Full Moon Leo – February 2022 – Headwinds

Full Moon Leo February 2022

This has been another one of those interesting lunar cycles, and this Full Moon will be no exception. The primary aspects interacting with this lunation are intense, so let’s get to it.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon goes exact at 27 Leo 59’30” on February 16th, 2022 at 08:56:29 PST (16:56:29 UTC). The primary aspect of Sun opposite Moon puts the Moon close to the end of Leo, giving this a fixed fire energy. Leo, being the fifth sign of the zodiac, has to do with short term relationships, where we have fun, flings, and children. Basically, all the fun and exciting parts that we usually look forward to.

Given the Sun’s placement in Aquarius (eleventh sign of the zodiac), we have a balancing act with our friends in general, our general hopes, and our unconventional sides. Sometimes we find someone new, and we wind up neglecting our other relationships. Given the proximity to Valentine’s Day, this very well could have been the case for some now.

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

Losing Our Heads to Destiny

Full Moon Leo squares the North Node on Algol in Taurus, and South Node in Scorpio. With the Sun involved, this effectively makes a Grand Cross to the Nodes. We’re definitely at a crossroads as to our course towards or away from greater destinies now. We want to go ahead to greater things, to further stability and more money. Algol, this is the most malefic star in the heavens, and we’re facing a bit of a fear moment as society is losing its collective heads here. The South Node in Scorpio is bringing up a lot of hidden, deep and buried stuff back up from our pasts.

Bad habits, old relationships we thought we left behind, consequences of past actions… These are prominent now. But also old friends coming back, old mentors even (especially in the face of the esoteric), they may help us keep our heads on straight and keep us from staring the gorgon in the eyes. Don’t discount the help from the past if that’s what’s helping stabilize you.

What Do We Discard?

Full Moon Leo quincunx Pluto in Capricorn is a tricky one. Pluto in Capricorn represents upheaval, tearing down of structures, and paving the way for the new whether we like it or not. Capricorn represents institutions such as government and bureaucracies of all kinds. I’d argue this also includes higher education’s more monolithic structures, and that of organized religious institutions.

We want to let our hair down, but this seems to be against some sort of stuffy “dress code.” That’s too bad, because people are going to dress the way they want to with this configuration. It’s just that some of the dress options include waving flags, raising a lot of hell, and organizing mass protests (as we can see with that trucking convoy thing in Canada and other places).

It would seem mask mandates and other things are part of that dress code, and there’s already talk of some of those beginning to end in places I wouldn’t have thought they would be ending now. Also, as a more localized example here, one of the more prominent employers in the region (Microsoft) has announced the reopening of the offices in a last phase of their reopening plan. But this, with this lunar culmination making this awkward quincunx… this seems premature.

Institutions and governments are going to try to make moves, and I can almost guarantee you that they’re going to have to roll back again, which will frustrate the hell out of people. Don’t expect compliance after that, as people of all stripes are just done with the “when are we getting back to normal” question. Protect yourselves however you feel you must, as that’s all you can do now.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Full Moon

Everything’s Moving Forward

All planets are now direct. That’s one takeaway from what’s going on here. As the last of the retrogrades has ended recently, we have a window of opportunity where we can make some major inroads towards getting our long-awaited plans done. This won’t be smooth sailing quite yet, as we’re still in a couple post-retrograde shadow periods still (particularly Mercury and Venus).

We’re also heading into Pisces season, which will make things a bit more nebulous too. Don’t expect everything to be clear right now.

Communications Shakeups

Mercury in Aquarius is still conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. It won’t be that way for too much longer, but it’s still in effect in an off-sign conjunction. Mercury in Aquarius, intuitively to me, strikes me as a time where people can speak off the cuff. With Pluto here, this could cause some bruised feelings, and could also end some arrangements if not handled tactfully.

There’s also the chance that people are telegraphing what they’re going to do, and then pull back at the last moment. Sort of like what’s going on with Putin and the Ukraine buildup. Although it remains to be seen if Russia’s really pulling back from there, or if this is another feint. Watch that, and similar-in-stature situations in your own life carefully. A pullback could just as easily become a spring-forward to do even more crazy stuff soon after.

Intense, Yet Practical Passions

Venus conjunct Mars in Capricorn, and both with fixed star Vega denotes some major power when it comes to pursuing what we desire, and what we are attracted to. Being in Capricorn, there’s a more business-like or transactional nature to pursuing passions now. One example being investment in NFTs and other appreciable artistic assets.

Vega involved with this Venus-Mars conjunction amplifies this tendency. There’s opportunity for gain with Vega and Mars. With Venus and Vega, though, the devil’s in the details, and this transactional passion could be cold, calculated, and something of a downer health-wise as well.

I’m thinking of the companies announcing “return to office” plans right now, and that Full Moon quincunx Pluto at the same time. Again, this all feels premature. I advise caution where your health is concerned. I also have noticed that there’s pushback on at least one anonymous tech-worker app to this return-to-office planning, and either companies will capitulate, or the Great Resignation will be picking up more steam yet again.

I think people have had enough, and the energies with that configuration is going to help make it happen. That, and the North Node-Algol squaring the Full Moon bit too.

Surprises Up Our Sleeves

Jupiter in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus is a welcome energy. Jupiter, the optimist and expander of the cosmos, making this harmonious link to the rebel could allow us to pull some surprising moves, and maybe even make a little bit of extra scratch on the side.

Some of the worst of restrictive influence could wind up being mitigated now. This could take the form of a citation or summon being struck down on a technicality (even if it seems they have you dead to rights), or perhaps you find a wad of cash you thought you had lost in the laundry a few weeks back. Stuff like that. This can also be a time where a creative project you thought was going nowhere suddenly has a stroke of luck.

You can’t just sit back and let it happen though. You still have to do the work. This sextile just makes it a little easier, that’s all.

More Busywork, More Discipline Required

Saturn in Aquarius semisextile Mars and Venus in Capricorn acts as a trigger during this Full Moon to invoke an air of discipline in our ambitions. We’re looking to make a few bucks, of course, since money seems to make our society go around. Saturn demands some discipline, concessions, and strict planning for some of this.

In short, this semisextile demands that we do the legwork. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s. Don’t just attempt to coast and leave things to chance. We’ve got to put in the work, and that means more busywork. Right as tax season is gearing up, too. Don’t forget those.

Watch the Illusions and Deceptions

Neptune in Pisces square Black Moon Lilith in Gemini is still somewhat strong right now, and we’ve been seeing deceptions and misconceptions play out. We could be feeling that our intuition is somewhat off right now, and that’s a possibility.

Be absolutely certain that you’re not being deceived by someone in power over you. Conversely, if you’re fudging things a bit, you could be found out now. Or, perhaps you are getting away with it now, but it will come back to bite you if you’re really not careful. Best to be aboveboard now.

To Sum It Up

This Full Moon is a super-intense culmination of the present lunar cycle. We have a great deal of opportunity to make progress on our goals, but we need to make sure we’re putting in the work. We also need to keep things in check, and not lose our heads over a bunch of silly stuff.

There’s also some cautious optimism in that pleasant surprises can come now, but we need to make sure we’re not doing anything foolish that’ll upset the cart.

Learn and appreciate the lessons of the past, however you can. And apply that towards the future now. Staying put just isn’t an option for any of us anymore. And yet, the status quo is desperately clawing its way towards dragging us back into “more of the same.” It’s not going to happen. Too much has changed. Be your own change now.