Solar Eclipse Taurus – April 2022 – Choose to Live

Solar Eclipse Taurus 2022

We have had many notable shifts in our lives lately, and this upcoming Eclipse Season is no exception. We’re coming off of a lengthy period of all planets direct, and Pluto just shifted directions the previous day to this. It’s time for major changes.

The Solar Eclipse Itself

The Solar Eclipse goes exact at 10 Tau 28’23” on April 30th, 2022 13:28:03 (1:28:03 PM) PDT (20:28:03 (8:28:03 PM) UTC). The lunar cycle beginning takes place in the sign of Taurus. This eclipse cycle brings a larger focus onto our resources, our money, and our stability. The primary aspect of Sun conjunct Moon denotes a time of new beginnings and new opportunities to start over. As this is a Solar Eclipse, which functions as a super-powered New Moon, these themes will be ever-present for the following several months rather than the usual four-week lunar period.

As this eclipse takes place in a fixed sign, the changes that come will solidify if allowed to do so. Anyone with planets or major points (Ascendant/Descendant, Midheaven/IC, North/South Nodes) between 5 degrees to 15 degrees Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius will be feeling this Solar Eclipse more acutely than others who don’t have anything significant in that degree range. The wider the orb, the lesser the impact, but it will still be felt in some manner.

Other Aspects to the Solar Eclipse

Expect the Unexpected

Solar Eclipse Taurus conjuncts Uranus in a wider, 4 degree orb. This brings major changes and reversals of fortune, for good and ill. Uranus isn’t in its favorite sign in Taurus, as Taurus is typically stable, rock solid, and secure. Uranus is rebellion, surprises, sudden changes. These two things don’t normally go together.

With the Solar Eclipse with Uranus here, major changes in finances and property are in focus. There’s a chance to take charge and shift the direction into a more favorable direction if we take action. Mars in Pisces sextile the Solar Eclipse and Uranus allows for a more intuitive drive to get things going. We can exercise some willpower and make some rapid changes needed to improve our financial situations. Other sudden changes that would adversely affect finances and money may be softened a bit, so losses can still occur here. Decisive action can be taken a little more assuredly now to mitigate the worst of damage though. Be proactive.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Solar Eclipse

Mercury – Speak Your Truth

Mercury in Gemini semisextile Black Moon Lilith in Cancer is a triggering aspect that brings the timing of speaking our hidden truths to the surface. Our deeper emotions will be coming to the surface with this aspect, and what we haven’t been speaking may come up in conversation now. These could be the feelings you have for a friend, or some inner misgivings you’ve had about a domestic matter for some time. There is still the potential for misunderstandings as Mercury has entered its pre-retrograde shadow period. Later clarifications may be required.

Mercury trine Pluto retrograde in late Capricorn also denotes some conversations to be had regarding the status quo, though this also takes on an inner quality. Again, deeply held feelings come to the surface, and this may go better than we’re fearing now. Some major dynamic changes in relationships and in our reputations are still likely, but not near as devastating as if this were a square aspect.

Mercury sextile Jupiter and Venus in Pisces also denotes a time where we’re communicating on a deeper level how we feel to those we care for. Relationship conversations of all kinds could benefit from clearing the air during the next several months.

Venus/Jupiter – Expanding the Heart

Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces brings a very deep, intuitive energy when it comes to the expansion of our roles in relationships, art, creativity, and what we hold attractive. Jupiter has this dreamy, optimistic quality here. As Jupiter expands, relationships could also deepen. But with the wider conjunction to Neptune, there’s also the danger of illusions and falling head over heels for an idea rather than the actual person.

Things may not really be all that clear in relationships, or potential or desired relationships, so do be aware. As Jupiter deals with expansion, I pose the possibility of pregnancies taking off too. If that’s not what you’re trying for, do take precautions.

Pluto retrograde sextile Venus and Jupiter also brings an inner review period to relationships and money as well now. Is the career path we’re on one that brings us joy? Or do we yearn for something closer to our heart? It’s possible a contraction in pay (pay cut) may be in order to go after what you really want. With Jupiter the expander here, maybe not so much a cut. Do make sure you’re clear on what you want now.

Saturn – Make Your Hard Choice

Saturn in Aquarius square the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio is still wreaking havoc on us even through this eclipse. Saturn is discipline, contraction, blockages, and karma. The North Node, or Rahu, is our goal, our destiny, where we’re supposed to go towards. Being in Taurus, we’re to build towards the future and what will provide some stability. South Node, or Ketu, being in Scorpio, we’ve got some baggage we need to deal with or dump. This is undoubtedly screwing with our relationships with ourselves and others now.

As Saturn’s been in Aquarius, I’ve noticed on my end a disconnect with friends. Are there friends that are holding you back? Or are you holding yourself back in your friendships? Do those friendships serve your higher good? If the benefit-to-pain ratio is good, it may be worth doing the hard work to maintain those. Or perhaps forge some new ones, perhaps a new relationship of sorts with a mentor. Make sure you select the right mentor or teacher if you go on this path, however.

Chiron – Sudden Healing, or Sudden Wounding?

Chiron in Aries semisextile Uranus in Taurus could trigger some sudden issues you need to deal with to heal from the past. Perhaps you’ve been holding someone at a distance, or perhaps they have been distancing themselves from you. Or perhaps you’ve isolated from others to focus on yourself and dealing with your own issues. The thing is, there are likely to be some sudden surprises that will force you to deal with what’s blocking you. Someone may notice you haven’t been around, and they may force an answer out of you. Heal fast, as there’s an element of money and resources that are likely in question with this connection. Possible relationship links too, given Venus’ rulership of Taurus.

What Do the Cards Say?

Tarot Spread for Solar Eclipse Taurus 2022
The tarot spread for the Solar Eclipse in Taurus for 2022.

This is a lengthy one, as I felt compelled to draw two rows for the Solar Eclipse’s spread.

We start off with the Five of Wands upright. There’s been some conflict going on. Lots of competing, fighting, feeling like we’re in the fray.

We follow up with the Eight of Cups upright. We’re walking away from something or someone, or feel like we need to walk away. This is related to the conflict in the Five of Wands before it, as it looks like she’s looking back at the conflict and peacing out.

Next we have the Seven of Cups reversed. We’ve been lost in our heads, chasing phantoms and shadows, and generally not able to make up our minds. We need to pick a direction.

Then we have the Knight of Swords reversed. There’s been some harsh words, some hasty messages. We want to say something and we may be blurting it out, or perhaps we spoke too soon. Maybe broke silence too soon.

The Tower upright follows. Yes, a great deal of upheaval and devastation of the old is happening. Things are changing whether we want them to or not. Relationships, jobs, structures, they’re all tumbling down. Prime real estate for rebuilding, perhaps.

The Princess of Swords (think Page of Swords) reversed also suggests some lack of maturity and wanting to get things off of our chest… or perhaps not actually speaking to someone. Withholding comment, silent treatment. Or we just don’t feel ready to talk yet.

The second row starts with the Ten of Pentacles reversed. We don’t feel very prosperous right now. We may feel unable to provide for loved ones, or that our stability is threatened. Or, perhaps family or domestic matters are getting in the way of prosperity somehow.

Then, we follow up with the Nine of Swords reversed. I think we’ve been in some sort of nightmare, maybe of our own making? But we’re waking up from it, and starting to move forward.

We’re not feeling all that strong yet though, given the Strength reversed that popped up next. We don’t feel we’re in a position of strength. Relating to the other cards so far, we could be feeling like we just don’t have what it takes to make a decision and stand our ground.

Next is The Moon reversed. Our intuition could be clouded, but there’s also the chance that illusions are being dispelled before more damage can be done. Conversely, we could really be going down a rabbit hole that leads us into more flipped cups and more daydreams. We need to be clear on what we need.

Fortunately, The Star upright came up next. We’re starting to find our way again. Stay on the path, follow the star to Bethlehem, in a matter of speaking, and we just might be alright.

Finally, Justice upright suggests that things will work out as they should. Some fair karma being meted out, so put in the work we need to do.

It’s a rough patch and a lot of upheaval and walking away, it looks like. But that walking away from collapsing structures and situations seem to lead us on a better path to where things balance out, even if we don’t feel strong enough to walk it now.

Cards appear to correspond to the harsher interpretations of this eclipse energy, but with the caveat that things work out, so I’d say its congruent to the astrology.

To Sum it Up

This Eclipse cycle is a strong one, and there’s going to be quite a few forced changes from the looks of it. Definitely do the work you need to do to get things done. Plan ahead, and be ready for some need-to-be-had conversations.

You’re not going to be able to avoid clearing the air forever. Make the changes, get your strength back up, and do what you need to do.

There’s a great deal of potential to make some significant progress in your goals over the next several months. Survive the rough patches, and get the work done. It’ll pay off in the future.