New Moon Cancer – July 2021 – Crisis of the Heart Part 2 – Asteroids

New Moon Cancer

This is a companion article to the New Moon Cancer 2021 article, in which we will focus on the asteroid placements aspecting the New Moon itself.

New Moon Recap

This New Moon goes exact at 18 Can 01’40” on July 9th, 2021 18:16:35 PDT (July 10th 01:16:35 UTC). As the primary aspect of Sun conjunct Moon notates new beginnings and fresh starts, any asteroids directly aspecting this New Moon will have increased importance throughout the duration of the lunar cycle.

Asteroids Aspecting the New Moon

One asteroid conjuncts this New Moon, that being 829 Academia. An element of academic research and learning about new areas of study will permeate this lunar cycle. Given that this is in Cancer, some areas of study that could be fruitful now would be home décor, interior design, privacy concerns, and research on home and family matters (such as child rearing, home-cooked meals, and housecleaning techniques and products).

An asteroid Yod also is formed apexing the New Moon itself, with 2247 Hiroshima retrograde and 4227 Kaali retrograde in Aquarius, and 433 Eros retrograde in Sagittarius. Well… these quincunx aspects to the New Moon can spell some sort of awkward trouble and iffy conversations. Eros being retrograde in Sagittarius can indicate some off-kilter interactions with long-distance romances, and also some hit-and-miss encounters with people from other countries. On the other side of the equation, Hiroshima and Kaali together, both retrograde in Aquarius, this points to some trouble building beneath the surface, primed to blow. There could be some tense moments happening in the home, perhaps due to some electronic communication hitting the wrong inbox and perhaps an illicit affair uncovered as one possibility (given the Eros link). This could also indicate a sudden explosive outburst given domestic issues (like someone not cleaning up after themselves in the house and someone finally losing their temper over it). I can advise just taking several dozen deep breaths and counting to one hundred, but it may be easier to just say that this sort of argument could potentially lead to extended separate sleeping arrangements if not divorce papers being filed. So everyone needs to chill out and perhaps make sure you put the dirty dishes in the sink in the interest of domestic peace.

99942 Apophis and 1981 Midas in Gemini semisextile the New Moon is another interesting one. Given the communicative nature of Gemini, this can indicate messages and communications regarding investments just… being destroyed somehow. Especially if one invested in some of the condo properties in Florida near where the one condo complex was just demolished after the partial collapse. That tragedy will have repercussions for years, and of course I imagine this is setting off a flurry of residential complex inspections right now. That alone could destroy home values if they find some major structural defects. On the other hand, some other investments could be destroyed now to pave the way for greater rewards (such as demolishing a derelict structure to build a new business building).

Moving on to sextiles, New Moon Cancer does sextile 545 Messalina and 1862 Apollo in Virgo on one side, and 13897 Vesuvius in Taurus on the other, so making an Asteroid Minor Grand Trine. Apollo, of course, is associated as a sun god in mythology, and Messalina being named for a very promiscuous Roman empress… well, sure is a lot of potential for “fun” under the sun! Vesuvius is, of course, named for the volcano that incinerated Pompeii so long ago. Put all of this together, and… let’s face it, this is a lunar cycle where mind-blowing sex is very possible. Just understand the implications as Messalina didn’t stick to just one partner (much less her husband). Infidelity is possible, but can probably be headed off at the pass. “If you like Pina Coladas” indeed.

We’re going to end this one with an asteroid T-Square. New Moon Cancer apexes this T-Square between 2878 Panacea and 1027 Aesculapia in Libra (both medical asteroids), and 100 Hekate in Aries. Now, Hekate is an occult asteroid, and is named for the goddess of crossroads and witchcraft (among other things). With this squaring the New Moon, there’s a chance for the next four weeks of feeling like you may be the target of spellcraft or hexes, and with the medical asteroids on the other side… hmm… This is kind of interesting. There’s concern about the Delta variant (and also the Lambda) variant of COVID-19 in the wild, and this is kinda resembling a black magick spell of pestilence that just doesn’t want to end. But there are mitigating factors, such as distancing, masks, and should you choose them, the vaccines. Gotta say, catching either variant probably would feel like you had a plague casted upon you. Stay safe and healthy out there.

In Closing

Given the additional flavoring given by these asteroid aspects, it gets a little interesting. Investments will be a little shaky with potential for both gain and loss. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic, given the asteroid T-Square, just almost seems like some sort of plague from hell that doesn’t want to let us go, but in some places I imagine it’s losing ground through great effort. And the potential for steamy summer romances… well, keep in mind to be safe in so many ways (protection, taking care to not knowingly or otherwise spread COVID to potential partners, maybe covering tracks…).

Use your best judgment, and be safe and healthy out there. And be careful if you aren’t planning on having kids right now. After all, there are other forms of prosperity than real estate deals. Until next time, friends.