Transit Analysis – August 2017 Eclipse in Leo to USA Sibley Chart

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Ever since the August 21st Solar Eclipse in Leo, and the visible manifestation of it casting its shadow over the United States of America, we have seen quite a bit of turmoil. Maybe the ancients were right about eclipses? I can’t say definitively… but what I can say is, we are experiencing a lot of disasters right now. Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida and the Carribean, and of course the multitude of wildfires out in the Western United States. (The last one is indirectly impacting me personally, as the wildfire smoke has made a bit of a haze near the Seattle area… I shouldn’t complain too much as there are areas experiencing a lot more smoke-wise and fire-wise). So just what the hell is going on? What did the Solar Eclipse actually hit in the USA’s chart? Let’s take a look and bring order out of chaos a bit…

First and foremost, the Solar Eclipse opposed the USA’s Moon by transit. That’s a major impact! Themes of national feelings and emotions, and to a degree I would say, water and tides, those are at the fore right now. Yes, hurricanes would be influenced by tides somewhat, and Irma is following shortly after a full moon which raises the tides more! That’s a bit of a problem. We should also consider that the Solar Eclipse hit in the USA’s 9th house, which rules long-distance travel, foreign encounters, and legal concerns. Hmm… and we’ve got that thing with North Korea going on too. USA Moon is also conjunct its own Pallas, also opposed by the transit Solar Eclipse, so themes of wisdom and war are going to be pretty prevailent here too. The question is, does the USA actually have wisdom to avoid war at the current moment?

Transit Solar Eclipse also squares asteroids Kassandra and Pandora in the USA chart, and by extension, transit Sedna on Algol. This sounds rather ominous. Given that the USA’s natal Moon squares those two asteroids in its own chart, we have a tendency to run afoul of emotions and listening to wisdom in regards to not opening up Pandora’s boxes that we shouldn’t be opening (one could argue that the Vietnam War was one example of this). Sedna in transit is going to be around these couple of degrees for the next several years or so, being a slow-moving trans-Neptunian object with a ridiculous orbit. Transit Rudra also conjuncts transit Sedna, and this amplifies things. Long story short, emotionally, the nation is in denial about the Pandora’s Boxes that have been opened, and of course there were warnings about these. We are now, sad to say, reaping the whirlwind.

Let’s go on to other transits… Transit Chiron retrograde was conjunct the USA’s Imum Coeli during the eclipse. I can tell you, through personal exprience, Chiron and the Imum Coeli is a hell of a combination. (I will need to relate my own experiences in another article). We are seeing pain and some healing on the home front. Now, Chiron retrograde has crossed back into the USA’s third house of short-distance travel and communications, and… well, we saw some painful communications even before the eclipse with Charlottesville. Transit Chiron retrograde squaring transit Ixion is also revealing some ungratefulness and backstabbing, and this effectively forms a T-square to the USA Midheaven as well. Now, regarding weather events, I’m not entirely certain about Ixion’s impact and will have to check other charts.

The transiting Solar Eclipse did also trine transit Uranus retrograde… and in the USA chart that Uranus conjuncts asteroid Nemesis. I would say some internal enemies were revealed even before the Eclipse. Again, Charlottesville. It’s pretty telling when many years ago, our soldiers (my paternal grandfather among these) went over and defeated Nazi Germany, and now today we have people openly waving Nazi Flags in American streets. Ok, WTF. Anyways. We really need to note something about that Uranus transit… because right now, and during that eclipse, transit Uranus retrograde conjunct USA Nemesis is also square… USA Pluto retrograde and that square is tightening up on the Uranus side. As we have seen in the first half of the 2010’s decade, we had transiting Uranus-Pluto squares and we have seen all the chaos that has come from that, examples being the Arab Spring and the rise of ISIS, the Russian annexation of Crimea, and North Korea’s nuclear missile program. There were also Uranus-Pluto squares in the 1930’s, and … well, we had the Great Depression then, the consolidation of Adolf Hitler’s power, and eventually after those squares moved on, we had World War II. And since Uranus is backtracking and tightening the square, it means that the USA has had a transit Uranus-Pluto square for the last year or so! No wonder.

I’m going to just say it: A national shake-up is unavoidable. I’m not sure when the last transit Uranus square USA Pluto was, and will need to check all of those and cross-reference to historical events here in the US. Now what about a transit Pluto to USA Uranus square? We don’t have to worry about that for decades. In fact, Pluto would have to enter Pisces. I’m not sure when Pluto was in Virgo, offhand, but given that my dad was born with Pluto at the beginning of Leo, it was within the last 50 years or so. Anyways, we’re getting off track.

During this Eclipse transit, transit Pluto has been opposing the USA Sun-Bologna conjunction, and transit fixed star Sirius is now with the USA Sun as well. Honestly, I’m not sure what bearing transiting fixed stars have on a national chart, considering they move one degree in approximately 72 years. Sirius with Sun in a natal chart normally is good for success in business, careers involving metal or “other martial affairs”, and supposedly domestic peace? But we’re not seeing domestic peace. Transiting fixed stars may be dubious at best and shouldn’t be overly counted on in long-term astrological research based on this. It’s like the snapshot of the time of the USA’s birth and the other snapshot of the star crossing is far enough removed in time to not really have the expected effect? More research is needed. As Sirius is also of the nature of Jupiter and Mars, it could be increased energy and expansion is also a factor. Again, more research needed.

USA Jupiter and Venus are conjunct, and also conjunct asteroids BAM and Pompeja, and BAM-Venus was conjuncting transit asteroid Ohno during the Eclipse as well.. Ohno, to me, represents just what it sounds like: “Oh no.” BAM is… well, pretty explosive. With Venus, the USA has had its boom times in riches and prosperity, especially with Jupiter there. We’ve also been prone to explosive outbursts, such as the Civil War. Transit Jabberwock and Pinnochio and Buysballot are also conjuncting USA Jupiter more strongly than not.. Also, transiting Buysballot was conjuncting USA Pinoccho as well. Lots of deception is being exposed around this time it sounds like. Since the eclipse, Hillary Clinton seems to have scheduled a release of a book about what happened during the election of 2016, and apparently has some choice words about Bernie Sanders. How fitting, given the emails leaked regarding the DNC’s preference for Clinton over Sanders, and the immediate securing of the Democratic superdelegates in the beginning of that contest. But anyhow. Transit Mercury retrograde and asteroid Lie were also sextile that whole mess around USA Jupiter/Venus, so more deceptions were coming to light I believe. Might I also state that USA Karma is also conjunct USA Venus, so when it comes to what the USA desires, the concept of karma seems to apply strongly. It is true, the United States has sometimes reaped what it has sown, both for good and ill.

We’re getting off the track of disasters. USA Ohno and Chiron square USA Vulcano and Nagasaki, and this forms a T-Square to USA Juno, amplified with transit Jupiter making an opposition to Ohno-Chiron during the Eclipse. Since then, we have definitely seen wildfires proliferate with great intensity, as well as the explosive impact of the hurricanes. We should also consider that transit Hekate was conjunct USA Vulcano-Nagasaki, and transit Tsunemi had crossed over previously before the Eclipse. Hmm… while a hurricane isn’t necessarily a tsunami, it is quite flood-happy. Hekate here is an occult asteroid, and it fits with my gut feeling that something wicked is fueling many of these disasters. USA Chiron-Ohno also sextile USA Mars, and right now we have a Yod to transit Kafka, kited by transit Desdemona. We can… expect some strange and off-kilter events nationally I would say. Kafka does baffle me a bit, and I’ve never actually read the author’s works for which this asteroid is named. Going to need to do a bit more research on that one, but given that Desdemona’s asteroid number is 666, something does seem a bit devilish about that combination.

USA Chiron/Ohno are, however, being trined by transit Saturn and asteroid Gold, so there is a possiblity of some wealth contraction bringing something good to the picture or some healing? Saturn-Gold did sextile Jupiter, all of this transit, during the Eclipse, forming a Yod to Desdemona and kited by Kafka, now that I think of it. Equifax just recently revealed they were hit with a massive data breach/hack, compromising 143,000,000 people if I’m not mistaken (or half the adult population of the United States by sheer number?)… Not cool. Maybe the whole credit reporting system collapses or gets an overhaul as a result of this? Wouldn’t hold my breath, but stranger things have happened.

Finally, there is also the matter of Transit Venus during the Eclipse conjuncting USA’s Mercury-Part of Fortune-Vertex. This was also close to the conjunction between transit Nymphe-Medusa on USA’s Abundantia. …maybe some erotic art comes to the forefront, or maybe a slight proliferation of pornography as a money-making tool for this solar eclipse cycle, appropriately in the USA’s 8th house of occult, other parties’ resources, sex and death. I’m not sure what to make of that, though I hear the “pee tape” is being mentioned again regarding President Trump and the Russian dossier. (Hmm… I thought there might be some BS about that tape back when I charted the inauguration chart, so why this is coming up again now…) I’m going to wager that a major sex scandal happens pretty soon. I’m not going to put money on that wager, so let’s just call it a fun little “see what happens” game.

Overall… we’ve got some very nasty transits to the USA natal chart right now, and that transit Uranus to natal Pluto square combined with the transit Chiron on the natal IC… We have got events on the USA homefront that is going to be brewing pretty hard in the next few years. That’s alright. We see it now, which means we can see the upsides to these combinations and possibly edge things towards the more positive manifestations. In closing, I went rambling a bit with this Solar Eclipse transit analysis, but I think, if anyone can actually follow this, we can see some of what’s going on and where this is heading. Brace for impact.