Full Moon Virgo – March 2023

Full Moon Virgo 2023

We have some serious changes in store for this lunar cycle culmination. Cycles closing and coming to fruition, that sort of thing, and with some major players about to shift into new signs, we have a great deal to sort through.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon goes exact at 16 Vir 40’16” on March 7th, 2022 at 04:40:18 AM PST (12:40:18 PM UTC). Our primary aspect of Sun opposite Moon is a given, with the solar 12th sign energies of Pisces interacting with the lunar 6th sign energies of analytical Virgo. Our important tasks, day-to-day concerns, and attention to detail is in sharp focus during this transit. We’re in Pisces season, so with the Sun in this dreamy sign, there’s a good chance of daydreaming and getting distracted if we allow it.

Harnessing the Full Moon will allow us to cement some gains we’ve been making. Finishing up the finer details of important matters such as launching a business, signing contracts, etc. will have increased importance now. Missed details should be more readily identified too, allowing us to correct mistakes at this crucial moment.

The other aspects interacting with this Full Moon denote some major sacrifice and consideration may be necessary. This may move things along more rapidly given that all planets are direct now. Hopefully we’ve been taking advantage of the opportunities this can allow.

Other Aspects to this Full Moon

Changing Things Up

Full Moon Trine Uranus in Taurus brings some good opportunity and perhaps some hope our way regarding matters of resourcefulness. Uranus isn’t in its strongest point in Taurus, though with it being in the second decan (which has Virgo vibes), we can identify some weaknesses in our planning better now and make the necessary corrections. The bonus is a little bit of a confidence boost in trusting our logic better.

Reevaluating Value

Full Moon making a weak quincunx to Venus in Aries shows that we’re having some reevaluation when it comes to what we value. Quincunxes are awkward, off-kilter energies, and Venus is also not in its strongest placement in Aries (given Libra being one of the signs Venus rules). Getting a sense of wanting to enforce our will here, and knowing we need to put in the work to get that will done. Do we know how to get it done though?

Venus just came off of a conjunction with Jupiter and Chiron in Aries as well, so some have to be feeling like we’re not far enough ahead as we should be. You’re not behind. You’re where you need to be. Hard to hear, but that’s the general vibe here. Doesn’t feel that way to many of us, but consider that there’s some “missed opportunities” that may not really as big a miss as we thought. The trick is to overcome the self-doubt from those “misses” to get the bigger “hit” that works better for us.


There is the matter of the weak T-Square from Sun and Full Moon to Mars in Gemini. There’s this subtle air of conflict in our communications. We don’t feel we’re getting our point across, and we’re impatient. It’s hard to pin down, though. There’s a potential for an untimely rage-quit here. There’s also the possibility of cutting someone off in our attempts to get ahead.

Road rage is also slightly amplified with this, so be aware of this. The more extreme versions of this Mars T-square should be muted, however.

There is also the matter of Nessus conjunct the Sun and opposing the Full Moon tightly. Nessus is obsessions at best and abuse at the worst. With Nessus going slowly through Pisces, this underhandedness has been operating in the shadows and has been sneaky for awhile. Given the sextile between Nessus and Uranus, however, there’s the potential for this underhanded dealer to have light shown on it and then shown the door. Watch for people taking advantage of you during this Full Moon.

Those taking advantage of others will have that light shine on them now or very soon. It’ll be interesting to see what revelations come out regarding abuse of power during this cycle.

Other Noteworthy Transits During This Full Moon

Saturn Entering Pisces

Shortly after this Full Moon goes direct, Saturn enters Virgo at 5:33:07 AM PST (1:33:07 PM UTC). This brings a serious shift in discipline and our focus on hard work. Saturn’s strength will diminish a bit as it will no longer be in either of its ruling signs (Capricorn and Aquarius) for the first time since December 2017.

Saturn in Pisces will take on a Neptunian quality. We have the potential, starting with this Full Moon in Virgo, to apply some serious discipline and hard work in our creative endeavors. There is also the potential for cementing gains in mental exercise, spiritual disciplines, and substance abuse and addiction recovery.

The downside of Saturn in Pisces is that we can also face obstacles to our creative projects. Some people also have the potential of hitting a hard stop in the face of their addictions. Accidental poisonings and overdoses are among the worst of manifestations with this.

Given the Full Moon in Virgo during this ingress, I argue that there’s the potential of ending some distractions once and for all. Possible manifestations of that include:

  • Entering a rehab or support group.
  • Quitting an addictive substance or activity (gambling, gaming, drinking, etc.).
  • Ending a subtly abusive relationship.
  • Entering or leaving an institution (hospital, prison, etc.).

A good number of us will be turning inwards and facing some demons that have been weighing us down. Others will be hamstrung by the mental fog. Great effort is required, but better rewards will come if the discipline is adhered to.

Transformative Discipline

Pluto in the last degree of Capricorn semisextile Saturn entering Pisces also plays into this major shift. Pluto will be shifting into Aquarius later this month, and thus is in its own transition.

The semisextile is what I call a “triggering aspect.” This approximately 30-degree link between the taskmaster/disciplinarian (Saturn) and the destroyer and renewer (Pluto) shows that there’s a great potential for transformation and transfiguration now. In truth, this transfiguration has been occurring for at least a few weeks now.

Some of us have been exercising some discipline and realizing the sacrifices needed to fulfill their higher goals. Others have become more mired in some crazy events and are snared.

Habits can be both forged and broken now. Choose wisely.

With Great Pain Comes Great Healing

Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries is a major two-edged sword here. Jupiter is expansion, luck, optimism. Chiron is the wounded healer, denoting pain and healing all the same. There’s the Aries Martian influence on both of these too, further amplifying these bodies.

The potential for some great self-healing is here. The potential for great self-harm is also here. Venus just joined these two bodies before this Full Moon, so what we value and find attractive has also been impacted by this.

This all plays into the Saturn-Pluto semisextile: great discipline brings great rewards. Great roadblocks also brings great pain. Transmuting past hurts into present healing? That can be the greatest gain of all, provided one survives. Exercise is one example: breaking your body (working the muscles) to improve strength (greater muscle capacity). Fuel the growth with discipline and resting when you need to.

And if you feel you need to power through the pain at all costs, just remember: “the star that burns twice as bright burns half as long.” Balance is key. Overtraining hurts.

Too Much on the Mind?

Mars in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces can bring some trouble with our thoughts and fears. There’s the danger of overactive imaginations and some mental hubris now. There’s also the potential for some subtle misreading or overthinking what people say now, or don’t say.

Overambition and overreaching are also dangers here. There’s the concept of “fake it until you make it,” but there’s also feeling flustered when the mask comes off. Some are going to be stubborn and try to maintain the façade at all costs, and Saturn in Pisces is going to shout “stop!”

Overstimulation is another danger. Too much caffeine, too much booze, or trying to paint 10 Rembrandt-style paintings in one night… it’s a real worry. You have to moderate. Write down a realistic to-do list if you have to, but don’t try to get 100 things done around this time. It won’t happen. Harness the mental energy and direct it into one or a couple tasks. Not all of them at once.

On the Move

Venus in Aries sextile Mars in Gemini can help us regulate some of the more intense energies now. We can make some good progress in our workouts and in getting our message across. In particular, our message to ourselves: get moving and get to feeling good (in a healthy way). Motivation may not be as much of an issue as it’s been for awhile. Keep in mind that Mars is still in the last stages of its post-retrograde shadow, so the drive and energy may not be as focused as we need yet. But we can still run those miles we need for the next weekly goal.

I’d also argue that we’ll be more in tune with our body in this regards with this aspect. Maybe a little more success in the diet, or a new speed goal. Or we get the flash of insight to finish three tasks when we normally would get two done in the same time.

What Do the Cards Say?

Tarot spread for Full Moon Virgo 2023
The Tarot pulled for Full Moon Virgo 2023.

Compelled to draw six cards, we’ve got an interesting picture for the remainder of the lunar cycle. Messages and news seems to be a very strong signal here.

Starting off with the King of Pentacles upright. This denotes a mentor, or executive authority regarding money, prosperity, stability. A wise father with a good sense of resourcefulness and finances.

We continue with the Knight of Cups reversed. Basically, a splash of cold water thrown into the face. Unpleasant or emotionally troubling news is likely.

The next card in the draw is the Knight of Swords upright. More messages, this of a more urgent matter. Coming and going of email, texts, calls. Probably relating to projects that may be lucrative from the King of Pentacles, but doesn’t make our soul sing (such as with the Knight of Cups reversed).

We then continue with the Four of Wands reversed. Unhappy or broken unions and partnerships, from the looks of this card. Plays hand-in-hand with the reversed Knight of Cups, and also linked to the Knight of Swords. There’s a theme building here.

Now we look at the Knight of Wands upright. More messages, this relating to activity, ventures, projects, and growth. We’ve got a clearer picture now: progress and news about projects, but at the cost of our feelings and domestic tranquility. Work-life balance seems to be favoring the work side of things.

Finally, we end with The Fool upright. New beginnings, new adventures, and new ways to walk on ahead. Perhaps new ways to walk right off a cliff if we act, well, foolishly.

Overall, we’ve got the potential for new projects and perhaps even jobs and careers for the remainder of this lunar cycle, but at the cost of our home lives and perhaps some of our more feel-good desires. A new opportunity could even break up the nest at worst, or at best we could be seeing new opportunities that require some time away from loved ones.

The cards look to be congruent with the astrology.

To Sum it Up

The culmination of this lunar cycle brings with it great opportunities for advancement. However, the nose will be put to the grindstone and our integrity put to the test. There won’t be any easy paths to success for the next couple of weeks.

Mental discipline and focus can be harnessed and embraced, and should be. That said, distractions will pop up, and we need to be ready for these.

Underhanded and shady dealings will also be exposed over the next couple of weeks. Tread carefully.

Make a plan, and stick to it. Adjust it if needed. Some of us will require new strategies to make the magic happen. Overall, there’s good potential with this Full Moon.