New Moon Gemini – June 2018 – Lilithian Unmaking

New Moon Gemini

It would appear my continuous return was not as stable as I had hoped. The previous New Moon cycle that’s ending as of June 13th definitely gave me an impact worth bracing for: Day job’s ending. Triangular peg, star-shaped hole. Eh, maybe for the best. So I’m in the middle of a job hunt while also attempting to get through everything here. This coming lunar cycle, however, is all about unmaking and remaking things. Let’s take a dive into this and see what we have in store…

First off, we have New Moon at 22 Gem 44’29” at 12:43 PDT / 19:43 UTC. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so we’ve got an air of mercurial activity going on for this lunar cycle, and that means messages; communications; travel. Mercury is still moving a bit swiftly but is slowing down as well, and Mercury has crossed over into watery Cancer as well. The messages and communications are going to have an emotional quality for sure, and it’ll be more dynamic as well. Another thing to consider is Gemini is a mutable sign, and is the last sign before the changing of the seasons into Summer (Winter if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere). Don’t expect everything to remain unchanged for the next month, as mutable means changeability is in the air.

The closest aspects we have for the New Moon itself are quite interesting, and drives the above points home further. New Moon quincunx Black Moon Lilith and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (themselves three and a half degrees apart) gives off an awkward, slightly off-kilter air of reaching deep within and identifying what is no longer serving you in the realm of career and publicity. This is further complicated slightly by a very weak square from Neptune to the New Moon, almost negligible, but Neptune also makes a weak sextile to Pluto as well. This adds a weak sense of illusions we must face within ourselves and how we come across to others as well, and let’s not forget that Neptune is in its home sign of Pisces. Now, given that the New Moon is in Gemini, this would put Neptune in the 10th Solar House from the New Moon (basically, consider the sign the New Moon is in as the first Solar House for this chart, and then count the signs until you get to Pisces, which would be the 10th around the wheel from Gemini).

With the above info, I’m going to say that there is a potential for a professional rebirth for some in the creative realm. Depending on the aspects these bodies make to your own natal chart, it is definitely worth dusting off some of that creative talent and perhaps enter a screenwriting contest or two, for one example, or work on that artsy piece you’ve been putting off. Frankly, with the heaviness in the air lately, we really do need to create!

Let’s continue on… Neptune trine Jupiter retrograde also adds to the watery energy we’ve got going on, and we’re talking some of the deeper, darker aspects within ourselves. This is especially true in regards to how we see ourselves in regards to sex, death, and the occult (Scorpio being the 8th sign of the Zodiac, so some 8th house issues come to the fore)… and Jupiter being in the New Moon’s 6th Solar House will put a spotlight on our health and our day-to-day obligations like jobs as well. It’s time to ask yourself if you’ve been denying your desires in terms of exploring that creativity, and it’s worth asking yourself if there could be a future in pursuing those dreams right now as well. Let’s ask this a different way: What do you see happening if you don’t pursue those secret ambitions? And you’re bound to ruffle a few feathers either way as Jupiter retrograde makes a weak, almost negligible square to Mars in Aquarius, which is practically all but motionless soon. Remember, Mars turns retrograde around June 26th, and that’ll be a whole new can of worms as we go deeper into this Lunar cycle.

We must also remember that Mars has passed over the South Node prior to this New Moon and it will conjunct the South Node again when it goes retrograde later on. Issues stemming from the past will crop up for sure during this lunar cycle. Mars also makes a weak semisextile to Saturn retrograde during this time as well, so we can expect to see some frustrations stemming from us holding ourselves back. This could be from a fear of “upsetting the apple cart” when it comes to our careers and chosen vocations, or from how we see ourselves. Have we been feeling timid about what we really wish to express, especially in terms of our spirituality and how it relates to our social circles? (Aquarius being the 11th Zodiac sign and this New Moon’s 9th Solar House).

Let’s go a step further: Mercury makes a weak opposition to Saturn retrograde as well and this will certainly point to a time where we start thinking about the ramifications of our words. This is an excellent time to keep a diary, in all honesty, as there are likely to be statements we feel like saying right now, which we could fear will jeopardize our careers. Some, as I have seen on social media as of late, have already fallen afoul of this. We can learn from their fails, as Uranus sextile Mercury does allow us a greater degree of harnessing some of that chaos, and Uranus trine Saturn allows for a greater ease of self-discipline, should we choose to exercise it. Me, being a little impulsive, could benefit from this. It’s also worth noting that Uranus squares Venus at the very end of Cancer during the initiation of this New Moon lunar cycle. This also points to the possibility of sudden losses or upheavals in regards to relationships (personal and professional), or a time where we could lose something of value. (A friend of mine just had a break-in and had some expensive property stolen a couple days ago too, as an example of how this can manifest!)

Going even deeper, let’s also consider Mercury making a tight square to Chiron. Again, it’s easy to say some hurtful or foolish things and hoist yourself by your own petard this lunar cycle, so think twice before posting that rant. On the flip side, it could wind up being more detrimental to not speak up during this time as well! It’s your choice, and I’d recommend thinking clearly (if you can with this crazy energy) and use your best judgment. Chiron also makes a tight quincunx to asteroid 42355 Typhon. Typhon also opposes Uranus and trines Mercury at this time. Typhon I’ve seen as a disaster asteroid and a triggering asteroid of sorts, so there’s solid potential for sudden misunderstandings which may deescalate given enough time.

When adding the asteroids to the New Moon itself, we do have New Moon square 829 Academia in Virgo, and quincunx 1388 Aphrodite (itself conjunct Black Moon Lilith and Pluto retrograde) as well as sextile Juno in Aries. My guess is that a study of romance and relationships are going to review some pretty uncomfortable truths over this lunar cycle. This may be further exemplifies with Venus tightly conjunct asteroid 4386 Lust and square 5325 Silver. Could be a fun time for some spontaneous romances, but do be careful that you don’t lose more than you bargain for.

I’m going to end this with a look at Nessus opposite 149 Medusa and Dejanira sextile Pluto and trine 666 Desdemona (itself opposite Pluto) as well. These aspects, though they are minor asteroids, are a strong caution to be aboveboard in your relationships with others, and to be quite cautious when dealing with duplicitous suitors. Dejanira’s aspects, however, suggest that those who have been victimized in the past will find it a little easier this lunar cycle to gather that inner strength, and I would think there will be more speaking out and bringing survivors’ stories to light over the next month. A Yod pattern from 11144 Radiocommunicata and Ixion apexing at Sedna (itself on fixed star Algol) supports this development of events as well. I do think there will be further developments in the #MeToo movement and another highly-regarded star will fall in the renewed focus when it comes to consent and people in positions of power. Again, a very Lilithian theme.

So there we have it. A time period in this lunar cycle where we dive deep into our darkest secrets, our deepest insecurities, and were we confront our innermost fears and deepest wants. Many secrets and shadows are going to come to light, and there’s going to be some smoke and mirrors that will blow away and fall down. At the same time, a time where survivors share their tales and, I think, will band together. Many uncomfortable subjects are going to be out in the open, and we’ve got to confront how we feel about this. It’s going to be a reflection of our inner selves, and some are not going to like what they see. But the thing is… we can work past it and learn from all of this.

More societal evolution worldwide will be triggered this lunar cycle. Be ready for the ride.