New Moon Virgo – September 2018 – Deceptions Unravel

New Moon Virgo

As we continue through this month of September, we find ourselves faced with the next New Moon. This Virgo New Moon is the first one after the August Solar Eclipse, and we’re still feeling the fallout from that one. This new lunar cycle is going to be all about exposing deceptions and getting to the heart of pressing matters, and it’s going to require us to dig deep into our inner fortitude to expose what needs to be brought to light. Let’s begin.

This next New Moon at 17 Vir 00’17” is exact on September 9th, 2018 at 11:01:27 PDT (18:01:27 UTC). Already, we have New Moon conjunct 564 Dudu and 9951 Tyrannosaurus. The deceivers in our life are going to be, well, larger than life, and just like the pile in Jurassic Park that Jeff Goldblum famously quipped about, it’s one big pile of… crap. Be ready to shovel out of this. Fortunately, New Moon also sextiles Jupiter and trines Pluto retrograde. This gives us a bit more wisdom to recognize the deception and also allows us some serious firepower to confront the issue. However, let’s also be aware that New Moon opposes Neptune and 407 Arachne, so the web of deceit is going to be quite nebulous. Again, Jupiter and Saturn are a big help.

The web of deceit we will be unraveling this lunar cycle gets a bit more involved, as we also have a Thor’s Hammer pattern with Uranus retrograde in Taurus square Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius, and both sesquiquadrate the New Moon. Actually, it’s a Thor’s Hammer Kite as we also have that aforementioned Neptune-Arachne conjunction opposing the New Moon as well. Sesquiquadrates act sort of like squares, but more of an external influence in my opinion. Uranus square Black Moon Lilith will influence sudden strange events involving the occult or of sudden events regarding women’s rights, the goddess within, sacred sexuality, or just sexuality in general. In current events, we have the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, and it’s going to get even more contentious given what I’m seeing in this lunar cycle as one example of what to expect (given his stance on birth control and abortion from the other day in the hearings). Do not expect a smooth ride with this.

We should also note Uranus square Mars in late Capricorn which will add to the unpredictability. Thankfully, Mars is out of range of joining the Thor’s Hammer Kite. But still, Mars and Uranus squares adds an explosive element to the general chaos and unpredictability. If you’re not intending on joining any demonstrations, as one example, steer clear. Otherwise, you will likely be caught up in the current as one example.

New Moon semisquare Venus and Typhon in Scorpio gets a bit interesting as well. Typhon, I see as a bit of a disaster or heavy trigger asteroid, though it and Venus are by themselves out of orb of being conjunct, so the impact is reduced. Consider it a bit of an added oomph to the events of this lunar cycle, and I’m not 100% certain what this will do beyond adding to the intensity. Venus, on the other hand, with the semisquare… Well, a semisquare I see as like the square but more internal. Could be that some of us will experience writer’s block, whereas others may experience some slight loss in terms of pay/money, or of valuables, or maybe some lovers’ quarrels. But Venus does sextile Saturn, which should serve to smooth this over somewhat, and perhaps the combating of deception leads to some drive to finish a project we’ve been working on that will further advance the cause of truth (at least, according to us working on such projects).

New Moon also semisquares 16089 Lamb in Leo, which itself is conjunct the North Node. This calls upon us to look at everything with a skeptical eye this cycle, and to uncover the wolves in sheep’s clothing before they can make us their dinner.

Moving on to the other planets at the culmination of the New Moon, Mercury in Virgo opposite Nessus in Pisces, and apexing into a T-square with 3811 Karma in Sagittarius… This warns us to be careful in our communications with others, as we will very much reap what we sow quickly should we get into unnecessary arguments. This also leads to confrontations with those that would abuse our trust. Mercury also squares 1981 Midas in Gemini, all but completing a Grand Cross if not for Midas and Nessus being two and a half degrees of orb from squaring Nessus. Money and resources is likely to be the source of many problems in terms of the harsh communications. Quite possibly, it could be revelations of illicit money that leads to a downfall for someone prominent. We’ll have to wait and see.

Venus opposite Uranus retrograde, apexing into a T-Square with Mars points to some sudden or unexpected undoings when it comes to jobs, money, and relationships. This gets even more pronounced when we add Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune-Arachne, and being an apex point itself of a Thor’s Hammer Kite when factoring in a sesquiquadrate to 128 Nemesis, and a Yod Kite with Venus quincunx 37117 Narcissus and 545 Messalina conjunct Alcyone and the Pleiades, and also Venus quincunxing Chiron retrograde in early Aries… with Uranus pulling both strings. Get all that? The risk of losing what we value is elevated, in no uncertain terms from the actions of those (Nemesis) that would ensnare us with lies and deception (Arachne-Neptune), with part of this coming from narcissism and lust (Narcissus-Messalina) and some hidden hurts (Chiron). It’s like we can see it coming, and yet we’ll be blindsided when it hits (Uranus).

Jupiter trine Neptune retrograde helps us call upon our higher spirituality to seek answers or help in getting through some of the trials of this lunar cycle, and as Both Jupiter and Neptune sextile Pluto retrograde for a Minor Grand Trine we have the chance to eliminate a few things that are no longer serving us from our lives. While we do not like the deceptions that are being revealed, we can use this softer aspect to plan around this and come up with some working solutions. Jupiter semisquare Saturn might throw a bit of a monkey wrench into the works, and Jupiter semisquare Ceres points to some trouble at home during this cycle too (with of course Saturn square Ceres being fully involved in the mix). As the school year is starting here in the U.S., one example would be the end of summer and the beginning of having to go to school and do homework as one example of tasks and restrictions and duties getting in the way of relaxing at home. There could be some domestic disharmony as well with this aspect, so do be aware and try to smooth over any ruffled feathers as best as you can.

Saturn actually apexes a T-square as it squares both Ceres and Chiron retrograde, and this further adds to the trouble in the homestead. Be very attentive to the concerns of your partners (roommates, lovers, spouses, family, etc.) and do note we do have a bit of a Grand Trine going with Saturn trine Uranus and also both trine 2629 Rudra. We can potentially use this energy to further recover from some of the psychic storms we are experiencing at this time. As Rudra is also conjunct fixed star Regulus, we might be able to sidestep or diminish some potentialities of violence even. Or, perhaps, it’s a good time to work off some aggression in the gym or in a new martial arts routine. Warm up sufficiently to avoid injury though, as Regulus does influence downfalls if one is not careful, despite any immediate benefits. The danger is when a body moves off of Regulus, in my opinion, in this case, Rudra.

I’m going to end with Pluto, as we’ve largely covered Uranus and Neptune. Pluto retrograde is slowing down for its station at the end of the month, but not quite yet. Pluto retrograde also does sesquiquadrate Pallas and Hekate in Virgo, and Midas in Gemini for a Thor’s Hammer. Make sure you don’t fall afoul of the law, watch your parking meter times, and definitely do not blow off any summons (Pallas). With Hekate in the mix, there could even be the possibility of ramifications even if you do everything “right” (such as a summons to report for jury duty). This could also imply new taxes, fees, or regulations that could cost us a bit more cash. Watch your wallet. Finally, Pluto square 149 Medusa and 829 Academia in Libra suggest that there could be trouble in some learning environments, such as a teacher that has it out for a student, or it could be allegations or actual sexual harassment in an institutional setting. Be very aware of your surroundings when out and about at night (always good advice) and do be watchful for the unscrupulous. On a more mundane level, it cautions us against being penalized for the twisted actions of another, again, in an institutional or workplace setting. Watch your back.

So there we have it. Some potential for progress, but also some big cautions against those who would take advantage of us. And some houses of cards will start falling during this lunar cycle as lies and falsehoods are exposed. Remember, a lie always returns. Be careful how you catch it. If we’ve been more upfront and truthful in our lives, we may have an easier time as far as repercussions for our own actions. The actions of others, well, that’s something we just must be careful of. Especially in this highly polarized time. It’ll be interesting to see what other events transpire during this period.