Solar Eclipse Sagittarius – December 2020 – Shadows and Dust

Solar Eclipse

This year has been a crucible of many alignments and crazy events. We’re at another crossroads now with the current Solar Eclipse now bearing down upon us. We’ve got the December Winter Solstice coming up as well (Summer in the Southern Hemisphere), and that’s going to have its own alignment with Saturn and Jupiter combining, so we’re in the middle of a momentous period in time. This one’s going to be a kingmaker and a kingslayer.

This Solar Eclipse’s Basics

The Solar Eclipse itself is exact at 23 Sag 08’15” on December 14th, 2020 at 08:16:34 PST (16:16:34 UTC). A Solar Eclipse is a super powered New Moon, and the start of a much larger cycle. While a New Moon starts a new lunar cycle for about 28 or so days, a solar eclipse’s effects are much longer lasting, several months to a year (if not longer). This Solar Eclipse will be taking place in Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign, so foreign, institutional, and more higher education concerns will be highlighted quite prolifically this time. I would say the prospects of long-distance travel and communication will also be highlighted, given the foreign influence theme that 9th house matters can bring upon us, and with Sagittarius being the 9th sign of the zodiac. As always, the primary aspect of a Solar Eclipse is Sun conjunct Moon, so we’ve got a major reckoning of our sense of self and our feelings regarding these matters, and this also represents new beginnings and new challenges. Whatever course we were on before, it will be shifting now if it hasn’t already.

As far as those who will be affected the most by this solar eclipse, those individuals and entities (countries, companies, etc.) with placements from 18 to 28 degrees Sagittarius/Pisces/Gemini/Virgo will be feeling this one most acutely. It’s usually the primary “hard” aspects that feel it the most (in this case, conjunction, opposition, and squares). It’s a mutable Solar Eclipse, so change will be a major theme as well as shifting conditions and flexibility.

A special word regarding this Solar Eclipse

This Solar Eclipse isn’t normal. We’ve got a major conjunction cycle with Jupiter and Saturn forming right now, which won’t be exact until the December Solstice. For us here in the United States, this is also a major shifting time as the Electoral College casts its votes for the next President of the United States. Yes, on the day of a Solar Eclipse this time. We have seen major societal and political upheaval here in my country, and I have a feeling we’re only getting started. Arguably, this Solar Eclipse is also part of a T-Square pattern, so there’s going to be a lot of catalysts for change coming.

Direct Aspects to the Solar Eclipse

There’s a great deal going on here aspecting the eclipse here.

T-Square: Solar Eclipse Sagittarius Conjunct Mercury and South Node, Opposite North Node, squaring Neptune as the Apex

This is already super-intense just being a Solar Eclipse, but the T-Square turns it up to 11. Solar Eclipse conjunct Mercury ramps up the communications angle of things right now, and also highlights travel, yet Mercury is conjunct the South Node at the same time, so that communications and travel is mired in past entanglements. Given that we still have the global COVID-19 pandemic still raging in many places, our capacity to travel meaningfully is dismal at best at the moment. The opposition to the North Node suggests that we still have a great deal of work to do here. The squares to Neptune in Pisces, there’s a lot of reflections, meditation, and many unknowns still facing us right now. There’s also the capacity for some hope and inspiration, but we have to get past our own questions of where we’ve come from and where we’re going first. Neptune can also represent intoxication and poisons, and this virus would definitely fit as a poison. Given the news of vaccines being authorized for emergency distribution, there’s that element of hope, but this also points to some hidden unknowns that will be forced to come to the surface. Gathering of all facts will not be easy with the squares to Neptune here.

Solar Eclipse Sagittarius Trine Mars in Aries

This is a more fortuitous alignment. Mars in its home sign of Aries brings drive, bravado, more flaring tempers, and yet the flowing trine from the Eclipse point does allow for more easily regulating this energy and drive. We can achieve great things now if we can harness this energy, and this may actually enable us to break past some barriers and doldrums that have been miring us in fears and hesitation now. This is a good time to plan for the future, as we’re more acutely aware of our own drives and ambitions now.

Solar Eclipse Sagittarius Semisextile Pluto in Capricorn

This triggering aspect from the Eclipse to the planet of death and rebirth, destruction and renewal, this represents some great changes that are upon us. Pluto demolishes and renews, and as it has been conjuncting Jupiter and Saturn for awhile (and now finally those two are breaking free from Plutonian influence), it has ratcheted up the tearing down and restructuring of governing institutions. Given the electoral process still going on in some way here in the U.S., this is pretty significant. Expect further upheaval, and I’d say rebellions as well (though rebellion is more a Uranian trait, Pluto can be… revolutionary). Outside of political and governing influences, ask yourself what aspects of reputation and career are in harmony and in conflict with your higher sense of awareness. Are your ambitions and current path in accordance with your higher self?

Other Aspects during the Solar Eclipse

In addition to the energies playing out from the Solar Eclipse, there are other bodies and points in the heavens we need to consider, as they add to the overall narrative.

Mercury in Sagittarius Trine Mars in Aries

This goes along with the Solar Eclipse trine Mars aspect. We’re more able to articulate what we need to move forward, and can communicate our ambitions and desires a bit more easily now. This also has the potential to defuse some conflicts before they hit a boiling point, as I would argue Mercury trine Mars is more diplomatic than harsher aspects (such as a square or opposition) would be. We may yet be able to avoid the worst of the chaos that is feared. In other aspects, we can apply the messenger’s trine to the warrior in other ways, such as focusing our efforts on creative projects.

Venus in Scorpio Trine Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn

This lighter aspect is aspecting the planet of beauty, valuables, and relationships in a flowing sextile to the powerhouses of optimism and discipline. This is quite fortunate! Venus in Scorpio lends itself to our more hidden, sultry, and darker desires when it comes to what we value, our desires, our more meaningful relationships. Jupiter and Saturn in the final degree of Capricorn, about to shift into Aquarius, well… Jupiter rules expansion, optimism, luck, hopefulness, and it’s starting to maneuver out of its least favorite sign of the sea goat (which is Saturn’s domain). Saturn rules discipline, restrictions, contraction, and overall stability in an authoritarian sense. It’s basically like good cop/bad cop here. When Jupiter and Saturn come together, we see the formation of new structures for good or for ill. With the sextile to Venus to this combination, there’s a good chance we can see some better days ahead with a changing of the guard, as it were. It’s actually quite hopeful I would say, though the growing pains will be immense, especially if we resist the lessons of Saturn and/or don’t trust the optimism of Jupiter here.

Mars in Aries Sextile North Node in Gemini

This is another one of those more fortunate combinations. Mars is showing where we have some drive in regards to ourselves, our identity, what represents us. The sextile to the North Node does show that we will have a slightly easier time building or rebuilding to get to the future now, though it won’t be as easy as we’d like. Mars also trines the South Node in this respect, so lessons from the past and where we’ve drawn comfort from in the past will play into this strongly as well. We may need to call upon our connections to our pasts to help get us going towards the future, such as reaching out to old colleagues in support of a new venture or to prop up one that’s going through some rough times (no shortage of that right now with the current COVID restrictions on some businesses).

Mars in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn

Now this is where it gets really contentious. Mars square Pluto alone can signify conflicts, struggle, sometimes violence as well. Mars in Aries is more focused on its own determination, its identity, its ambition, while Pluto in Capricorn shows where institutions and government need to reform or be swept away for something new, as well as restructuring our concepts of career, reputation, etc. Mars and Pluto in hard aspect like this does not make this easy, and there can be considerable resistance to necessary changes now. At worst, this can indicate political or societal violence. Uprisings of one kind or another are highly likely over the next several months. Exercise caution in all that you do, and definitely take note if anything around you seems sketchy, as this can be quite an explosive aspect. Terrorism is likely with this aspect. Be vigilant.

Uranus Retrograde Conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Taurus

Uranus isn’t in its best spot right now being in Taurus, given that it’s a rebel, an upstart, and Taurus is a fixed, stable, earthy energy. Black Moon Lilith, this represents both the divine feminine, as well as what’s hidden beneath the surface, things we’ve suppressed, and with this combination here we’re facing a crescendo of hidden and repressed desires and truths that will eventually need to come to the surface. There’s something gnawing away at us when it comes to our income, our sense of stability, and it will need to be dealt with eventually. Choosing to do so will go way better than having to deal with it by force at a later date, especially when it would likely occur at the most inconvenient time. This is a time where we need to reflect on our notions of stability and security. What are we suppressing? How can we do better?

Chiron Retrograde in Aries Semisextile Black Moon Lilith in Taurus

There seems to be a bit of a devil in the details when it comes to the wounded healer and the darker, deeper mysteries here. We want things to return to some semblance of normalcy, yet there’s something still hidden beneath the surface. I think this is going to play out as a concern of hidden or unknown side effects of the vaccines coming out to deal with the coronavirus crisis. There have been a few allergic reactions already dealt with, but those are in the minority from what I’m reading. This could also represent a previously undiscovered complication of COVID-19, or perhaps of some other malady, such as the mental health damage that this pandemic has been causing. Many of us are at a breaking point, and this will have to be confronted sooner or later. The sooner, the better, in my view.

Asteroid Aspects to the Solar Eclipse

Not too many asteroids are making direct aspects to the Solar Eclipse, but those that do are of significance this time around.

Asteroid Yod: Solar Eclipse Sagittarius Quincunx 157 Dejanira Retrograde in Taurus and 1388 Aphrodite Retrograde in Cancer

The Solar Eclipse apexes a yod between two asteroids I’ve used extensively in the past. 157 Dejinira is an asteroid that denotes vulnerability and victimhood, and with it being retrograde in Taurus, we may feel like we’re the victim when it comes to our circumstances regarding stability, money, and valuables, some of which may be self-inflicted. Government shutdowns of “non-essential” businesses would not necessarily be “self-inflicted” however.

1388 Aphrodite represents the goddess Aphrodite, known for beauty and romance, and with it being in Cancer and retrograde, we’re likely feeling feelings of love and loneliness right now (even more acutely with gathering restrictions in many places now). Combined with Dejinira in this yod, we’re feeling disconnected from others right now, be it romantic partners or prospects, or we feel like we can’t effectively communicate our desires for someone right now. It’s possible we’re putting the brakes on ourselves. We don’t necessarily have to hide how we feel, even if we can’t physically be with someone right now.

Solar Eclipse Sagittarius Semisextile 100 Hekate and 6583 Destinn in Capricorn, and 8813 Leviathan in Scorpio

This is a set of triggering aspects that may shed some more light on things going on now. Hekate is a goddess associated with witchcraft and the crossroads, and pairing that with an asteroid representing destiny by its name, it shows that we’re certainly at a crossroads in our lives (especially as both Destinn and Hekate conjunct Pluto). Leviathan is named for a monster of the sea, and is represented in some works as a huge sea serpent. There’s still an undercurrent of a massive beast among us (of which the pandemic could be considered the hidden beast). Combined, we’re at a crossroads as to how we will choose our destiny and confront the beast beneath the surface. We have some serious battles to fight, I would say.

Solar Eclipse Sagittarius Sextile 433 Eros and 407 Arachne in Libra, and 763 Cupido in Aquarius

I’m noticing a theme here with the asteroids regarding romance and love. Eros represents erotic love, as well as a deeper love for another, and with it being with Arachne, this represents a spider’s web. While a spider’s web can ensnare, it also can bridge gaps. Besides that, a spider can detect the slightest movement while on its web as well, and it knows which strands to step on and which ones to avoid so it doesn’t get stuck. Cupido, this can represent Cupid’s arrow, and also deals with attraction to another as well. Overall, the ties that bind may not be so sticky after all, and we may be more connected to someone who strikes our fancy than we realized, even if we can’t be with them. This makes sense in an age where one of our communications mediums is referred to as the “Web”, and people are still using dating apps like Tinder and Bumble these days, even with the inherent risks lately.

Solar Eclipse Sagittarius Square 19 Fortuna in Pisces, and 1862 Apollo in Virgo

Here we have a bit of an asteroid T-Square involving the Solar Eclipse itself, and these two bodies. Fortuna implies just that, fortune, and being in Pisces, things can be a bit mercurial and murky right now when it comes to pursuing our fortunes. Apollo, on the analytical Virgo end, shines a light on matters and represents a sun god. The truth of the matter can be a bit ugly when it comes to us pursuing our fortunes and ambitions right now. Perhaps misdeeds come to light that end up forbidding the pursuit of a goal, or perhaps some other roadblocks are revealed that force us to course-correct. In any case, the light will shine on the path, and we may find we need to take a few detours to get to where we want to go. Still, success and fortune can still be attained, it just won’t be as easy.

Solar Eclipse Sagittarius Trine 11144 Radiocommunicata and Eris Retrograde in Aries

Finally, we get to this trine to the Solar Eclipse from these two bodies. Radiocommunicata represents communications, especially when it comes to broadcasting and internet media, while Eris represents the goddess of discord, the one who threw the golden apple into the middle of the contest between a few other goddesses and kickstarted the entire Trojan War and all that ugliness. In short, we’ve got plenty of messages and media conveying a great deal of discord, but the trine from the eclipse is regulating this in a way. Discord and online communications definitely sounds like social media. Expect more people to be speaking their mind about current events for awhile, and yet the trine seems to tell me that the worst of it will be mitigated (such as online discussions and planning of violent actions being thwarted).

In Closing

This Solar Eclipse will be felt for years to come, just based on the Electoral College casting their ballots on the day of this same eclipse alone. Besides that, there’s a great deal of illusions being made and being broken, and a new consciousness of what possibilities lie before us being made apparent. Alliances and power bases are certainly shifting, and a new world is definitely awaiting us. There’s a lot of possibilities here, and definitely a lot of potential too. Also a lot of growing pains and people clinging, some violently, to the old order that no longer is or no longer will exist. We’ll need to be watchful, but guarded optimism is certainly warranted here. Let’s hope all the devils in the details can be exorcised before they can do their damage. Do what you have to do to make your better future a reality, and do not be afraid to reach out for help from your loved ones if you need to do so. Something I need to remind myself of sometimes. Until the next time, cheers.