Full Moon Pisces – August 2018 – Trinity Crosshairs

Full Moon Pisces

August’s Full Moon is a potent one, I’m going to come out and say it right here and now. There is a lot going on in the sky at this moment in time, and the Solar Eclipse in Leo earlier in the month has certainly put a lot of tension and energy in the air. Also, that tool I mentioned making for myself in the previous article is largely finished for current intents and purposes, so I should have more time to put into writing these articles. A good time for culminations, if I don’t say so myself.

Let’s get into this. So the Full Moon goes exact at 03 Pis 12’18” at 4:56:11 PDT (11:56:11 UTC) on August 26th. Pisces, of course, is co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, bringing with it a mutable or changeable watery quality. Emotions will be elevated a bit of course, and themes of spirituality and psychism may also be more prevailant for the next couple weeks until the new lunar cycle begins. Deep down, we are going to see a lot of inner change in ourselves, and this Full Moon is incredibly aspected. For starters, the Sun is the focal point of not only an Earth Grand Trine between itself, Uranus retrograde in Taurus, and Saturn retrograde in Capricorn, but it’s kited by the Moon itself in Pisces. Furthermore, the Sun is also the focal point of a Yod Kite from a Chiron retrograde in Aries sextile to Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius, and again, opposed by the Moon. The sun, the ego, it’s going to be very, very emphasized during the next couple of weeks. There is the stabilization of Uranus and Saturn forming the Grand Trine, but at the same time Chiron retrograde and Black Moon Lilith (representing the divine feminine, occult energy, and intuitive matters) are also taking aim at the central lifegiver in our starsystem. The moon opposing is showing us a time of culmination. What this portends is the inner world (with Uranus/Chiron/Saturn retrograde all aspecting), and I should note that Mars retrograde in Capricorn is about to turn direct, and is just out of orb of quincunxing the Sun itself (otherwise this Yod Kite would be even more pronounced). We should also note that given the overall configuration, Uranus and Saturn also apex the Moon for a Minor Grand Trine, which further emphasizes the emotional and intuitive nature of the next couple weeks. It’s really an opportunity to take advantage of the increased flow of energy to enact some positive changes. A warning: Grand Trines do have a weakness: a tendency to laziness and/or inertia. Don’t rest on your laurels, and don’t just “coast to victory”, as you could wind up falling short. You have to put the work in to get the best benefit.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been seeing things in our lives that we know must end, that we must take care of in order to move forward into a better future and a better life for ourselves. Uranus showing us what needs to be changed, Saturn in showing us where we lack the discipline to do so, and well, Mercury just turned direct recently and Mars is getting ready to go forward. Mercury is still in the post-retrograde shadow period, so we still could have some bumpy starts. But whatever plans we’ve formulated to get things back on track, over the next couple weeks will be a good time to get that set up and move forward. The next lunar cycle will pretty much be the new starting point.

There are other tight aspects we need to consider as well. Uranus retrograde square Black Moon Lilith points to some uncomfortable sudden changes we may be facing within ourselves. Recently, a friend of mine from college passed away, and it’s definitely been a sobering experience in many ways. Without further details, on this personal note, I’m quite aware that I’m not getting any younger and whatever I’m going to do in this life, I may want to start getting done now. (Doubly true as I’ve just had my birthday in the last couple days, so new Solar Return year as well for me). Venus square Pluto retrograde likewise is pointing to some internal self-unmaking concerning the realms of relationships, jobs, what we find attractive (art, people, etc.), so some changing tastes are coming about at this time too. On a positive note, perhaps we find ourselves faced with the consequences of self-destructive habits and now find the energy and drive to correct those, thus unmaking what unmakes us. Not the easiest of things though.

Further fostering the unmaking of what unmakes us, we have Chiron retrograde in Aries square Saturn retrograde in Capricorn by 1°19’05” orb, which further emphasizes the need for us to drive home the point of enforcing measures in order for us to heal ourselves, sometimes via uncomfortable restrictions (such as cutting out unhealthy snacks in a diet, which isn’t easy given the addictive nature of some foods). We also have Mercury in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio (1°32’22” orb) which signifies a time where we are likely to endure some unpleasant communications with authority figures, or unfortunate travel interactions. I suspect more people will be pulled over for speeding and other traffic violations as a side effect of this, and given that this Full Moon cycle spans Labor Day here in the U.S., may want to be responsible if you do some end-of-summer sendoffs before fall hits. We also have Uranus retrograde square Mars in Capricorn at a weaker 3°47’57 orb. This points to some uncomfortable sudden situations that may arise, though not necessarily of the same intensity as the other tighter aspects. Mars is slowing way down, so some get-up-and-go may still be lacking at this time too, especially at a time we may just want to get up and go!

The easier aspects may point us to some ways around problems or solutions to problems for the next couple weeks with this Full Moon. Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces (1°01’50” orb) brings a sense of a darker, yet more flowing mental energy that may allow us to visualize some rather creative solutions to what may be vexing us. Combine this with Jupiter sextile Pluto retrograde (2°36’30” orb) and we may have a bit more good fortune in tearing down outmoded structures that no longer serve us. Considering that Pluto also sextiles Neptune by a 3°38’20” orb and completing a Minor Grand Trine between itself, Neptune, and Jupiter, this allows us to combine upper wisdom with innate gut feeling to come up with some solutions.

As far as asteroids are concerned, 99942 Apophis trine Mars signifies either mitigation from heavily destructive events, or perhaps a greater ease in “constructive destruction”… think a demolitions team bringing down a structure and it being a major attraction for people who are into watching buildings come down in controlled manners. 16089 Lamb in Cancer opposing Mars warns us to be wary of those who would sacrifice us for their own gain, and yet with Mars nearly motionless, little would come of it. Mars also trines 545 Messalina, 37117 Narcissus, and Sedna (those three all conjunct fixed star Algol!), which is an interesting combination. It could be themes of betrayal or promiscuity will factor prominently, and may bring things to a standstill for a time, but also granting time to reflect and react? Hard to say wtih the nearly motionless Mars. What I can say is that those three asteroids/dwarf planets (Sedna) are square a prominent political figure’s Mars (itself conjunct his Ascendant), and … well… that may be worth an article in itself. I think there’s going to be more developments over the next couple weeks regarding his legal issues. (Yes, it is Trump, and what I saw in his solar arcs are amplifying this. I’ll write an article to elaborate on his current developments soon). I should also point out we have Mars conjunct 55 Pandora, guaranteeing some sort of opening of that Pandora’s Box during the next couple of weeks (as if it hasn’t already been opened). Mars sextile Chiron retrograde does point to some serious self-reflection during this time as well, much of it would be helpful.

As far as asteroids specifically aspecting the Full Moon itself, 1981 Midas in Gemini and 3811 Karma in Sagittarius both square the Full Moon, and 4386 Lust opposing Full Moon complete an asteroid Grand Cross. During the next couple of weeks, we will see the culmination of a reaping of what has been sown, and it will affect money and lustful actions greatly, even more so since Lust conjuncts Sun. Full Moon also trines 42355 Typhon and I feel that may lead to a lull in some seismic activity. A good thing if I’m correct about that interpretation, as the Pacific Ring of Fire has been quite seismically active in the past week. We’ll have to see how this goes.

Finally, I’m noticing another Yod Kite pattern that did not escape my attention. Neptune apexes a Yod Kite from Mercury, 151 Abundantia, 763 Cupido, and 6583 Destinn in Leo sextile 829 Academia in Libra, and Neptune’s position being kited by 10961 Buysballot and 875 Nymphe. There is bound to be quite a bit of illusion attempted, some slight of hand in regards to the collective consciousness and messages (as far as Neptune quincunx Mercury, so not all communications will be clear during this period for sure). Some of these unclear messages or signals I believe are going to affect the upcoming U.S. midterm elections in a way, and it seems lust or sex will be involved somehow. Not sure if I should interpret this to mean that a study uncovers something else, or if it involves a university somewhere. It should also be noted that Nessus in Pisces is squaring 128 Nemesis in Gemini and trining 11144 Radiocommunicata in Scorpio… I’m not forecasting a final political downfall for anyone in the next couple weeks, but if the way they communicate is not brought in check, they are likely to make further enemies they can ill afford to make right now. Given how Twitter posts this year have led to the job terminations or career-killing of a few individuals this year (James Gunn being a notable example), it is something particular elected officials should probably heed.

I’m going to leave off here as this is starting to get a little long in the tooth at the moment, and we could examine asteroids all night! So yeah, matters of the Ego and of unmaking things that unmake us will be of paramount importance for the next couple weeks. Take advantage of the energies that will begin flowing forth after Mars turns direct, and strike while the iron’s hot. Again, a Grand Trine can bring a tendency to idleness, so don’t waste this energy if you can help it! It will be interesting to see how the news cycle goes this coming week. We’ll see.