New Moon Virgo – September 2017 – Overthrowing Deception

New Moon Virgo

One month after the Great North American Solar Eclipse, we come to another new beginning with the New Moon in Virgo. This lunar cycle is going to reveal some uncomfortable truths, reveal intense deceptions, and propel us closer to a better path overall once all is said and done.

Starting off, we have New Moon opposing Chiron retrograde, so I can tell you right now that this lunar cycle is all about resolving the pain of the past, getting past the hurts, and bandaging the wounds that have been festering in our hearts for the last who knows how long. This is a time where we will come to grips with that which has pained us, that which has tormented us, and we can take what we’ve learned. We will move forward after reflecting on that which is deep within us.

New Moon is complicated by a 150 degree-ish Quincunx to Uranus retrograde. Combined with the aforementioned opposition to Chiron, we are going to have to be aware of sudden change-ups that will appear as we begin another new chapter in our journey. Expect sudden delays, accidents out of nowhere, and sudden changes of mind inside ourselves that can propel us into different directions. We may then come home later and be like, “whoa, I didn’t plan that. What was I thinking?”

There’s a potential reason for some murkiness as well this cycle: Neptune retrograde opposes Mercury and Mars conjunct. Now, Mercury is moving on from Mars, and thus we’re starting to get a little bit of calm before any more further storms, but those storms are going to be coming later on when Mars opposes Neptune more directly less than a week after Mercury moves on. But, we have added emphasis as Mercury and Mars apex a Yod Kite: Asteroid Cupido retrograde sextiles asteroid Messalina retrograde, and Neptune retrograde which is already pulling the bowstring of the Yod is furthermore joined by Narcissus retrograde. This is not a time to be telling all sorts of tall tales to woo the opposite (or same) sex. Why? Because they’re going to see through the bravado and realize the throne of lies. This is a time for honesty and being upfront. Be cordial, of course, and don’t lose your cool if you’re told “no.” After all, Mars adds a bit of fire to this conundrum, although in Virgo it can get a bit calculating. Maybe even introspective. With Neptune retrograde with Narcissus retrograde in Pisces, we can also be knocked down a few pegs and drown ourselves in sorrows a little too easily. Let’s not do that. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off if your illusions get shattered, and move on.

Moving on, we will need to watch out for further tall tale-telling with Pluto retrograde conjunct Bologna retrograde and Nike. This combination can be a bit rough, as we’re tearing down our internal structures, and in this case we can be seeing the baloney we’ve told ourselves. Maybe we felt compelled to “just do it” and go on weaving some tales. Well, this combination of asteroids and dwarf planetdom is also being opposed by Buysballot and Pinocchio. While some will be telling some lies to get ahead, that nose of theirs is going to undergo a growth spurt, and hoist them by their own petard. Now it’s possible that one can take advantage of this situation, but you’d better be doing so altruistically, lest you get hammered in the revelation of truth yourself.

Another reason we should really watch out for falsehoods being proclaimed this cycle is asteroids Lie and Radiocommunicata conjunct, and Radiocommunicata is flowing into the New Moon with a conjunction. This is a time we need to be quite alert and watch for falsehoods being proclaimed as truth through media outlets and the Internet. Basically, watch out for “fake news,” and there will be much more of it for the next month is what I’m seeing up in the stars. With the Chiron opposition to Radiocommunicata, it could cause a bit more wounding than we would like. Try to keep a level head.

Fortunately, we do have a small bit of some fiery oomph with a Fire Grand Trine between Uranus retrograde in Aries, Academia in Leo, and Pholus-Gold conjunct in Sagittarius on Galactic Center, with Uranus being kited by an opposition to Jupiter, asteroid Eros and Typhon. Higher education I think is going to be prominent, and if you’re not in college, it’d be a good time to learn something that might be of use for expanding a hobby or a second career (or a new career, if so inclined). Uranus retrograde is already bolstering our inner rebellion and unconventionality, and Jupiter opposing that is showing where we need to have some give and take in our fortune and our greater purpose. Perhaps a new special someone is waiting in the wings too (but again, with the Neptune/Mercury aspected Yod mentioned before, be careful with the “fake it ’til you make it” routine). Typhon adds tremendous extra energy to this as well, so double-check everything lest it blow up in your face. Pholus and Gold together with Galactic Center adds a good deal of spiritual oomph to this grand trine, and could be a good time for craft brewers to peddle their wares, or wineries, or, yes, even cannabis dispensaries. Just be aware of sudden changes.

Another area we should discuss is a Yod Kite involving Destinn-Sedna-Desdemona on Algol sextile Chiron retrograde, apexing Jupiter-Eros-Typhon and being kited by the aforementioned Uranus retrograde. Well, it seems Jupiter is quite prominent when considering these lesser bodies. Money and resources, higher callings, greater “luck” if you will, all will be in focus. Sedna-Destinn-Desdemona is a hell of a combination though, especially on Algol. Again, be aware of deceivers and betrayers. Desdemona adds a darker energy (whether or not that has anything to do with it being asteroid number 666 is your call), so definitely use your gut feeling and if something feels wrong, steer clear. The sextile to Chiron retrograde could bring us an element of inner wounding or inner healing depending on whether we heed the voice in our head to watch ourselves with unscrupulous folk. Jupiter and Uranus in the mix, well, with Eros with Jupiter, it could be a crime of passion, or a false promise of love. Be careful. On the flip-side, some of the more daring in domination or submission could have fun with this aspect. Just make sure you’re both aware of the (correct and same) safety word if you go that route.

Finally, we have another asteroid opposition that is of great prominence, with Arachne opposing Rudra, and forming a T-squqre with Venus on Regulus squaring both bodies. Venus, the planet of love and what we find beautiful, has just crossed into Virgo at this point, and sitting on the heart of the lion, it can bring great pride in what we find beautiful, but it can also be our downfall as, in the case of this T-Square, it can bind us, and Rudra I like to point out is an amplifier. Intense love affairs and some sudden swings in fortune (good or ill, depending on how diligent you are) are exemplified by this formation. Take care, for even with a large upswing in good fortune, the tax man will certainly want his cut. There’s always at least one string attached, but sometimes that string can lead you to an answer you didn’t expect too.

So, in summary, we have a tremendously intense New Moon cycle, and the throne of lies could very well be lit ablaze by the liar’s own pants being on fire. Not a time to be deceptive, and people will try! Be aboveboard, be honest, and be there for one another. Especially with the natural disasters that have been going on. We need to stick together, and watch out for opportunistic charlatans now more than ever! Be good, be safe, and keep moving forward to a better tomorrow!