Daily Report – Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

Daily Report 2022

Been awhile since I’ve been able to get to any of these. A little late in the week and a little late at night with me doing this, so we’re going to go day by day as much as I can this week. We’ll be focusing on December 11th (Midnight to Midnight PST), so this will be relatively brief.

We do have some pretty fortunate energy radiating on Tuesday through the entire day with the slow-to-move Water Grand
Trine between Chiron in Pisces, North Node in Cancer, and Mercury in Scorpio.
 Now, Mercury and Chiron have just both stationed direct in the last few days, so they’re a little sluggish to get moving in their respective post-retrograde shadow periods, but overall I think there’s a sort of mystic vibe here of where we need to get going, what we need to discard to move forward, and what to take as the antidote to the various poisons that have encumbered us for so long.

We do also start the day with Scorpio Venus square Aquarius Moon, giving us a brief glimpse of some uncomfortable discussions and feelings about what we hold dear or value, probably money or debt given Scorpio’s status as the 8th house of the zodiac. Frankly, there’s going to be quite a bit of talk about debt now for awhile, but this Moon square should pass. There is also the fact that Moon will be in Aquarius all day today, so these discussions and thoughts about relationships, money, and the more deeper thoughts of sex and death will be on our minds as it pertains to how our friends and colleagues see us.

North Node in Cancer square Uranus retrograde in Aries challenges us to deal with our own ego and how we can be the proverbial bull in the china shop these days, especially when it comes to our dealings with our home lives and those who nurture us, such as our mothers or mother figures. This aspect is currently tightening and will be for a bit, but I can tell you it won’t go exact at all before Uranus goes direct next month in January.

We also have the separating conjunction between Neptune and Mars in Pisces, so we’ve still got some psychic minefields going on and some deeper fears we need to release. Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune and Mars definitely points to some potential conflicts between our higher beliefs or society’s higher institutions as well, and we could see some news about the downfall of some prominent figures during this separating set of squares yet.

Uranus Retrograde in Aries quincunx Mercury in Scorpio does point to some awkward and uncomfortable messages when dealing with debts, sex, or occult matters, or even death, perhaps even one’s mortality. Definitely some fear energy here, some loathing, some uncomfortable truths we need to deal with when it comes to those aspects of other people’s resources and how our ego and sense of self can be brought low by a crushing load. Problems do have solutions, however, remember the Grand Trine and how we can stumble upon or create our own antidotes!

Later on in the morning, we’ll see Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius sextile the Aquarius Moon and that will be a welcome change in energies. We’ll be prone to see some unconventional insight as to resolving some vexing problems, or perhaps a judgment or news from abroad in our favor will brighten our day about this point. Saturn in one of its home signs, Capricorn, also semisextiles the Moon a couple hours later and this points to a time where we have to consider our duties to others in our public and professional lives and how this pairs up with how we see ourselves and how colleagues see us. Basically, a time where we consider work-life balance, including life within work.

As we approach the evening hours, Sun in Sagittarius completes a semisextile to Capricorn Pluto, and I can bet that by now we’re feeling about what needs changed in our professional sphere. Are we really pursuing what we want to do? Are we doing the career we’re doing because we like it and it fulfills us? Or are we spinning our wheels and going nowhere? This will likely be on our minds around the evening commute. Ceres in Scorpio square the Aquarius Moon will also add to this train of thought when we consider how the rat race may be affecting our home lives… or perhaps our entrepreneurship is taking away from our private selves? There’s something to be said about burning the candle at both ends, and then at this time of year, we can really feel like we’re throwing all the candles into the fireplace.

Later on in the night hours we’ll experience Black Moon Lilith conjunct the Moon in Aquarius at the same time the Moon semisextiles Pisces Neptune. Psychic insights and deep hidden wants and fears will undoubtedly manifest around this time. Pay special attention to your intuition around this time and be ready to confront some of your innermost insecurities, or embrace the deepest reaches of your psyche. If you are concerned about psychic attack at this time (especially with Neptune/Mars conjunct), definitely invoke some higher protection.

So overall, we have some protective influence with the Chiron-Mercury-North Node Grand Trine, and some highlighting of doubts and insecurities with some of the other aspects listed above. We’ll be facing some hard truths, but we can stand strong and manage them a bit better if we approach them with some foresight and confidence. Try to avoid some harsh words and escalations of conflict, and I think we’ll be alright overall.