Lunar Eclipse Scorpio – May 2022 – Make the Hard Choice

Lunar Eclipse Scorpio 2022

On the heels of the Solar Eclipse in Taurus just a couple weeks before, we now have the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio ready to grace the skies. Many things have been set in motion, and some dramatic shifts are occurring in our lives now. This is a pivotal moment for us.

The Lunar Eclipse Itself

The Lunar Eclipse goes exact at 25 Sco 18’00” on May 15th, 2022 at 9:14:07 PM PDT (May 16th, 2022 4:14:07 AM UTC). The main aspect, as always, is the Sun opposite Moon. This Lunar Eclipse takes place in the third decan of Scorpio, giving this a decidedly eighth house energy. Our deeper desires, our sexuality, our inclinations to investigate the occult, and our dealings with the resources of others will be highlighted for the next several months until the following eclipse cycle in the later months of 2022.

The Sun, meanwhile, is in Taurus, and is conjunct fixed star Algol. Sun in Taurus is normally a more stable, earthy energy, and we’re usually focused on building for the future, with a focus on our stability and personal resources (like money and property). Algol, however, has a rather malicious reputation, and this is just a rough conjunction. We may find ourselves losing our heads over money issues and the like more than usual for the next months.

As the markets just took a dive, do not expect stability for awhile. The utter and spectacular collapse of the Luna cryptocurrency and the associated Terra USD “stablecoin” is one of the more dramatic examples of this. That may also have to do with Mercury retrograde at the same time, but the theme here cannot be understated. Let this be a reminder of the power of eclipses within a few weeks before and after they happen.

People with placements from 20-29 degrees Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius will feel this eclipse much harder than most others. It’s a fixed sign eclipse, so there is the danger of things “cementing” in place if we’re not careful.

Other Aspects to the Lunar Eclipse

Saturn Asks: Are We Going to Put in the Work Now?

A T-Square apexing Saturn in Aquarius, squaring the Sun and North Node in Taurus, and the Moon and South Node in Scorpio, is in effect during the Lunar Eclipse. Saturn is discipline, blockages, contraction, and arguably the institutions in our life such as government.

North Node is what we strive for, fated and destined events, and with the Sun here, we have the drive to increase our security in our lives. However, as stated before, Sun is with Algol, and we could lose our heads in our worries over money and losing it all.

South Node is our comfort zone, where we retreat to when things get intense. The Moon is conjunct this right now, and as this is eclipse time, we’ve got some very strong feelings regarding past actions and what we want to break free from. A Scorpio South Node Eclipse is heavily karmic. Given that this is a Lunar Eclipse with the South Node, what’s happened to us in the past is weighing heavily on us.

Saturn dictates that we need to put in the work to get past our fears, and come what may, we need to keep working to secure our future. You will be continuously reminded of the work you must do until you get the hint.

Opportunities for Growth

Lunar Eclipse Scorpio trine Mars and Neptune in Pisces, and also trine Jupiter in Aries is a potential boost to our ability to execute the lessons of Saturn and the Nodes during the next several months. As this is happening in aspect to the Lunar Eclipse, we’ve got a mental boost here that can make a difference.

Mars conjunct Neptune allows for decisive action when it comes to acting on our intuition and our subconscious desires and what we need to do. There’s also the danger of acting on our delusions, so make sure your head is as clear as it can be when deciding what to focus your time on.

Jupiter in Aries adds a power of expansion to Mars themes and aspects of our self, our identities, our forcefulness. The off-sign trine between the Eclipse and Jupiter is a wide orb, but still present. A subtle stroke of luck could push us over the finish line if we can harness the energy to get things done. We just need to be disciplined enough to know what to do with this.

Overall, We’ve got an opportunity to learn new skills, glean insights from our higher selves/subconscious/the universe/etc. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn something new.

Ending What Needs to End Is Easier

Lunar Eclipse Scorpio Sextile Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn makes things easier for ending things that no longer serve us. Something hasn’t been working in many of our lives, and we need to make the changes now, tear that crap down. Start setting the foundations for a new path forward, like a new career path, or something that will bolster your reputation down the line. This may also serve to benefit family and home in the long run (as Capricorn opposes Cancer, so tenth house vs fourth house themes apply).

It’s also possible we think we know what we need to end, such as a relationship or a linkage to a person from our past. It’s Mercury retrograde season, so it’s possible what we think has to go isn’t what we really need to eliminate. Our feelings about the matter may be what needs to go.

Harness the Neptune/Mars link, and make sure your intentions and gut feeling is clear on this matter. Something within yourself may be what needs to end in the long run. An attachment to an outcome, perhaps. Maybe an insecurity or a fear from the past is what needs to go. Travel within, and find your own answers on this subject.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Lunar Eclipse

Saying What Needs to Be Said

Mercury retrograde in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Aries is interesting. Mercury is in one of its domiciles, and amplified, but it’s retrograde too. There’s a potential for misunderstanding and miscommunications. However, we may be feeling like we’re dead on right about matters with the increased fiery optimism of Aries Jupiter.

There’s a danger of overconfidence and overstating our position, but maybe not so much with the softer sextile here. What’s said now will likely need to be revisited later. But if there’s something that absolutely needs to be said to another party now, we’ll have the confidence to speak our minds.

Just don’t expect to be understood. The hard feelings are more likely to pass with the softer aspect here.

Love Hurts

Venus and Chiron conjunct in Aries during the Lunar Eclipse is a harbinger of hard conversations and feelings that will need to be confronted. A relationship or a desired partnership isn’t likely to be going the way we’d like right now. Conversely, perhaps this linkage to another is helping us heal now.

We could also be confronting some misgivings regarding our relationship to money (Taurus is ruled by Venus, after all, and there’s a resource theme here). Do we have a healthy relationship to money, stability, security? Or is that something we need to heal now?

Uranus in Taurus semisextile Chiron and Venus denotes that some rapid changes and surprises in terms of money and what we value will play into this even more so than normal. A wide swing in fortune, for good or ill, will play into this and affect how we decide to repair or not repair our relationships, least of all our relationships with ourselves and our self-worth.

Confronting Our Core Philosophies

Jupiter in Aries square Black Moon Lilith in Cancer is another pivotal aspect we need to think about. There’s an increase in needing to speak our truth and make sure our beliefs are being honored. At the same time, there’s some privately-held deeper ideals and beliefs, as well as confrontations with our shadow self we need to address here. What will you do?

The divine feminine is under attack now, and the drive to fight back is strong and fierce now, and greatly expanded. Expect a struggle, even within ourselves.

Applying Optimism to Needed Changes

Jupiter in Aries sextile Pluto retrograde in Capricorn asks us to consider our ways of approaching and seeing the world when it comes to what we seek to do in this world. If we’re in an unfulfilling career or otherwise facing reputational ruin, we’ll be fighting back hard against that now. The deeper changes that are needed for this will come from within.

Pluto retrograde sextile Mars and Neptune in Pisces also plays into this. Again, forcing change could be rough. Consult with your higher self and inner intuition, and make sure you’re making the right changes to get through the challenges ahead. Some deeper reflection and meditation may be helpful in making the right choices now.

To Sum it Up

Many deep, personal, and necessary changes are in store for us. This Lunar Eclipse is bringing some endings to issues that have been vexing us for awhile. Attachments to relationships we’ve hoped for, pie in the sky schemes, wishful thinking… these all may come crashing down now. But every ending is a new beginning.

Let go what isn’t working, and do the hard work to make the necessary changes. Make the hard choice, or the hard choice will be made for you.