New Moon Aries - March 2020 - End of The Old World

New Moon Aries - March 2020 - End of The Old World

"End of the Old World" is the phrase that comes to when looking at this New Moon in Aries. It does seem like the world as we know it has been ending, and that's quite accurate. Things will not be the same after all of what's going on is said and done.

This New Moon's Basics

This New Moon takes place at 04 Ari 12'16" on March 24th, 2020 02:28:11 (AM) PST (09:28:11 UTC). This lunar cycle is impacting our identity and sense of self quite hard, and it's impacting our private and public lives quite hard as well given the aspects to this New Moon. We will be reexamining our place in the world and what our impact on this world is. Another thing to consider is that this New Moon is squaring the previous Solar Eclipse point in Capricorn from December. This is adding to the energy levels of this New Moon, especially considering Jupiter was conjunct the Solar Eclipse then, so things are greatly amplified with this lunar cycle.

Of course, the New Moon involves Sun conjunct Moon. Again, a time of new beginnings, and a time to set some new intentions for where we want our lives to go. Granted, a lot of disruptions right now, and we'll need to take stock of what will no longer be once this lunar cycle is over as well. This New Moon is also in the domain of Mars, so actions (and inactions) will definitely speak louder than words for the next month or so.

What's Aspecting the New Moon

This New Moon has a good deal aspecting it in addition to the aforementioned Solar Eclipse point square. These are rather contentious this time around, so do not expect an easy cycle before the following New Moon in Taurus next month.

T-Square: New Moon Aries Conjunct Chiron and Black Moon Lilith Apexing Squares to the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn

This is intense. The New Moon conjunct Chiron and Black Moon Lilith indicates a lunar cycle where deep, hidden wounds must be dealt with, or they will deal with you. There's no more time to waste, you have to start dealing with this now. Add to this the square to the North and South Nodes, and you've got the critical decisions we need to make between going towards a better life for ourselves, and retreating to the past and keeping things as they've been. Now, that South Node is also on December's Solar Eclipse point, which was amplified by a tight conjunction to Jupiter then. Elements of the past are very much going to keep trying to keep us all pinned down, and these past issues are not going to take no for an answer. These issues must be confronted, or they will continue to drill down in our psyches and souls like a botfly larva. Not the prettiest picture, but this is what it's like right now. Time to resolve this shit and get it done, unless you don't want to move on to what you really want to do. For now, we're digging out.

New Moon Aries Semisextile Uranus in Taurus

This New Moon is also triggering a need to make some radical changes to how we approach money, resources, possessions, and where we feel comfortable and stable. Quite frankly, nothing's stable right now. Uranus doesn't like being in Taurus anyways, and as we can see right now, there is a tremendous amount of disruption to the status quo right now. Many people are out of work. This is an opportunity, if one has ample free time, to make use of the new time and get started on some creative side projects that may be closer to what you wanted to do in the long run, like writing a book or other creative project.

New Moon Aries Semisquare Venus in Taurus

This is a minor hard aspect, but one that's worth mentioning. Our desire to move forward is being blocked, probably by issues of our own making somehow. Venus is amplified in Taurus, being in one of its domicile signs, so we're definitely feeling that we're not making the money or other gains, even in relationships, that we feel we should be getting right now. We expected to make forward progress, and yet we're stuck. With many places closed for business and lockdowns/quarantines happening as I write this, yeah, it's a bit out of our hands right now. But there are solutions if we know how to look, and if we can get out of our own way.

New Moon Aries Quintile Jupiter in Capricorn

This lunar cycle does offer an opportunity for us to get in touch with how we see the world and the convictions we say we live under. Are we pursuing our higher purpose? Are we in touch with divinity, our higher self, or whoever we profess to believe in right now? In the silence that some of us are experiencing now, there is an opportunity for higher inspiration that could lead to some new paths for us. We'll need to approach things in new ways to make the most of this, though, as we can see that the tried-and-true methods are no longer that true. The world where those old methods made sense, that's gone. Look at the river of the moment and see where the currents are leading, and then go from there.

New Moon Aries Sextile Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn just changed signs in the last 24 hours to enter its other home sign of Aquarius, which it shares with Uranus for rulership, so Saturn is still highly charged even now, and will be in a different way for the next couple of years. Given the other aspects, we can see that there's still a need for some discipline in the pursuit of us getting things done. If we can maintain that composure, we should be able to see some solid gains. As it's a wide sextile, it won't be as easy as if this were tighter. It is what we have to work with, though. Some adjustments to how we go about getting tasks started and completed should bear some fruit now.

Other Aspects during the New Moon

There are other aspects we should be looking at right now that also yield some useful information as to how we can navigate this new lunar cycle coming up.

Mercury in Pisces Trine North Node in Cancer

Mercury's a couple weeks past its station direct phase, and thus is moving along once again. The planet of messages, contracts, agreements, travel, and technology is making a flowing trine to the point of our greater destiny and goals. We have some good inspirational energy that can be coming from this, and if we can act on this positive inspiration, we can feel a bit better about where we can go in the future. Still, not an easy time of things, but we can maybe inspire others if only remotely now.

Mercury in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus

Some sudden or random epiphanies might be in store with this combination between revolutionary Uranus and the messenger of the gods. Pay attention to sudden flashes of insight, and as this goes along with the trine to the North Node, you may be able to start writing a work that others will treasure in the future at this time. There is plenty of opportunity here, as many stories of keeping occupied during the social distancing going on will undoubtedly keep people entertained, or at least not staring at walls, during this chaotic time.

Mercury in Pisces Semisextile Chiron in Aries

Now this is more of a direct aspect, not really in range of aspecting the New Moon itself or Black Moon Lilith, as strange as the orbs are here. We're definitely feeling some discomfort, and this is leading to people communicating in like manner. We need to keep things in check so as not to needlessly hurt people with words right now. Many of us are going to be feeling cabin fever, especially in areas with shelter-in-place orders right now, so the lack of travel will definitely be an itch that can't be scratched for some. It'll pass, but not yet. It's kind of like fighting one kind of poison (COVID-19) with another kind of poison (staying away from others). Sometimes we have to take some bitter medicine to cure the illness. Diary or journal keeping would be quite beneficial. Imagine the stories that future generations can read of this strange time in human history, if only we tell it, even privately.

Mercury in Pisces Quintile Venus in Taurus

Again, the period of isolation could lead some of us to start those creative works or reading those novels we've been putting off for so long. There is a potential of a cultural renaissance if we can only grasp it. Some of us may not have the time though, and we may be experiencing this in other ways, such as improvising safety measures. Not the most ideal of scenarios, but perhaps a creative solution can be a viable option if all else fails. Many instances of thinking outside the box are called for here.

Venus in Taurus Semisquare Chiron and Black Moon Lilith in Aries, and North Node in Cancer

Many people are losing their livelihoods and others are temporarily out of work during this time. Others are finding themselves worked almost to death (like medical staff and first responders), and some of them quite literally in some cases. This is a lunar cycle where major disruptions from this hidden enemy ongoing is messing with everyone's future right now. We need to stay strong and focused if we're going to keep our sanity. Our health is first, resources second. Yet, we need resources to combat this catastrophe... This is a catch-22 for sure.

Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto Conjunct in Capricorn

This is one hell of a combination, and it is showing quite hard right now. Mars denotes energy, action, rage, fury, anger. Jupiter expands what it touches, and also rules optimism and higher philosophy, yet is diminished in Capricorn. Pluto is the destroyer and renewer, tearing down things so they can be rebuilt later. These three together, our collective society is being torn asunder, it's hitting with a vengeance, and it's testing some of our faith in ways, and the decimation it is wreaking is quite amplified and forceful right now. Do not expect things to be the same even after these aspects end. Also note that Jupiter and Pluto will be beginning retrograde cycles sometime soon, so there is likely to be more contacts between those two. Enhanced upheavals will continue for some time, but Mars will have thankfully moved on by that point.

Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn Quintile Chiron and Black Moon Lilith (with New Moon) in Aries

Now this is interesting... A triple-conjunction and a quadruple-conjunction (counting the Sun with the Moon), and they're in a creative must-think-innovatively aspect to each other. A lot of damage is being done all around, but there's also an opportunity to come up with some lasting solutions that would be better for everyone in the long run that can be taken. This is basically a societal reset going on here, and assuming the proper measures can be devised, then there is a chance that our societies can engage in a new beginning that's more equitable for all involved. This will require sustained effort beyond this lunar cycle, though, and traditionalism can spoil this pretty bad. Those in power seeking to preserve the status quo will be squandering an immense opportunity for greater gains in the long run if they keep trying to do the same old thing, or expect the same-old-same-old to return. It won't happen. Best to come up with better solutions now and rip the band-aid off, so to speak.

Asteroid Aspects to the New Moon

Asteroid-wise, there's quite a few interesting aspects here that paint a more complete picture of what this lunar cycle has in store.

New Moon Aries Sextile 896 Sphinx and 10 Hygiea in Gemini

This sextile combination is at a wider orb and isn't as powerful, but it does point to a ray of hope in the fight against the contagion going on right now. Sphinx indicates that this thing is indeed a riddle, and Hygiea is a health asteroid associated with healing. Some inroads against this virus are expected this lunar cycle, I think, but they'll be rather minor. Still, minor victories are still victories.

Besides the obvious global pandemic link, this also points to some innovation many of us will be turning to to keep healthy during this time, especially as some of our normal exercise routines have been disrupted (i.e. closure of gyms and health clubs). Bodyweight exercises are also useful.

New Moon Aries Opposite 8690 Swindle Retrograde in Libra

We're fooling ourselves if we think our current issues will be completely resolved very soon. We have a lot of expectations we've probably been telling ourselves that aren't congruent with reality right now. Also, there is a ton of misinformation and outright disinformation right now. Be careful with the sources of information and advice you read right now, as some of it can be quite harmful.

New Moon Aries Square 4955 Gold and 1981 Midas (With North Node) in Cancer, and Pholus, 6583 Destinn, and 1181 Lilith (With South Node) in Capricorn

This is definitely a big indicator here, and it adds to the T-Square that was already mentioned before up above when talking about major body and point links. 4955 Gold and 1981 Midas are quite telling, especially on the North Node, in the generation of wealth and prosperity that one would like, yet keep in mind that Midas turned everything he touched into gold, even his wife. We want it all, and we see that as our greater destiny. Yet, Pholus (intoxication), 6583 Destinn (destiny), and 1181 Lilith (hidden/occult matters, and dark sexuality as well) are striving to keep us yoked to the past. This virus going around is another point of order with this. It could even represent drowning for some, as people are afflicted with pneumonia from this nasty contagion. Something had to happen to break some major cycles, and this is destined to act as a wake-up call for the world right now. Still, something seems rather off and sinister about this virus. Like something that should have remained hidden.

New Moon Aries Quincunx 2598 Merlin Retrograde in Scorpio

This is a lunar cycle where we'll have to make our own magic when it comes to resolving tasks and matters during this troubling time. We may have some ideas how to proceed, yet our confidence in making any sort of progress in our higher matters is sapped given the heightened energies and anxieties being throwing into the aether right now.

New Moon Aries Semisextile 69230 Hermes and 875 Nymphe in Pisces

Hermes is the Greek name for Mercury, and acts as a messenger of the gods, and Nymphe represents Nymphs, who were quite promiscuous. There isn't as much promiscuity going on these days with some of the lockdowns, and in some corners of the world there's been less of that sort of thing going around as well (or at least, some countries were having reduced birth rates). With some couples not able to go out and about, we can expect some more... procreation... to be going on. Expect a mini-baby boom during Sagittarius/Capricorn season is my bet.

New Moon Aries Semisquare 1862 Apollo in Taurus

As Apollo is with Venus, this is indicating some light shed onto the matters of money and relationships right now. If anything, the glaring inequalities of our societies at large have been laid bare and have been spotlighted during this time as well, given how some companies and corporations (as well as governments) have handled the COVID-19 crisis. Not a time to flout such emergencies, as a few companies have certainly found out the hard way.

New Moon Aries Semisquare Ceres, 2063 Bacchus, and 114 Kassandra in Aquarius

This is another indicator where problems on the homefront were ignored by some, or disregarded, and it has led to a serious problem in some cases. Some of these matters may have stemmed from the expectation that business as usual could continue, and we are finding during this lunar cycle that that is certainly not the case. This lunar cycle will be a learning experience in taking to account warnings before they escalate out of hand.

New Moon Aries Sesquiquadrate 447 Valentine Retrograde in Leo

Much courtship and romantic encounters will be severely curtailed during this lunar cycle as there will not be many opportunities to go out and meet people. It's not impossible, but it's quite muted right now.

New Moon Aries Quintile 4581 Asclepius in Gemini

Creative medical solutions will be pursued this lunar cycle. We can expect unconventional therapies to be proposed and experimented on. Hopefully some will be promising.

New Moon Aries Quintile 4386 Lust, 151 Abundantia, and Pallas in Capricorn

This combination of asteroids is rather interesting, especially as they're in range of Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto. As there are reports of adult toy makers and some adult stars making... offerings... for, ahem, solo play and pleasure (particularly with the availability of the Internet and some delivery services still available), this definitely falls into line with 4386 Lust's impact on things. Abundantia falls into this as well as some people will be able to still make a living during this crisis going on. Pallas represents law, and there are some rather creative proposals as to how to keep the economy going being made (but whether they become law and actually do anything, that's anyone's guess).

New Moon Aries Biquintile 7328 Casanova Retrograde in Scorpio

Again, I suppose some romantic encounters could still happen right now given the right circumstances during this trying time. More likely people will increasingly take to their own company in many instances right now.

To Sum it All Up

This lunar cycle is something else. Plenty of old wounds and old habits that have to be take care of and resolved, and some promise of creative solutions to these problems. This all depends on the dying power structures getting out of their own and everyone else's way, which I am not entirely hopeful on. Still, a massive reset is indicated and happening right now, with a renaissance possible if enough people can make use of this troubling time to innovate and create. Be safe out there, as it's quite an unpredictable time. Hang in there.