Aries Season 2022

Aries Season 2022

Well, we’re finally entering the Astrological New Year. And this one’s coming on the heels of the Full Moon in Virgo that just passed a couple days prior.

The Particulars of Aries Season

The Sun enters Aries on Sunday, March 20th at 08:33:11 PDT (15:33:11 UTC). Sun in Aries brings the focus for about an entire month onto ourselves, our core identities, our egos, what makes us, well, us. As this is the beginning of a cardinal sign, this also represents the Vernal Equinox and the start of a new season, namely Spring (Fall in the Southern Hemisphere).

As Aries is a cardinal fire sign, this is an excellent time for starting new activities regarding our personal growth and making new inroads onto our primary goals. This is the first sign of the zodiac, so our core identities and our sense of self and self-worth are very much in focus during this season.

Aries is also ruled by Mars, so an undercurrent of drive, passion, and wanting to go get things done will be the underlying urge that drives us for the month-long period.

Aspects During Aries Season

Scheat Hits the Fan

The first aspect that I notice is Sun conjunct fixed star Scheat to open up Aries season. This is a rather unfortunate star, not as much as Algol, but it’s still worth mentioning.

With Sun: Danger through water and engines, liable to accidents or drowning.

from Constellations of Words: Scheat

For some of us, we’ll be looking forward to the more warmer-weather activities such as boating, fishing, and swimming. Definitely keep an eye on water safety while this aspect is active, more so than usual. This can also represent poisonings and possibly overdoses, so be careful if you do decide to indulge in particular substances (such as drinking too much alcohol, which is regarded as a fire-elemental beverage).

March 21st – Chaos in the Air

Something that bears mentioning here is a T-Square with Moon in Scorpio Opposite Uranus in Taurus, apexing with squares to Mars in Aquarius. This isn’t going to be the most pleasant of days with this combo.

Uranus is rebellion, surprises, and sudden changes. With this in Taurus, the status quo, money, and stability are not sure things.

Scorpio Moon is deep, sultry, and delves into the deeper and darker mysteries of our psyche, sex, occult, and even death. Our deeper fears can get in the way, especially with Uranus opposing. We’ll be feeling some misgivings as to whether a rug is about to be pulled out from under us.

Mars squaring both of these here, well, Mars is passion, drive, energy, and also anger. Sudden and explosive outbursts are very likely. Road rage, accidents, and some very incendiary missives online are definite possibilities. If you have grievances with someone you don’t want to burn bridges with, don’t reach out on this day. It will not end well.

Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Pisces during this T-Square is also a point of contention. Jupiter expands what it touches, and some deeper communications are very possible with this conjunction. With the Mars-apex T-Square mentioned, you could find yourself sending or receiving some pretty big messages regarding those fears and misgivings. It’s also possible you could be coming into this with the best of intentions and out of love. It just won’t be taken well as everyone’s on edge now.

Moon square Venus in Aquarius on this day will also play into this T-Square pattern, as it’s also at an apex point with Mars. Honestly, here’s some major breakup energy and it’s likely to take place over tech-based communications such as text messages and social media platforms. Kanye’s split with Kim Kardashian comes to mind, and I just have to hope that he doesn’t try to do anything stupid in general, and especially on this day, as this is a likely day for some high-profile outbursts. Not just them, but this heavy energy plays out into many people’s relationships now. Just don’t make any major moves if you’re not ready to reap whirlwinds.

Chiron in Aries sextile Mars is strongest on this day as well. Maybe that breakup has to happen so you can heal. This can also be a day where you make the first steps towards your stronger goals. Someone’s likely to start a new business that takes off online on this day, I’m pretty sure.

Scorpio Moon trine Jupiter/Mercury in Pisces while Neptune in Pisces sextiles the North Node in Taurus does allow for some deeper journaling and meditation to benefit us. Pause and reflect, as this will be useful in the days ahead.

March 22nd – Lustful and Sexual Snares

Moon crossing South Node in Scorpio has the potential to snare us with racing towards our comfort zones. Perhaps we are craving sex with an ex, or someone who spurned us before. Why go back to that though, unless that breakup wasn’t well-thought out? On-again off-again couples could find themselves with more drama now. Given the T-Square of the Moon and Nodes to Saturn in Aquarius, you may just be setting yourself up for more snares. But it’s your calls.

Scorpio Moon sextile Pluto in Capricorn form a Yod apexing Black Moon Lilith in Gemini soon after that Nodes/Moon/Saturn T-Square. Yeah, we’re really likely to be craving the touch and sexual mysteries of someone who spurned us or that we were previously involved with. Lots of potential for duplicity and “do I stay or do I go” energy. For those not in these kind of sensual bindings, this has the potential for high-energy and high-octane magicks. Keep psychic defenses up, especially if you have natal placements on Galactic Center at about 27 degrees Sagittarius (which would kite the transiting Yod and pull the bowstring).

Mars and Uranus tighten their square around then too, so the sexual and passionate energies are going to be super-charged and highly volatile. Are you sure that person is who you want right now?

Fortunately, the Moon crosses over into Sagittarius soon after this and breaks the Yod. The focus shifts towards more optimistic and lucky ends, so maybe this all works out for some of you.

March 23rd – Time to Move Forward

Moon crossing over fixed star Antares adds a brief flair for the dramatic. Some measure of success in business can be had for early risers this day.

Moon in Sagittarius trine Chiron in Aries at the same time Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces helps us connect with our inner voice. Quiet reflection and paying attention to subtle signs will prove helpful in moving forward with our healing. Consider your deeper philosophies now and how they’re serving your interests.

Mercury and Neptune sextile the North Node also equates to them trining the South Node. Consider the lessons of the past and what good has come of this. Even the worst incidents that we’ve survived can point to opportunities for the future. Where do we go from here? That’s a question we’ll need to ask ourselves as we consider our intuition. Listen to your inner voice and consider what you need to grow into a new life.

Moon square Jupiter may have us questioning our faith in the later hours. This will pass, so try not to lose heart.

March 24th – Illusions and Delusions

A brief T-Square from Moon on Galactic Center opposite Black Moon Lilith, apexing Neptune and Mercury in Pisces serves to warn us about the danger of delusions and illusions in our dealings. There’s a great deal hidden beneath the surface going into this day, so do be careful who you’re trusting right now. Propaganda will be very powerful now.

The Third Quarter Moon in Capricorn indicates the last week of the lunar cycle that started with the New Moon in Pisces earlier in the month. Start winding down the objectives you started at the beginning of the lunar month if you can. Some of us probably weren’t able to do so, so start planning for the next New Moon in Aries in about a week.

March 25th – Consider Some Moves

Chiron in Aries squared by Moon in Capricorn does show us where we’re facing pain and hurt in our career and our overall reputations. Is our career the right one? Perhaps a change in position or field is in order, especially if you’re feeling very dissatisfied now. Some of us will likely make a change or start setting that up now.

Uranus trine the Moon supports this shift, as perhaps new opportunities elsewhere give you a burst of new funding very soon. Or at the very least, it could lead to some better offers from where you’re at. But is that where you want to stay? Consider the greener fields, especially if where you’re at is trying to spray paint brown grass green.

Mercury square Black Moon Lilith tightens by the night. Some unpleasant secrets are likely to come out around this time. This may not be the most fun Friday night as a result. Perhaps a cheating heart is found out now. Or perhaps you find some documentation a supervisor left in an unsecured folder on the network that indicates your position really wasn’t all that secure. Trust your intuition.

March 26th – Renewed Hope

Pluto sextile Mercury at the same time Moon sextiles Jupiter denotes a good time to trust in some good fortune, and perhaps a late-night or very early-morning LinkedIn scan is in order for some new position hunting. I wouldn’t recommend drunken job-hunting, but nothing wrong with saving some interesting positions.

This can also indicate some deeper conversations with some good friends regarding what’s going on in your life, and swapping stories. You might get an insight into some situations that are vexing you, and perhaps can come up with some new solutions.

Moon conjunct Pluto and sextile Mercury later on should prove useful for putting us on the right track. Could be a good time to sell off some unwanted or unneeded goods at a flea market now or something similar.

March 27th – Speaking Loudly

Mercury crosses over into Aries early on, which shift our communications towards what advances our own interests. We can speak more forcefully and assertively now, but do try to maintain some tact.

Moon in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries and square Uranus in Taurus is a mixed bag. We wish to march to the beat of our own drums, and this can be quite beneficial in helping us get over some past hurts. The costs of doing so could be a little expensive though and ruffle some feathers. Bury the evidence, whatever you do.

By the end of the night, Moon conjunct Mars has us feeling pretty strongly and probably speaking loudly about heading into yet another work week. Try not to piss off the neighbors ranting about the boss who doesn’t get it. This is especially true if you’re your own boss.

March 28th – Trouble in Paradise

Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius does indicate some roadblocks where it concerns money, love, and what we value. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some market or cryptocurrency disruptions on this day. Moon conjunct both Saturn and Venus around this point further ratchets up the misgivings we’re feeling about being held back in pursuing what we desire.

This could also indicate a time where we put in some major work to push some artistic projects, or where we put nose to grindstone and get some creative work done and make that money.

The transiting Nodes are also squaring Moon/Venus/Saturn loosely around the same time, so the choice is yours: work hard and smart, and get ahead, or play it safe. Neptune sextile the North Node tightens to its near exact position at the same time, so your intuition will be strengthened now.

March 29th – Lull

Moon’s in Pisces for the entire day, so there’s a more dreamy quality to things today. Other than Neptune continuing to sextile the North Node tightly and Venus still being with Saturn, there really isn’t too much more to add to March 29th. Keep working at it.

March 30th – Decisions in Desire

Venus square the Nodes tightly as the day begins indicates decisions to be made in love and partnerships. How do we wish to proceed in who or what we desire?

Moon conjunct Jupiter in Pisces tells us to trust in our greater optimism to point us in the right direction. Just make sure you’re not going all-in on wishful thinking. Be pragmatic.

Moon square Black Moon Lilith as the day draws to a close will have us wondering if we made the right decision, or if a right decision can actually be made with what we know about the matter. Try not to second-guess yourself too much, but do consider what may not be being said.

March 31st – Be True to Yourself

Moon crosses into Aries early on, putting the focus on our own selves and desires. We’ll be wanting to pursue our own agendas now, especially as we lead into a new lunar cycle.

Moon conjunct Mercury in Aries tells us that we’ll be speaking much more forcefully now if we’re needing to speak our truth. Be direct, but try to be tactful.

We cross over into the next day, and the next calendar month with a New Moon in Aries. This marks a new lunar cycle that will be more focused on what we need to do to propel us forward on our journeys. As this New Moon will conjunct Chiron and Mercury, the lunar cycle ahead will be quite important in communicating how people have hurt us, and what needs to be done to either mend the damage or move on from these harmful influences. This is also the last New Moon before the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Taurus at the end of April. Choose your intentions very carefully.

April 1st – Forced Healing Through the Pain

Moon exact conjunction to Chiron after the New Moon comes into effect has us considering what we need to do to heal. There’s also a good chance of emotional wounds coming to the surface and we’ll be forced to deal with this now. As this aspect is in the overnight hours, pay close attention to your dreams now. Notate any symbolism of what needs to be shed.

Sun conjunct Chiron also tightens on this first day of April. Watch out for injuries when being active today, especially if you’re an athlete or if you’re just starting or restarting a physical fitness program. Whatever is tormenting us will need to be dealt with or recognized today. Moon sextile Mars about this time does allow us some mental fortitude to act on what needs to happen to remove blockages.

April 2nd – Clear the Air

Mercury conjunct Chiron while Moon sextiles Venus indicates an early morning where we need to communicate what’s been hurting us, and this can make or break some relationships now. This can also be a time where you go over the books and figure out what adjustments you need to make on wasteful spending.

Moon square Pluto makes it a bit more clear on what needs to go so we’re not continuously tormenting ourselves. We’re not going to feel good about it though. Sometimes cutting away what needs to be done away with hurts, but to hold on to whatever no longer suits us hurts more.

Moon then crosses over into Taurus, so the financial and stability questions are definitely prominent here, especially in the needing to cut away the waste part mentioned above.

Mercury conjunct Sun tightens, helping us speak more strongly as to what we need to say. Be true to yourself, especially now. Speak that truth and be clear on the consequences of what you have to say.

April 3rd – Bargain Hunting

Uranus conjunct Moon amplifies some of the uncertain emotions we’re feeling regarding if we have enough or not. Perhaps we have a pleasant surprise of some gain or some new Sunday business comes through. Be receptive and open to possible surprises. Some Sunday flea market bargains will be surprisingly lucrative, either for buyer or seller.

April 4th – Give and Take

Venus trine Black Moon Lilith can be quite empowering right now, especially for women’s rights.

Moon square Mars at the same time, however, can indicate some pushback against these advances, and also indicates arguments regarding resources, money, and what we take for granted. I can see this as arguments regarding domestic matters, so be watchful.

Moon sextile Jupiter may help smooth this over somewhat. Perhaps a timely intervention of a cleric or administrative official helps defuse a situation, or perhaps some therapy makes a breakthrough.

Moon square Saturn in Aquarius as the Moon crosses the North Node in Taurus tells us to trust our intuition and figure out what we need to do to get past blockages. Some hard work will be needed to be considered if we want to move towards our greater destinies, and we’ll need to overcome some serious hurdles. Perhaps technical glitches need to be taken in stride with online systems.

Mars conjunct Saturn adds to the irritability around noontime (PDT). Blockages will make themselves apparent quite forcibly now. Moon crossing fixed star Algol around the same time is even more contentious. Do not lose your head in anger!

Moon crossing over into Gemini shifts focus to communications and local travel. Given the other ongoing aspects, give yourself some extra time to get to your destinations and avoid road rage (and road ragers) as much as humanly possible.

April 5th – Forced Choices

The Mars/Saturn conjunction tightens its square to the Nodes today. We’ve got some choices that need to be made. More frustrations will hit as the day progresses. This is not a fun aspect, so you’re going to need to make some hard choices now. The news cycle is likely to be pretty depressing today.

Moon sextile Chiron later on might help mend some bruised hearts and clear up some misunderstandings. Just have to make it to this point.

Venus enters Pisces in the morning. Matters regarding beauty, love, what we value will take on a more mystical, deeper tone from now on until it leaves Pisces. Matters of the heart may be a bit nebulous for the next few weeks or so.

April 6th – Retreat and Regroup

Moon sextile Sun and Mercury should help smooth things over a little as the day proceeds. While that Mars/Saturn square to the Nodes is still strong, this particular aspect lets us communicate what we need to a little better and easier now. Some airing of grievances might get some traction as to some level of resolution now.

Moon square Neptune later on, however, adds to the confusion and may cause some weird feelings and misunderstandings. Be clear about what you need, and try not to speak out of a place of fear. Moon trine Mars may help overcome some of this anxiety by allowing us to act on what we need to a little more confidently.

April 7th – Increase Efficiency

Mercury sextile Saturn is good for being able to communicate matters regarding mundane tasks, busywork, and the general tedious stuff. Some good progress on that busywork should be made now.

Moon conjunct Black Moon Lilith before crossing over into Cancer boosts the intuition and deeper feelings now. A measure of “automatic mode” and acting on instinct may benefit some of us and help us get things done now, as if we’re channeling productivity. Our deeper and more private feelings will also come to the surface as this becomes an off-sign conjunction. Consider what’s important in our private lives.

Moon in Cancer trine Venus in Pisces can be somewhat dreamy and sensual. A deeper understanding of beauty and value will benefit us here. Deeper love connections are possible, and likely if the bonds are strong.

April 8th – Tact In Communications

North Node in Taurus sextile Jupiter in Pisces hits its strongest point now. Some measure of good fortune and sticking to more positive philosophies can help us stay on a better track towards what we desire.

Mercury sextile Mars will also be helpful here for tact in communications. Definitely helpful if one is prone to firing off missives in emails and social media before rereading. We’re less likely in general to engage in highly contentious arguments, though this is not impossible. We can walk away from hotheads a little easier now, or at the very least mute the worst offenders more easily for our own peace.

April 9th – Eye of the Storm

The First Quarter Moon in Cancer takes effect here, highlighting how we’re doing in proceeding on our intended paths for the active lunar cycle. We may be silently ruminating in private as to how we’re doing to advance our own objectives with this aspect.

Moon trine Neptune adds some depth and a little better feeling to our emotional states now. We might be able to better fend off some irrational fears now. Do be aware that Saturn square the Nodes is tightening. Try to take frustrations and difficulties in stride. The Moon-Neptune trine should make this easier today.

Moon opposite Pluto, squaring Mercury for a T-Square after the Moon-Neptune trine separates does indicate that the window of calm passes, and we’re more likely to enter into volatile arguments. Try to maintain the more calm energies as long as possible, and don’t engage in those arguments if you don’t need to. This will be easier said than done, and we’re likely to be pretty forceful if confronted. This is another potential breakup energy, so be warned.

As the Moon soon enters Leo, our focus will shift towards more recreational and childlike matters. There’s still a potential for some pretty potent missives, so try to disengage from argumentative people now. Shorter-term relations and flings could be a bit contentious now.

April 10th – Deeper Thoughts

Mercury sextile Black Moon Lilith should prove helpful for writing down our more innermost thoughts. These should prove enlightening, especially in the light of the Saturn-Node square tightening even further.

Chiron in Aries trine Moon in Leo might help smooth over some of the more contentious arguments between those casually dating, and also between parents and children. Making up could be easier now.

April 11th – Commune With Deities

Jupiter conjunct Neptune tightens pretty well today, adding to the air of mystery and deeper spiritual musings. Some strong communion with higher powers will be called for today, and should be very insightful now. Stronger and deeper meditation should also prove enlightening today.

Sun Trine Moon further emboldens the more easy air for part of the day, even despite the Moon opposite Saturn and square the Nodes for a Grand Cross. We are seeing where we’re holding ourselves back, and we need to make a decision as to which way we want to go with this. We can take an easier path towards the comfort zone, or we can do the work to break out of that comfort zone and go for what we need to do.

Trust your intuition today.

April 12th – Trust In Some Sort of Process

Moon opposite Mars in the overnight hours could bring some interesting dream visions where we have to confront what’s been vexing us and holding us back. What has been angering us? Can we move past this?

Moon then crosses over into Virgo. We enter a period of calculation and analyzing what’s been troubling us, and should be able to brainstorm some solutions now.

The Neptune-Jupiter conjunction is quite strong today as well, further allowing some deeper communication with the divine and our gut feelings.

Sun sextile Saturn further allows for some discipline in pursuing our tasks and getting our work done that will benefit ourselves. We should be able to make some ample progress now.

Moon opposite Venus by the end of the night proves to us that we need some give and take in our relationships, especially when it comes to seeing the forest for the trees. We’re likely focusing on some minutiae when we need to grasp the bigger picture to get what we want.

April 13th – Taking Things in Stride

Uranus trine the Virgo Moon indicates some improvement in taking the unexpected into account and in stride where it concerns putting in diligent work towards our livelihoods. Some pleasant surprises could make our day-to-day obligations a little easier to deal with now.

April 14th – Crisis of Faith

Virgo Moon opposite Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces indicates a period where we need to take into account a crisis in faith we’re feeling. We’re feeling an urge to go on faith, on intuition, but our analytical minds are second-guessing this today. Doing what feels right will be a conflict of brain versus heart.

This will be even more amplified as Sun and Saturn sextile to quincunx the Moon, forming a Yod Kite. There’s a great deal of hard work we can do to get things done, but our hearts may not entirely be into it. Pursuing what we feel we should could be a bit stressful, but we do have the mental fortitude to get it done.

The Moon then crosses over into Libra, putting the focus onto our longer-term relationships and partnerships. With Black Moon Lilith squaring the Moon here, some deeper-seeded fears and misgivings could come to the surface now. Try to keep things in perspective and consider what is.

Mars trine Black Moon Lilith as Black Moon Lilith crosses into Cancer, and Mars crosses into Pisces is a bit interesting. Our action, drive, and passion goes into a more intuitive state, while our deeper, more private desires are being highlighted. Many mixed signals are possible.

April 15th – Taxing Relations

Chiron opposite Moon could make Tax Day (U.S.) a bit more of a pain in the ass than it needs to be. This is especially true as the Moon apexes a Yod Kite between itself, Venus in Pisces, and Mercury in Taurus (with Chiron pulling the bowstring). Sending in tax money or tax forms on this day could be more painful today, so you may want to just get that done before the tax deadline.

On the flip side, considering finances and how this affects our deeper relationships may enlighten us on our relationship with money versus our relationship with others. Are we or have we given more than we’ve ever gotten in return? Have we given enough in other situations? Find a balance.

April 16th – Making Things Happen

Moon in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius could have us feeling a little bit better about doing the hard work in relationships and keeping a more harmonious presence online. Perhaps this will be better for some business partnerships, especially among tech and startup companies, and more online-oriented small businesses? As it’s a Saturday, some good brainstorming and off-day meetups could prove beneficial.

The Full Moon in Libra forms on this day as well. A culmination point for the lunar cycle, and the last Full Moon before the Taurus Solar Eclipse on April 30th, this is a good day to review where we stand in our intended objectives now, especially as we were likely focused on our own independent goals. Are these at odds or in harmony with others? Probably a mixture of both.

The Moon then crosses into Scorpio, adding a depth of mystery and seduction into affairs for the next day and a half or so. This could wind up being a fun night if you’ve got a partner you’re going to get alone with. Moon trine Mars really drives up the passion and allows for a more mystical feel to any sort of lustful encounters now.

Pluto apex a T-Square between Sun and Moon could put the kibosh on some encounters, however. I could see career and reputation getting in the way of some encounters with this aspect.

April 17th – Morning After

Mercury and Uranus sextile Venus should allow for some good morning-after breakfast discussions depending on how the previous night’s events went. This could also be indicative of some positive developments in creative endeavors and bargain hunting. Unexpected finds and bargains could be quite valuable.

Moon opposite Mercury and Uranus may have us second-guessing some of those bargains though. Make sure whatever you went to buy doesn’t break. Buyer’s remorse is pretty likely now, so maybe double-check those bargains. If it still makes sense, then perhaps its safe to make the purchase.

April 18th – Self-Doubt

Sun square Pluto is going to be a hell of a way to start a work week for some of us. We’re approaching the end of Aries Season by this point, and this could point to some anxieties regarding our careers or reputations and how this affects us at the core. Again, the question as to whether what we’re doing truly serves us or any sort of purpose that defines us will come to the forefront.

This will become even more prevalent as the Moon crosses over the South Node. Do we feel like we’ve done enough? Are we being held back or holding ourselves back? A T-Square to Saturn from the Nodes and the Moon will have us questioning ourselves even more. Combined with the Sun-Pluto square, this day is just filled with anxiety.

Moon trine Jupiter might briefly bring us out of the fear and loathing. We might be able to see the silver lining in the clouds with this aspect. Maybe we can make a few brief intelligent decisions regarding our future.

April 19th – Entering Taurus

Moon square Mars after Moon enters Sagittarius is a bit puzzling. We have that feeling of optimism we want, but we’re feeling a bit restless and unsettled. The Sun-Pluto square is still strong as well, and this will be feeding into the overall misgivings now.

Sun sextile Black Moon Lilith before the Sun crosses into Taurus does help a bit with bringing up some inner fortitude and inner power. As we transition into Taurus Season by this point, we’ll be drawing on our inner self to figure out the last questions as to what we want to do with our selves, before we shift our focus onto the stability some of us may crave.

In Closing

A great deal going on for Aries Season. This got way more intensive than I had intended, but this should prove to be useful in navigating the first month of the Astrological New Year.