Weekly Report – September 25th Through October 1st, 2017

Weekly Report

The high intensity hits keep on continuing, not much respite going right into October this week. There’s quite a few reasons for this, including one planetary change of direction. And… it’s a big one. Quite Plutonic, in fact. But enough bad puns.

We begin the week Monday with Mars opposite Neptune retrograde, and while it’s separating, it’s still highly potent and intense. We want to go, we want to get things done, and Neptune retro in Pisces just is thinking “ehhh, I don’t want to. Let me sleep another five or twenty minutes…” But you have to get out of bed. Muddled thinking is likely, and some sluggishness too. Compounding this later in the day is a Mars-Neptune retro-Moon T-Square. Moon going through Sagittarius is just one of those placements where we may want to just say or do what comes to mind. That’s going to have a potential for a lot of hard feelings. Given the recent fallout of the recent athlete protests, partially sparked by Donald Trump’s statements regarding the NFL players taking a knee… yeah, just try not to bring that up too much at the office. I can’t guarantee an easy time of that.

With Jupiter quincunx Chiron retrograde this same day, there’s some off-kilter yes-no energy between wounding/healing and the greater benefic. Potential for hard feelings, some managerial shakeups, people wondering just what deity would even allow this environment to continue. Well, Jupiter and Black Moon Lilith-Pholus are tightly making a Yod pattern focusing on asteroids Destinn and Sedna. People feel betrayed. This will pass.

Did I mention Jupiter is also tightening its opposition to Uranus retrograde as well? Shakeups in our beliefs and expansion of unexpected events are very pronounced. We’re going to be wishing the weekend were longer by the time Monday is over. I don’t see any way around it this time. Considering Jupiter apexes a Yod at the same time as it’s opposing Uranus (with Chiron retrograde and the aforementioned Destinn/Sedna on Algol conjunction forming the sextile), I foresee financial and career repercussions across the board. (…and I’m personally on support this week at my main job. Fingers crossed that I get all easy cases this week. But it’s end of the month… so I gotta learn how to do that sometime!). Feet to the fire to begin the week, really.

On to Tuesday! Moon conjuncts Saturn, subduing our emotions just a little briefly. But that’s alright, we could use a brief respite. Moon a little later on trines North Node exactly, so we might have a little more insight into our inner feeling. Moon will also hit Pholus and Black Moon Lilith later on and square Chiron, so best not to drown our sorrows too much at happy hour, otherwise we might miss a clue as to how to move forward in our life to a situation that probably isn’t making sense. It might even be a sudden solution coming out of nowhere as Moon will also trine Uranus. Besides, muddle your thinking during this possibly brief time of some benefit, and you might miss out on a sudden insight. Write down whatever sudden solutions jump out at you on a cocktail napkin if you have to, or in the margins of your homework (in pencil, maybe, just in case…)

Wednesday is where the Moon proceeds into earthy Capricorn, so maybe a good day to put that sudden epiphany from the day before into motion. Mercury is beginning to oppose Chiron retrograde by this point, T-squaring Pholus/Black Moon Lilith, so perhaps a little careful thought into transmitting those said epiphanies into the world. Quite possible to ruffle feathers with a sharp tongue, especially if you’re losing yourself a little into some distraction. Again, careful with happy hour. They call it “spirits” for many reasons, and I only half jest. Anyways. Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus hits exact point this day, so expect whatever major shift happens to career expansion, luck (good or ill) and our broader beliefs to rock you to the core. Note that Venus is also beginning to oppose Neptune, so it’s quite likely that we may even think that the previous day’s epiphanies may be resolved one way, only to find that that was kind of a pipe dream and isn’t going to go anywhere near how we expected it!

We really need to keep a lid on our ego and not take it out on our loved ones with all of that Wednesday energy going on, as later on in the day, the Sun will quincunx Nessus. If we don’t know WTF is going on, it’s really easy to take it out on someone that doesn’t need to suffer our wrath. Just chill a bit.

Venus will also trine Kaali, leading to some potential nice romantic encounters or some creative burst in a project or other undertaking. Be sure to use this power constructively, as we have the harbinger of death and rebirth, Pluto, basically motionless all throughout this day as well, ready to shift gears the next day.

Thursday will be where we begin to see the taking shape of what we’ve seen in our lives work or not work, and we’ll be able to move forward in making the changes to defeat what no longer serves us, as [i]Pluto moves direct[/b]. With the destroyer and remaker now beginning to edge forward, but not quite yet as it’s going to take some time to get moving again, now we get to see more manifestations of unneeded structures crumbling and tumbling down. The last few months were a good marker for seeing what no longer works. Now we can take action.

Mars will also begin trining Pluto as well, so while we want to get those changes going, we may need to just chill out just a little bit. Adding even more potency to the Mars/Pluto mix is the Moon conjuncting Pluto later on in the afternoon/evening. A good time to assess our feelings and wash away some misgivings.

Venus begins to oppose Neptune retrograde a bit more on Thursday as well, so we may feel a bit hesitant about that new relationship that may be forming, or we may have a momentary lapse in confidence about some creative pursuits or some relationships. It’s alright, it’ll pass. Venus is closing in on conjuncting Mars, but not quite yet at this point too, so let’s try to relax a bit if there’s any grievances brewing. It shouldn’t be a catastrophic argument if it happens at this time, with the trine to Pluto/Moon.

Friday brings a tighter trine to Pluto/Mars, so a good day to finish up some tasks at the office or at your workplace in time for the weekend. Jupiter also begins to separate from the opposition to Uranus but it’s still tight and potent, so shakeups in the professional and judicial spheres (as well as ecclesiastical spheres) will continue to take shape. Mercury is also about to enter airy Libra, which will put it out of its exaltation in Virgo. Our communications with others and our travel will take on a more airy, more dynamic flare beginning later on in the day. I’d say take some time to plan your commute just a little bit more, and maybe hang out and chat with coworkers or text a few friends a little bit after work in order to let the traffic die down. Certainly not a retrograde period, but it’s a shift in energy.

Sun moves on from its quincunx to Nessus, but will square Juno on Friday, so remember to be a bit more understanding with loved ones. Venus tightens its opposition to Neptune, so it’s very easy for our imaginations to dream up slights where none may exist. Hopefully none exist. No guarantees on that though. Venus also strengthens a trine to Pallas retrograde, so we may see some creative interpretation of law somehow. Maybe we even see where we can spend or save money a little more judiciously, with Pallas being in fixed, earthy Taurus.

Saturday brings us Moon in Aquarius from the midnight hour or so on, giving us a fixed, airy feel to our emotional state. Moon will trine Sun, so a good day to relax a little and maybe get some errands done. Venus also begins to relax its opposition to Neptune a bit more, so maybe whatever misunderstandings may have happened with a spouse or significant other will begin to calm down, especially with Mars also moving on from the opposition. Mars’ trine to Pluto also intensifies, so we can get some improvement projects off the ground a bit more today. Try not to let pride get in the way with Venus square Lucifer, as pride does come before a fall. Ask for help or directions if you need to. Your partner will thank you, in theory anyways.

We end the week on Sunday with a tighter conjunction between Mars and Venus, and with Venus beginning to trine Pluto a bit more, it should be a great day to relax with some creative work, maybe some painting or sculpting, or a nice walk in the park with the boyfriend/girlfriend. Or maybe even meet someone. We should be having some more mental clarity as to finding someone good for us this day as well, with the Mars-Venus opposition to Neptune retrograde waning. The Venus/Lucifer square also wanes starting from today, so still watch the ego just a little bit. Very late on, almost into the following day on Monday, Moon will trine Jupiter, so maybe some nocturnal solutions come to mind from beyond. Or maybe just a midnight notation of an investment idea? Up to you how you want to use that energy.

So to summarize this week, we have some intense, chaotic energy that makes us question most of our steps to start the week off, and by the weekend the energy subsides a bit and becomes more conducive to recreation and respite. Keep tabs on what’s real and what’s illusion, especially in the realms of love/romance and correct courses of action, and you should get through this week a bit easier than the previous week. And, Pluto going direct will be of great importance in the weeks to come. A more in-depth article is coming for that one, so stay tuned.