Full Moon Aries – October 2019 – Hadean Reckoning

Full Moon Aries

This lunar cycle has been quite brutal. I’d say to the level of kingslaying. We have a culmination about to happen with this full moon, and I think nothing will be the same after this passes. There’s a few reasons for this, and if you’re already on the path of rebirth, then you might be more alright than if you’re trying to maintain the status quo. Quite frankly, the status quo is turning its head and seeing the executioner standing over it. Let’s get into why we’re seeing this precarious point.

The Full Moon takes place at 20 Ari 13’51” on October 13th, 2019 2:07:52 PM PDT (9:07:52 PM UTC). As Full Moons usually do, this Full Moons concerns Sun opposite Moon, so we’ve got some give and take between our selves, and our feelings about ourselves. Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries puts the focus on partnerships versus our own self-interests, and of course how this plays into our interactions with others as well. Especially this Full Moon. Of course, Libra being the 7th house of open enemies and long-term partnerships (of many kinds), and Aries being the first sign of self, of personal power, of fire and vitality… co-existence is something to consider in our actions. Remembering that in the heat of the moment? That’s the challenge for the next couple of weeks.

We have a lot impacting this Full Moon. Let’s address the Hadean elephant in the room. Full Moon in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn, now direct (forward) motion as well. It’s less than a half degree of orb too, so it’s a very strong square, and Pluto apexes the T-Square considering the Full Moon Sun opposite Moon aspect. Change. Change, destruction, renewal, it’s all here. Relationships will end. Some will begin. Open enemies will strike or at the very least reveal themselves. Any renewal or rebirth that comes at this time will take a tremendous amount of work, and this is doubly so as Mercury just entered pre-retrograde shadow on October 11th as well. Be very certain “final” actions are indeed what we want to be “final.” Let’s continue.

Full Moon also makes a weak square to Saturn in Capricorn, itself still in range of fixed star Vega[1]. Lies, damn lies, and statistics are also going to be exemplified, though the Saturnian influence for many people should be somewhat muted… do note, however, that Saturn will be moving closer to Pluto as both are now direct. Hard work, whether productive or not, it’s the rule of the day. False witness, especially given the Saturn-Vega link, is also a concern, especially with Mercury in pre-retrograde shadow.

Fortunately, Full Moon does trine Jupiter very tightly in Sagittarius. This is actually tighter than the Pluto square, and Jupiter is in its domicile here as well, and is strong here. This could be helpful in some strokes of luck and optimism, and we could definitely use some more of that right now! This also equates to Sun sextile Jupiter as well, which further boosts the luck/optimism aspect in our lives here. But is it all pipe dreams? Or can we actually set up something lasting and working here? It’s kind of like the quarterback seeing the blitz coming, the receivers aren’t lined up, and … quarterback starts running for the end zone. It’s like that. And sometimes, the quarterback makes it. We could also liken this to catching an interception in your own end zone and running it all the way to score 100 yards away. But you have better be able to go the distance and avoid the pitfalls (in that example, the other team’s offensive line realizing you just turned potential defeat into potential victory at their expense). So yes, luck and optimism, and seizing the opportunity in front of you. That’s Full Moon trine Jupiter.

Do be wary though for hidden land mines. Uranus retrograde in Taurus does make a sesquiquadrate to Jupiter. While not as rough as a straight-up square, this 135-degree link suggests some obstacles and sudden upsets can get in the way of that optimism. Uranus, the rebel and the change-up artist, doesn’t really like fixed, stable Taurus. Uranus doesn’t really get going so easily here, and basically Jupiter’s optimism and expansion needs to pull hard and hard to get the rebel out of the mud that it got itself stuck in. Opportunities are there, but don’t expect them to be easy or quick to pull off.

The fun continues with Mars in Libra quincunx Uranus retrograde in Taurus. OK, we already know Uranus doesn’t like being in Taurus, and it’s going backwards (think inwards, like rebelling against ourselves). Guess what? Mars doesn’t like being in Libra either, and it’s in Fall here. It’s pretty weak here and can be straight up indecisive. We could be seeing the opportunities, but do we really recognize them? On the other hand, we could see them, and we’re having a brain meltdown trying to figure out if it’s really good for us to seize that opportunity. Fear can kick in with this aspect. A quincunx makes this even more pronounced as it’s a 150-degreeish link (151 degrees, so within range of counting). Libra and Taurus are two signs that’s hard to connect, it’s like “what do we do with this?” Paralysis and getting stuck. Quagmires. That’s something we need to be wary of right now. Remember the Jupiter positive link and keep some faith in yourself at the very least.

Mercury in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn is another tight aspect we have for this Full Moon. It’s something to remember as we can get some important work and documents done right now. It’s also good energy as we can take a fine-tooth comb to matters and read between the lines a little easier. Secrets can be exposed if you know where to look. Mercury is looking really good in comparison to some of the harsher aspects during the Full Moon as well as Mercury in Scorpio, North Node in Cancer, and Neptune retrograde in Pisces form a Water Grand Trine. We need to consider our gut feeling, especially now, and look out for deceptions and dangers. This harmonious aspect does allow us to better do this, but we need to know how to use it. The danger with the Grand Trine is one can become complacent, or lazy even, and thus miss out on the opportunities that present themselves. Intuition should also be somewhat enhanced with this aspect, so do keep your wits sharp. There’s also the element of intuitively discovering new goals and objectives, or perhaps receiving revelations from above or in meditations or dreams that a goal you thought was going to advance you wasn’t the right path after all. Don’t be afraid to look deep into the forest and see a better path.

Neptune retrograde still conjuncts Black Moon Lilith in Pisces, both square Jupiter. This aspect can be a bit tricky as our optimism can be a bit higher than it should be in some situations, and we could also fall prey to misplaced faith. Neptune, like Jupiter, is also in its domicile sign and is thus amplified. In some cases, this could even point to potential psychic danger, such as psychic attack and malicious entities attempting to influence you. Keep your protections up, and know which thoughts are your own and which are not coming from within. A good time to keep talking to whichever supreme being you pray or commune with, as spiritual protection is called for, especially now.

This brings us to the asteroid portion of this, and we’re going to focus solely on the aspects to the Full Moon itself. We start with Full Moon opposite 2063 Bacchus in Libra. Intoxicants and distractions can be a problem for us during these next couple of weeks, and thus we’re going to need to discipline ourselves. The bottle can get us into some big trouble if we’re not careful, so cutting back on the brews and wine might be in order for a little bit. Drunken conversations can also be deleterious right now, especially with Mercury in pre-retro shadow.

Full Moon does also make an asteroid Fire Grand Trine with 4581 Asclepius, 9951 Tyrannosaurus, and 564 Dudu with Jupiter in Sagittarius, and 307 Nike and 447 Valentine in Leo. Recognizing lies and errors should come a bit easier, and confronting those who attempt to deceive I would say is inevitable right now. Also a good time to consider a second opinion in medical matters if you’re unsure about a diagnosis. Exercise and some romantic meetings might be a bit more fun right now as well. Definitely get the strength up and get your exercise form right, especially now. This may help avoid some activity-related accidents down the line as Mercury gets closer to its retrograde period.

Full Moon square 11144 Radiocommunicata in Capricorn, near Pluto… I’m going to just come out and say this: If you thought the news cycle was brutal the last week or two, especially with the impeachment talk going on… you’ve seen nothing yet. It’s about to get a lot more brutal. And the retorts and tweets, I think they’re going to get a lot meaner. Expect drama, and think twice before hitting “send” on that incendiary post to social media right now. Online and broadcast drama is going to be intense for a bit. Let’s assume for the remainder of this lunar cycle, and see where Radiocommunicata is in relation to Pluto at the next New Moon.

Full Moon also apexes a Thor’s Hammer or Fist of God aspect, as it sesquiquadrates 128 Nemesis in Virgo, and 99942 Apophis and 19 Fortuna in Sagittarius. Where a Yod is a focal point on one body by two sextile points or bodies/groups, the Thor’s Hammer is similar but the two groups/points/bodies are square one another, making another hard aspect to the apexing body. Enemies, betrayals, destruction, and reversal of fortune is going to be a theme for the next couple of weeks. This can take the shape of conspirators turning on fellow conspirators in an effort to save their own asses. It can also manifest as office politics going into a brutal phase, with colleagues stealing other ideas or taking credit for a major project’s milestone, usually at the expense of other coworkers or partners. Make sure those you’re working with are ethical and of good caliber.

Speaking of yods, the Full Moon does apex an asteroid yod with Pallas in Scorpio, and 5239 Reiki, 55555 DNA, and Juno in Virgo. I’m going to say there’s likely to be a focus on healthcare and family in some way. It could come out as more stories in the news about the health insurance industry denying coverage to afflicted family members as one possibility, at least here in the United States. It could also manifest as an increased focus on maintaining and enhancing one’s health, especially in regards to future generations and loved ones. Now would be a good time to read labels on everything you eat and make sure you’re not ingesting something toxic.

Finally, Full Moon semisextile 3811 Karma retrograde in Pisces warns us to be careful of our own actions during this time, and to be careful that we don’t set ourselves up to reap something nasty we sow now. There’s plenty of opportunity to plant some good seeds right now, and in the harsh energies that are flowing all around right now, we also have ample opportunity to set ourselves up for a major fall later. Self-inflicted karma backlash is seldom pleasant, and we’ll be seeing plenty of that in the following weeks, I feel. Double-check everything, and approach everything with integrity would be my advice to you. Something I especially need to remind myself of and also need to remind myself to calm down and take a good long look at everything going on.

So there we have it. The remainder of this lunar cycle does have some positivity we can embrace, but we also have major drama and harshness we have to watch out for. Keeping ourselves grounded and centered is going to be very important right now. Don’t forget to meditate or take a good walk in nature, and keep alert for malicious actors. Lots of in-your-face events coming, that’s what I’m thinking. Be alert, and I’ll catch you on the flip side.

[1]: Constellations of Words: Vega