Special Report – Election Day 2020 – Judgment Day

US Election 2020

Election Day here in the United States is upon us, and as we can see in the news over the past couple of weeks, the election “day” has turned into an election “period,” with Election Day itself as the deadline. This is even more contentious than the Midterms in 2018, and the elections in 2016. While I subtitled the Midterms as “Judgment Day,” I will apply that to this one too, because this truly is Judgment Day. The alignments are quite interesting, and I can tell you Inauguration Day 2021 is even more contentious.

My analysis will be based on EST noontime, no specific location (though we can assume Washington D.C. as this is a national election). There is another change in status that takes place after noontime EST that I will mention down below. As each state has its own opening and closing poll times for in-person voting, It doesn’t make sense to go through 50 states plus the District of Columbia and the outlying territories. I just do not have the time, nor have I had the time to properly do this for each candidate. Let us begin.

Election Day, Noontime EST

In short, this chart looks like a bit of a mess, and that’s without factoring in asteroids. There’s a couple softer aspects, but the vast majority among major points are the harder aspects (squares, oppositions). Certainly some challenges here.

Mercury Station Direct

This is the one thing that I need to bring up that happens a little later in the day during this election: Mercury retrograde ends on Election Day. When Mercury stations, be it retrograde or direct, things tend to come to a standstill in some ways. Travel can be delayed, messages can get lost, or you find that you thought you hit “Send” and the email doesn’t send. What does this mean for the election? Quite frankly, chaos with the ballots. Voting machines tend to have issues in places during a normal election. That’s par for the course since among thousands of machines, some software glitch or mechanical failure is bound to happen somewhere. But this time? Expect more malfunctions, glitches, and I would argue covert and overt manipulation. Take no chances with your vote, and make sure everything matches up as much as possible. Also, as Mercury goes motionless for part of the day, do not take any declarations of results on this day at face value. We are not going to know by the end of the night, and I’m looking at this astrologically here.

Mercury Near Fixed Star Spica in Libra Square Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn

This is a major aspect and perhaps the most telling one regarding how this election is going to go. Mercury shifting directions on this particular day, to me, denotes a shift in directions. Mercury is also slightly in range of fixed star Spica, one of the more fortunate stars in Libra at this point. Mercury and Spica together denotes good fortune for those in the clergy, priesthoods, authority figures, and good gains in investments.

Now, consider the squares to three of the outer planets: Mercury square Jupiter brings some miscommunication and mixed signals regarding luck, fortune, and can denote unfavorable messages regarding higher institutions (including education and religious). Mercury square Pluto brings forth messages and travel delays that can make or break a given campaign, battle, or other situation. Mercury square Saturn can bring us unfavorable news (or news stating much more work is required), and can denote lawsuits and other challenges to and from authorities. All of this together suggests major pushback from powers-that-be.

Concerning this set of squares, I could see this as an outside challenger attempting to upend a given established order. On one hand, Trump was considered an outsider to the political order, and from where I’m standing, that was somewhat true in 2016. Today, he and his administration are the established order. On the other hand, you have Biden who has been involved in the political arena for much of his life (about 47 years), but is not currently an incumbent.

Either way, expect challenges and blowback.

Mars Retrograde in Aries Sextile Moon in Gemini

This aspect will only cover about several hours of this election day, but still will be relevant for much of the actual polling hours. Mars retrograde in its home sign of Aries, Mars wants to get up and go, but it’s being held back, it’s forced to restrain itself, and it’s building up. Also note that Mars is slowing down and will station direct in the matter of a couple weeks. The fact that it’s retrograde during this crucial moment (and for the entire duration of this recent Mercury retrograde period) indicates a powder keg ready to blow. Moon sextile Mars in this moment, though, this does bring forth a sense of local community concerns, especially as individual states, counties, and towns are all having their own elections on the same day as well. On the local level, there could be calm in places, and apart from that, a brief respite from turmoil. Local races will need to be watched closely as well.

Moon in Gemini Will Cross North Node Later in Day

As Election Day draws to a close, the Moon will move off of its sextile to Mars retrograde and start conjuncting the North Node, a destiny point if ever there was one. This combination affects both presidential frontrunner’s charts. Starting with Donald Trump? He’s experiencing a North Node Return right now. Also, Trump’s Sun and Uranus are also conjunct his North Node (with the Sun having been transited earlier, and Uranus to come in the following weeks), putting Donald Trump’s South Node conjunct his Moon. (Interestingly enough, he was an Eclipse Baby, further adding to the power level). Trump is certainly at a destiny point, though that destiny could come in many forms.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, the Moon and Nodes are to be squaring his Virgo Midheaven and Pisces IC. From what I’ve seen in coverage for this cycle, his family is a major part of who Biden is, and I’m certain the Hunter Biden controversies have not been easy on Joe (as well as having lost a son (Beau) and his first wife in an accident). However, transiting Nodes squaring this axis could also indicate a time of destiny for him where he takes up a new mantle, and it would affect both career and home for him if he wins as he would be changing residence into his next workplace (the White House).

This aspect alone does not tell us who will win.

Venus in Libra Opposite Chiron Retrograde in Aries

This is another aspect that looks like it could be quite painful. Venus in one of its home signs, Libra, this denotes partnerships, relationships, be it romantic, business, or otherwise (such as colleagues on the House or Senate floor). Chiron in independent Aries puts the focus on wounds we’ve experienced that affect our core identity and affects who we are. In this case, we’re looking at the core identity of the United States. There’s been a lot of reexamination of just what American ideals are, and this election cycle and the events of the past four years are putting this to the ultimate test now. We can either come together and heal as a nation, or we can rip open the scabs and bleed out. Given the other aspects, I am not hopeful for a bloodless healing.

Venus in Libra Quincunx Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

This is another potential painful one. Uranus is already debilitated being in Taurus, as it’s the planet of changing things up and rebellion, and it’s in the fixed, earthy sign of Taurus, which isn’t very open to change. Resources, money, valuables, possessions, comforts, these are also represented by Taurus. Right now, this quincunx is showing that our strained relationships even in our tightest partnerships are being tested to their absolute limits. Relationships are breaking because of politics, and it was like this in the First U.S. Civil War too. (I know, that statement denotes a Second Civil War, which is a distinct possibility that we may already be in an undeclared one). The markets are also going to be facing some serious uncertainty until a winner is announced in this election, and this is going to have ripple effects through the economy. It’s hard to plan when you don’t know what exactly is going to happen.

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces Square the Moon and North Node in Gemini

There’s a lot of illusion and mind fog going on right now. Neptune in its home sign of Pisces, particularly when it’s retrograde, denotes a lot of introspection and going deep into the psyche. Moon square Neptune can be a harbinger of illusions and deceptions, while Neptune squaring the Nodes points to a conflict in our minds, going between our thoughts and intuition of what will be driving us to a better tomorrow, and the conflict of memories and fears stemming from yesterday’s events and failings. There is a lot of fear for and of the future right now with this aspect.

Sun in Scorpio Opposite Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

We’re entering the middle of Scorpio season, and this is a time where we are considering other people’s resources (taxes are a good example of this), sex, occult, and death. Usually, an election is effectively the arrival of the death of previous terms in office for elected officials, and the rebirth that is the selection (or reelection) of given officials. Given some of the more esoteric history of the United States, it’s only fitting that the election would be held during the time of the harvest and close to a period where the veil between worlds is thinnest as well. Not that I’ve done a lot of research recently on the secrets of the Founding Fathers.

But enough rambling… let’s get to what matters: The Sun opposing Uranus retrograde at this point is telling us that there’s a great deal at stake here. We’re at a crisis and tipping point where we don’t know how stable things are going to remain. The Sun in Scorpio reveals a great many things and sheds light on what was once hidden. In this instance, it’s shedding light on who will serve in office for the upcoming terms. There’s also that air of uncertainty and reversal in general, even for those not in the United States at this moment.

Asteroid Aspects During the Election

There’s a few asteroids that are worth mentioning in my mind.

10961 Buysballot Retrograde in Gemini Trine Mercury in Libra

This aspect could be seen as something of a better omen overall. Buysballot by its name implies just that, buying ballots. The trine, an “easier” aspect, suggests that deceptions regarding electoral fraud will be uncovered before they can do lasting damage. Not that someone won’t try, but they are unlikely to be successful overall. Discrepancies will be made clear later on, as Mercury is motionless at this point. The damage can be reversed, I believe.

10961 Buysballot Retrograde in Gemini Quincunx Saturn in Capricorn

This is where it gets a little hairy. Saturn, the taskmaster and obstacle, is also obstinate and there’s a great deal of uncertainty as to whether there is going to be significant manipulation of the polls here. From the headlines I’m seeing, the Trump campaign is readying lawyers to stop counting of ballots after November 3rd. Guess what, that’s not how this works! Not that an attempt won’t be made, and that will put things in some sort of limbo, especially considering the newly updated makeup of the Supreme Court. Still, some attempts at voter suppression are being themselves suppressed, given the recent federal judge ruling throwing out the attempt to block over 100,000 drive-thru ballots in the Houston, TX area. I don’t think attempts to block vote counting will be largely successful, though some votes may be lost in the shuffle as a result of this.

1930 Lucifer Conjunctions in Virgo

This is a rather interesting set of asteroids conjunct in Virgo, the sign of service and obligations (as well as health), and given the themes going on, I thought this combination is pertinent to what’s happening. 1930 Lucifer denotes pride when it comes to asteroid astrology, and 26955 Lie implies just that, lies and deception. There is a great deal of incentive for one to lie like a rug and do what they can to stay in power (or in some cases, gain power). Somebody’s ego is on the line here, and pride does come before a fall.

Lucifer also conjuncts 896 Sphinx and 4955 Gold during Election Day. The Sphinx was renown for riddles in legend, while gold denotes just that, gold and wealth. There’s certainly an air of mystery, riddles, and puzzles regarding one’s wealth in this cycle, namely Trump, but this also affects Joe Biden given the controversies over Hunter Biden’s dealings, and this asteroid conjunction is squaring Joe’s Ascendant axis widely (by an about 2 degree orb to asteroids Lucifer and Lie, though Sphinx and Gold are a bit wide for this.)

Lucifer and Lie also conjunct Vesta, which represents the sacred flame and that which we hold dear. A lot of what is deemed sacred is at stake with this election, certainly, and this combination also implies that some will lie, cheat, and steal to gain or hold on to power.

11144 Radiocommunicata in Aries Forming a T-Square with Saturn in Capricorn and Mercury in Libra (Apex Saturn)

I’m going to end with Radiocommunicata in a contentious T-Square to both Saturn and Mercury for this article. Radiocommunicata suggests media, communications, broadcasts. Opposing this is Mercury, the planet of messages and communications. Saturn squaring both suggests restrictions and blockages, particularly when it comes to governing institutions. The announcement of the final results will be delayed longer than we would like, especially considering Mercury is motionless right now, and Saturn is also moving rather slowly at the moment (but picking up speed and also being conjunct Pluto and soon Jupiter). Media broadcasts and the chatter on the Internet will be rife with suspicions, accusations, and misinformation. We’ll need to be patient regarding knowing the final results.

In Closing

Put simply, this election is not an easy one, nor is it an easily resolvable situation. There’s plenty of snags to be had with this, and this is going to be a game changer no matter who wins.

I haven’t bothered forecasting who wins, as quite frankly, with all the timeline fluctuations I’ve been sensing, I really don’t know. I know which way I myself hope it goes, but given the aspects to the candidates’ (and their running mates’) charts, it’s a tough one to determine right here. Regrettably, I don’t have the time to really sit down and come up with an analysis for this. Maybe I should do a video upload or something of the sort if I get a chance.

Regarding the Presidential race, there’s the other factor of the Electoral College which meets on December 14th for the electors to actually cast the ballots to determine the next President. That day I believe will be the final determinant of sorts.

Remember, Mercury is motionless on Election Day. This indicates delays. And the Electoral College ballot date in December… that has a Solar Eclipse on that day! And that Solar Eclipse severely impacts ALL candidates’ charts (both for President and Vice President).

I cannot tell you who actually wins. I can tell you that this will seriously impact all contenders, and it will seriously impact the United States as a whole.

Pray and meditate for peace and tranquility through this is about the only thing I can advise regarding this. Do not panic, and do not paint a bullseye on yourselves.

Stay safe out there.


US Flag and Statue of Liberty photo (for article image): Sean Valentine – Statue of Liberty (Pexels)