Full Moon Sagittarius I – May 2016 – Turbulent Affections

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Sagittarius has something intense in store for us. This is the first of two full moons that will be in this sign, which of course doesn’t happen often. Generally we see this when the full moon falls in the first two degrees of a sign, which … I don’t have a figure as to how often that happens to be honest with you. Let’s check it out.

The Full Moon conjuncts Mars Retrograde. Mars Retrograde also opposes Venus on Algol by a wide orb. Now, the Venus connection is about a 5-6 degree orb, so it’s effect is going to be muted in the scheme of things, but with it being on Algol, it’s going to have its own share of challenges! Moon conjunct Mars brings aggression, drive, and tension to our emotions. Opposing the Sun, Mars brings challenges and our ego will be at odds with others. As Mars is retrograde, we could see more passive-aggressive actions, more saber-rattling, more seething anger. All this also forms a T-Square with 433 Eros and 149 Medusa, so romantic relationships are likely to be very rocky until the new moon. Venus with Algol, a very malefic star, isn’t in the best position even though it’s in Taurus, a sign it rules. With the wide opposition to Mars we’re going to likely see more trouble in paradise, more agruments in relationships… Frankly, everyone is going to need to take a step back and chill out a bit if you can.

Venus quincunx Ixion/Pholus (themselves a bit wide for a conjunction at nearly 3 degrees) further sees a possibility of explosive romantic and sexual incidences occuring. I wouldn’t be surprised if an awkward scandal comes about during this time in the news cycle, potentially a scandal without merit.

(On a personal level, this all also is squaring my natal Sun. And I’m single and looking at the time I write this. Something tells me I’ll be looking for a bit yet).

Venus quincunx Cupido/Messalina further amplifies the Full Moon aspects going on right now. Being retrograde, Cupido and Messalina being quincunx to the planet of love and relationships could bring forth awkward, maybe undue allegations of infidelity. With Medusa and Eros together in an off-sign conujunction making that Full Moon T-Square, I suppose it all depends on who’s accusing who of the unfaithfulness. Or maybe there’s just more singles being promiscuous. There may be some of that action going on and an underlying feeling of “what am I doing?” Or “Is this what I really want?” Perhaps some people just have to experience it themselves to know, among singles. There’s also those in open relationships/marraiges, I suppose. Maybe another is brought in that’s not to the other’s liking in those situations.

Lust conjunct Nymph spices things up a bit sexually right now. Being semisextile Neptune, there could be that vibe that “well, they seem like they could be good…” Just be mindful of how you might feel the morning after.

Kassandra conjunct Chiron tells us we need to keep an ear to the ground and don’t dismiss warnings of potential disaster out of hand, lest we be e

Mercury is almost done with its retrograde cycle, and will go direct very soon after this Full Moon takes effect. So right now communications are slowing down a bit. With a quincunx to Saturn Retrograde, we can expect some questionable communications, but nothing that can’t be overturned. Think and speak clearly, and make sure you get all legal matters (contracts, etc.) in writing. And check that writing as there might need to be some amendments needed.

Speaking of things going direct, Jupiter is now direct itself, so the planet of expansion and greater beneficial matters is finally picking up steam in its normal direction again. Still, it’s in Virgo, so it’s not all fun and games. And it’s more directly squaring Saturn Retrograde for the rest of this lunar cycle, and still in that T-Square with Neptune as well. So be aware that there’s still going to be some delays and roadblocks, but they are not insurmountable. With Jupiter trine Mercury (retrograde until the next day actually), we will see a slight hiccup in communications and travel, but things will pick up rather rapidly once Mercury gets moving forward again. Mercury sextile Neptune may bring about some wishful thinking and talking as well. Again, with Mercury quincunx Saturn retrograde, and Neptune square the same, get that in writing. All of it.

The remainder of the lunar cycle will be within the Mercury Post-Shadow Retrograde period as well, so things aren’t out of the woods yet. Be mindful of other drivers, travellers, and other talkers as well. There will likely be some hiccups, as mentioned before so be cautious. A little optimism can go a long way though, so don’t be too down if things don’t go according to plan right away.

Overall, this is an intense culmination of the lunar cycle we have here. I’m going to suggest being watchful, and do have fun but be prepared and be careful! Can’t wait to see what happens when the second full moon comes in Sagittarius later in June.