Full Moon Aquarius – August 2019 – Trouble in Paradise

Full Moon Aquarius

There’s quite a few aspects that are raising my eyebrows for the Aquarius Full Moon this time around, and this isn’t going to be the easiest time for relationships and what we find valuable, and will affect our money as well. I’m just going to be blunt right off the bat. There’s some interesting other aspects as well that may soften some of it. For the most part, we’ve got quite a ride to the rest of this lunar cycle (lasting until the next New Moon). Let’s jump into this.

The Full Moon takes place at 22 Aqu 24’15” on August 15th, 2019 5:29:14 AM PDT (12:29:14 PM UTC). Full Moons always involve Sun opposite Moon, so we’ve got how we’re feeling relating to our own egos, our own identities. There’s some give and take and it’s a time we reflect on whether we’re on the right track, or if we’ve gone off the rails somehow. It gets even more intense this time around as we’ve also got Full Moon opposing Venus, with Sun conjunct Venus strongly. Love, romance, relationships, money, valuables, they’re all going to be intensely exemplified right now. We’ve also got a weak Mars opposite Full Moon as well, almost out of range at just under 6 degrees orb, but still something we should be notating right now as well. We’ve got that subtle feel that we need to get things done, get things rolling, but still it’s in the background and right now we’re focused on what we like and what we want.

Full Moon semisextile Pluto retrograde in Capricorn does imply a trigger of sorts during the rest of this lunar cycle as well. We’re finding ourselves at odds with what we need to do to move forward with our goals and greater destiny, and we know we’re going to have to walk away from situations that no longer serve us. At the same time, we’re a bit rebellious against this necessity, so we could wind up making things harder on ourselves than they really need to be.

As far as other planetary aspects, Sun and Venus in Leo quincunx Pluto retrograde in Capricorn also further exemplifies this knowing that we need to get rid of some things so we can go forward and go after what we truly desire, but we’re not sure how to go about it. We may find ourselves questioning some of our relationships or even what we identify with at the core, so this is going to be quite cathartic.

Mars makes a loose conjunction to fixed star Regulus as well and will only be getting closer to this Behenian star over the next week or so. Mars and Regulus together add a bit of fire and oomph to our activities, and this can also lend itself to good fortune, fame, and we could see some prideful martial or military action going on in the near future. Celebrity is almost guaranteed to be in the news for the rest of this lunar cycle.

Mercury, now in Leo, squaring Uranus retrograde in Taurus suggests some upsetting messages regarding money and resources are likely to be in vogue right now, and this could be us kicking ourselves in the pants about some recent expenditures that may not have been wise, or that were necessary but really could have been timed better. Mistakes from the past could come back to haunt us, or on a more positive slant, we could recognize an error and this comes back in our favor. In that case, however, someone else will be on the hot seat.

Jupiter in Sagittarius, now direct after an extended retrograde period, squares both Black Moon Lilith and Neptune retrograde in Pisces, though by a few degrees each (and Neptune/Black Moon Lilith not close enough to be conjunct). We may find our optimism is muddled and we could also find ourselves at odds with authority figures right now. Leaders may not be clear about their intentions, or we could also see this as leadership having ulterior motives. Be careful who you look up to at this time.

We also see Saturn retrograde in Capricorn weakly conjunct another Behenian fixed star, Vega, as well as a weak conjunction to South Node still. Vega and Saturn are a troublesome combination, as it lends itself to heavy passions, as well as some nebulous occurrences and a higher possibility of false accusations. Some skeletons from the closet some thought they left behind in the past may very well come back to haunt the unscrupulous, or even the newly scrupulous. Do tread with caution while Saturn stays with this star. As far as the South Node, again, this points to the past coming back to haunt us, and us taking care of some loose ends. Saturn sextile Neptune in Pisces (both retrograde) does lend itself to some self-discipline that may be useful in pursuing some of our higher dreams.

As far as the asteroid aspects to the Full Moon, we have a few that are of note. 5264 Telephus conjunct Full Moon should enhance some of our dream visions, and also could lend itself to an increase in psychic sensitivity. We could very well find ourselves picking up on the thoughts and feelings of others more readily.

We need to be careful with the aforementioned feelings, as the Full Moon forms a Grand Cross (when considering the Sun and Venus) to some other asteroids, given Full Moon square 26955 Lie and Vesta in Taurus on one side, and 12927 Pinocchio, 564 Dudu, and 9951 Tyrannosaurus in Scorpio, and finally 5239 Reiki with the Sun/Venus opposing the Full Moon. This speaks to me in that we’re going to either see the unraveling of or the uncovering of some major lies and BS stories in the next couple of weeks, particularly in the realms of religion, dogma, or what passes for spirituality. Asteroid Reiki could bring some healing regarding this, or it could be the exposure of a healing scam. Be very cautious and don’t chug the snake oil.

1181 Lilith in Libra and 3402 Wisdom in Gemini making an airy Grand Trine to the Full Moon should allow us to see some epiphanies or enlightenment regarding some of the more maternal or feminine side of wisdom, or perhaps a more intuitive feel to this as well. Women may find themselves able to see some patterns and avoid some trouble with troublesome men (or other potential lovers or interests depending on preferences).

Full Moon sextile Eris retrograde in Aries and 829 Academia in Sagittarius does allow for some harnessing of chaos to learn some much-needed new skills. There’s also the possibility of an unexpected discovery coming from what is initially thought to be an unfortunate accident or incident, perhaps one that advances our understanding of the universe? It’s likely to be in the realm of education and higher education so… hard to say. Universities and schools are starting up soon, at least in the United States, so perhaps we’ll see some news in this regards as well.

Full Moon is also apexing an asteroid Yod with 1862 Apollo in Virgo, and 2878 Panacia and 4227 Kaali in Cancer. We could see a new discovery regarding the sun or in medical/healing arts, and Kaali here suggests it’s likely to be something that will force us to change a few ways we do things. Could be something about sunscreen or sun exposure? I’m not entirely sure, so we’ll have to see. Maybe something to do with vitamin D as well (something I may lack much of the year being in the Pacific Northwest during other times of the year).

Finally, 149 Medusa retrograde in Capricorn semisextile the Full Moon suggests strongly that we take a strong look at who we are associating with and to be particularly careful of betrayals and ulterior motives for the next couple of weeks.

The culmination of this lunar cycle does point to some trouble in paradise, or in other words, we find out the grass really isn’t greener on the other side. We’ll need to watch our step and look over everything in greater detail than we normally would, but it’s likely to be a couple of weeks we can deal with and get through. Do note what isn’t getting you closer to your goals during these couple weeks, and if there’s something holding you back, back-burner it (if it still has some value), or get rid of it altogether. Find what brings you joy, and pursue it cautiously, in other words. And above all, do be careful of con artists right now. There’s a lot of fast and loose shenanigans going on, so be alert.