Full Moon Leo – January 2021 – Gate of Perdition

Full Moon Leo

The first Full Moon of 2021 is here, and this one is extremely intense. If we thought the last couple weeks were wild, the rest of the lunar cycle is looking to be even more insane. And this is coming a couple days before Mercury retrograde begins yet again, so we’re seeing some intense hurry-up-and-wait energies.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon takes place at 09 Leo 05’32” on January 28th, 2021 11:16:12 PST (19:16:12 UTC). This Full Moon occurs in the fifth sign of Leo, a fixed fire sign associated with fun, relaxation, our own children, and short-term relations (or flings, if you prefer). With the Sun in Aquarius at the moment (unconventionality, breaking traditions, being an upstart), we’ll be wanting to break the mold. Thing is, these days the mold of what makes up our world has already been pretty broken. Sun opposite Moon is the principal aspect here, thus signifying completions, getting things done, matters coming to a head, and the culmination of our efforts. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, and thus matters involving our hopes and our friends will also be in focus now.

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

Several aspects to the Full Moon this time, but effectively it counts as one gigantic complex pattern.

T-Square! Full Moon Leo Opposite Saturn, Sun, and Jupiter in Aquarius, and Square Uranus, Mars, and Black Moon Lilith in Taurus

This is a hell of a T-Square to be active during a Full Moon. The combination of Saturn, Sun, and Jupiter in Aquarius denotes some major shakeups and make-or-break moments when it comes to traditions, us breaking patterns, being a rebel, being unconventional. We’ll be seeing that there’s a degree of optimism we’d rather have going on, but with it comes some major delays, restrictions, hard work involved and required. Squaring this is Uranus (the rebel), Mars (activity, drive, passion, anger), and Black Moon Lilith (the divine feminine, secrets, the occult, sex) in the fixed earth sign of Taurus, upending stability, money, financial markets. It’s no surprise that the GameStop-Reddit stock manipulation story is happening right now, and is a perfect example of this sort of energy. Expect things to be volatile when it comes to resources, stock markets, and assets. Relationships will also be affected pretty heavily with this combination, and some major restructuring may be on the way for many of us. With the Moon in Leo (ruled by the Sun), we’re going to be hard-pressed to reconcile our identity and what’s expected of us by others.

Other Active Aspects During the Full Moon

We’ve got some other transformative aspects going on here.

Mercury in Aquarius Semisextile Venus and Pluto in Capricorn

The messenger of the zodiac is slowing down and about to start looking like it’s heading backwards (from Earth’s perspective), and with it making a triggering aspect to Venus and Pluto tightly together, news regarding delays in money, possessions, wealth, art, what we hold dear, and our relationships will be taking center stage. There is a great deal of loss that can happen with this, and starting new ventures right now may not be the best of options right now. That said, if some acquisitions or sales were already planned in advance to take place at this time, you might be alright, but expect some major hiccups before it’s all said and done. Pluto also transforms, so any deals being done right now will not be expected to look the way they were expected to look as of a few weeks ago. Caveat emptor.

North Node in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces

We’re still in a lengthy illusory phase right now, so things are not clear for many of us right now. We’ll be facing off against illusions, shadows, misinformation, blatant disinformation, misgivings, and uncertainty right now. We may think we have all of the facts, but really, there’s a lot we should be listening to our gut about. On the other hand, this can be a time of fruitful and thought-provoking meditations and reflection now. This is also a time where addictions can come out in force, or be dealt with once and for all, depending on your own situation. It’s not just intoxicants either. Internet and gaming addiction, or even gambling, these are addictions that can come up now too.

Saturn in Aquarius Sextile Chiron in Aries

This can be a time of good healing, but for this to take place, we will need discipline and sustained effort. It’s likely that we’re seeing something or recognizing something in our lives that is digging and gnawing at us, and it needs to be dealt with. Saturn doesn’t allow much to be easy, but this is necessary to put in the effort to get past the old hurts, and to move forward with renewed discipline.

Asteroids Aspecting the Full Moon

There’s a few of these aspecting the Full Moon this time around. Let’s see what we have…

Full Moon Leo Quincunx 55555 DNA, 3412 Kafka, 2247 Hiroshima, and 4227 Kaali in Capricorn

A tricky combination that I think we can already see playing out in the news these days, we’ve got the hope of the vaccines coming out for the novel coronavirus right now, yet, something’s off. For example, there are a couple variants that are beginning to spread more, with the most concerning one of these being the Brazilian variant of COVID-19, and what that may man for the effectiveness of the previously mentioned vaccines. We’re seeing mutations, and it’s making us wonder if this pandemic is ever going to end. Quite Kafkaesque, actually. It’s enough to make us wonder if some angry, hungry god that demands sacrifice can ever be sated (Kaali), and it does seem to be making a bit of fallout.

We’re going to be seeing other situations in our lives that seem to respond like this, not necessarily all related to the ongoing pandemic either. Keep your mental shields up.

Addition to the Full Moon T-Square: Full Moon Leo Conjunct 10 Hygiea, Opposite 1181 Lilith, and Square 564 Dudu, 15845 Bambi, and 829 Academia in Taurus

Hygiea is a health asteroid, and denotes healing and medicine. With the Full Moon shining its focusing light on this, the topic of medicine, health, and healing will definitely be in the forefront. The recent debate about vaccinations is but one example of this. Trying to keep fit while locked down (for preventative maintenance for our health) would be another example of this asteroid’s influence.

Asteroid Lilith seems to denote some sense of sensuality and sexuality, and with it being with Saturn-Sun-Jupiter, and with the ongoing events, we could be hard-pressed to express that sexuality in many ways. Of course, this could represent a time where some of us will redouble efforts towards trying to work off the “Quarantine Fifteen”, perhaps in the hopes of attracting a mate when physical distancing is finally relaxed.

In conflict with this (the square apexing this T-Square), we’ve got Dudu (representing nonsense and bullcrap), Bambi (representing prey, but also some fortitude when a buck stands its ground), and Academia (knowledge, research). Many of us are wondering what’s true and what’s not, and there’s also the matter of some of us still looking at current events like a deer caught in headlights. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel, or is it a train loaded with crap?

Full Moon Leo Sextile 58534 Logos and 3402 Wisdom in Libra, and 10961 Buysballot and 16 Psyche in Gemini

Finally, we come to this set of sextiles. This is pretty informative, given that Logos means “the word,” and Wisdom implies just that. We have a lot we can learn for the remainder of this lunar cycle, and we’ll likely be doing a good bit of research. Some study on philosophy and best practices would be a good use of time right now.

With the other side of the sextile, Buysballot and Psyche together in a softer aspect to the Full Moon suggests we use our intuition to determine if someone is trying to bribe us in our lives, or otherwise is attempting to make off with something they shouldn’t be making off with. Use due diligence in your dealings right now.

In Closing

And we thought the last Full Moon was intense. This Full Moon is about as intense as they can get, without forming a Grand Cross (at least globally). There’s a potential for violence and rash actions with the apex to Uranus-Mars, so be on guard and avoid sketchy situations as much as you possibly can. Also, be on alert when travelling anywhere, even if it’s just a short drive to the supermarket for supplies, as there’s also a high potential for accidents and delays now.

I would expect that our global and personal situations will pick up with some messed up events and delays in normalcy before things calm down. February is also looking to be intense with aspects, and this Full Moon cycle for the next couple of weeks matches that.

Don’t expect resources and money to be stable right now. I’ve got that bearing down on me as it is, and I’m just trying to take things in stride myself. Expect the unexpected, but don’t expect to be able to expect everything.

Stay sharp, stay alert. Peace.