Weekly Report – September 18th Through 24th, 2017

Weekly Report

This week is all about high-intensity energy. And there is a lot of it.

Starting off the week on Monday, we still have the Yod Kite with Venus sextile Jupiter, both quincunx Chiron retrograde, and the Sun completes the opposition to pull the bowstring. Inner healing and dealing with wounds very much in focus, with the elements of our money, our possessions and our careers/jobs still very much in focus, as well as our own selves, our own ego, our own self-worth. Asteroid Dejanira is also becoming conjunct the Sun (as the Sun is approaching the 2 and a half degree orb of impact for an asteroid), so we are likely feeling a little victimized here. Perhaps an improper bank hold (like I currently have a couple of), or some possession or perhaps a lover or love interest is held hostage or at arms length. That’s the feel I’m getting from this. Continuing on with this trend is a Sun quincunx Uranus retrograde point of uncertainty, where we have sudden hiccups or monkey wrenches thrown into our affairs. To further exasperate this, I am also seeing another Yod Kite forming, with Chiron sextile asteroids Destinn and Sedna (both on Algol, a notorious fixed star associated with losing one’s head) all quincunx Jupiter in Libra, with Uranus retrograde kiting that. If you invest in the stock market, or trade in particular goods, I would keep a very sharp eye on your investments. This Jupiter-focused Yod will intensify throughout the week, and I’m forecasting peak intensity for the Uranus/Jupiter Yod formation on Saturday. Finally, a couple major conjunctions in the later part of the day (or starting from around noontime Pacific Daylight Time) is Moon conjunct Mercury, followed a little later by Moon conjunct Mars (and Moon-Mars are still a couple degrees orb in their own conjunction). Our emotions are likely to be flaring up and highly intense, especially with the other Yod energies I’ve pointed out). Resist the temptation to use the boss’s desk as a urinal and just count to a hundred if you need to. Perhaps a thousand would be better… Or could put nose to grindstone and just get some much-needed tasks done at work or around the home… This would also be a good time to mention an intense T-square with Sun opposing Chiron and apexing at Pholus, an asteroid named for a centaur who had some very inticing wine in legend. This isn’t the time to lose ourselves in intoxicants or other escapes. The temptation, however, will be very strong. We could even find ourselves losing ourselves in overindulging at the gym even. Warm up well.

Tuesday isn’t looking much less energetic. the sun begins to seperate in its opposition to Chiron retrograde so we should be seeing a bit of relief begin to take shape, and as Venus is about to enter Virgo, the Yod involving it, Jupiter, Chiron, and Sun breaks. Hopefully we will have put into motion some of what we need to do, and Venus entering Virgo later in the day will help bolster this… But don’t forget that a bit earlier in the day we have Moon square Saturn, so we’re going to have to deal wtih some rough edges emotionally. We’ll be feeling like we just can’t get started, but this will pass later on. On the Pacific coast near 11PM to midnight, and early morning on the East Coast (U.S.) we hit the next New Moon. New Moon, of course, brings Sun conjunct Moon, and an ideal time to get new projects and new habit forming off the ground. As this New Moon opposes Chiron, this will be a month-long cycle of inner healing being brought into focus. We also have a Fire Grand Trine with some minor bodies, with Ixion in Sagittarius, Eris retrograde in Aries, and North Node in Leo. Ixion is also conjunct Black Moon Lilith, so maybe some unconventional or some little help from above (or maybe below, depending on your point of view) can get us through this period. Harness the chaos, as it were, and ride the wave.

Wednesday, we start off early on with Mercury opposite Neptune, giving rise to a bit of possible miscommunication, or perhaps unorthodox communications that aren’t fully understood. We could also see an increase in accidents or travel delays due to people daydreaming on the road, so be mindful during the morning commute. Venus by now has also crossed over into Virgo and is with fixed star Regulus today, giving a regal boost to Venus’s eye for beauty, but with the proud nature of the heart of the Lion, we could be hoisted by our own petard if we let pride dictate terms… doubly true as we also have Mars square asteroid Lucifer this day, so proud flare-ups are at increased risk today too. We also have Moon entering airy Libra, so we’ll be feeling that we need to make some decisions, weighing pros and cons of actions, preferably before committing to said actions. We also have a Yod forming with Jupiter sextile Pholus, both quincunx Destinn-Sedna (on Algol). Best not to drink your money away, but one or two at happy hour can’t hurt too much. Don’t go overboard, and watch your back (and your drink or intoxicant of choice). Anything in excess isn’t advised today, to be quite honest.

Thursday gives us a brief stint of Moon conjunct asteroid Karma, so we’ll start the day thinking “am I really getting what I deserve? Am I really supposed to be reaping this from what I’ve sown?” An excelleng question, and I can’t say if you are or not, personally. With Mercury semisextile the two at that point, we could be reacting to a message, like an email or a letter, that snaps us to that attention. Also, the Jupiter/Pholus/Destinn-Sedna Yod intensifies, so again, watch your six and make sure everything’s in writing at this time, for the next week or two if anything. And watch your drink, especially if you question the trustworthiness of anyone nearby (a very hard lesson I’ve had to learn recently). Mercury begins to really trine Pluto retrograde too, so it’s likely in our talking or writing or emailing or texting or whatever else… we start seeing some epiphanies as to how we can better handle a situation. Mars begins opposing Neptune retrograde as well, so there’s a danger of feeling angered that we’re not thinking of things clearly as we should, or we could have some major suspicions come to light. This can lead to our imaginiations running wild with all sorts of scenarios of betrayal, backstabbing, accidents that could happen… a real Murphy’s Law-esque connundrum in our thoughts. Nothing wrong with being prepared or mindful of a worst-case scenario, but it’s best not to obsess over it. Going into the weekend, it’ll be very easy to do, so perhaps some aggressive yoga or intense exercise (taking care to avoid injury) is called for to keep your mind focused on self-improvement.

Friday brings to us an intensification of the Jupiter/Pholus/Destinn-Sedna Yod. Again, watch your six. Mercury tightens its trine to Pluto retrograde, making travel and communications a little bit easier and also an easier time to bolster some good habits, perhaps. Moon will hit Jupiter (itself apex of a Yod between Chiron sextile Destinn-Sedna quincunx Jupiter, itself opposed by Uranus retrograde)… our money and our luck is a source of concern in midday, and we need to be mindful of any sudden changes, such as a paycheck delay perhaps, or an unexpected expense. Or, perhaps how we feel about our money or lack thereof. Are we really pursuing what serves us, what makes us happy, what fulfills our life purpose? This is a day where it comes to focus. A little later on, Moon crosses into Scorpio, where we get that fixed watery feel, and where we can start getting that 50 Shades of Grey-esque vibe for a lover… or feel depressed at the lack of having a lover. Don’t lose yourself in any nihilistic thoughts. Also, later on in the day, Sun will cross over into Libra, so an air of chaos and change will come about for the evening (if in the US), and we’ll be spending the next month weighing our decisions, our lives, our emotions against two or more choices. As Libra is ruled by Mercury, our affairs will become a bit… Mercurial, for lack of a better term, so a good time to perhaps also play devil’s advocate.

Saturday intensifies the Mars/Neptune opposition, so find a positive outlet for the disconnect between going forward, jumping forward, being raring to go, and the Neptune retrograde feel of “but maybe I don’t want to do this” or “what if I screw up?” So what? Go and live, but don’t lose yourself in a reckless display of passion either. Especially so as we have Karma square Pluto retrograde this day beginning to tighten up. Very easy to set up an ill harvest if we sow the seeds of anger and despair. It could also be that something comes to fruition pretty soon that isn’t all that we wanted. Maybe we forgot to nourish something? Overlooked an issue? Perhaps someone you’re dating or a business proposition isn’t panning out either. Try not to take it out on the other side of the coin as we also have Venus beginning to oppose asteroid Nessus, and it can be very easy to lash out at our loved ones when we’re highly frustrated, and this is a weekend where it can be easy for that to happen. Everyone needs to chill out this weekend. Jupiter is still tightening its opposition to Uranus retrograde (again, Chiron and Destinn-Sedna also involved for that Yod), so CHILL! Very easy to do something you’ll regret later if you don’t chill.

Sunday brings the tightest of the Mars/Neptune opposition, so let’s not let our imagination run too wild with what all’s going on. Ceres also crosses into Leo, so we may be feeling a bit more pride and a bit more of an ego with our home affairs. Not always a bad thing, and later on near the end of the day, Moon will begin to trine that Ceres when the Moon exits Scorpio and goes into fiery, mutable Sagittarius. Before that happens, the Moon will of course trine Chiron retrograde, so this would be a good point to step back and get a grip on what’s going on in your life, and take a deep breath. Especially since Moon will also quincunx Uranus retrograde at the same time. I could see some people think about undergoing a makeover as part of a personal thought crisis. But again, the Chiron/Destinn-Sedna/Jupiter/Uranus Yod Kite makes it a dicey proposition to engage in a shopping spree to remake right now. It’d be easy to undergo such a radical change, only to have a hangover (whether from celebrating too much, letting loose too much, or just looking at the billing statement the next month) after its all said and done. And with the Jupiter/Pholus/Destinn-Sedna Yod kited briefly by the Moon, it’s going to be very easy to ask “what the hell did I just do?” Perhaps what was meant to be done? I don’t know. Perhaps only you can answer that with certainty.

So there you have it, a highly intense week, and lots of intense energies. I emphasized the Destinn-Sedna conjunction on Algol as part of those Yods because I think there is a great significance there, especially with those two asteroids being on the eye of Medusa (Algol). Ugly things don’t have to be destined to happen, but it’s easier for it to happen now. Watch your investments and resources this week like a hawk, as I feel that’s going to be a point of concern. I wouldn’t even be surprised if we find out more shocking news from the financial sector (as if we need any more of that considering that Equifax breach). Expect some sudden actions, and a bit of chaos. Embrace the chaos to bring order to your life, and let’s see where it all leads. Cheers.