Full Moon Capricorn – June 2021 – Fractal Shift

Full Moon Capricorn

We’ve just entered Cancer season, and we’re coming up on another Full Moon here. We’ve survived the two eclipses, Mercury retrograde (which has just shifted to direct motion), and we’ve got other retrogrades going on (Saturn, Pluto, and now a new Jupiter retrograde cycle), so we’ve still got a lot of major impacts happening here.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon goes exact at 03 Cap 27’44” on June 24, 2021 at 11:39:40 PST (18:39:40 UTC). The primary aspect of Sun opposite Moon puts the Moon in Capricorn this time around. Themes of career, reputation, our standing out in the public, and governmental institutions will be highlighted during the remainder of this lunar cycle. Given that the Sun is in Cancer during this Full Moon, themes of our private lives, our homes, where we find refuge will also be prominent.

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

There’s just one other aspect from major bodies and points to this Full Moon, and that would be Jupiter Retrograde sextile Full Moon Capricorn. Jupiter in its retrograde motion denotes a time where our optimism and luck can be a bit lacking, or at the very least we need to turn inward to dig it out. The whole “the harder I work, the luckier I am” thing. It’s still in Pisces, one of the signs it rules, so Jupiter still has some strength to it. Given the sextile to the Full Moon, we can dig deep within to make our own luck, fortified by our own gut feelings and intuition, and apply that to public projects and career ambitions right now.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Full Moon

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius has a lot going on during this Full Moon ingress. A weaker trine to both Mercury (now direct) and the North Node on Aldebaran in Gemini are somewhat more fortuitous, and mitigates some of the harsher aspects going on. Keep in mind that Mercury isn’t conjunct the North Node, so their energies aren’t blended right now either. At any rate, the Saturn trine to Mercury allows for a somewhat greater ease in communicating important matters, so if we’ve been keeping our secrets to our chest for fear of being misunderstood, and it’s something important to say, we can get that off of our chest now. The Saturn trine to the North Node will also allow some degree of progress when it comes to applying hard work and discipline to advance our further goals. Remember, Saturn is retrograde, so not everything you plan out will be able to acted on right now. The right time will come, however, but patience is called for.

Saturn retrograde does also have a sextile to Chiron in Aries, so our inward discipline will be vital to healing some wounds (or mitigating further wounding) to our egos and our own ambitions right now. Perhaps we realize we misstepped somewhere, and we can take the measures to recover now. Additional injuries and weaknesses can be mitigated, though in some cases we’ll need to retreat and regroup. Sometimes you have to take a step back so you can move forward.

The wet blanket on this whole thing though would be the weak T-Square Saturn retrograde forms with the weak opposition to Mars in Leo and the stronger square to Uranus in Taurus. The Uranus Taurus square is the more vital part of this T-Square, as this is a slow-moving aspect that indicates all sorts of problems. Uranus, the rebel and the change-up artist, is weakened in fixed, secure Taurus, and doesn’t really know what to do here all that well. Our sense of stability is greatly challenged as Uranus wants to just change things and shift things. The square to Saturn retrograde in Aquarius (itself one of Saturn’s home signs), well, this is a further dampener on Uranus’ free spirit ways. Saturn retrograde here indicates that we’re having to hold back, needing to double and triple-check preparations we thought we had going good here. Add in both making hard aspects to Mars in Leo… Mars likes to act, it’s passion, vitality, drive, and let’s not forget anger and aggression. Lots of us are feeling frustrated with the continuous roadblocks we’ve been experiencing for the last year and a half (and some of us, even longer), and Mars just wants to go go go and party (especially in the regal sign of the lion)… but Saturn is holding things back, and Uranus just can’t get its footing straight. All together, this leads to a lot of frustrations, false starts, having to restart and redo things, and a lot of swearing and throwing things once losing our collective tempers. Getting anything constructive done is just going to be a pain in the ass for awhile, and this T-Square does color the Capricorn Full Moon impact.

Of course, Mars sextile the North Node on Aldebaran[1] in Gemini (and by extension trine the South Node on Antares[2] in Sagittarius), does allow for us to channel some of those frustrated energies to see what just hasn’t worked in the past, and apply those lessons in dramatic fashion towards getting some progress to our goals. This might get us past the Saturn-Uranus square energy just a little bit, so be ready to sidestep the barrels being thrown your way. Just like Donkey Kong.

On another note, we’ve got a bit of a bowl aspect going on with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, Venus in Cancer, Black Moon Lilith on Algol in Taurus, and Neptune in Pisces. Let’s set the base up: Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto retrograde in Capricorn is rather powerful here. Venus represents what we hold dear, what we find attractive, valuable, money, romance, sex. Pluto is death and rebirth, and once retrograde, some of that death and rebirth is internalized. We’re in a period where we need to reinvent ourselves so we can put on a stronger face to the world at this point, and of course the fears and uncertainties regarding relationships (actual and desired) will be amplified now. Now Black Moon Lilith on Algol, this is the divine feminine, the inner and hidden mysteries, and it’s on the star that makes the Eye of Medusa in the constellation Perseus. Algol also has a troubled reputation as the most malefic star in the heavens. In short, Lilith here with the eye of Medusa is the combination of two darker feminine figures in the overall mythos. There’s a lot of inner, hidden power that we need to confront and find, and fortunately Black Moon Lilith is sextiling Venus and trining Pluto… and it’s also sextile Neptune in Pisces, so softer and more beneficial aspects all around. Neptune in Pisces, another planet in its domicile and thus amplified, this delves even deeper into the hidden mysteries and can lend itself to allowing us to trust our intuition more. Neptune trines Venus and sextiles Pluto, so the energies also blend quite well here. Long story short, we need to trust in our intuition and draw upon our hidden strengths, while at the same time confronting the inner, hidden demons within to better reconcile the death of the old, and what (or whom) we desire. A potential effect of this bowl aspect is perhaps answering the question of “do we really want what (or whom) we want?”

In Closing

Long story short, this Full Moon is a time of completions and endings, and for the remainder of the lunar cycle we will be confronting some really deep mysteries within ourselves, and we will be required to initiate some pretty heavy transformations if we really want to start advancing towards our greater destinies. There’s a lot of heavy shadow work we really need to do now, and we’re collectively being called upon to do it. We can do it by choice, or it can be done for us by force, and we’re really not going to want to go through the “force” option. We’re going to have to swallow our pride and get it done. But think of what we can potentially gain, like an inner fractal pattern of inner strength, ours for the taking.

I’m up a bit late writing this, so I’ll conclude this now. Asteroids to the Full Moon to come in a follow-up article if matters permit tomorrow.


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