Daily Report – Saturday, December 15th, 2018

Daily Report 2022

This is going to be one intense Saturday, I’m going to be straight up with you. Given some of what I’m seeing with the Moon placements alone, and the placements aspecting that, it’s going to be intense all throughout. Hopefully you’ve gotten some rest, unlike me.

What I can say is that Moon will be in Pisces until about evening on the West Coast U.S., so after that it’ll cross into Aries. We’re still reeling from some major emotional hits from Friday, and Saturday adds fire to the mix in the later hours as a result. Let’s see what all comes about in addition to all of this…

We start Saturday with 9951 Tyrannosaurus in Libra semisextile both 100 Hekate and 6583 Destinn in Virgo, suggesting that we are experiencing a crossroads in how we feel we are dealing with tyrants or tyrannous situations. We could find ourselves formulating plans or at the very least wishing for an escape from these particular worries. Pisces Neptune square Eros retrograde in Gemini definitely tugs on the concepts of deception in love and romance. Make sure you’re aboveboard with your partners or prospective partners, and definitely make sure they’re on the same page as you. Moon in Pisces quincunx 4386 Lust in Libra also points to some confusion when it comes to lustful desires and how we feel or what’s true. Sun in Sagittarius quincunx 37117 Narcissus retrograde in Taurus would suggest that we be very clear on who has our back, and who is looking out just for themselves. Conversely, it could also mean we aren’t taking care of ourselves enough (like an inability to say “no”).

Later on in the way early morning, 829 Academia in Scorpio semisextile 564 Dudu in Libra could point to some reading or research on some dubious topics, like the more out-there conspiracy theories and the like. Venus in Scorpio quincunx 8690 Swindle in Aries definitely amplifies this somewhat, so do be careful that you’re not about to binge-buy some snake oil from someone questionable in an inebriated state.

As the early morning continues overnight, we have Moon semisextile Eris retrograde and Moon sextile Narcissus retrograde which will bring some light onto some chaos that’s been bugging us, and this chaos may bring to light where we haven’t been supportive of ourselves enough. Sun Squares Moon for a First Quarter Moon, which definitely fits as we are progressing through a particularly gnarly lunar cycle this time around. Saturn in Capricorn quincunx 128 Nemesis retrograde in Gemini brings into focus where we may be our worst enemy, or perhaps we’re being held back by a hidden enemy of sorts. What are we not seeing? That’s something you’ll have to ask. Perhaps we’re afraid to move forward, or questioning moving forward when Moon semisextiles 307 Nike in Aries. This is telling us that sometimes we’ve got to just go out and do it, whatever “it” is.

19 Fortuna conjunct 114 Kassandra in Scorpio could point to some truth when it comes to our fortune and resources that perhaps no one’s listening to anyone about. 2629 Rudra in Libra semisextiles 151 Abundantia tightly in Virgo around the same length of time, amplifying that uncertainty about money and resources, and whether we have enough or not. Moon in Pisces semisextile Midas retrograde in Aries also feeds into this fear even more, and Jupiter in Sagittarius semisextile 42355 Typhon in Scorpio is just amplifying the hell out of this feeling. We are, in the early waking hours, confronting some of our fears of inadequate wealth and prosperity for sure!

A little later on, we see Vesta in Aquarius semisextile Nessus in Pisces. We’ll also at the same time see Pluto in Capricorn semisextiling 55 Pandora in Aquarius and this is just opening up the proverbial Pandora’s box for sure. We know there’s some hidden and dark truths about what we’re going to need to do to get ahead with our goals, and frankly, it’s looking like we are going to have to potentially hurt some feelings. Again, with those earlier Narcissus retrograde aspects, we need to know that we’re taking care of ourselves as well as others. Think about this: in the event of an emergency, the flight crew say to put your own oxygen mask on first, and then help others put theirs on if needed (such as children). It’s like that.

Now as the morning progresses and crosses over the noontime hours, the Moon will be aspecting all sorts of things. Moon sextile Sedna retrograde lets us feel a little relief as we may catch ourselves from betraying ourselves. Moon square Ixion in Sagittarius warns us to be wary of being betrayed by others, or by being betrayed by actual or potential guests. Moon conjunct Industria in Pisces does point to some hard work to be done in the home, or deep down in our psyche as well. North Node in Cancer trine the Moon will also add a bit of insulation to us feeling that we’re making progress to some goals at this point in time. Moon conjunct 2601 Bologna warns us not to bullshit ourselves into thinking we’re making more progress than we really are, however. Moon quincunx 16089 Lamb brings a form of feeling like we’re being led to slaughter once we pass noontime (at least on the West Coast), and Moon conjunct Chiron will definitely be amplifying some emotional wounds we may be having around the lunchtime hour.

Supplementing that lunar craziness, Sun in Sagittarius trine 307 Nike gives us an edge to get some work done. 3412 Kafka trine 149 Medusa also lets us avoid some issues when it comes to someone stabbing us in the back in some wild, convoluted way as well. 2629 Rudra semisextile 100 Hekate amplifies the feeling further that we are at a major decision point. We need to keep our head straight during all this wild storm, and that could take on a quality when it comes to money and relationships as Venus in Scorpio squares 1388 Aphrodite in Aquarius so definitely think twice if not three times about buying some crazy expensive jewelry, as one example. “What’s in your wallet?” Nothing if you’re not careful with that Venus aspect.

Fortunately, we do have a point in time where perhaps we can be proud of something and toot our own horns as Mercury in Sagittarius trines 1930 Lucifer in Aries. There’s the chance of some well-deserved accolades perhaps, as we take pride in making progress on a task in the early afternoon.

And now, more lunar craziness as Moon finishes up in Pisces going into the early evening hours (or what passes for that in the Pacific Northwest. Definitely not digging the sun setting close after 4:00 PST thing…) Moon trine 829 Academia in Scorpio lets us research informative and cerebral topics as we need to, but let’s make sure we’re looking up the right things. Moon quincunx 564 Dudu, 875 Nymphe, 2629 Rudra, and 9951 Tyrannosaurus in Libra could sidetrack us into looking up some straight-up BS, or perhaps we’ll be in a situation where we feel uncomfortable with some unwanted advances, likely sexual. Do be careful then. We also have Moon opposite 151 Abundantia, 100 Hekate, 6583 Destinn, and 763 Cupido in Virgo, all of this while Moon crosses fixed star Scheat. It is very easy to fall into the, ahem, “Scheat” when it comes to making a decision regarding someone or something that’s too good to be true. Sort of like the manipulative or shady guy trying to get into a woman’s (or perhaps another man’s) pants. Uranus retrograde in Aries semisextile the Moon around this time as well, so the potential for some unwanted or unwelcome surprises is certainly there. Ceres in Scorpio square Black Moon Lilith points to the potential for some volatile rebellion in the home or stifling of the sacred feminine if you’re not careful. Know your worth. Finally, to cap off that craziness, 6583 Destinn semisextile 2629 Rudra points to this being a destined day to deal with some pressing matters, or those matters dealing with you.

Pholus in Capricorn square the Moon as the Moon crosses into Aries does bring forward some temptation to throw caution to the wind and say “F it.” Probably not to our greatest benefit, so try to throttle some of that energy for later. 5325 Silver retrograde quincunx 149 Medusa in Sagittarius warns us to not be too open with the pursestrings, lest we be used by someone with a sharp knife behind their back… and yours. The freshly-Aries Moon opposing 666 Desdemona in Libra and completing a T-Square aspect with 157 157 Dejanira absolutely imparts caution in uncertain situations. The devil’s in the details, and it is going to be considerably more easy to feel or be victimized during the evening hours as well, so be careful.

Moon semisextile 26955 Lie later on could allow for some airing and reconciliation of minor grievances and burying of hatchets, but Uranus retrograde opposing 875 Nymphe in Libra warns us that this “burying of hatchets” could be an ulterior attempt to bury something else. Keep your wits about you.

Finally, we hit the nighttime hours, where 896 Sphinx in Aqurius trine 433 Eros retrograde in Gemini asks us if we know who’s really good for us, or if we really want to consort with some new company. Might get away with it a little right then, but watch out that you don’t splurge too much when 5325 Silver retrograde semisextiles 3412 Kafka in Aries. Otherwise, you could be stuck with a Kafkaesque bill in the end. Moon sextile 99942 Apophis does allow us to end something amicably if needed, whether it be a relationship not working out, or something as innocuous as a board game that’s gown stale as the night progresses.

Venus quincunx 128 Nemesis retrograde will rear its ugly head and warn us to be watchful with our money and our heart. We’ll be considering what we’ve worked hard during that moment, as North Node in Cancer trine 389 Industria lets us take in what we’ve worked hard to achieve. Moon conjunct 1930 Lucifer in Aries does warn us that we might be beaming a little too much in that instance, but if you’ve legitimately accomplished a great deal, then celebration is in order. Again, with Venus-Nemesis, do be careful that you don’t make some unwarranted enemies in the process.

Aries Moon trine Sagittarius Mercury is a welcome aspect that would definitely go along with that Moon-Lucifer link, as this would further allow for some fun and celebration while at the same time celebrating some accomplishment (real or perceived).

We end Saturday night with a couple other dicey aspects. Uranus retrograde quincunx 829 Academia in Scorpio and opposing 564 Dudu in Libra does warn us to be careful about embellishing certifications and achievements as well. Don’t pat yourself on the back too much or tell a tall tale, as that could come back to bite you. 9951 Tyrannosaurus in Libra conjunct 2629 Rudra and semisextile 763 Cupido in Virgo does warn us that bragging about achievements loudly, especially to attract some other company, could be a bit dicey. Chiron in Pisces quincunx 16089 Lamb in Leo caps the night in warning us to not let ourselves get hurt, but instead be a little more lion if we need to to protect our heart and our hides.

In closing, it’s definitely a roller coaster of an emotional day. Plenty of lunar lunacy with the many aspects to the Moon, especially as it crosses over from Pisces to Aries. Things are going to unfold rapidly as Saturday continues, and we’ll definitely need to watch our step more lest we fall prey to some dubious actors.

In short, watch your back, don’t brag too much (but don’t be too humble either), and help yourself out so you can help others later. Do be safe out there this weekend!