Special Report – Election Day 2018 – Judgment Day

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This is a crucial day coming up on November 6th that bears special mention. While there’s been a lot going on on my end, I cannot let this day pass without writing about it. There is a lot going on up above as it is down below, down here. How much is “a lot?” A. Lot. Some notable aspects are long-lasting, high-impact, and the fact that they’re coinciding just in time for the U.S.’s midterm elections is… we’re in for a shift.

To begin with, Election Day here in the U.S. for 2018 is what I call a “Temporal Focal Point.” In short, it’s a destined point in time where our collective and individual destinies hit a decision point, or a shifting point, and what happens today will alter the course of personal, planetary, and human history for years if not decades to come. I separate the human history part as I see potential in humanity venturing out into the cosmos. The events of this point in time can bring more to fruition to advance a lot of good things for us all, or it can set us back almost irreparably (or perhaps actually irreparably if enough damage is done). It’s time to make a choice. What will you choose?

Now the aspects… Let us begin with the time the earliest polls open. Vermont has some of the earliest opening times, so we will go with 5:00 AM EST for the beginning (or 10:00 AM UTC). It begins with Libra Moon conjunct Venus Retrograde, which definitely fits. What we’ve been valuing, our money, our relationships, they’ve all been in flux with the Venus Retrograde, and the Moon now being with this? It’s decision time. We will be feeling as if we are at a crossroads, and make no bones about it, we are. Not just because it’s Venus Retrograde, not just because we’ve entered Mercury Pre-Retrograde Shadow already(!), not just because it’s Election Day, but… Uranus and the Nodes are at critical degrees too! In fact, they both shift signs this day too! AND… Uranus Retrograde in Taurus-reentering Aries squares North Node in Leo-entering-Cancer, Venus and Moon oppose Uranus and square the Nodes, giving us a massive Grand Cross aspect! We also have asteroids Ceres and 7470 Jabberwock also conjunct Venus/Moon to join the Grand Cross,, so we absolutely have the effect of feeling like there’s a monster at the gates coming to devour all that we hold dear. Honestly, there are harsher aspects that could be impacting this conglomeration. No lie, this is extreme potency personified.

Uranus also has a few other tricks pointed at it. Pallas and Jupiter both make a Yod Kite pattern to Uranus Retrograde, with Venus/Moon/Jabberwock/Ceres pulling the bowstring. Massive change and the effects on justice, government, and higher authority is absolutely being impacted right now. Jupiter does not change signs on Election Day, but it’s close in the critical 29th degree of Scorpio before it will soon cross over into its home sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter wants to get the party started, but the bus it’s riding isn’t quite at the right place yet.

Mars square Jupiter is also making some nervous energy, along with Mars square 545 Messalina which points to some pretty rough and tumble energy. Frankly, we can expect some misogynistic shenanigans going about on this day. Mars trine Venus/Moon/Jabberwock/Ceres, however, will mitigate this somewhat and give courage to stand up to the bullies. We can hold our own against those still clinging to the patriarchal old ways, and perhaps we can advance the more-reasonable middle ground without sending the pendulum too far into the opposite direction.

Mercury apexes a T-Square by squaring both 8813 Leviathan and 7066 Nessus as well, which definitely points to some practically brutal conversations and maybe some rough commutes. Definitely, above all, make sure you have plenty of time to vote if you are planning and able to do so. I recommend avoiding confrontations in the poll lines if you possibly can, and this isn’t a good day to start arguments in general, frankly.

Saturn apex T-square from 8690 Swindle and 4955 Gold in Aries, and 4386 Lust and 2629 Rudra in Libra, this all points to some deceptions and payoffs that are likely going to influence some races. This really isn’t surprising, but this also tells me that whatever payoffs happen will be brought into the public eye and the consequences severe when it is finally found out. Saturn trine Uranus Retrograde ensures that the changes that come on this day will be acted on constructively for the next election/congressional cycle. What I do also see is that Gold/Swindle sextile, and Rudra/Lust trine, 55 Pandora. The discovery of any fraud will open that pandora’s box, and as Pandora semisextiles Saturn, ill-actors will be brought to task.

Asteroid-wise, 157 Dejanira (the Victim asteroid) makes some unfortunate aspects. Dejanira forms a T-Square by opposing 128 Nemesis and 433 Eros, while squaring 151 Abundantia, 763 Cupido, and 6583 Destinn which form the apex. Everyone needs to be on guard this day. What I’m seeing here is that there are going to be some very harsh words in some places, some broken relationships, other forms of unions ending, and of course maybe some new unions forming this day, though to be honest, I’m not sure how rooted in stability any of those will be. Any successful unions, business and romantic, started on Election Day will be largely aspected by aspects to personal natal charts and progressions/solar arcs which mitigate half of what’s happening in the sky at this time. That and with Destinn in the apex position, such successful new unions and the breaking of old, worn ones, will largely be destined.

Also, and as it’s an election forecast, I have to examine this particular asteroid… 10961 Buysballot. Buysballot opposes Eris, conjuncts 12927 Pinnochio and 19 Fortuna on this day. Again, graft is certainly involved, but I also see Buysballot sextile 16089 Lamb, while also trining 258 Tyche. Not everyone’s going to buy doctored results, for sure. Also, there are guaranteed to be politicians promising the moon delivering pebbles. Buyer’s remorse will certainly be kicking in soon. Voter’s remorse too. It’s even more prominent as 12927 Pinnochio, 15845 Bambi, and 114 Kassandra all square Pluto too.

Now, fortunately Sun does trine Neptune quite strongly. This will allow our higher wisdom and intellect to make rational choices at the voting booth and in general this day. Sun opposite 5325 Silver can add a little bit of anxiety regarding where things will go from here, and Sun conjunct 829 Academia and 149 Medusa does point to some degree of sternness by those running the polls, in my opinion. Shenanigans will certainly not be tolerated. Sun sextile 151 Abundantia offers another ray of hope as there will be the hope for a new and better day afterwards.

Black Moon Lilith apexing a T-square between 1981 Midas in Taurus and 4179 Toutatis and 829 Academia in Scorpio (not quite aspecting the Sun itself, however), this brings to mind some anxieties about how the societal structure will shift or regress in regards to women’s rights, equal pay, and education as well. With Black Moon Lilith quincunx 8813 Leviathan and trine 9951 Tyrannosaurus, there will be some victories, and some potential stalemates in these fights. Keep the eye on the prize. Black Moon Lilith sextile 4227 Kaali in Aries and 99942 Apophis in Sagittarius further amplifies the drive and effort, and should be instrumental in helping break down further barriers and walls in the fight for equality and respect.

Finally, we have 3811 Karma, Ixion, and Pholus all with the Galactic Center point. We will certainly be seeing more conversations in the near future regarding consent, fidelity, and what goes around coming around. These also form one leg of a Yod apexing Sedna on fixed star Algol, with Venus/Moon/Jabberwock/Ceres forming the other leg. Frankly, I’m going to say that everyone should be aboveboard and faithful, especially elected leaders and those getting elected. From what I’m seeing with this Yod, ANY infidelity or abuses will come to light, and will be dealt with severely and harshly, as Sedna on Algol is extremely unforgiving, as we have seen with Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby over the past year or two. Mind your own bedrooms, senators, and the rest of us will mind ours.

By the time the last polls close at 8:00 PM HST (Hawaii Standard Time, or November 7th, 2018 6:00 AM UTC), we’ll have a finer grasp on the outcome of the day, just in time for the upcoming Scorpio New Moon. By this point, North Node will have crossed over into Cancer, Uranus Retrograde will have transitioned back into Aries, and Jupiter will be that much closer to returning home.

End analysis: I believe the Democrats will be picking up some gains, but potentially losing races elsewhere. In states such as North Dakota that have had some questionable (in my opinion) rulings on voter eligibility, I believe the outcomes will be challenged immediately, especially if it leads to big gains by the Republicans there. I forecast the United States Senate will end evenly split between Republicans and Democrats (as well as those caucusing with Democrats such as Angus King and Bernie Sanders) (leading to Vice President Pence breaking ties), and the House will flip to the Democrats, though the majority will not be as great as Democrats hope. This, I also anticipate, will also fail to act as a check on Donald Trump’s highest impulses. I do not see this leading to a successful impeachment vote in the near future, nor a conviction in the Senate upon any impeachment should I be incorrect on the first count.

Let the games begin.