Full Moon Libra – April 2022 – Eleventh Hour

Full Moon Libra 2022

This lunar cycle that started with the New Moon in Aries earlier has been quite intense. We’re confronting fears and pain for sure, and now we find ourselves at the culmination point. We can expect to review what’s going on for the rest of this cycle. Also keep in mind that this is the final Full Moon before the Solar Eclipse in Taurus in two weeks. Be ready.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon goes exact at 26 Lib 45’48” on April 16th, 2022 at 11:55:01 (AM) PDT (18:55:01 or 6:55:01 PM UTC). The primary aspect of Sun opposite Moon puts the Moon close to the end of Libra, giving this a cardinal air energy. Expect many comings and goings of matters.

Libra, being the seventh sign of the zodiac, deals with relationships, partnerships, and open enemies (the ones you know about). Our connections to those who are important in our lives will be quite highlighted for the next couple of weeks.

As the Sun is near the end of Aries, we have had to confront issues regarding who we are, and our identity. A balancing act between our own desires and the feelings of others has been in full force over the past couple of weeks. Sometimes what we want or need is at odds with how others feel about this. Other times, you have a tremendous amount of support but want to go it alone. Knowing when to accept help and give help is important here.

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

Something Must Give

The main aspect we’re seeing impacting the Full Moon here is Full Moon Libra square Pluto in Capricorn. This is some intense death and rebirth energy here. Our selves, our identities, the feelings of others, we’re seeing this play out in our professional relationships and in personal relationships that are impacting or impacted by our careers.

Pluto is death and rebirth energy, tearing down structures to build anew. There’s a good potential here of casting off old bonds and relationships that aren’t going to help us get ahead in the future. Transactional partnerships that have run their course are likely to end now. Other linkages will be transformed greatly, for good or for ill.

Strength To See Things Through

Full Moon Libra trine Mars in Pisces and Saturn in Aquarius is powerful stuff. While Mars and Saturn are too far away to be considered conjunct by themselves, the Full Moon still benefits from the softer trine aspect to each of these.

Mars in early Pisces has a watery, adaptive feel with the mutable energies of the last sign. This blend of energy can be like a warm, refreshing rain as it’s an “off-sign trine” here. We can act on our intuition with greater purpose now, and can even consider the views of others with more pragmatism I feel.

Saturn in Aquarius has an air of an upstart and being able to weather the shifting winds. We know we have work to do, and we may be able to use this energy to get it done in some unorthodox ways. However we do it, we can apply some solid discipline now and feel better once we get our tasks done.

Shaky Faith

Full Moon Libra quincunx Jupiter in Pisces is a little odd and off. Jupiter is in its other home sign of Pisces, which it shares with Neptune (itself still conjunct Jupiter). While this could leave us prone to delusions of grandeur, there’s also the opportunity here to enjoy some optimism from above normally.

The quincunx, however, is one of those strange aspects. It’s not the easiness (or laziness) of a trine, yet it’s not the seesaw effect of give and take that we see with an opposition. It’s just… there. We may feel we’re too reliant on others, or perhaps we’re feeling that others’ views are getting in the way of “just a little bit more…” which could lead us to some uncomfortable events.

It’s possible we’ve been left high and dry by others that we’ve been counting on. It’s time to embrace our inner power and intuition, and use that intuitive vibe to ask for help from above. Perhaps communing with the divine, meditating in nature, or reflecting quietly on what is and the options available to us will yield some answers. Just be careful that we pick the right answers. We won’t be as certain about that now, so we’ll need to use the other active aspects to play the roles we have to play now and hope for the best in a sense.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Full Moon

Surprising Gifts

Venus in Pisces sextile Mercury and Uranus in Taurus could be beneficial now. Uranus conjunct Mercury allows for some surprising and sudden messages or adventures and travel. Of course, being in Taurus, money and acquiring (or keeping) resources is part of the name of the game, and this includes land and other property as well.

The sextile to Venus in Pisces I feel denotes an emotional attachment. Perhaps this is an inheritance of sorts for some of us. For others, perhaps an investment we forgot we had. The flip side of this is we could be facing some potential losses or setbacks, but we’ll be able to negotiate our way around these in some way. Try not to fear if you’re falling behind, as it’s likely creditors and others will work with you now. Best case, something comes through and you don’t fall behind at all, or at the very least, not for very long.

Discipline Versus Optimism

We’ve got a pair of aspects to consider here. Saturn in Aquarius square the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio denotes some major discipline and roadblocks stemming from the setups of the past, and what we need going forward. We have to reevaluate how we’ve been going about things, and figure out a better way forward, past the roadblocks.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces on the other hand… Faith, intuition, hope. Perhaps too much optimism if we let ourselves run too freely in our minds. Some great insights can come from this conjunction, but some very unrealistic expectations can also come of it. We haven’t seen Jupiter and Neptune connect like this in Pisces since 1856, which was the buildup to the U.S. Civil War.

There is a danger of seeing only what we want to see, and failing to consider the lessons to be learned that will help us avoid the dangers of the past. A very real danger of immersing ourselves in echo chambers is highlighted here, and this can lead to following some very bad advice as well. Not all of our decisions will lead to a civil war down the road, but right now, we need to not get carried away.

It’s also a time where people already in the middle of really bad decisions will double down and make worse decisions. Be very careful not to get caught in someone else’s foolish crusade against a windmill.

Dig Deep

Mars in Pisces trine Black Moon Lilith in Cancer is certainly a steamy aspect that lends its support to us now. Mars in Pisces is like mixing fire and water. The hotter the fire, the hotter the steam. There’s some turbulence that we may need to deal with as well, such as issues from the past that bubble up now.

Black Moon Lilith in Cancer has its own deeply personal feel. What we tend to keep private is even more so now. Add in the trine to Mars in Pisces, and we’ve got some strength to deal with inner issues. Whatever’s troubling us deep down, this is a time we can confront it.

It’s also a good time to deal with some inner magickal workings. There’s some benefit to solitude right now that we can take advantage of. If we can’t get out and about for whatever reason, we can at least use the time to catch up on things.

What do the Cards Say?

Tarot for Full Moon Libra 2022
The Tarot pulled for Full Moon Libra 2022.

We start off with Two of Wands reversed. We’ve got some new beginnings and decisions we’ve been looking at. Is this really the right direction though? Maybe we didn’t water it enough, or we watered the wrong plant? We have to make a decision as to how we want to grow.

Next we have Seven of Cups upright. We’ve got options. It’s just which of the possibilities do we want to pursue? Which one’s the best option? We have some clarity in this, so we need to pick a cup and go with it.

Third, we see the Three of Swords reversed. Fitting, as we seem to be coming out of some heartbreak or disappointment somehow. Perhaps a recent disappointment in love had you down, and we’re slowly coming out of that. Or perhaps some unwelcome news earlier is wearing off.

Fourthly, the King of Pentacles upright shows up. We do have some good counsel available to us. Someone wise, perhaps a mentor in affairs regarding money and resources. Wealth management also comes to mind. It is tax season, so some of us may have a solid CPA or accountant on our side. Pay attention to sound advice on finances, especially now.

Finally, we have the Eight of Cups reversed coming to us. We want to move on. Perhaps that heartbreak or disappointment we’re coming out of is still gnawing at us. Perhaps we have an inkling of hope that things can be different and we go back for more. Whatever it is, we’re not going out the door and going for that next cup. We’re holding on for some reason. Perhaps we’re afraid to let go.

I’d say this is pretty congruent with the astrology now.

To Sum it Up

We’ve got decisions we have to make, and we’ve got some stumbling blocks we’ve got to deal with as we hit the lunar culmination point. This Full Moon will force us to make some new decisions, and we may not want to let go. Or perhaps we feel that we’re on the right path but there’s more difficulty than we bargained for. Saturn and Jupiter have their own agendas now.

We have to learn from the past so we can move forward. And it’s holding on, or we’re holding on. It’s hard, but we need to let go.

Have a good couple of weeks and figure out what you need to. Perhaps some good surprises or upticks will come to you in a flash. Be wary of what is too good to be true, and consider that the truth may not be near as sweet.

Eclipse Season starts in two weeks. Get ready. And we’re about to enter Taurus Season. Time to build for the future.