Full Moon Aquarius I – July 2021 – Lilithian Shadow

Full Moon Aquarius

We’ve got something special this time for a Full Moon, as this one’s coming so close to entering Leo season. Not one, but two Full Moons in Aquarius this year, this being the first one. There are going to be a lot of Saturnian and Uranian themes for the next month or so, so we have quite the ride coming on.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon goes exact at 01 Aqu 26’20” on July 23, 2021 at 19:36:53 PST (July 24, 2021 02:36:53 UTC). The primary aspect of Sun opposite Moon puts the Moon in Aquarius for this lunar cycle culmination. The themes will tend towards the unconventional, breaking with tradition, dealing with friends, hopes, and breaking free overall. With the Sun in Leo, we’ll have that focus on children, having good times, creative endeavors, and short-term romances and “fun”. Overall, this is an intense culmination of a cycle where, really, anything can happen.

Other Aspects to the Lunar Eclipse

There’s a couple aspects that are definitely noteworthy. Full Moon Aquarius trine Black Moon Lilith in the beginning of Gemini does add to the deeper mystery and is definitely a time where we can jot down and write out some of our more deeper, darker secrets that we may normally not share with the world. Occult research and dissemination of secrets is more likely to be received, or at the very least, can be transmitted a little more openly without some being aware of it. On the other hand, we can also sense and identify this a bit more easily now if we’re more open to it. Matters regarding women’s rights, the fight for equality, and other issues where the hidden and forgotten can come out the forefront will be more prevalent now. How that translates to the upcoming Harvey Weinstein trial will be interesting to see, as one example.

There’s also the matter of Full Moon Aquarius making an awkward quincunx to Venus, having just moved into Virgo. Venus being in fall position in Virgo (as it’s exalted in Pisces), we can see some of the finer details when it comes to romances, pieces of art, attractive and valuable people and objects, but how we feel about them can feel a bit forced, a bit “off” so to speak. We’re not sure if we’re able to attain the beauty that we seek, or perhaps we don’t feel like we’re ready for it, like the timing is off? This could also be felt as discontent or uncertainty regarding money, like we’ve overextended ourselves perhaps.

Full Moon Aquarius semisextile Jupiter goes hand in hand with this. Jupiter’s retrograde, so we’re feeling like we have to dig deep within to get some of that greater luck and optimism going again. Jupiter’s about to cross back over into Aquarius as well, which is Uranian and Saturnian territory. We could find we’re facing events of uncertainty in the markets, or a fear of that. Another possibility is seeing events where unconventional decisions played into fortunate outcomes. This is, admittedly, quite vague. Expect the unorthodox.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Lunar Eclipse

The major aspect that’s not directly tied to the Full Moon itself is a T-Square with Venus in Virgo opposite Jupiter retrograde in Pisces, both square Black Moon Lilith in Gemini at the apex. Jupiter being in a sign it co-rules with Neptune on one side, and Venus in fall on the other side, this gets a bit interesting. We see options for going for our goals, but we have to be methodical and can’t let things just go to chance. The squares to Black Moon Lilith denote a devil in the details, perhaps something we’re overlooking, or a piece of information we don’t have that will become apparent when we set a course. This could be like where we think we have enough budget for something cool that we want, but then a bill comes out of nowhere (whether it’s a surprise bill, or simply one we overlooked). This could also be something like us thinking we’ve got a chance at a romance we had our heart set on, but you find out at the last moment that the would-be partner you wanted to date has a beau you didn’t know about, or just isn’t looking for anything right now and isn’t entertaining any adventures with you. Something like that. Hidden details leading to potential disappointments. There’s also the possibility of a market upset with this, as some surprise news could spook investors as another possibility.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn’s got some fun times going on during this Full Moon as well. Pluto is opposing Mercury in Cancer, and a wide opposition to the Sun in Leo as well (itself outside of range of conjuncting Mercury). We could be finding ourselves speaking some truths quite emotionally, something that triggers some upheavals in our relations with others. There’s a lot we’ve been holding back on, and we’re probably ready to just unload (or just say to hell with it and unload anyways). Pluto quincunx Mars in Leo is also adding to this tension, and we’re just ready to let loose. The question is, what is this going to do to our private lives and our relation with others? This is a time where some relationships will transform. Others will end. And out of the ashes, new relationships can begin. Old relationships could even go through a form of immolation, much like a phoenix rebirthing itself. The more you fight this process, the hotter the flames will be. Do keep in mind, Pluto is retrograde right now, so a lot of this reconfiguration and reformatting we’re experiencing is going to be internal… with possibly intermittent outbursts given the other transits. Perhaps we should all be wearing shirts or labels that read “Warning: contents under pressure.”

Pluto retrograde sextile Neptune retrograde in Pisces can signify some clarity in work in our inner world, like an inner knowledge that things are ending in our lives or needing to end, and a sort of serenity that comes when we just surrender to the process. Holding on just isn’t going to work in a lot of cases right now. Just use this inner clarity and make sure you’re surrendering and letting go of the right things. Mercury trine Neptune may be the right aspect to put some of these thoughts to paper or into an online work somewhere. Letting the thoughts flow can even lead to some beautiful works in the crucible of inner change, especially now.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius has its own set of fun times, given the ongoing square to Uranus in Taurus. We’re still seeing volatility and rapidly changing circumstances that serve to continue rendering previous guidance null and void. We’re expecting stability, and with Uranus being the planet of sudden changes, and not even being in home in fixed, stable Taurus, and squaring the disciplinarian of the cosmos, we want to move, we want to change things up, and we’re continuously finding ourselves stuck in the mud. Now, given the sextile from Saturn to Chiron retrograde in Aries, all this delay and frustration may be to our benefit in some warped way… perhaps we’re being forced to slow down to take a step back, take a few (dozen) breaths, and get our bearings straight. Like there’s something we have to resolve before we can go on with our plans. Saturn trine the North Node in Gemini also feeds into this, as we’re needing to retreat, regroup, and build a stronger foundation for our future plans. Perhaps what we thought we had figured out was going to propel us straight into a brick wall in the long run. Definitely a time to reevaluate our planning, which may work out better in the long run.

Returning to Jupiter, that Mars in late Leo is also opposing the planet of optimism and fortune. Again, we feel like we’re raring to go, and we could be wanting to go too fast right now. As much as I don’t like Saturn at times, perhaps we need to use the Saturn trines to take a few steps back before we go too far too fast with some major gamble. Remember, Jupiter is soon returning to Aquarius, so whatever deep Piscean influence Jupiter has right now isn’t going to last much longer. Try to keep a handle on some of those deeper vibes, and try not to get frustrated when our optimism blows up in our face. (At best, perhaps we find a smaller or different blessing that works just as well if not better than what we hoped). The drive to make our own luck is also strong, but it needs some good sense and good direction right now.

In Closing

With this Full Moon having some intense volatility regarding our deeper emotions, feelings, and the buildup of many frustrations and impatience under the surface, there’s a very good chance we’re going to see some explosive expression here in the next couple of weeks. Try to keep a level head and I’d strongly recommend meditation or some sort of long walk in nature at this time if you can. Be ready for anything, as much as you can. For some, this lunar culmination could be quite fun and have some fireworks in good ways, but do keep in mind that there are other forms of prosperity. Remember, Sun in the fifth sign, and summer fun could translate to early spring babies. If you’re aiming for that, more power to you! If not aiming for that, take precautions.

As usual, I’m up a bit late writing this, so I’ll conclude this now. Asteroids to the Full Moon to come in a follow-up article if matters permit tomorrow (most definitely after the Full Moon is exact, given what I need to take care of for the day job).