New Moon Leo – August 2020 – Line in the Sand

New Moon Leo

This article comes a bit late, but still ahead of the coming New Moon in Leo. This is one for the books, as the aspects involved are going to test us even more, and the themes are definitely of hardening defenses and solidifying placements. A line in the sand is what I see for this coming lunar cycle. No more time for games.

This New Moon’s Basics

This New Moon takes place at 26 Leo 35’11” on August 18th, 2020 19:41:38 (7:41:38 PM) PDT (August 19th, 2020 02:41:38 (AM) UTC). This lunar cycle points to our recreation, leisure, our children, and our shorter term relationships/flings. While this is normally a time of summer fun and recreation, this year doesn’t feel so fun around this time right now, and with the other aspects going on right now? It’s not very much fun at all. Let’s also consider that the primary aspect of any New Moon is Sun conjunct Moon which is always an indicator of new beginnings, new projects, new ventures. Sun is also in its home sign and is quite amplified right now, so this New Moon is also supercharged in that regard.

What’s Aspecting the New Moon

There’s a lot to consider right now with the primary aspects to the New Moon. These are not the most fun aspects.

New Moon Leo Conjunct Mercury, Forming a Yod While Sextile North Node in Gemini, Apexing Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn (with Saturn Loosely Conjunct Pluto Retrograde and Jupiter Retrograde) in Capricorn

Let’s take this in parts: Mercury conjunct the New Moon is certainly a time of messages and travel regarding new ventures and projects, and also new technology acquisitions if we really want to get into it. Also new contracts being signed, I would argue. Mercury is also approaching fixed star Regulus, but is very much on the outer edge of influence so will be very weak. It’s certainly a time that can lead to some gains, but do watch for pride before a fall.

The New Moon and Mercury do form a sextile to the North Node, which does give us a direction to go in regarding our greater destiny, our goals, our desires, and with a trine to the South Node in Sagittarius as well which is on Galactic Center, our past lessons are going to be very much guiding our actions. Consider the best lessons of the past, apply them to the future you want, and that should give you a good foundation.

But now, the devil in the details: Both of these sets of bodies and points form a Yod to Saturn Retrograde, the disciplinarian, taskmaster, and blocker of easy paths. As its retrograde, there’s a light being shown on where we’ve been restricting ourselves and holding ourselves back in part, and also shining a light on where our own self-discipline may either be lacking, or where we could do way better. Saturn is also conjunct Pluto retrograde and Jupiter retrograde, both of these out of range of being quincunx the New Moon by themselves, but blended with Saturn, they still have a major influence. We are seeing the demolishing of structures and institutions right now, namely the United States Postal Service (USPS), and this is already having serious repercussions beyond the mail-in voting debate… it also affects people depending on the mail service to receive vital medications (I’m hearing of delays of more than two weeks in some cases, some leading to hospitalizations… and worse). The ferryman on the River Styx is going to be busy if this isn’t resolved quickly, and I don’t see a quick resolution here.

Restrictions and blockages will be with us for yet another lunar cycle, sorry to say, and this lunar cycle will also lay bare our inadequacies regarding our lack of self-discipline. Figure out where you can improve that, and do it. I know I need to.

New Moon Leo and Mercury Trine Mars in Aries

Now some good news: Mars making a trine to the New Moon, especially from its home sign of Aries, this will give us some energy, drive, and stamina to go the distance and get some vital goals done that are meaningful to us. For some lovers who are fortunate to be shacked up together, this could lead to some summer passions. There’s also people not living together apparently seeking fun times, but with the pandemic still going on, that’s risky and I’m certain the reaping of what has been sown recently will be playing out here, especially given Mars’ other aspects its making which we’ll get into in a moment…

Other Aspects during the New Moon

Quite a bit else going on right now with this New Moon about to hit. Buckle up.

Venus in Cancer Square Chiron Retrograde in Aries

Our minds are on our relationships and possessions in our private home spaces right now, and most certainly on money matters related to keeping these spaces intact too. Chiron retrograde square this, we’ve got a bit of pain we’re feeling right now, some of it self-inflicted (whether through faulty purchases, ordering too much, or not ordering enough supplies perhaps). This can also lead to a period where we hurt the ones we love and care about a bit too easily, or we feel hurt by the same too easily. This isn’t the easiest time to just let things go and pretend all is normal. You’ll have to talk through things with your loved ones to keep the peace a bit better right now.

Venus in Cancer Sextile Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

Uranus just shifted gears and is now going in reverse, and its already in a weakened state in Taurus as the rebel of the solar system doesn’t like being in the stable, fixed, earthy ground of the Bull. Fortunately, this is a time where we can review how investments and choices in relationships are going, and we can plan for the future right now too. You’ll need to play the long game, especially as things are so chaotic right now, but there is a great deal to be gained if you’re careful.

Mars and Black Moon Lilith in Aries Square Saturn Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

This… this is an aspect that will test us quite dearly. Mars and Saturn squaring off alone is rough, and Mars square Pluto is even more intense as these can lead to confrontations, struggles, even violence. Add the hidden occult and deep secrets to the aggression of Mars, and the fact Saturn and Pluto also have the Jupiter influence mixed in, and we have an expansive recipe for disaster. Confrontations and arguments are going to be explosive for this entire lunar cycle, so do whatever you have to do to avoid unnecessary encounters. Keep your cool as much as you possibly can and walk away from arguments where able. You do not want to engage in conflict needlessly, especially now! Accidents are also likely with this aspect, so take a little extra time and make sure you get where you need to go safely! There is also some majorly deep underworld vibes when it comes to the very tight square between Pluto and Black Moon Lilith itself, so do keep your spiritual and psychic defenses at maximum as there’s a great deal of negative energy coursing through everything right now! Black magicks and psychic attacks are highly likely to be intensified right now, so put on that spiritual armor and keep it on!

Mars and Black Moon Lilith in Aries Sextile North Node in Gemini

Mixing in with the New Moon-Mercury link to the North Node from the other side, this gives us some hidden insights and other forgotten knowledge that can come to the surface and drive us towards where we want and need to go in our lives. Perhaps an old journal entry surfaces and it rekindles a spark to tackle that creative projects you’ve been meaning to tackle for years but never got around to it. The trines to the South Node (on Galactic Center) also point to this past influence driving us.

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces Sextile Jupiter Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

This is a highly spiritual and mental aspect that can serve to embolden our intuition regarding the happenings right now. There is certainly some real nebulous energy here, but the sextile indicates that we can see past the drama a bit easier now, and we’re likely to be able to intuitively determine what’s resonating with our truth now, and of course what’s not resonating with us either. Those enthralled into illusions could potentially have the spell broken now, though it will still take considerable effort.

Asteroid Aspects to the New Moon

While not as many asteroids aspecting the New Moon this time around, the influences that are there are interesting…

New Moon Leo Conjunct 1027 Aesculapia

Aeculapia I see as a medical asteroid, and there is likely to be some breakthrough regarding health issues right now. There is a great potential of healing this cycle if we take the right precautions, so definitely do what you have to to recover from what’s been ailing you.

New Moon Leo Square 157 Dejanira in Taurus (on Algol) and 666 Desdemona in Scorpio

This is a rather unfortunate aspect to have a T-Square with. Dejanira is a victim’s asteroid, and being on Algol, the energy of this is rather amplified. Add Desdemona to the mix, and we’ve got a potential of innocent parties needlessly suffering and even being slain in this rather toxic configuration. Do your due diligence, especially with the Mars to Saturn/Pluto aspects right now! There is a high possibility of further riots and melees right now, do not get caught up in this.

New Moon Leo Sextile 3412 Kafka and 11823 Christen in Libra

This is an interesting combination… I would venture a guess and say that there may be some reparations, justice, or other resolution regarding some church scandals, but the devil will be in the details and it will happen in the most bizarre ways. Maybe a light hurricane forms and an alligator gets blown into a corrupt clergyman’s home and eats them. Or perhaps a pastor falsely or wrongfully accused will be exonerated somehow? This is a tricky one.

New Moon Leo Trine Ixion Retrograde on Galactic Center in Sagittarius

Finally, I’m going to end this with Ixion on the South Node and Galactic Center. Again, there’s a possibility of justice being done, whether it be perpetrators getting their comeuppance, or those victims of false witness being exonerated. Again, there’s a theme of the past coming back to be dealt with right now, and this lunar cycle we may see the righting of wrongs.

To Sum it All Up

Frankly, with the Saturn and Mars links alone, we should probably wrap everyone up in bubble wrap and stay home for a few weeks. This is a major cycle where we can see resolutions to previous issues, but we can also see some new and stronger restrictions coming up as well. We will need to tread carefully and not get into any unnecessary fights. Do whatever you can to keep yourselves safe this cycle, as I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet. Also consider that Mars will soon be going retrograde in less than a month, so whatever else you’re going to initiate (within reason and if it’s planned out already), you may want to do that soon. Decisions will get a bit dicier soon. Be well, everyone.