Full Moon Aries – October 2020 – Seething Rage

Full Moon Aries

This lunar cycle is proving to be quite a show. Given the longer-term aspects going on here, are we really surprised the presidential debate the other night wound up being as much of a disaster as it was? I don’t have much time so I’m going to just get into this. Yes, things are ramping up on my own end too and not in the best of ways.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon takes place at 09 Ari 08’15” on October 1st, 2020 14:05:13 (2:05:13 PM) PDT (21:05:13 (9:05:13 PM) UTC). This Full Moon occurs in the first sign of Aries, a cardinal fire sign associated with our self, our identity, the ego, our drive, the face we put out to the world. Our own core identity is in focus with this Full Moon, and given the aspects comingling in the heavens right now, there’s quite a bit we need to consider here. Sun opposite Moon is the core aspect here, where the Sun is in the seventh sign of Libra (partnerships, relationships, open enemies). How we relate to ourselves and to others are the focus here.

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

Just a couple alignments directly impacting this Full Moon, but the main one is major.

Full Moon Aries Conjunct Chiron Retrograde

This is a lunar culmination bringing catharsis and much reflection on how we have held ourselves back and wounded ourselves up to this point, and also the focusing point on how we heal going forward. The real question is, do we want to be healed? It’s possible some of us have gotten so used to pain, so used to feeling that something’s off, that we actively find ways to keep ourselves wounded. It’s like a sick sort of adrenaline rush. If we care to do so, we can break ourselves of our more harmful habits now. Chiron retrograde is also opposing the Sun in Libra with this aspect as well, so this is a time to ask ourselves if we’re keeping ourselves in harmful relationships that no longer serve us.

Full Moon Aries Semisextile Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

This Full Moon also comes at a time where its triggering sudden changes in ourselves and how we relate to our resources, and this can manifest in ways such as finding a new job, starting to look for new work, or seeing the writing on the wall when it comes to an upcoming disruption in resources. This can also relate to a time where our own actions bring upon some sort of resource or property loss, or conversely, resource/property gain. This plays into the self-fulfillment sector as well, as well as how we’re getting along in our primary partnerships with Uranus retrograde also being quincunx the Libra Sun. Finding a balance in our own affairs and the affairs of others is tricky now. Things are not stable.

Other Active Aspects During the Full Moon

Like the previous Full Moon, the other aspects going on right now are quite concerning. And quite powerful.

Mercury in Scorpio Opposite Uranus Retrograde in Taurus (Wide Orb)

This is a rather wide orb, but is applying (getting closer), so bears mentioning. We’re more prone to let off missives regarding out frustrations with sudden resource and money woes, or any threats to our stability, and we’re also more likely to be secretive about such matters as well depending on who we’re talking to. I would say we’re even likely to keep our cards close to our chests with our loved ones right now. Also note that we’re in the pre-retrograde shadow period for Mercury, so things are slowing down on the travel and communications fronts, and as we’ve seen in the past week, there’s already been some major glitches in play lately where internet services were concerned. I would say this is a preview of what we can expect with the upcoming Mercury Retrograde period that starts within the next two weeks. Make sure your most important files and documents are backed up.

Venus in Leo Trine Black Moon Lilith and Mars Retrograde in Aries

This is a more easy to navigate aspect, as the drive towards relationships and possessions that fulfill our own sense of purpose and enjoyment benefit from the boost Mars in Aries gives. Do note that Mars is retrograde, so seeking out any sort of fun now in this area would require considerably more effort. The trine to Black Moon Lilith allows for our inner intuition to come to the fore as well, and isn’t as affected by Mars seeming to be in reverse motion from our perspective here, as Mars and Lilith are kind of far apart, but that seething turmoil between drive and the hidden shadow is still there. Venus does have another energy impacting it which could make pursuits of new relationships and gains right now a bit contentious as well…

Venus in Leo Conjunct Fixed Star Regulus

Venus is approaching the Heart of the Lion in the constellation Leo, which is actually in the very beginning of Virgo these days in the western zodiac. This is a bold energy that can surprise us a bit, but we do need to use caution. The potential for let-downs, trouble, and chaos in romantic encounters are quite high. This regal star can be a kingmaker, and it can be a kingslayer too, and the royal bed is a site of many a king’s downfall. Exercise caution, especially with the pandemic still going on.

Mars Retrograde and Black Moon Lilith in Aries Square Saturn and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

This isn’t the friendliest combination by far. Quite frankly, it’s downright devastating if you’re not ready for this. And Saturn just went direct, so while it’s generally motionless, it’s no longer in reverse, so we can expect the wheel of karma to turn quite soon. Mars square Saturn indicates blockages, obstructions, opposition, and with Mars retrograde, the energy to tackle those roadblocks is even more lacking than normal. Mars square Pluto is explosive, can be quite destructive, and pretty much is a powder keg ready to blow if it isn’t already starting to explode. Combine Saturn and Pluto, and you’ve got a societal wrecking ball. Adding Black Moon Lilith to this indicates a major clash between patriarchy and the divine feminine. Women’s rights are very much in the forefront and in the crosshairs right now, especially with the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg opening up yet another seat on the Supreme Court, and the massively ramped-up anxieties concerning the proposed successor, Amy Coney Barrett. Put simply: That’s just one example of how this set of aspects is going to get ugly. Do not expect compromise. And considering these are long-lasting aspects going on, may fortune ever be in our favor. I’d even argue that civility is going right out the window now.

(The Lilith portion applies to the square to Saturn, as its orb is too wide to impact Pluto directly, but still, the mixture of energies may have some impact.)

Mars Retrograde in Aries Sextile North Node in Gemini

This aspect implies some lower-key progress towards our better future is possible now, with a greater emphasis on keeping track of where we’re coming from (with the trine to South Node in Sagittarius). We can learn from the past and apply that to get some momentum towards a better life for us all, but it won’t be easy with the reduced energy and drive from Mars retrograde. Perhaps it’s a “not right now” that we’re hearing, and yet we’ve got that driving impulse of “time being of the essence.” This is a tricky one, but we can make use of it.

Jupiter in Capricorn Sextile Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Another softer aspect that we can count our blessings for, Jupiter sextile Neptune is good for introspection, meditation, and communing with the divine and our spirit guides. Pay attention to the greater details and take the time to reflect, as there may be answers coming from above. This is also a good time to bolster commitments to self-improvement and sobriety if that is the path you are walking.

Jupiter in Capricorn Conjunct Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

This is a somewhat wider conjunction, so won’t be felt as powerfully right now, but it will be strengthening over the next couple of months and culminating in the third and final Jupiter-Pluto exact conjunction in November. The overall march towards societal and institutional change is going to drive forward now, and it’s going to do so in spades. Expect more contentious arguments and upheavals as far as the societal fabric is concerned, and expect some surprises as well, as Pluto tears down, and Jupiter is at its weakest in Capricorn right now too. Not its favorite sign to be in. Make contingency plans to factor in societal disruptions. Do not rely on Vote by Mail to be reliable: drop off your ballots or vote in person, and exercise every precaution to protect your health, as I can tell you right now just looking at this conjunction alone that institutions we felt were more or less rock solid are actually on a foundation of sand right now. There is too much at stake to take core functions for granted now.

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn Quincunx North Node in Gemini

The destroyer and renewer, more or less motionless as Pluto turns direct in a few days, is making this awkward quincunx pattern to the North Node, upending our drive to advance our lives towards what we’ve dreamed of, our better lives, and generally making things a bigger pain in our backsides than they really need to be. Expect upsets and delays where chasing our dreams are concerned, but with the Mars sextile to that same North Node, we might be able to get around this slightly. You may need to keep a few arrows in your quiver for a better vantage point to take that shot.

Asteroids Aspecting the Full Moon

(I’ll have to get to this later, sorry. Time doesn’t permit this as of this writing.)

In Closing

This Full Moon is definitely a culmination point of major chaos. At least we don’t have a major T-Square unlike the last Full Moon, so we have a slight reprieve there. Still, with Mercury in pre-retrograde shadow and Saturn just turning forward, and Pluto about to follow suit, the chaos that’s been swirling around us is going to get even more intense. Exercise common sense and try to keep things together. We are going to have to accept that some delays are inevitable, but those delays may not necessarily be all-out cancellations. Let’s try to keep some hope alive at least.

If I can, I’ll come back and look at the asteroid aspects. Things are just even crazier than normal on my end and I’ve got major deadlines bearing down on me. Until next time.