strongly sexiles Black Moon Lilith. Maintain that strength as the Moon then squares Neptune, which can play on our fears and tempt us with illusions of how we would like things to be (such as the world that was which isn’t coming back).

April 12th

Sun trine Moon in the early hours points to a slight reprieve where we can count our blessings for what we do still have in this trying time. Still, North Node quincunx Saturn will be pretty tight around now too, and we are going to be feeling some tension, some discord in wanting to pursue better lives for ourselves, but Saturn’s just there saying “no, not yet, you can’t do that yet.” It’s frustrating, but we’re going to have to deal with this and figure out how to adapt to these trying times if we haven’t already done so. This will be further amplified as the Moon crosses Galactic Center, so do pay special attention to your emotions and don’t let them run away into all sorts of crazy directions right now.

By evening, the Moon enters earthy Capricorn, and we’ll be thinking about our careers and reputations right now, and of course this will play into what was before since the Moon crosses over South Node soon after. A great deal of reminiscing is likely, so feel for the better memories of the past, but don’t get trapped there. Still, the drive to talk about and bemoan what we’ve lost is likely as the Moon and the Nodes will be squaring Mercury pretty strongly as well. It’s easy to get lost in the ego if we’re not careful, especially at this moment, but try to keep things in perspective.

April 13th

Uranus trine Moon might give us a bit of a boost in optimism and hope for the future in the early morning hours, so don’t dismiss more pleasant dream visions right now. In fact, pay close attention as there may be some epiphanies if you’re observant enough and the dreamscape takes you to the right place. Still, more reminiscing of days past can still haunt us as the Moon then squares Chiron and then Black Moon Lilith as well. Still, we can set our sights on more meaningful matters as Venus sextile Black Moon Lilith can allow us to embrace our more raw vision when it comes to our desires and wants right now. We may not be able to jump into dating pools right now (at least involving physical contact) if we don’t have a partner, but we can certainly make use of the energies to further write, make music, or do other creative works as Venus approaches fixed star Aldebaran.

Still, those creative works may take a darker turn or tone, or perhaps more shadowy is the word we can use, as the Sun will then be squaring Pluto pretty tightly before the day is out. Moon crossing over Vega will also warn us about some writings that could go sour, so perhaps some works of art won’t be the fancy of the widest possible audience. Do what makes sense for you when it comes to your creativity, just don’t expect it to be loved by the entire world. After all, we can’t please everyone. Don’t try, just try to please yourself and see who comes along for the ride.

April 14th

Sun conjunct Pluto hits its exact point, and Sun will also be squaring Jupiter closer as the day proceeds, so we will be feeling more tension, more angst, more uncertainty as our identity and what makes us us is threatened by the powers that be and by the changing world order. This is even more true as the day further advances when the Last Quarter Moon takes place, since the Moon conjuncts Pluto and Jupiter at this point as well. Mercury semisextile Uranus also points to spontaneous messages and actions. Expect sudden and unexpected announcements that will not be well-received. Likely further restrictions on travel and movement will arise more so than they already have is my guess, and this may not be fully enforceable.

As evening sets in, Mercury will conjunct Chiron in Aries, and thus we can expect airings of grievances and some bold news regarding illness, medical advances, and further health matters.

April 15th

On what would have normally been Income Tax Day here in the United States, we can be glad that that deadline was moved back a few months, as the Moon enters unconventional Aquarius, and begins to conjunct Saturn, which is still somewhat square Uranus. We are wanting to break free of the continued confinement and restrictions, and yet we are still locked down at this point. The Sun tightly square Jupiter is also challenging our optimism and indicating a crisis of faith in our hopes for the future, but we need to stand strong even now. Venus crosses Aldebaran exactly today as well, bolstering our creative vision and allowing us to better do something for loved ones. We can most certainly express our deepest desires and bury some hatches as Chiron, Mercury, and Black Moon Lilith apex a Minor Grand Trine between Venus on Aldebaran and Mars (and then the Moon) in Aquarius. Creatives can also put this energy to great use and perhaps write their best work in a long time now, as this will allow more passionate flow to spring forth into their works. Some focusing of that passion will be called for as the Moon will also tightly conjunct Uranus around this time.

Honestly, there won’t be much containing of our emotions and passions on this day, but we can bend it to productive and positive ends. Don’t try to suppress what you’re feeling, it won’t happen.

April 16th

Creativity and speaking from the heart continues as Mercury tightens its conjunction to Black Moon Lilith, allowing for a greater harnessing of what speaks to us from beyond. Journaling, meditation, and jotting down thoughts regarding our deeper passions and spirituality will be quite insightful in the future, so do take advantage of this flow and embrace your shadow self now. (Remember, there’s a difference between shadow and negativity. Think the shade of a tree on a hot summer day versus the bad vibes we get from a dark alley in a bad neighborhood).

The quincunx between the North Node and Saturn also tightens, which will further frustrate our desire to move ahead as opposed to the current reality that is putting a lot of goals and desires on hold. Still, we can work in the background towards moving to that future when the restrictions finally let up.

April 17th

Sun sextile Moon in the morning does fill us with some hope for the future, so do take solace in the fact that there will be a future for us. Saturn tightens the quincunx to the North Node even further today, so that hope for the future is going to have to carry us for a bit longer. Still, emotions will be even more heightened, and we need to keep hope alive and not let fear take hold when the Moon crosses over into Pisces later on. The more hopeful feelings will spring up again as the Moon trines the North Node while at the same time Mercury sextiles Venus. Communicating our desires more can perhaps help keep our hopes alive even more, and we may even find more inspiration for the next hobby or task we wish to work on.

April 18th

More sparks of creativity and passion are highlighted as Mercury continues to sextile Aquarian Mars and Gemini Venus in the continuing Minor Grand Trine. Honestly, this Minor Grand Trine is definitely like an… I guess we could say air anchor as it’s helping keep spirits up in a time of great uncertainty. Definitely continue creative works and hobbyist pursuits as much as you can with this configuration.

Do mind potential disagreements with partners when the Moon squares Venus around midday (thus also semisextiling Mars). It’s still regrettably easy to get on loved ones’ nerves right now, but this will pass by evening and bygones can be bygones as far as that’s concerned.

April 19th

In the early morning, the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, which will greatly amplify the power of intuition, dream visions, and our gut feeling for navigating the trials of our lives right now. Mediation and other spiritual pursuits should be quite fruitful right now as well.

A little later on, the Sun crosses over into Taurus, which will shift global focus to resources and economic concerns, as well as property. By this point, we should start seeing if the economic packages some governments have been passing will be of help. Still, there are likely to be some misgivings as the Sun will begin to tighten a square to Saturn, undermining some confidence in practical manners and forcing us to be more disciplined that we’d like to be.

By the end of the night and going into midnight, the Moon will be hitting fixed star Scheat, so don’t jump too heavily into the bottle as once the buzz wears off, the problems you have will still be there waiting for you.

April 20th

April 20th, or 4/20 as it is popularly known, will be quite appropriate as the Moon begins by crossing over into fiery Aries. Our sense of selves, our egos, our own self-interests and desires: these will be accentuated for the next day or so. We’ll have to reconcile this with where we’ve been and where we’re going as the Moon will also immediately square the Nodes, and this is quite notable as the Nodes will now be entering the final degree in Cancer and Capricorn (at the 0 degree range for North and South, so we’re getting close to the Nodes changing signs which will shift our general focus for the next 18 or so months). We can feel some confidence about moving forward, however, as the Moon sextiles Saturn which allows us to feel better about the work we’ve been putting into projects and tasks. Meanwhile the Sun sextiles the North Node, giving us something to look forward to concerning the future and, given the trine to South Node, to see where the past has helped get us where we need to go.

In the mid-afternoon, we’ll be feeling some of our more deeper emotional hurts and be able to confront some disappointments about personal inadequacies more strongly as the Moon conjuncts Chiron. This will be a sticking point for some of us, while others may actually be able to use this power to heal others through illnesses and other wounds. Moon then conjuncts Black Moon Lilith, calling on us to draw deeply from our intuition and shadow self, and pull forth some inner fortitude to get through the continued lean period as the Sun approaches its exact square to strict Saturn.

April 21st

The Sun begins to move on from its square to Saturn, which is still strong, so don’t expect some letup right away in restrictions on our daily lives. Still, the Moon sextile Venus will allow for some appreciation of beauty and attractiveness, and this will also translate towards appreciation of the arts right now.

Moon conjunct Mercury by midday should allow us to get some issues off of our chest regarding what’s working for us and not working for us when it comes to our identity and what benefits our individual selves right now. This also allows for us to speak assertively, though with the Sun-Saturn square, this can also come across as aggressive to some. Speak plainly and honestly, but don’t expect everyone to like what you have to say.

April 22nd

Moon square Pluto, again, can be quite explosive with how we feel, and we may be feeling some sense of dread about how things are changing and progressing. Perhaps we spoke too forcefully the day prior? Moon then square Jupiter has us questioning our faith yet again, and with Mercury approaching a semisextile to Neptune, there’s a good chance we’re second and third-guessing ourselves and what we thought we knew right now. This could also manifest as a discovery of some crucial info or a mistake that was made before, and we may find ourselves and our governments and other institutions scrambling to correct their errors.

The Moon then crosses over into Taurus, which will focus our attention again on resources and money, as well as what that means for our relationships and partnerships. Yet the Moon sextiles the North Node pretty tightly as it changes signs as well, so we can take things in stride and figure out some ways to move forward towards our goals now if we think carefully. Still, there’s the dread of having to deal with obligations as the Moon then immediately squares Saturn tightly, which will agitate some, and outright bore others. By this point, we’re entering restriction fatigue. Even the most productive of us may feel like a hamster running endlessly in a wheel.

In the early evening, we then enter the Taurus New Moon period, finally beginning a new lunar cycle to replace the hellish one the Aries New Moon in March hoisted upon us. Still, the New Moon does make a degree and a half orb square to Saturn, so restrictions will still be prevalent but not as bad as it could be. We will still need to discipline ourselves to work towards solutions to vexing problems for yet another month. The Taurus New Moon also conjuncts Uranus by a wider orb, so unconventionality and thinking outside the box will be needed, as innovation is called for now. Taking things on conventionally will be like bashing our heads in a wall, and it feels good when you stop doing that, so… stop doing that and use your brain a different way! We’ll be amazed with what we come up with, even if it’s not immediately apparent.

April 23rd

Early on, the Moon conjunct Uranus (still fresh off of its exactness of the New Moon) will entice us to think further outside the box, and we may also have some quite surprising feelings about matters regarding our wealth or lack thereof right now. Try not to panic when thinking of financial resources right now, as we have no idea how this is all going to play out.

Black Moon Lilith a little later on semisextiles the Moon, emboldening a sense that we need to listen to our gut feeling more to resolve matters today. Don’t dismiss that in-the-back-of-your-head commentary out of hand right now.

Later on in the evening, Moon semisextile Venus will highlight how we talk and communicate about money matters and our relationships, which are probably strained by this point. Try to keep your cool with loved ones when the day ends with Moon square Mars. Arguments are best avoided now.

April 24th

Moon sextile Neptune will help with some answers coming from the dreamscape in the overnight hours of the early morning, so if you don’t keep a dream journal, it might be a good idea to start one, or at least jot down what you remember when you wake up. Meditation should also be fruitful in the early morning now as well, especially if you can’t get to or stay asleep now.

Mercury square Pluto and Moon trine Pluto is an interesting combination in that we may receive messages about some matter important to us ending, but we wind up taking it in stride. This could be something ending that we know wasn’t that good for us, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to end it ourselves. Or, we wind up finally taking the step and getting rid of whatever we needed to let go of, which helps matters along. Of course then Moon conjuncts Algol while trining Jupiter a little bit later after this, so we may be sensing some regret over something we’re letting go of, but at the same time we know it’s for the greater good. It’s an interesting vibe I’m picking up here. Note that Pluto is practically motionless here, as it is about to enter its retrograde period, which will end another stretch of all planets direct.

April 25th

Mercury square Pluto is still very strong in the early morning hours as the Moon crosses over into Gemini, so we’ll be feeling more impetus to explain why things ended the way they did more readily now. The Gemini Moon trine Saturn in Aquarius allows us to still take things in stride, however, and we’re feeling a bit more confident that we made the right decision. The Sun is also tightening a conjunction to Uranus, so unorthodox solutions and unexpected events will be quite accentuated right now for a few days.

Around midday, Pluto enters its retrograde cycle, and will be motionless for a few days while it spins up in its apparent backwards motion. We may see signs internally in our emotions and our inner monologue as to what else we need to let go of that isn’t sparking joy in our lives. Some of this won’t be apparent right away, but consider what’s in the back of your mind that isn’t working anymore, and examine that over the next few months. A time of revision is certainly beginning now.

Later on in the evening, Mercury tightens its square to Jupiter, which may have us questioning our higher power and philosophies as to why things are going the way they are. A crisis of faith, to be sure, but some unexpected answers may show up to light the way as the Sun is still tightly conjunct Uranus and the Moon approaches a sextile to Black Moon Lilith. Trust your feelings and consider that perhaps you really did make the right choices recently, albeit hard ones.

April 26th

Sun conjunct Uranus hits its tightest point in the early hours, further indicating a time of unexpected events and financial and other resources not being particularly rock solid right now. Don’t overspend should be a rule of thumb by now, if you can help it. You may not be able to, though, depending on your situation.

Moon in Gemini trine Mars in Aquarius while also conjuncting Gemini Venus does allow a further ease in pursuing what we desire, and gives us a good flow of energy to see it through right now. This added optimism shouldn’t be wasted, and can be spent showing loved ones appreciation and/or making art, music, or poetry. Story writing would also be a good pursuit with this energy now. Take advantage of this!

Moon square Neptune could dampen this somewhat, and we could find ourselves second-guessing ourselves. Meditation may be a little iffy right now, but do it anyways and pay close attention to your thoughts. Don’t let irrational fears take control, and do mind addictions now if you’re vulnerable to those.

April 27th

Chiron semisextile Sun and Uranus does indicate a school of hard knocks feel, in which solutions to what’s been holding you back and vexing you still won’t be resolved with conventional means. Again, some off-the-wall ideas may be what’s needed to move forward with things.

A lot of cusp-line interaction between the Moon in late Gemini, North Node in early Cancer, and Mercury in late Aries takes places later on in the morning, where we’ll be feeling some more focus as to how to move forward in our lives, while at the same time finalizing some details as to describing how or why we need to do things the way we do. Soon after, the Moon crosses over into Cancer and perfects its conjunction to the North Node, so we can feel more assured that things are moving along as they should be. A couple hours after this in the early afternoon, Mercury crosses over into stable Taurus and thus our communications, dealings, and travel (if restored by this point) will be more focused on furthering our notions of stability and comfort. Moon quincunx Saturn could indicate us feeling a bit uncertain about how to make all of this work, however, but that uncertainty won’t last too terribly long.

Later on in the evening, Mars semisextile Neptune could have us confront whether what we’re feeling is on the right path, and if not, we can make use of some increased drive to point us in a better direction that better matches what our intuition and logic is telling us.

April 28th

This could be a restless night as the Moon squares Chiron, further exacerbating doubts we may have over whether we’re letting feelings get in the way of resolving previous issues and healing past hurts. Perhaps a blast from the past we’d rather not be feeling the shockwave from has come back to haunt us? Sun sextile Moon, however, can point us in the right direction and mute some of those misgivings as we can take stock in what we’re doing right at the moment. Of course, we’ll need to make sure we’re actually listening to our intuition and not listening to doubts and fears when the Moon then squares Black Moon Lilith. We’ll also have to potentially confront some harsh conversations with bosses, authority figures, or even our own inner critics when Mercury squares Saturn going into midday.

Of course, Moon soon after crosses over fixed star Sirius, which should give us a slight confidence boost when it comes to vocational matters and some potentially improved health for some of us.

April 29th

Moon trine Neptune again helps when it comes to dreamscape visions and intuition. Again, notate what shows up in your dreams in the early morning, as that information will be instrumental in moving forward into the rest of the day, and perhaps the final days of the month. This will be quite important early in the morning when the Moon crosses over fixed star Pollux and opposes Pluto retrograde and Jupiter. I strongly suspect another scandal regarding the handling of the pandemic is going to occur, or perhaps something else regarding government or insitutional overreach or mishandling of a related matter. Not likely to be the most pleasant of days in the news cycle, so it may be best not to dwell on such matters (but do be aware so you can be prepared for surprise developments).

Later on in late evening, the Moon crosses over into fiery Leo, and thus matters regarding children, what we find fun, social interactions will come to the forefront. We still likely will have physical distancing protocols in effect at this point, especially as there will then be a T-Square with Moon opposing Saturn (so restrictions are still highlighted), and this will apex a conjunction between Mercury and Uranus in Taurus. At this point, the requirements are sounding more ridiculous and some more sudden changes that upset a lot of people are likely. Be watchful, but not fearful right now.

April 30th

The last day of the month starts with the Saturn/Moon/Mercury-Uranus T-Square still be active and in full force. The Moon more exactly squares Mercury in the early morning hours, thus news and messages will not be likely to be very pleasant right now. The First Quarter Moon takes effect a few hours later, and by this point we can see in this lunar cycle that we’ve got our work cut out for us. Venus also approaching its square to Neptune could make us question if we have what we want or even need to get by at this point, and what the ultimate end result of all of this uncertainty is going to be. Mercury tightening its conjunction to Uranus also further emboldens unexpected news and surprise messages, contracts, arrangements, and agreements. Moon then trining Chiron, and then Black Moon Lilith may be a help in this regard in that we can feel the situations out a bit better, and react accordingly if we’re grounded and centered enough.

We end the month with Mercury-Uranus tightly conjunct, and Chiron semisextile both pretty tightly, thus we’ll have to take into account what all of this unexpected communication means for our health and well-being.

To Sum April Up

April’s a highly volatile, high-intensity month, and it is not going to be easy getting through this. Restrictions, curbs on movement, curbs on what we want to do with our lives, and the overall evolution and mutation of our world as it is becoming will be the overall theme of this entire month. We don’t know what the “new normal” is going to be for some time, and it is apparent that some people will be impatient and not wanting to wait for the dust to settle when it’s all said and done. Check that: it’s not going to be “said and done” for quite some time. It’s not exactly the beginning of whatever else is coming, but I can guarantee it isn’t the end either.

Don’t expect things to be stable for quite some time. Definitely harness creativity and artistic streaks as much as you can, as it is going to be essential to cope with the events of this wild and crazy living history we’re experiencing right now. Use your intuition and common sense, and protect your health as best as you can too.

I haven’t looked ahead to May yet, but I can tell you that many more overarching changes are in store as the North and South Nodes will change signs at the beginning of May. We are truly in a time of transition. What are we transitioning into? Heavens only know. Take care of yourselves and one another, and be smart and safe. Until next time.