New Moon Gemini – May 2020 – Channeled Determination

New Moon Gemini

We have now entered Gemini season, and we’re also entering Eclipse Season with this new lunar cycle now beginning to hit us. There are quite a few opportunities here should we take advantage of it, but this will also require confronting some shadows. Let’s get started.


This New Moon’s Basics

This New Moon takes place at 02 Gem 04’39” on May 22nd, 2020 10:38:49 (AM) PDT (17:38:49 (5:38:49 PM) UTC). This lunar cycle will be putting a large focus on our immediate environment (both in and out of the home), our localities, our communications, and our being able to go out and about or not in our travels. There’s a fair amount hitting this New Moon aspect-wise as well, some of it easier, and some of it requiring some mental discipline on our parts to get through it.

A New Moon’s primary aspect is Sun conjunct Moon, and this signifies a new beginning in a period of time for us, about four weeks or so. This is a time to set new intentions, and good intentions at that, for what we intend to accomplish with the energies at hand. Of course this is in Mercury’s domain so we’ll be considering how we communicate, how we travel in day-to-day business, and of course, technology. We also have a Venus retrograde cycle going on with this New Moon, also in Gemini, so matters of relationships, beauty, projects, valuables will also be in focus, as well as how that relates to our core being. Do not expect things to go according to plan with all these retrogrades going on. Also consider that the North Node is in late Gemini as well, so local travel and technology will be quite prominent

What’s Aspecting the New Moon

We’ve got some interesting aspects going on here, some that will be helpful, and some that will be challenging us to keep our heads straight.

New Moon Gemini Trine Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

The tightest direct aspect to the New Moon is actually a good one for turning inwards and dealing with some self-discipline issues we have been having as of late. Saturn still has a bit of a Uranian partner feel right now (as Aquarius is also co-ruled by Uranus in addition to Saturn itself). We’ll be fighting our impulses a bit, but we’ll have an easier time of making plans and sticking to them now. While outside factors will still be a hindrance in some way, we can hunker down and move through it easier than we have been able to for the last couple of months. If there’s a project you’ve been putting off, you can make some good progress tackling it now.

On a global scale, we should be seeing some relaxation of restrictions, but this will come with a caveat of required vigilance, as there’s ample opportunity for self-sabotage if one is careless. Be wise, and you’ll be able to come out ahead in all of this.

New Moon Gemini Quintile Neptune in Pisces

This New Moon also lends itself to some creative thinking and beautiful meditations that can come about now. Quintiles are minor aspects that indicate a challenge which will require creative thinking and thinking outside the box to get through. Neptune is the planet of illusions, dreams, addictions, and psychic ability, and with all of this together you’ll be dealing with quite a bit of a mental storm trying to put things all together. However, if you try to see things from a different perspective, you may find the key is to do something a bit different. Think differently. Creative works that are transformative should bring great benefit to those who can appreciate such art now.

New Moon Gemini Weak Square to Mars in Pisces

Mars in Pisces can be a bit forceful when it comes to steaming up the psychic atmosphere, as it is a fiery planet of action, vigor, anger, and power. With this weaker square to the New Moon, we will be facing challenges from those who are not seeing so clearly and are hell-bent on enforcing their will upon you. You will need to be assertive, but not overly aggressive when dealing with unruly individuals and groups. There is also a chance of lunacy and combative behaviors in groups right now, so do be careful when you go out and about as tempers are fraying. There is also a greater potential for passive-aggression right now, so again, assert yourself calmly when facing off against these individuals.

New Moon Gemini Weak Trine to Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn

Here’s another helpful aspect, though it’s muted in its power as Jupiter is retrograde and in its fall position in Capricorn. We’ll be able to see subtle influences of the greater treasures of life right now (especially in the northern hemisphere where the sun is coming out more as we approach summer). Some long-distance messages and communications with institutions of higher philosophy and spirituality may be helpful, such as an inspirational devotional or sermon, or perhaps an online class to learn a new skill will come into play. Not the greatest time for long-distance travel, but depending on your precautions, you should be able to have a slightly safer journey now. Much caution is called for, however, as indeed this is a weak trine after all at almost five degrees of orb.

Other Aspects during the New Moon

Quite a few other aspects to the other bodies going on here during this lunar cycle ingress. Let’s see what’s in store here…

Mercury and Venus Retrograde in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces

This is a bit of a contentious one. There’s a lot of fears, misgivings, misinformation, and disinformation being spread out there, and it seems like a diabolical propaganda machine is in overdrive right now! We will be having a hell of a time determining what is true and what is not. Those being fact-checked are likely to balk and retaliate strongly right now as well, especially given the weak New Moon-Mars square going on at the same time, so do be aware of arguments, gaslighting, and other subtle forms of verbal and mental abuse. This is also a point where communications with others is not clear right now, and this can affect contracts and legal documents in varying ways as well, so do be careful and consider a second opinion if at all possible. Initiating something contentious right now is likely to backfire as we progress through June, so do be careful.

Mercury and Venus Retrograde in Gemini Biquintile Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn

This is a tricky aspect, but there’s some chance for good outcomes here. Traditional ways of resolving problems will not be very likely to bear fruit, so you’ll have to think of new ways of dealing with the issues of long-distance travel, foreign affairs, and higher institutions being dealt with here too. That said, there’s a lot that can be learned from afar, both in creative works and in spritualism and philosophy as well. Online learning could be quite fruitful.

Mercury Conjunct Venus Retrograde in Gemini

Now this conjunction is a bit of a mixed bag, in that Venus is in a seemingly reverse motion going through the heavens from our perspective here on Earth right now. It’s not the greatest of times to unveil incomplete works, so do bear that in mind. That said, you can make a great deal of progress in planning ahead for a project you’ve been wanting to start on that has been on hold for some time, but do plan this out well. Going full speed right now and jumping into a new venture is likely to be met with some revision work and backtracking later on when Venus stations direct again near the end of June (and Mercury will be retrograde itself by then, so you really need to plan your moves carefully now). Expect to erase and rewrite more than you are used to, but that revision may wind up being so much better than the initial impulse.

Venus Retrograde in Gemini Biquintile Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

Of course we’ve been seeing the effects of current events and how that has affected our livelihoods, relationships, and overall plans for the future. We are in a major revision period right now, and it’s painfully obvious that just trying to get back to “business as usual” will not work! We’ll need to consider new ways of adjusting, for sure, and we can come up with some beautiful ideas that can change the world for the better. We’ll need to be fully disciplined and visionary for this to work, however. It’s doable, but not easy, yet totally worth it. Consider some of your alternative ideas for side ventures that you can do at home, especially creative and visionary works.

Venus Retrograde in Gemini Quintile Chiron in Aries

During this quarantine/lockdown period, the question of our health has most decidedly come up. This is an opportunity here to figure out how we’ve been sabotaging our own efforts in feeling and looking great, and doing something about it. Whether it’s incorporating some new calisthenics routine to your day, or adjusting your diet to be a bit healthier, now’s a good time to take a look at how you’ve been taking care of (or not taking care of) your body and well-being. This also impacts relations with others, as if we’re feeling like we’ve been tearing ourselves down, we’ll likely think that others will do the same. We need to build ourselves back up however we can, especially now. But do be cautious. Not everyone will be responsible right now, so take precautions if you must go out and about.

Mars in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus

Uranus isn’t exactly in its favorite position here, being in Taurus, but this is a nice flowing boost to our notions of independence and rebellion. Our emotions and feelings are amplified right now with Mars being in Neptune’s domain, but we can bend this to a better purpose and set a foundation for a greater change later on when things get a bit more stable (such as Venus and later on Mercury both being direct again after the middle of July). Our foundations are still shaky, but we can use some creativity to get through this rough patch.

Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn Quintile Chiron in Aries

Another quintile to foster some creative thinking being required, the eternal optimist and philosopher in Saturn’s sign will be tested to look at the silver linings on the many clouds floating around right now. While we count the blessings we do have, we also are tasked with doing the work necessary within ourselves to make use of those silver linings. Keeping the faith isn’t easy right now, but there are some rewards for doing so. Some quiet reflection and meditation would be helpful to see how we can set up a plan for the long-term to better ourselves.

Jupiter Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde Conjunct in Capricorn

While this isn’t as strong as it could be yet, these two powerhouses will be getting closer again over this lunar cycle, and we will be seeing some massive overhauls and death/rebirth action going on inside of ourselves right now. Clearly there was a lot not working, and institutions like governments and religious organizations are also experiencing this as well. Corporations, educational institutions, pretty much everyone is forced to revise and review, and see what isn’t working anymore. This is evident in many small businesses no longer being able to continue on and shutting down permanently in the face of the pandemic that is still ongoing right now. This is one manifestation of the hard choices and conclusions that can come about when Jupiter and Pluto meet. This can also lead to individuals lashing out at the perceived (or actual) injustice of events tearing down what was worked hard for. We are challenged to face some harsh truths and see what we can salvage, and where we are being called upon to rebuild.

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius Quintile Black Moon Lilith in Aries

We’re looking deep within already with Saturn the disciplinarian turning inwards while being retrograde, but adding the dark and deep Black Moon Lilith into the mix in this creative quintile will be quite challenging for some. We will need to look deep within ourselves and see if there’s some uncomfortable truth or bad habit that needs to be thrown into the pyre. It could be a bad habit like staying in the bathroom too long, or spending too much time on idle pursuits. We are being called upon to consider newer ways to keep our focus during these trying times. Darker revelations of the divine feminine and in feminism issues are coming to the forefront right now too, such as the recent revelation of the “deathbed” confession of the woman behind Roe vs. Wade, and this coming to light in a documentary. That is one example of this aspect at work.

Uranus in Taurus Semisextile Chiron in Aries

This is a rather tight semisextile that’s still triggering the upheaval of our notions of stability in financial resources and money, and how this affects and wounds or heals us directly. Our sense of self has been upended quite harshly over the last couple of months, and this will continue for the foreseeable future. Be wary of quick fixes as you will find quick and sudden ruin if you are not careful. To prevent absolute wounding, we will need to play the long game with everything going on right now. This is not the time to be making major purchases on a whim, especially during Venus retrograde. Temper the rebellious instinct just a bit, and shore up the finances and stability however you can right now.

Asteroid Aspects to the New Moon

As always, the asteroids do paint a more complete picture of how this lunar cycle will go.

New Moon Gemini Weakly Opposite 666 Desdemona Retrograde in Sagittarius

It’s easy to feel like we’re not in control right now with everything going on. Some aspects of current events are even seeming a bit diabolical. This is a caution to take charge and make sure you’re not putting your trust in those who would throw you under the proverbial bus, and to keep your spiritual armor and defenses up.

New Moon Gemini Quincunx 1181 Lilith Retrograde and Pholus Retrograde in Capricorn

No asteroid Yods this time from the asteroids I check. Basically, it’s easy to fall prey to the siren call of throwing caution to the wind and give in to temptation, especially in the realm of self-medication. We need to keep our wits about us and not fall too far into the abyss of indulgence.

New Moon Gemini Quintile 2878 Panacea in Leo, and Quintile 5264 Telephus and 13897 Vesuvius in Pisces (with Neptune)

This is a lunar cycle where we’ll be challenged to find new creative ways to keep our health up, to keep our fitness levels up or restore them if they’ve declined during this challenging period. On the other side of the equation is using innovative solutions to keep our minds focused on solid mental goals right now, and to be very well aware of the mental images and psychic messages we are receiving right now. An explosion of mental imagery, both for good and ill, can be hitting us right now if we’re not ready for it. Definitely engage in meditation and mental discipline to keep your mental health in check right now, and definitely spiritual health as well.

New Moon Gemini Semisquare 343 Circe in Aries, and Semisquare 4955 Gold and 9770 Discovery in Cancer

There are definitely some strange psychic and occult vibes going on with all of the fear and uncertainty in the air right now, and I’d also say anger as well. We will need to make sure our psychic and spiritual boundaries are up where asteroid Circe is concerned. On the other side of this, Gold and Discovery semisquare the New Moon indicates that we’ll be hard-pressed to find new sources of income and keeping what we do have at this point, especially if we lost our footing. Some self-discipline will definitely be helpful. As Gold/Discovery squares Circe, I’d say there’s an occult, almost black magick feel regarding advances in recovering any sort of normalcy and prosperity right now. Keep your spiritual armor up.

New Moon Gemini Sesquiquadrate 2247 Hiroshima Retrograde and 85047 Krakatau Retrograde in Libra

This is quite an explosive mix. I’m interpreting this as a warning to be wary of the powder keg that is increased and inflamed tensions going on right now. Try not to get caught up in any protests that are going on right now (especially lockdown protests), and do what you can to avoid potentially explosive situations regarding others. This is not a time to be picking fights, as what is sown shall be reaped right now. Unnecessary conflict will likely cause most harm to the attacker this lunar cycle.

New Moon Gemini Sextile 15845 Bambi, 2696 Magion, and 5180 Ohno in Aries, and Sextile 407 Arachne in Leo

This is an interesting combination where we have the web of Arachne weaving its silk in a softer manner towards the Gemini Moon… a spider’s web is not only an instrument of catching prey, but it is also an early warning device. Bambi, Magion, and Ohno also in soft aspect to the New Moon here, this indicates a time where we need to use our sixth sense and our spiritual and psychic defenses and keep ourselves protected. Keep this in mind, keep those barriers up, and you’ll be able to better detect trouble coming long before it can hit you. Remember, a deer will also survey its surroundings for attackers and be ready to move at a moment’s notice.

New Moon Gemini Square 114 Kassandra in Pisces

We’ve been seeing some of the undercurrents and undertones in what’s been going on in the world, both in the realm of the virus, and in terms of the developing political landscape. I can’t help but feel that there’s been quite a bit of warning about the consequences of these two things, and yet… here we are. A lot of people didn’t listen, and it’s also not clear exactly what we should be listening to or for at times now. Use your intuition and common sense, and heed warnings that are made now.

New Moon Gemini Trine 3412 Kafka in Libra, and Trine Pallas in Aquarius Retrograde (with Saturn)

Finally, we have a bit of an Air Grand Trine with Kafka and Pallas/Saturn here. Things have been quite Kafkaesque lately, and thus we can more easily see the absurdities in many decisions being made right now. On the other side of the equation, we’ve got a nice flowing trine to the asteroid associated with Pallas Athene, and thus we have some wisdom to consider in our deeper discipline work right now. Be wise and avoid trouble before it hits, and we can add that the wisdom to eliminate some contentious bad habits will also be of great help. Perhaps some, such as myself breaking bad habits, that’s almost Kafkaesque in itself.

To Sum it All Up

Plenty of opportunities to set up some progress for the future, especially in the terms of creative works and long-term projects, and also a time rife with disinformation, misinformation, and a sense that something is foreboding and requiring us to be spiritually vigilant. Definitely call out to your higher power for protection, and be mindful of malevolent forces seeking to torment and destroy us all. There is a sort of dark magick happening right now, and some ill-advised gatherings and poor planning are definitely going to throw some dark fuel on that fire. Take precautions, focus on your own growth and development, and be ready to protect yourself (spiritually and otherwise) from the dark energies that seem to be growing. Better days will come again, for sure, it’ll just take time. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones, and until next time, peace.