Weekly Report – October 2nd Through 8th, 2017

Weekly Report

How has everyone’s weekend been? Good and productive, or good and relaxing I would hope. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it, as it is going to ramp up several notches. Thought it was going to get easier after that September blitz? Not by a long-shot! So be ready for anything!

Monday, the big aspect to be looking out for is the separating, but still potent, Jupiter opposite Uranus retrograde. This powerhouse is still bringing forth a lot of energy, and still providing some catalysts for growth if only we change something within ourselves. Uranus retrograde, of course, is the dynamic and radical change turned inwards, and Jupiter likes to expand. Are we expanding the right things at this time? We may have gotten an answer as to what to expand, but as for how to effectively expand it? That’s a different matter.

Later on from Monday overnight into Tuesday (in North America at least), The Moon will briefly quincunx the Sun, getting ready for the Full Moon phase later in the week. We’re getting towards the manifesting part of the lunar cycle by this point, and it would be a good thing to pay attention to your dreams this night, and if you can remember them later, definitely see if you can make use of it. It might not make any sense though. That’s alright, we may have some strange feelings towards it. Sun also squares Kaali on Monday as well, so we may be feeling a bit offkilter going into the dreamscape Monday night as well, as Kaali from what I feel is an amplifier, and making that hard aspect to the Sun, we may find our own selves, our ego, at odds with what we need to do to make ends meet, as Kaali is squaring it from Capricorn, an earthy, cardinal sign. A good day to pay attention.

Tuesday, the Moon will oppose Venus, and then Mars, in quick succession. Some of us may be feeling a little buyer’s remorse this day, followed by a sense of urgency of “oh my goodness I need to get my money back now now now!” Hang on a minute… because earlier on Moon will conjunct Neptune retrograde, and when this configuration happens, we’re going to be feeling a bit dreamy, maybe groggy, and some things just might not be making sense logically. Take your time and don’t make any sudden decisions. Especially don’t make any regretful exchanges or returns because you feel embarrassed or you feel slighted, as Moon square asteroid Lucifer is also in the mix right around that whole cluster of hours. You may be feeling a sense of wounded pride, a sense of “why did I do that? That’s not me!” Well, guess what, it is you, and it’s a darker side of your self. But don’t dwell on it, this aspect won’t last long. And Mars/Venus is moving on from squaring Lucifer anyways. Again, Lucifer is pride. Not evil. At least, not from what I’ve seen in asteroid astrology. Moving on.

Speaking of wounded pride and ego, maybe some of that feeling comes with the ongoing square from Chiron retrograde to Ixion-Black Moon Lilith-Pholus in stellium, and Saturn is in range of conjuncting Ixion. Maybe some of that questionable buyer’s remorse was initiated out of a sense of envy for what someone else had? And mauybe you just felt you had to have it, or maybe it was an impulse buy… hey, shopping and acquiring can affect reward centers in the brain just like a piece of chocolate or a good craft beer can. It’s not just substances that can intoxicate and entice. Come to think of it, might be a good idea to step back and check those impulsive decisions for the entire week. Maybe the entire month. I’ll check on that a bit soon.

Wednesday brings us a powerhouse aspect, finally, one we’ve been waiting for: Mars conjunct Venus. Yes, Venus finally catches up to the red planet, and this is a day of intense chemistry, high focus, high drive to go after what we want, to acquire that piece of art or that designer purse maybe. But, there’s a somewhat weak square to Saturn that’s raining on the parade a bit. Not fully, so that’s a good thing. But keep yourself in check, after all, Jupiter is still in range of opposing Uranus retrograde, so some of this wanted expansion may be a sudden downfall later if you’re not careful. And, there’s also the matter of the Sun beginning its quincunx to Neptune retrograde. We need to step back and make sure we’re thinking clearly as we go about our day on Wednesday. Not only that, but the Moon also crosses Chiron retrograde, so we may wind up doing something we later regret, or maybe it’s a sudden action that finally acts as a catharsis to resolve an old issue. You know what they say about breaking a few eggs to make an omlette… check yourself and make sure you’re not cracking a golden egg to make that one-time breakfast.

Thursday is when it really gets intense. Mars-Venus reaches maximum intensity in the afternoon (North America, mid to late evening in Europe), and the Sun quincunx to Neptune peaks some time before that. It’s not all over yet as Mercury begins its quincunx to Neptune retrograde as well. Take a few deep breaths before sending any angry emails this day, especially at work. This will be a potent mix that carries on for a couple weeks, actually, as this will be right around the time of the Full Moon this week as well (more on that in an upcoming article).

Venus and Mars also tighten their square to Saturn on Thursday as well, so that influence is getting stronger. We may find acquisitions or employment to be a little more shaky, and… I have to be honest, Mars square Saturn is (not just can be, is) a volatile aspect. Thankfully, there’s a (waning) trine from Venus-Mars to Pluto, so it’s possible we can turn some discord to our advantage if we stay calm and think.

Friday is just as intense, and may even be a mental minefield as we still have the Mars-Venus conjunction, Sun still quincunx Neptune retrograde, and Mercury peaks the quincunx as well. Easy for there to be miscommunications on this day, for sure, so pay special attention and communicate as clearly as you possibly can. Look over your emails for any typos, and think twice before sending incendiary texts.

Moon does start off a little earlier that day trining Saturn, so there’s a little bit of at-ease when it comes to some feeling (and the fact the weekend is coming doesn’t hurt there!) and with Moon conjunct Uranus retrograde and then later on more directly opposite Jupiter, well, that easy feeling kind of goes away a little later on. This could be a day we start questioning how long we’ll have that next meal ticket coming. Try not to lose hope. Do be forewarned that the Sun and Mercury square to Pluto is also beginning to form. It also doesn’t help that the sun is on the fixed star Algorab, a fixed star in the constellation of Corvus (the Crow). It functions somewhat like Mars and Saturn (though as a fixed star, we don’t consider squares. I only count conjunctions… some may consider oppositions, but I don’t in my work). So Sun and Mercury are effectively conjunct a mini-Mars-Saturn conjunction, and this could be a day we can really force through the last bits of the workweek, or it could blow up in your face. With Sun-Mercury square Pluto… and with everything else going on that day… Pay special attention.

Frankly, Friday may just be a day to work from home or take the day off, if you really want to be safe. If you go into work, or travel to class, watch out for aggressive drivers that day.

Saturday still has the alignments from the previous day, such as Mars-Venus conjunct, Sun-Mercury on Algorab and square Pluto, but the Moon has changed into fixed, earthy Taurus, so we have a little bit of change of focus on our minds. Moon and Pallas retrograde conjunct and sextile Neptune retrograde, which makes a Yod to Mercury-Sun… So how we are coming across to others, and whether we’re doing so in an aggressive or boisterous manner will come into focus. Later on, the Moon will break the Yod and trine Pluto, so maybe if there was a romantic blowup before in the day, maybe a good time for makeup sex later. That’s entirely up to you couples out there. On the non-relationship front, Moon trine Pluto will be useful for calming our jets and seeing where we can feel better about the upheavals going on at this time. Maybe comforting a friend in need, or even writing out a business plan if you plan on starting a counseling service for others, all admirable goals.

Sunday is a big day, and we’ll probably see some more controversy perhaps? But, all things considered, we can probably make some good use of the energies of this day. First off, we have the Moon trining Mars, squaring the North Node while quincunxing Saturn, and then trining Venus, all before forming a sextile to Chiron retrograde. It’s going to be an interesting mix of energies emotionally. Might be a good day to have a nice brunch with a loved one, though I’d advise avoiding unpleasant topics. Keep it light.

Venus is beginning to make an opposition to Chiron retrograde as well, so, again, keep the conversations with loved ones light. It can be a good day to bury hatchets, though rest assured you want to be careful with this as Venus and Mars are still squaring Saturn as well. Mars will be tightening its square while Venus is beginning to move off of the square, so while there might have been some marital discord or maybe even discord within a job, it’s not over yet. The following week will see that Mars/Saturn square intensify, so, quite honestly, you may just want to relax as much as you can Sunday. Recharge your batteries, for sure.

Sun and Mercury tighten their conjunction and thankfully move off of Algorab, but we’ve also got the tightening square to Pluto. There is an air of volatility, especially when it comes to financial matters (as this is what I’m feeling regarding Pluto in Capricorn right now). Again… keep topics of conversation as light as possible. Really, I would advise against aggressive or even overly assertive actions starting from Sunday all the way into the middle of next week.

So there you have it, a slight calm before the storm, and then the weekend comes and… just lay low. Chill, relax, don’t scream at players over the mic if you choose to play multiplayer games, try not to get mad at kids, just… don’t go looking for trouble this week. If you like looking for trouble, trust me, it’s pretty easy for trouble to find you near the end of the week. On the world or national stage (at least here in the U.S.), I expect another feud of words. No way around it. Me, personally… well, my natal chart is getting hammered hard so it probably really doesn’t matter what I do! I halfway jest, though. Try to keep calm, keep it together, and keep a level head if at all possible. And know when to duck, because we may need to follow the way of the turtle a little bit. Slow and steady, and bunker down if needed. Keep it real until next week.