Daily Report – Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Daily Report 2022

It’s been a bit of a stretch without me having put up an astrological article here, what with my recent move (temporary, anyways), and with me starting a new job in the morning and the other various tasks I’ve had to sort out, I haven’t had much time to do much of anything with this blog. Not really fair to everyone who’s been depending on my forecasts, and at the same time, I need to try to get some sleep for this new job and the lengthy commute for the first day (as I have to report earlier than I normally would… I think. Anyways.) So, this week, Monday will be its own report as that’s the only day I can really forecast with the little time I have. The weekly will have to be done tomorrow. Let’s dive into Monday’s shenanigans.

Monday begins overnight with Mercury conjunct Vega, which can bring to light some suspicions and ambitions coming to naught. Fitting as I’m writing this article about right now as Mercury is hitting that, and I’ve had quite a few delays in some of my tasks. Eris quincunx Dejanira also joins this, which can be a bit of an awkward mix where we might be sowing our own discord. We may see a bit of really strange dreams with this energy, so do take note of the dream visions you had overnight.

Moon proceeds overnight to trine Karma and sextile the Sun, which should point us in the dreamscape to a bit of direction to the right path, or feeling that we’re on the right path. We do also need to watch out for Moon square Saturn as we’re waking up, which can point to us questioning those feelings of being on the right path. It’s very easy to not be in the best of moods with this energy, especially depending on our own individual placements, but Moon sextiling Lucifer around the same time may point to some assuredness that we’re capable of taking care of ourselves. The sextile will help dampen a little bit of the excessive pride, I feel, so we’re more likely to see things objectively. The Moon square to Saturn is more powerful, so the uneasiness will continue on for most of the morning.

Later on in the morning, we’ll have Moon sextile Venus, which should be a healthy boost for new beginnings, as Venus is in Aquarius right now, and Moon in Aries will be bringing us quite a bit of intense energy. Things will progress quite rapidly. Let’s just not get in over our head and jump to conclusions with Moon semisextile Nessus at the same time.

Going into the evening hours (PST), Moon square Black Moon Lilith points to some potentially fated and vexing positions and situations, so do be aware and try not to let things get the best of you. A few hours later during the evening into night, Dejanira square Apophis could manifest in situations where we need to be very aware of our surroundings, and be wary of downfalls and actors seeking to destroy us.

Finally, into the night, Moon semisextile Neptune will trigger some mental gymnastics, and we’ll be seeing some intriguing dream visions overnight as well. Again, take note of our dream visions during this time.

That’s pretty much Monday in a nutshell. To be honest, I think maybe I’ll try to do some dailies (which I hope to expand on weekly forecasts as well), as I think this will allow me to expand on what’s going on in the cosmos as we experience it here on Earth. At any rate, it’s a day of new beginnings, and a day of getting things done. Just be aware, and you should be relatively alright. I can’t promise unscathed, because believe me, I’m not unscathed with everything going on. Take care, everyone.