New Moon Taurus – April 2020 – Forced Restructuring

New Moon Taurus

This past lunar cycle was something else, wasn’t it? Many things have changed, and they continue to force change on us even now. We are in a period of enforced evolution, whether we like it or not. How are we adapting to the new realities? Some are trying to hold on, and I don’t think that will work out so well. Best to go with the flow. Let’s see what’s in store for this coming lunar cycle…

This New Moon’s Basics

This New Moon takes place at 03 Tau 24’09” on April 22nd, 2020 19:25:50 (7:25:50 PM) PST (or April 23rd, 2020 02:25:50 (AM) UTC). This lunar cycle puts the focus on our resources, our money, property, and our comfort zone for the most part. This is quite accentuated given the other interactions this New Moon has with the other bodies in the chart, and our expectations of stability are going to have to be revised if we’re to prosper or even survive this lunar cycle. I’m not going to mince words: This is a hard lunar cycle coming up just based on what I’m seeing, not that there aren’t some positive aspects to the New Moon itself. To take advantage of this is going to take some doing, however.

As per the norm, he New Moon involves Sun conjunct Moon. It’s a new start for a new cycle, and this is an optimal time to set new intentions and to plan ahead with some goals. We need to be realistic with these goals, however, as shooting for the sun right now can lead one to end up like Icarus did and crash down to Earth hard. As this New Moon also takes place in Venus’ domain, a lot of focus is going to be on what we like and what we identify with for personal comfort and satisfaction. It’s fitting that this is taking place in the second sign of the zodiac associated with earthly permanence, and there’s a great deal of anxiety about this right now given the ongoing situation. Some places are even talking about easing restrictions again. But is this a good idea this coming lunar cycle? Umm…

What’s Aspecting the New Moon

Given direct primary body interactions with the New Moon, it’s a mixed bag as to whether attempting to relax restrictions is going to be the best idea right now. I don’t think it’ll go the way people would like if so. Let’s get into the “why” of this.

New Moon Taurus Conjunct Uranus, Square Saturn in Aquarius

This is the tightest aspect the New Moon makes besides the obvious Sun conjunct Moon listed before. We want to go, we want to make plans and make money, we want to pursue gain, both for ourselves and our families. The devil in the details is Saturn acting like a spoilsport here in its other home sign of Aquarius (shared with Uranus). Saturn denotes restrictions, discipline, reduction, constriction, tasks that must be done. A square denotes conflict, struggle, challenges, trials to be taken up, and obstacles to overcome. New Moon square Saturn then, in this configuration…

On top of that, this New Moon is also sitting with the planet of rebellion and sudden change. Adding to the mix is Uranus being weakened in Taurus. Taurus is stability and fixation. Uranus is the rebel and wants its way. Uranus wants to go go go, and Taurus drags its heels, in a matter of speaking. And Uranus squaring Saturn as well on top of this? Rebellion frustrated by rules. This is a volatile mix, especially with rebellion weakened and rules strengthened. The irony of this is Aquarius being ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. You’d think they get along, but Saturn has the upper hand right now. Rules will tighten for a bit, though Saturn eventually goes retrograde as well, and I haven’t checked ahead to see how that will play out then.

We want to move forward and get things going again, and yet we are being held back by unseen and continuing fluctuating factors, such as this pandemic. And we are seeing the social fabric fraying pretty hard right now, especially in light of the recent ill-advised protests that have just occurred at several state capitols. Forcing the way ahead is not going to have the desired effect, and thus we’re going to have to make the best we can with the resources we do have for yet another month or so. Alternate forms of aid and assistance would be more beneficial, and have certainly been proposed (such as mortgage and rent deferrals), but will they happen? Taurus is stubborn like a bull, and thus I don’t think it’s going to happen. We’re going to see more rebellious and unconventional events happening.

I suspect as we get closer to the Full Moon that will take place in Scorpio in a couple of weeks after this, the consequences of rebellious actions in the face of continuing restrictions will become apparent.

New Moon Taurus Sextile North Node in Cancer

On the plus side, we have this softer aspect from the New Moon to the Dragon’s Head (or Rahu if you use Vedic terms), and this also translates to a trine to the South Node, or Dragon’s Tail, or Ketu (again, Vedic terms). We have some hope, some optimism for the future that may allow us to still protect our home space, and get back to work at the same time. We remember what was normalcy for us, and we’re wanting to maintain our home spaces however we can. There’s also an air of working on things to better our home life and the expectation that we’ll be more grateful for the careers and public interactions we’ve had before. It’s not the easiest of times, but it’s not a hopeless time either if we can follow our heart and see where the river of life is going. “Trust in the process” just came to mind. It’s a lot to ask, and something I struggle with… a lot, actually… but that seems to be what this set of aspects is telling me. Also keep in mind that next month, the Nodes change signs to North in Gemini and South in Sagittarius. We’re in a major transitional phase right now, so going with the flow is the recommended action now.

New Moon Taurus Semisquare Neptune in Pisces

Semisquares are interesting animals. They’re like a square, but more internalized, and not as hard, but they’re still a challenge. In this case, we have that expectation of stability and we have some internalized fears and misgivings about this. Our imaginations have likely been running wild with ideas of how the world will be once current events are resolved, and there’s that anxiety about “what if things never go back to normal?” They won’t. We need to find out what to do with this new world, and the world’s going to be changing more during this lunar cycle as well. Some of us have probably turned to meditation to get by. Some have turned to alcohol and other substances to cope. And many of us are having stranger dreams as of late in relation to what’s happening around us in the world and the universe now. These dreams are going to continue for some time, especially for this next lunar cycle. Pay close attention to your dreams, but do not dwell on the least pleasant aspects of all that’s going on.

Other Aspects during the New Moon

There are some other interesting aspects going on, some hard, some not, and many of these are quite pertinent to what’s going on for this next cycle.

Mercury in Aries Semisextile Neptune in Pisces

This aspect indicates a flurry of communications regarding what’s been eating at us, our hopes, fears, frustrations. Our imaginations are running wild right now and we don’t know which way is up, but what we do know is that these events are affecting us pretty hard, and we’re not shy about venting about it right now. That said, there’s also a great deal of information, disinformation, and misinformation floating around right now as well. We’re gravitating towards info that makes sense to us, but is it accurate? Or are we just seeking out what we’ve already decided to be “truth?” And are we expressing that “truth” to those who would readily agree with us to the exclusion of those who would challenge us? Still others are shutting down their connections to the world and turning to their own inspiration and creative works. And even others are communicating inspiration to the widest possible audience. Lots of thinking, lots of expressing, lots of imagination for good and for ill. Be discerning.

Venus in Gemini Trine Mars in Aquarius

This is another positive aspect we need to take advantage of in whatever ways we can. Given the Mercury-Neptune semisextile, this allows us to harness some creativity and inspiration and come up with some awesome works and innovations right now. It could be in the form of a flurry of paintings while in quarantine, or perhaps some heavy romance is in the air for couples forced to isolate right now too. Still, this could indicate some taming of tensions and calming or tempering of passions right now. While our individual experiences will differ, there is an opportunity to build for the future and set some foundations for projects in the future. It may not be time yet to act on these and launch, especially as Venus is in pre-retrograde shadow and is slowing down for its retrograde period in May, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare now. At the very least, journal those good ideas you have. These crazy times won’t last forever.

Chiron and Black Moon Lilith in Jupiter Quintile Jupiter in Capricorn

While Chiron and Black Moon Lilith are getting pretty far apart to even be consider conjunct, they are still in range of being quintile Jupiter. We may be feeling some tension regarding some old wounds and our deeper psyches, but there’s some opportunity for creative solutions to both right now. There’s a potential for deeper philosophies being considered as it relates to our societal structure and how this pertains to our own individual situations… or better termed as “How do we relate to our society and our governments right now?” There’s also the question of philosophy as to who our tribe really is right now. Reflecting upon our interactions with others and seeing who resonates with you, and who is on the other side of several fences is something to consider right now. Sometimes its not worth fence-jumping. And if you don’t like which side of a fence you’re on, perhaps it’s time to consider a fence jump after all. This could lead us to a philosophical or ideological equivalent of defecting to the other side of the Berlin Wall, for those who remember the reference.

Pluto conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn

This brutal aspect is still going, and both Pluto and Jupiter are slowing down for their respective retrograde periods as well. But they’re still within a degree and a half or so of orb, and thus this still has bearing. We are finding more upheaval going on in our societies and civilizations right now, and we still have this continual upending of what we’ve expected as normal. This will continue for the next lunar cycle, and this will not be ending any time soon. What this is, however, is an opportunity to see what has not been working for our societies in general, and we can see how we can change things for the better, or how they should be changed for the better. As Jupiter expands what it touches, the upheavals will be greater than they normally would have been with Pluto in Capricorn.

Saturn in Aquarius Quincunx North Node in Cancer

Things are still a bit off-kilter where we feel we need to be going in our lives, and the restrictions and roadblocks that are occurring even now. We are sensing a major shift in our direction as well, considering the North Node is in the final degree of its passage through Cancer, and will soon be in Gemini within a few weeks. We want to shift, yet we have recent events holding us back, forcing us to hold back. Given that this also translates to a Saturn Semisextile South Node link, we are finding our societal obligations are also holding us back and sitting in the background, such as evictions not being able to be pursued for late or missing rent payments for the duration of this pandemic, but what happens afterwards? That’s a societal structural time bomb that I think this represents, as if this goes badly and should a lot of people be forced out of their homes, we also know that this will upend some employment markets in the future as well. That’s what I’m getting with this South Node in Capricorn here. Considering North Node in Cancer is in the fourth sign, there’s some “what the hell do we do” feel when it comes to our home conditions. It’s an anxious energy. It’s not good. To navigate it, better solutions for most affected will have to be considered, but are the ones in charge willing to bite the bullet and enact policies that would be beneficial for the long-term? Maybe with considerable effort. We’ll see how this plays out.

Uranus in Taurus Semisextile Chiron in Aries

We’re still having surprises and upheavals digging at us. The unexpected will continue to pick at what’s been biting at us for some time, and in some ways we’ll find some unexpected resolutions to problems as well. Quite a bit of discomfort is to be expected for some time yet with the unstable climate in regards to cash flows, property, and personal resources. Spontaneous outbursts of indignation over economic slights, perceived and otherwise, will continue, and is highly likely to invite further inflictions and wounding in the process. On the other hand, these influences can be heeded and we can avoid some trouble if we take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The individual push towards rebellion will outweigh better sensibilities for the foreseeable future, at the very least for this lunar cycle.

Asteroid Aspects to the New Moon

The asteroids aspecting the New Moon this time around add a bit of spice to the recipe, and add some rather interesting flavors to what’s going on here.

New Moon Taurus Trine Pholus Retrograde and 1181 Lilith in Capricorn

This aspect pattern is a tricky one, and does need to be watched carefully despite a trine being considered one of the easiest aspects in astrology. Almost too easy, in fact. As the focus for the lunar cycle is in regard to our stability and resources, we need to watch the aspect to these two asteroids… Pholus represents inebriation and intoxication, and I’d also argue distraction (another form of intoxication, this being one’s attention to more important tasks). Being retrograde, we’re distracting ourselves from other worthy matters. 1181 Lilith is sultry, seducing, and being in Capricorn with Pholus? A siren call of distractions, particularly involving career and public matters. Social media comes to mind. Combine this with the sharp increase in working from home, and we have a recipe for a tendency to laziness and lost productivity to distractions away from the office. That’s one thing I’d argue, anyways. Be aware of distractions and set limits, and you may be able to turn this around into some good productivity. Just don’t inebriate yourself with overwork, as it’s easy to lose yourself in your tasks if you’re not careful right now!

New Moon Taurus Sextile 55 Pandora, 2601 Bologna, 9770 Discovery, 3402 Wisdom, and 1930 Lucifer in Cancer

This is quite a bunch of asteroids together in the emotional sign of Cancer, of course, and with the North Node nearby some of these, there’s a big story here… Pandora, of course, had her box of horrors and the hope that didn’t escape when the lid was opened (but the nasties got out), which warns us of unwise curiosity. Bologna pretty much means what it sounds like, a load of baloney. Discovery is also self-explanatory, and these three being close enough to the North Node during the New Moon (and the North Node about to change signs, of course), we’re realizing the deceptions and lies that have been thrust upon the world and more of us should be wise to the tricks now. On the other side of the sextile (too far away from the North Node to be of the same impact, but still sextile the New Moon), we have Wisdom, also self-explanatory, and of course we have asteroid Lucifer… Now, Lucifer denotes pride in a chart from what I’ve been able to gather, and putting this all together, we’re more easily able to see the horrors unleashed and exacerbated on the world by the hubris and deceptions by key players on the stage. The deceptions and hubris still exist, but we can see them more clearly now, and as the lunar cycle proceeds, more revelations will come to light. Just remember to hold onto hope that things will get better, as Pandora’s box still contained that ray of hope in the end. Be careful which boxes you open now, though, and don’t try to elevate yourself higher than the divinity of the universe itself (unlike a certain fallen angel). After all, pride cometh before a fall.

New Moon Taurus Square 5325 Silver in Leo

We’ve got our minds on money, and money on our minds this lunar cycle, and for good reason with the economic disruptions going on right now. However, too much focus on money and financial resources seems to also be an aspect of ego (especially for certain politicians and leaders throughout the entire world), and trying to emphasize resources over health is not likely to end well. Silver is opposite Saturn as well, thus creating a bit of a T-Square apexing the New Moon when we consider Saturn in Aquarius as well. Many of us are still facing financial restrictions, and want to move forward and be able to pay bills, or at least have some freedom of movement, yet circumstances state that we need to hold off on this awhile longer, at least another lunar cycle. The restrictions and hindrances coming from this down the road may still be quite oppressive afterwards, however, and whether leaders and institutions actually do something constructive about this, it’s hard to say. It’s not hopeful with this configuration, so be wise with the resources you acquire or still have for this cycle.

New Moon Taurus Semisquare 15845 Bambi, 5180 Ohno, and 2696 Magion in Pisces (with Neptune)

We’re still feeling like a deer in headlights at the onset of this lunar cycle, and there’s still a lot that’s filling us with dread and having us go “oh no”… so quite a bit of self-explanation with a couple of the asteroid names semisquare the New Moon. Magion is an occult asteroid, and these misgivings and feeling like we’re not in control could hinder our ability to “make magic” as it were. Given the mental aspects of this (again, Neptune’s domain), it’s worth mentioning that a great deal is indeed in our heads, and there is a real cost to the mental impacts of the current situation. Try to exercise and bend your mind in such ways as to keep it together if you can. There are resources out there that can help if you feel yourself being overwhelmed, and do remember the sextiles to the New Moon: we can discover a great deal right now that can help us with our inner challenges.

New Moon Taurus Semisquare 896 Sphinx in Gemini

On the other side of the semisquare collection, Sphinx is vexing us with some major riddles. Of course, we’re wondering how we’re going to stay afloat during this economic crunch, and the messages going back and forth about short-term issues (such as immediate rents and bills piling up), and the reports of duplicitous landlords asking the impossible (and in some cases, the highly unethical) is not making things any easier. It’s not wise to retaliate with riddles of your own, as remember what happened to the sphinx when the correct answer was finally given. Be firm and direct. Trying to beat riddlers at their own game will not end well for us.

New Moon Taurus Sesquiquadrate 4227 Kaali Retrograde in Virgo

Kaali is an amplifier of sorts, and right now it’s retrograde. Kaali, therefore, is turned inwards, and in the analytical sixth sign, this impacts health and day-to-day obligations. We’re certainly feeling health impacts whether we realize it or not, from the inability to hit the gym, to stress-eating, to the day-to-day cleaning and other chores that are likely even more monotonous than they really need to be right now. As this opposes Neptune and Bambi/Ohno/Magion, it’s also worth noting that this is invoking challenges regarding health in other ways. This could take the form of addictions, and as Neptune relates to watery things, at worst this can represent drowning (such as the lungs drowning with pneumonia). Keep a sharp tab on your health and well-being, especially now. It can certainly feel like things are out of control.

New Moon Taurus Quincunx 3412 Kafka Retrograde in Libra

In isolation, things can seem quite Kafkaesque, for lack of a better term. Things are quite surreal, and the lack of social interaction many of us are experiencing are certainly having marked effects on the collective psyche as well. These restrictions, sadly, must continue during this lunar cycle, and of course we’re seeing rebellions against this that are likely to only result in an extension of and reimposing of isolation periods in the future, that’s my thought with this. A sense of irony with this. Better to play things safe, no matter how much we want some semblance of normalcy. The longer we stick to the lack of normalcy, the faster we get back to … something kind of normal. It’s contradictory, but that’s what we’ve got.

New Moon Taurus Quintile 389 Industria and 99942 Apophis in Cancer

We are seeing the upending of entire industries and professions right now, and this will continue during this lunar cycle as well. However, there are opportunities for innovation that may allow quite a few in these industries to survive in some manner, even if in some sort of altered form. We’re already seeing this with the shifting to delivery and pickup-only orders with restaurants, and online streaming of events from some venues that have the capability. Necessity is the mother of invention, and where one aspect is destroyed, another can flourish. This can also represent innovations in destroying this horrific virus, or so we can hope.

New Moon Taurus Biquintile 666 Desdemona Retrograde in Sagittarius

On one hand, devils in the details in some of our dealings during this coming lunar cycle. On the other hand, there can be quite a few assumptions that are not true (such as what happened to the tragic, Shakespearean character that is this asteroid’s namesake). Do not assume anything would be my first suggestion. What we are seeing as closed doors may require some creative thinking on our parts to overcome… let’s think of it this way: It may seem like the universe is blocking paths we’ve taken for granted and closed those doors, but perhaps another door needs to be opened elsewhere. Or perhaps you’ve come to that other door which seems (or is) locked, but the key’s right under the mat. Still yourself and listen to what your higher intuition is telling you. In other ways, some aspects of our philosophies and beliefs may need to be challenged for us to prosper during this challenging time.

New Moon Taurus Biquintile 8690 Swindle Retrograde in Virgo

We’re seeing quite a bit of disinformation right now. This is as opposed to misinformation (which can be spread by well-meaning individuals and groups). What I’m talking about is intentional bad info, and this isn’t cool. We need to think outside the box a bit, and analyze all the info we see right now. Separate the wheat from the chaff. It’s also easy to dismiss truth as more disinformation as well as, well, there’s a lot of disinfo going around. Be aware and be informed.

New Moon Taurus Semisextile 3063 Makhaon in Aries

Finally, a triggering aspect with a health asteroid. Quite a few of us will be having questions of our own individual health, and there’s certainly some anxieties about this for some of us this lunar cycle as we’ll be wondering if we’ve been exposed to the virus going around. Others will “know so” and will then be able to make informed decisions. Hopefully more of these cases will be true negatives (as in, tested negative and do not have the virus). It’s possible we see some other medical advance that will be of benefit, but could come at a cost (likely monetary given the semisextile to the New Moon in Taurus). We’ll see what happens with this.

To Sum it All Up

There’s some opportunities for growth and honing of skills and abilities for this lunar cycle, and perhaps for the most fortunate of us, some element of gain or at least stable survival resource-wise. As a whole, while we’ve been hoping for some respite from restrictions and hindrances, that respite isn’t likely to be coming as soon as we’d like. Furthermore, quite a few of us are being tempted to rebel and throw some caution to the wind, but this is ill-advised right now. That said, there is a danger of further clamp-downs coming, partially due to the consolidation of power, and partially because common-sense protocols are being ignored or not properly adhered to in some cases. Quite a bit of bad information as well, which is competing with the good information that does exist. We’ll need to keep our wits about us to know which is which if we want to make it through this time period more intact than not. Try not to give in to fear and misgivings, and do watch the vices right now (something I’m telling myself as well). We’ll get through this, it’ll just take some time, discipline, and keeping hope alive. Stay safe out there.