Monthly Report – March 2020

March 2020

February has been a rough month for quite a few of us, and I’m uncertain if we’re going to see any letup at all at this point. That said, there is always hope so long as we don’t give in to negativity, fear, or despair. It’s going to be a brutally intense month in some ways as we will be forced to confront deeper issues and make a decision: go forth into the future, or retreat into the uncomfortable familiarity of the past.

Monthlong Aspects

We have several aspects that are going to be with us throughout the entire month, and their energies will be coloring everything else that is going on. Some are quite strong, and others will not be as strong, but will still make themselves known with minor impacts.

Black Moon Lilith Conjunct Chiron in Aries

The first monthlong aspect I want to address is Black Moon Lilith conjunct Chiron in Aries. Chiron in Aries forces us to confront our wounds to our selves, to our pride, to our very identity. Black Moon Lilith here is giving me a feel of confronting the deeper recesses of our selves, our shadow selves, and of the sacred feminine needing to fight tooth and nail to get ahead, much less stay in parity with the masculine dominance of our society. Put these two together, and we’ll be finding traditional roles and conventional thought will not be the winning solution of the day. Thinking outside the box and breaking traditions will be recommended, as you cannot solve some problems with the same thinking that created them.

Chiron in Aries Semisextile Uranus in Taurus

Another monthlong aspect is the Wounded Healer Chiron semisextile revolutionary Uranus. Semisextiles, to me, represent triggering moments and timings, acting as catalysts. In this case, Uranus isn’t as strong in Taurus, a sign more known for stability and not changing things up, and is also associated with comfort and resources. Chiron triggering Uranus here points to a month where uncomfortable circumstances regarding resources, the “same old same old,” and tendencies to inertia are going to come to a head. Something has to change, and we could be seeing some sort of “correction” here. As I write this article in the end of February 2020, we’re already seeing market disruptions related to the Coronavirus outbreak. Somehow, I think this fits, as we have a wounding (the virus) sparking fears and uncertainties regarding financial resources and supply chains, to say nothing of the actual infection and nearly three thousand (last I checked) deaths attributed to this virus. Recommend high caution in sanitation and anti-infection protocols for the entire duration of March.

Jupiter in Capricorn Sextile Neptune in Pisces (Wide orb at end of month)

This aspect is a more positive one, and as it wanes a bit going towards the end of the month at the outer edge of what I would even think of considering for a sextile, its impact will be more muted than the other aspects. That’s not to say the beneficial tie between the planet of luck and optimism, and the planet of dreams, visions, and illusions isn’t going to be there. It’s there, though it will grow to be a very subtle background influence by the end of March. Creative efforts will be somewhat more likely to bear fruit and be rewarding, even if it doesn’t lead to riches. Wealth can be measured in other ways, such as positive experiences and influencing creativity in others. We can also find an increase in spirituality will be called for during this tumultuous month. Jupiter, however, is debilitated in Capricorn (Saturn’s sign), and thus the usual optimism will be dampened here as well, but Neptune’s illusory influence here can help bring some visions to help see us through these times.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

Another monthlong aspect that will be tightening near the end of the month, and a big one at that, is Jupiter conjunct Pluto. Pluto is the destroyer and renewer, tearing down that which no longer is useful or needed, and is prone to collateral damage in the process. Another effect of Jupiter is expansion, and in this case, Pluto’s destructive and renewing properties will be… of course… expanded. While a phoenix must self-immolate to be reborn, the fires can get quite hot indeed, especially if we’re not ready to let go of things we’d rather not let go of. Careers, reputation, complex institutions such as financial markets, corporations, governments, these will all be shaken up rather harshly by the end of the month. Be ready for anything, and I’d recommend saving some reserves if at all possible.

Saturn in Capricorn/Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus (wide orb throughout entire month)

Another one that’s going to be a bit rough for this entire month, and even more subtle than the Jupiter-Neptune link, this is Saturn square Uranus. For the first two thirds of the month, this will be an off-sign square as Saturn is still in its primary sign of Capricorn, and thus its restrictive and disciplinarian nature is still quite amplified. This changes slightly as Saturn enters its other ruled sign of Aquarius later on, which it shares rulership with ruling Uranus. Uranus’ revolutionary nature is going to be more of a bit of “ok, come on now!” The drive to break free of restrictions is going to start hitting a subtle crescendo as the month continues on, and this will lead to some of us resorting to desperate measures to regain control of an uncontrollable situation. Discipline will be forced, though I doubt order will be long-lived. Saturn does enter its retrograde period much later beyond March, meaning it won’t make an exact square to Uranus, so some of these impacts will not be near as forcible as if the square was closer.

North Node in Cancer Sextile Uranus in Taurus

Another aspect that may be favorable for us during this month will be the goal/destiny point of the North Node making a good, flowing sextile to Uranus. We are craving and desiring improvements in our lives that will mitigate some of the chaos going on in our notions of stability right now, or we may be able to harness some of the radical changes to effect more meaningful changes in our lives. We’ll be feeling an urge to break out of the mold and do something more meaningful to us, though it will be able to be harnessed in a more productive measure than if these were square. Don’t be too quick to dismiss off-the-wall notions, as they may be the change-up needed to get through this month.

Day-by-Day Forecast

This month will be throwing us quite a few curveballs, so let’s take a look and see what we can navigate.

March 1st

March begins with the Moon in Taurus tightly trining Pluto in Capricorn, leading us to feel out where we can change some ways of feeling to further our aims and reputations. Do be cautious with this though, as there’s a risk of getting carried away with some of the more deeper thoughts since the Moon will cross over malefic Algol during this trine. This being a trine, we will be able to temper some of the more extreme thoughts and feelings of ditching many things and starting over. This also impacts the Moon semisextile Venus in Aries as the lunar passing over Algol occurs. Try not to lose your head thinking about projects, relationships, money, and so forth in the early morning. After sunrise, the Moon will then trine Saturn in Capricorn as well, which will get us thinking about how to best use our work ethics to stabilize our positions.

By the mid-afternoon, the Moon crosses over into airy Gemini and will square Mercury retrograde in Pisces, which will impact our communications with others quite heavily and may lead to some uncomfortable conversations with others, some of which will impact us to our core and may foster some serious resentments. There’s a danger of things festering so try to keep calm in all dealings about now. Although, such encounters may lead us to reexamine some deeper feelings we’ve been harboring as the Moon then sextiles Black Moon Lilith and Chiron in Aries, forcing us to confront these issues, and perhaps leading some of us to actively do some serious shadow work.

March 2nd

Moon passing over fixed star Aldebaran in the early morning hours can help us think a bit more optimistically as this work week begins for many people, and should be a little bit of a minor boost to keeping our minds from racing into dreading the work cycle for the day, at least briefly.

Around lunchtime for some, the Moon enters its first quarter phase as it squares the Sun, which will lead to us needing to see where we’re heading with our progress for the lunar cycle, and we can use this time to see where we need to step up our game.

Black Moon Lilith and Chiron are tightening their conjunction very much in the later hours, and Venus in late Aries is also tightening its square to Saturn, which will be heightening anxieties regarding if we’re doing enough in our relationships and securing resources. We are likely to be facing more news about further tightening of the belt right now, which isn’t very pleasant. The day ends with Moon squaring Neptune, further adding to the discordant feel of things and perhaps feeding more of these anxieties and fears. Meditation and self-reflection is called for very much so now.

March 3rd

Black Moon Lilith and Chiron further tightening their conjunction almost exactly as this day start off, and Venus perfects its square to Saturn in the morning hours, making some contentious energies regarding our relationships, money, projects, and all that stand in our way regarding those right now. Moon quincunx Pluto soon after adds to the uncertainty factor, and we may feel like we’re at a crossroads, not knowing which way we should go with things.

Later on going into the nighttime hours, the Moon enters its home sign of Cancer, which amplifies feelings a bit, and trines Mercury retrograde in Pisces. We may be able to get some things off of our chest and clear the air a bit with loved ones in private settings and our homesteads right now.

March 4th

Overnight, we have the Moon sextile Uranus, perhaps filling our dream visions with some guideposts as to how to better stabilize our collective situations somewhat, or at the very least bring to mind an out-of-the-box solution that may certainly be better than doing nothing at all. Make sure that this is going to help things along and not fill you with hidden regrets, however, as the Moon will also be squaring Black Moon Lilith/Chiron at the same time. A little later on into the morning, Venus sextiles Mercury retrograde, which has now just crossed back over into Aquarius as well, adding an air of figuring out what we need to change and how to negotiate soon to get our priorities back in order. We may find ourselves a little distracted, so do write down whatever ideas come to mind for later review.

Later on into the evening, Moon opposite Mars in Capricorn indicates a bit of a tension point where our work-life balance is concerned, and also obligations regarding our public standing and what we would rather be feeling at this moment. Moon crossing over Sirius mitigates this somewhat, and we can use this conflict to actually negotiate something important in our favor, perhaps leading to some pleasant outcomes for some, and mitigating or delaying repercussions in others.

March 5th

Moon trine Sun during the overnight hours can be a hallmark of progress as far as our activities this lunar cycle goes. It’s a more feel-good energy, so we may find ourselves feeling a bit more confident that we can dig out of some more holes right now, assuming we’re in touch with our inner fears to silence them right now. Some more tender moments with loved ones and feeling deeply in general will also be accentuated. A dream journal or keeping another sort of diary would be helpful for jotting down some of the more intense feelings right now. Moon trine Neptune in Pisces further indicates some helpful dream visions and meditative journeys may help us along and recenter us at this time. Moon opposite Jupiter soon after does give us a bit of a challenge where we may be wondering if what we’ve been thinking is really of our higher calling, but I wouldn’t stress this too much. Faith can be challenged, but there are many ways of passing such tests.

Later on in the afternoon, Moon opposing Pluto brings another set of discordant feelings and some existential dread that we will have to deal with. It could be a feeling that something we’re doing isn’t good enough, and this could lead to some serious disharmony in the home if we allow this to run away to unnatural conclusions. As the day draws to a close, we’ll still be feeling this somewhat as the Moon then opposes Saturn. We may want to relax, but there’s some duty, some task, that’s going to be drawing our attention and disrupting us, and possibly keeping us awake at night for some.

March 6th

Remember the end of the previous day, and we’re going to be figuring out how to get out of the sticky situation as Saturn semisextiles Mercury retrograde. Moon entering Leo will also be shifting the focus to how we can better have fun with the varying situations we’re in, or if we’re even in a position to feel good at the moment. Moon is still opposing Saturn at this point, so we could be feeling a bit overwhelmed, and probably waking up a few times overnight. Restful sleep isn’t very likely before the morning begins. Venus, now in Taurus, squaring the Moon will also be adding to the anxiety of resources, basically apexing a T-Square between the Moon and Saturn, so economic anxieties are going to be quite pronounced. Moon then squares Uranus, which will add to the feeling of being out of control, and those fears of losing everything can rear their ugly head. Be communicative with other involved parties and let them know what’s up to mitigate some of this pain. We can actually channel this to good effect when the Moon then trines Black Moon Lilith and Chiron, allowing us to feel a way out of this stickier-than-desired situation.

For the remainder of the day, Saturn will be semisextiling Mercury, which is slowing down more as it gets ready to start moving forward (from our perspective) again. We may be entering this weekend experiencing a tense holding pattern regarding our position in public affairs and career. For me, personally, at the time of this writing, it’s the beginning of the last weekend before I return to more traditional work schedules. It’ll be quite an adjustment period for some of us.

March 7th

Moon quincunx the Sun and Neptune in Pisces will be having our minds race in the morning, having us wonder if there’s some cerebral detail we may have missed going into this weekend. We may find ourselves scrambling to get affairs in order, dotting all i’s, and crossing all t’s. Moon then quincunxes Jupiter, which can manifest as us doubting aspects of our philosophies and faith, wondering if we’re truly on the right path with things. Moon then quincunxes Pluto, and then Saturn later on, so there’s a good deal of questioning things right now. Quiet reflection is called for, and may lead to some innovative solutions to resolve love and money questions as Sun tightens its conjunction to Neptune, and Venus tightens a conjunction to revolutionary Uranus at the same time. A new creative project could bring great things, so definitely make note of story, art, and music ideas now!

Oh, and if you’re in the United States, don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour for Daylight Saving’s Time overnight.

March 8th

Moon crossing into analytical Virgo and fixed star Regulus early on in the morning further deepens our investigation into what will better suit us for getting ahead. We will be finding revelations that help us harness our inner truth and vision as we have a set of tight conjunctions at the same time with Neptune-Sun, Black Moon Lilith-Chiron, and Venus-Uranus. There is a lot of opportunity to speak and create from the heart now. Moon then trines Venus-Uranus, further filling our heads with innovative visions for the future. This is even more important as the Moon will then sextile the North Node and trines the South Node, bringing further clarity about what’s served us well in the past, and how that can help us get where we need to be to set us on the path to a life we’ll love more than we do now.

As the day draws to a close, Mars will close in on fixed star Vega, which will get some of us to think a bit more analytically, and can drive us further towards getting ahead with our tasks and goals.

Did you remember to set the clocks ahead that hour?

March 9th

The morning of this new work week starts with the Full Moon in Virgo, which is good for seeing the fruition of ambitious projects and figuring out thornier details. Black Moon Lilith and Chiron are also squaring the Nodes quite strongly right now as well, so we will need to seek deep within ourselves and examine our deepest, darkest wounds and decide what’s been holding us back from pursuing what our heart’s desires are.

Into the afternoon, there are a good deal of positive aspects making things a bit easier for many of us. Moon trine Jupiter can helps us count our blessings and thank our lucky stars, so to speak. Venus sextile the North Node will also be beneficial in keeping track of creative and monetary gains, and new projects started now are likely to be of benefit now too. As this is also a trine to the South Node, this could even be the beginning of recovery from previous difficulties for some.

Around nightfall, Mercury goes direct again, ending its retrograde period. Revisions and reexaminations of plans that we’ve considered in the previous few weeks start getting the green light over the course of the week unfolding.

March 10th

Mars is still tightly conjunct Vega as the clock passes midnight from the previous day, still fueling some of the drive towards success we may be starting to feel again around this time. At the same time, Moon in late Virgo quincunxes Mercury in Aquarius, adding a bit of uncertainty to affairs. This doesn’t last long, and the Moon then trines Saturn, allowing us to feel a bit better about how we’re progressing with tasks and duties that are ongoing.

Shortly after this, the Moon enters airy Libra, where our focus will shift over to our longer-term partnerships. Later on in the morning, the Moon opposes Chiron and Black Moon Lilith, and completes a Grand Cross between those two bodies, itself, and squaring both the North and South Nodes. This can indicate some major uncertainties when it comes to what’s been digging at us beneath the surface, and if this is all aligning with our plans to proceed with our goals.

Into the afternoon, Venus in Taurus and the Moon in Libra quincunx one another. While Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, this still is an awkward aspect as it relates to our resources and our longer-term relationships and partnerships, indicating more trouble when it comes to such links and resources. Fortunately, this quincunx is short-lived, and will be supplanted by Jupiter sextiling the Sun, leading to some better fortune for some, and perhaps a boost in research and philosophy for others.

March 11th

Those deeper concerns and buried wounds are still very much in the forefront as the 11th begins, as Black Moon Lilith and Chiron still square the Nodes tightly as the very early morning begins. Jupiter sextile the Sun, however, does bring a fortuitous angle to this. A little clarity and perhaps some good fortune to smooth things over will help mitigate some of the impact of the contentious square, and perhaps a little bit of blessings from providence too.

By mid-afternoon, the Moon quincunx the Sun so soon after the Full Moon could mark some off-center energies, as we know we need to finish things off for this lunar cycle on a high note if we can. We may be feeling some misgivings or uncertainties about key partnerships at this time. This doesn’t last too long, however, and Moon crossing over Spica by the early evening may bring us a bit more good luck and some reassurance. Perhaps even some inspiration as to how we can recover from some recent woes come to light, so do pay attention to silver linings in the clouds we saw in the Node square earlier.

Further into the evening, however, the Moon then squares Pluto, then trines Mercury. We could find ourselves in some contentious arguments, but soon make up and smooth things over with some quick thinking. Try not to take things too personal right now.

March 12th

Early on, Moon trine Mercury still probably has us still feeling a bit better after that Pluto square, but then the Moon soon squares Saturn tightly before crossing over into Scorpio. This is where we start getting into some reality checks. There’s also the risk of fears of inadequacy rearing their ugly head, so do make solid note of any such dream visions before waking later on in the morning this day. Later on in the morning, Scorpio Moon opposing Uranus could bring some unexpected and potentially unwanted news regarding finances and stability, but Uranus is also tightening a sextile to the North Node as well. Perhaps something has to be let go to move forward in a better direction, so watch for opportunities in any crises. This will require some solid working, as Saturn is apexing a weak T-square between itself, Uranus and the Moon, while being on the critical last degree of Capricorn. This could be contentious for financial markets, so keep a close eye on investments and public standing. Moon trine the North Node may smooth things over with some insights into our deeper feelings, like a realization that even this will pass, and for some, perhaps a chance romantic encounter or flirtation leads to something more.

Into the late afternoon, Venus opposing the Moon brings some discordant news and vibes regarding finances, love, and any stability related to those could be a bit questionable right now. This could be more arguments about finances in relationships, so do make sure you’re speaking from a place of truth to get things stabilized.

March 13th

This day should be filled with some better vibes and energies as the Moon moves into position to complete a Minor Grand Trine when it trines Neptune in Pisces from Scorpio, and at the same time both sextile Mars in Capricorn. Inspiration and drive to act on such inspirations can be quite fruitful if you can follow through, so take note of what comes to mind and see if you can incorporate it into your work and projects right now. This energy keeps going when the Moon also sextiles Jupiter, bringing more good fortune and inspiration from above into our affairs.

In the early evening, the Moon moves into another Minor Grand Trine when it trines the Sun in Pisces, and sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. Perhaps the time to try something new that could turn out wonderfully. We can also eliminate waste and whatever is holding us back in our careers and public affairs right now and not have to worry as much about the fallout a bit easier too. At the very least, we’ll be able to pinpoint what’s no longer working, and not have to worry about throwing out the baby with the bath water near as much. Still, it could be a somewhat bittersweet process as Chiron is exactly squaring the North and South Node around the same time as this, forcing us to bring in the new while casting out the old.

March 14th

A potential for breakups and crossed wires in communications is evident in the early morning hours when the Moon squares Mercury, while Chiron is still tightly squaring the Nodes. Be aware of what you’re saying if you’re awake, and perhaps sleep on some of the more contentious arguments if you can, this way you’re less likely to say something regretful right now. Mars sextile Neptune at the same time is giving us some more clarity, however, and we could use this for some late-night brainstorming. Pluto tightly sextile the Sun right now also gives us a bit of a boost to eliminate what’s not working. This could be a good time to plan out some garage or yard sales in the near future once the weather warms up a bit.

Do consider that the Moon crosses over into Sagittarius as well early on in the morning, adding a bit of a more optimistic or jovial vibe for some, and deeper philosophizing for others. This can lead to some interesting epiphanies as the Sagittarius Moon apexes a Yod from the North Node and Uranus, so don’t discount mental flashes of inspiration out of hand! Mercury semisextile Saturn also lends a hand to some industriousness, so if you feel a need to work on a hobby you’ve been putting off, now’s a good time to make some progress. By the end of the evening, Moon starts crossing Antares, further boosting some of the philosophical vibes in some of us about now.

March 15th

A bit of an off-kilter day, the Moon squaring Neptune indicates a time where we’re not exactly clear on what we’re thinking, and could be more easily led astray by those posing as learned teachers. Listen very closely to your intuition throughout much of this day, even if it may not be as clear as we’d like it to be right now. We’ll also still be dealing with wounds and perhaps illnesses as well as Chiron continues to square the Nodes, so take precautions against infection. Come to think of it, Moon square Neptune along with that Chiron-Node Square does warn us about poisons, and this affair with COVID-19 is no exception. Be especially vigilant about washing hands and other health-safeguarding protocols, especially now.

March 16th

The last quarter of the Moon starts hitting, indicating a final week of winding down the lunar cycle where we will want to finish projects and important milestones on a high note. Whatever we’re finishing up will need to be considered quite heavily as the Moon crosses Galactic Center around the same time as well. Pay very close attention to inspiration, intuition, and how we’re feeling about things right now.

Later on in the morning, the Moon crosses over into industrious Capricorn, highlighting public affairs and our careers for the next day or so. By late afternoon, we’ll be dwelling on some past issues and concerns when the Moon crosses over the South Node in Capricorn and then squares Black Moon Lilith and Chiron as well into the evening. Arguments that were thought to be resolved may open back up again, or past emotional traumas could also be ramping up right now, leading to PTSD-like triggers. Spreading of illness is also likely right now, and perhaps some relapses of colds and flu as well, so make sure you are taking proper care of yourself and getting proper rest!

March 17th

Uranus tightly sextiling the North Node throughout the entire day inspires some innovation on our part, and this is doubly-true around midday when the Moon trines Venus, allowing for some positive advances in money, projects, romance, and relationships. Shore up loose ends and prepare for the remainder of this month if you haven’t started prepping yet, as Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto are beginning to line up for a massive conjunction that will be strengthening throughout the rest of the month. There are going to be many more hard shakeups soon, so it’s best to review and make sure you’re stocked up on supplies by this point.

Moon crossing over Vega also highlights illness, so at this point, I’m going to say we’re going to see a ramp-up in both the Coronavirus crisis and the general cold and flu season, and I’d even have to say normal pre-springtime allergies are also likely to be a bit more of a pain this year than normal, especially as it’s been warmer in some places. Again, proper hygiene and anti-infection protocols and supplementation are highly advised, especially now.

Moon sextile Neptune later on after the evening hours brings some more inspiration and opportunities for good meditation and relaxation. Pay close attention to what visualizations come to mind right now, and jot them down. Creative works are also amplified at this time, and given that it’s St. Patrick’s Day, this would be a good day for those on the sobriety wagon to count their blessings, as it should be easier to stay that course right now.

March 18th

Very early on in the morning, the Moon crosses Mars in Capricorn, then Jupiter, and then later on in the morning, Pluto. This is going to be very high-impact day where tempers will be flaring, crises points will be made very apparent, and inadequacies laid bare. Now, if you’ve prepared well and are in a good position, you can make a major move on this day and get a great deal done in your projects and tying up some loose ends.

By the late afternoon, the Moon sextiles the Sun which will have the effect of raising our energies and moods slightly. This may soon be dampened, or perhaps tempered (depending on how you handle this) when the Moon then joins Saturn in the last degree of Capricorn. Moon won’t stay here long and will then cross over into independent Aquarius, shifting our focus to the unconventional.

Do be aware that the Sun is approaching fixed star Scheat right now, and now is not a good time to be hitting the bottle excessively, especially if you’re feeling under the weather. It’s only now that I realize that the proximity of St. Patrick’s Day the day before, and Sun approaching a star associated with drownings and, I dare say, intoxication, this isn’t a coincidence in my mind.

It’s possible we get some major news regarding a medical advance on this day as well, fingers crossed.

March 19th

Uranus square Moon in the early hours, at the same time the Sun conjuncts Scheat, this points to some novel and unexpected events and feelings that force us to reexamine money, projects, social bonds… there’s a notion about disruption coming to mind right now. However, we can work through it in ways as the Sun is sextile Saturn, bringing a needed boost to hard work and discipline right now. Major progress can be had if we know how to work this. Later on into the evening, the Sun crosses over into Aries, beginning the Astrological New Year at the Aries Zero Point, and marking the beginning of Spring (Fall in the Southern Hemisphere).

Also note that Mars and Jupiter are tightly conjunct right now too, and are approaching Pluto still. A great deal of progress regarding research, philosophy, and working towards extended goals can be made right now with this, that’s the upside of this conjunction. Downsides include trouble with authority figures, and I’m getting the word “quarantine” in my mind as well. This is an extreme downside potential, but not guaranteed, so just be aware. Mars is amplified right now as Jupiter expands it, so do be aware of more belligerence by individuals and entities as well (both metaphysical and corporate/governmental).

March 20th

Venus square Moon, again, fills some of our heads with anxieties about money, projects, relationships, and this at the same time as Mars and Jupiter being very tightly conjunct. Do your best to mitigate arguments with colleagues and loved ones about money and resources if you can.

Mars will now be bridging the gap between Jupiter and Pluto, and Mars-Pluto together can bring some major power struggle issues as a possibility, so do be very keenly aware of bruised egos at this time. The Moon will also be semisextiling Jupiter, Mars, Pluto today as well, so don’t expect to be emotionally or mentally unaffected by events transpiring on this day. Quiet reflection and meditation/prayer is strongly advised for greater clarity, focus, and remaining grounded during this very high-yield time.

March 21st

Early on into this Saturday morning, Moon crosses over into Pisces and semisextiles Saturn, which could show us wondering if we did all the work we needed to the day before. Fret not, as Mercury will also be trining the North Node and allowing us a better path towards getting closer to our greater destinies. This could manifest as writing down the seed to a creative work that winds up being loved by many, or perhaps a short hop skip and jump to a location that brings forth a chance encounter with future good consequences. Uranus is also sextile Mercury as well during this time, which also brings that essence of chance encounters leading to new avenues for gain in relationships, hobbies, projects, and money. This could even be a chance discovery of something awesome at a flea market for bargain hunters as another example. The possibilities are endless.

Later on into the afternoon, the Moon crosses over Mercury and may allow us to speak deeper from the heart about matters of great import to us.

Last but not least, before this day can end, Saturn will cross over into its other sign of Aquarius, which it shares rulership with Uranus. Saturn’s focus will be a bit more unconventional and not as fixed into being a stick in the mud as it was in Capricorn, though do keep in mind, Saturn will be back in Capricorn after its next retrograde cycle over the next few months.

March 22nd

Things get considerably more high-energy and high-yield as Mars tightens its conjunction to Pluto today. Again, power struggles and conflicts could be quite destructive if allowed to get out of hand, so bear in mind the possibilities for disaster, but also of great gains too. Moon conjunct Neptune will strengthen our intuition and clarity as the Mars-Pluto link perfects as well, so if we’re aware, we can get through this without too much damage.

Venus sextile Neptune also brings a strong vibe of creativity and inspiration as well, so perhaps we can use that to creatively sidestep some major issues that Mars-Pluto can form. It’s almost like Venus-Neptune is acting as a guardian angel, protecting us from some major calamity, so we should be counting blessings, and not racking up curses today. Perhaps some of the creative works undertaken today take a darker, more shadowy turn. This could make sense if, say, someone were writing a war movie on this day with these energies. The point is, there’s a way to turn even the most potent energies around into something productive and positive. We just need to be inspired and act on that inspiration.

It is recommended to avoid major political protests on this day and for the week after, if possible. I don’t like the other ramifications that Jupiter-Mars-Pluto is showing the more I look at this.

March 23rd

Mars and Pluto’s conjunction goes exact in the early morning hours to start another work week, so do your best not to get into any conflict with colleagues and bosses today. Jupiter and Neptune, however, are also tightly sextile, and this may mitigate the worst of the potential conflicts going on right now with some clarity and inspiration. Philosophers and students of higher thought can draw some intense and incredible intuition today.

The Sun also squares the Nodes on this day, bringing us to ask what our greater destiny is, and if we’re on the right track, or if we’re regressing towards a past we no longer want.

Mercury semisextile Chiron also points to some potentially awkward discussions, some much needed, regarding issues that have been holding us back, or injuries and issues that we’re ready to move forward and heal now. By evening, the Moon crosses over into fiery Aries, and we’ll be focusing more on that drives us for a few days, especially this close to a New Moon.

March 24th

The Aries New Moon forms in the very early morning, kickstarting the first lunar cycle of the Astrological year. This is going to be a doozy. This New Moon squares the Nodes, so this lunar cycle starting on this day will be a referendum and decision point as to which way we’re going to go: towards a better future, or living stuck in the past. Also, this New Moon will be conjunct Chiron and Black Moon Lilith as well, so we start the last week of this month dealing with some deep and hidden issues, and also issues of women’s empowerment will be quite prominent during this time as well is what I’m thinking with this. All this at the same time as Jupiter-Mars-Pluto tightly conjunct as well. Major swings in fortune and power struggles/vacuums are quite likely at this time.

March 25th

The Sun will be tightly conjunct Chiron all day, leading to this day to be a day where we can either be greatly healed, or deeply wounded. It’s ultimately up to us. Jupiter tightening its conjunction to Pluto will point to this time period as being critical for figuring out what no longer works for us, and getting through it and past it so we can move forward into a better life for ourselves, a recurring theme I seem to keep bringing up for this month’s forecast. There’s a reason for that, and it’s here in the stars: This is it. This is when we have to make the decisions we make to better our lives and our selves, and today’s alignments support this.

Moon semisextile Venus will be bringing notions of beauty, resources, and for some reason I’m thinking honor here. We’ll be moved to pursue that which brings us joy and meaning more now. This could be troublesome later on in the evening, however, as the Moon will then square the Jupiter-Mars-Pluto stellium, bringing some intense emotional turmoil and conflict. Tempers are very likely to flare, so do try to mitigate as many arguments as you can with colleagues and loved ones tonight.

March 26th

The Moon squares off against Saturn before crossing over into earthy Taurus, filling our heads in the overnight hours with some concerns regarding whether we’re doing enough to get by, or if there’s some pressing detail that’s preventing us to enjoying what we have to its fullest potential. This comes after the Moon’s previous square to Jupiter-Mars-Pluto, so we’re still going to be feeling like we’ve gone through a major gauntlet that lit us ablaze.

Later on in the afternoon, the Moon touches and conjuncts Uranus in Taurus, opening us up to some innovative thinking and allowing us to think outside the box to solve some problems regarding our projects and money right now.

Later on as we go into the night, Venus begins trining Jupiter, which helps us gain some sense of optimism again, and perhaps some inspiration to go after our projects with.

March 27th

Venus is still tightening its trine to Jupiter, still inspiring us to work on and do great things. Moon sextile Mercury will allow us to more easily put these thoughts to paper, or chisel to stone as the case may be. Venus will also begin trining Mars and Pluto as well, which will add a more creative and positive aspect to this dynamo of an aspect, and perhaps we’ll be seeing creative resolutions to some serious power struggles. Moon sextile Neptune will also be inspiring us to do great things as we go into the overnight hours. This may even point to a breakthrough in resolving the ongoing virus challenge.

March 28th

This could be a bit of an up-and-down day as the Moon approaches and conjuncts Venus, but also passes over malicious Algol as well, which Venus is also beginning to touch. Some darker, deeper mysteries could be opening up to us with this combination, and the threat of losing our heads over matters regarding matters of love, money, projects, there could be some very interesting works inspired right now. As both the Moon and Venus will be trining Pluto and Jupiter right now as well, there is a great deal of inspiration and philosophizing that can be quite enlightening, and also quite cathartic. We should be able to get through this relatively ok though.

Going into the evening, the Moon crosses over into Gemini. This will bring thoughts of how we’re coming across to others to the forefront, which is a strong theme given the other aspects involving Venus and Jupiter-Pluto right now. Moon trine Mars and Saturn will also help smooth other conflicts over right now.

March 29th

Moon sextile Chiron indicates a brief time where we’re processing what’s been holding us back and keeping us suppressed, and there’s also the angle where we could be helping a friend or loved one work through some mental and emotional distress right now too. Sun sextile Moon also brings us a bit more feel-good positive energy as well to get some important work and tasks done, especially as the Moon also crosses Aldebaran which helps with gain in business and projects.

There could be some terse and unpleasant messages later on, however, as the Moon then squares Mercury. We may not be coming across to others the we we feel we should, and this could be ruffling some feathers at the moment. The good news is that this aspect is short-lived.

March 30th

This can be a red-letter day as Venus tightens its approach to Algol, and will also be in range of conjuncting Sedna as well, so we can likely expect some developments regarding sexual improprieties and other betrayals. This could even be the marker of another major scandal involving a big player in the arts or in high institutions right now.

Moon squaring Neptune could make things a bit murky, and we may not know if we’re coming or going right now. Mars will also be approaching Saturn for that conjunction, and this can indicate other sorts of power struggles and issues with employer/employee issues. This takes on another dimension as Mars crosses over into Aquarius by midday, giving this a more Uranian vibe as well.

Moon quincunx Jupiter and Pluto further adds to uncertainties and misgivings, invoking a bit of a crisis of faith where we may not be feeling like things are going the way they should career-wise or reputation-wise.

March 31st

Mars closes out with some very contentious aspects: Venus begins to separate from Algol, but is still not in the best way right now. Jupiter and Pluto still tightly conjunct continues to amplify some death and rebirth when it comes to longer-term projects and our careers, and Mars conjunct Saturn further adds to the tension. The Moon then quincunxes Mars and Saturn, still adding to the uncertainties while the Moon also crosses over into its home sign of Cancer. Quite frankly, everyone’s going to be on edge.

We end the month with the Moon entering its First Quarter phase, showing us where we’re progressing for this lunar cycle and shining a light on what we need to do get ahead and make our magic happen for projects and self-worth.

To Sum March Up

In short, March is a powder keg of major aspects, upheavals, and major changes incoming. Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto coming together in the later half of the month really makes things contentious when it comes to our long-term goals, reputations, and careers, and Saturn crossing over into Aquarius changes a few dynamics and adds an air of unpredictability. Mercury retrograde does end, allowing new projects to move forward (though not as smoothly as its still in its post-retrograde shadow period for the remainder of the month), and the New Moon in Aries after the Vernal Equinox kick-starts a lunar cycle where we will be confronting a lot of past issues that have been keeping us pinned down for awhile.

This is not going to be an easy month for anyone, that’s what I’m sensing for March. Stay strong, we can all get through this somehow. Take care of yourselves, and take care of one another. Peace.