Full Moon Scorpio – April 2024

Full Moon Scorpio 2024

We’ve barely gotten out of Eclipse Season, and now we’re at the Full Moon in Scorpio for 2024. Notice everything going critical? There’s some astrological indicators for this.

The Full Moon Itself

Full Moon Scorpio’s peak intensity hits at 04 Sco 17’59” on April 23rd, 2024 at 4:48:56 PM PDT / 11:48:56 UTC. With the Full Moon in the eight sign of the zodiac, the lunar culmination is in the house of debts, sex, death, hidden and occult matters. Plenty that’s been going on behind the scenes will become known now, and it will upend the world order.

With this Full Moon being co-ruled by Pluto and Mars, we need to look to those placements. Plenty of energy, plenty of upheaval, and what was sown is now being reaped. Sun in the second sign, Taurus, points to matters involving our money, resources, stability, and where we want comfort. It’s not going to be comfortable for the next couple of weeks.

Sun opposite Moon is the main aspect, as always. Wrapping up projects, matters, and enjoying the fruits of labors done well, and drinking the bitter waters of poor actions and unfortunate turns in luck. Given that this follows the Solar Eclipse in Aries earlier, it’s time to stop hitting ourselves and build ourselves back up. Get it done, and yes, it’s going to be hard. No easy street now.

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

Everything Changes

The big aspect we’re looking at here is Full Moon Scorpio making a T-square, apexing Pluto and 114 Kassandra in Aquarius. Change is not coming. Change is here. And we were warned that changes were coming, especially in innovation and technology, as well as not staying in the status quo. It is now coming to pass.

Technology is definitely in the air with this, and that includes martial and military technology. While I write this, I did see a video on X (formerly Twitter) of one of those robot “dogs”… with a flamethrower. That’s a good symbolism of the changes with this lunar cycle.

Add to this Full Moon Scorpio also T-squaring 5239 Reiki in Leo, so an asteroid grand cross, what we expected to heal us is doing the opposite. Straying and going to have fun in places we shouldn’t have had that fun will come back to bite us now.

Should Have Been Faithful

Full Moon Scorpio conjunct 8690 Swindle retrograde and 2063 Bacchus retrograde, and opposing 545 Messalina, when taken into account with the Pluto/Kassandra-Reiki grand cross, is another indicator of reaping what is sown.

Swindle is, well, swindling others. The grift. The game. Ill-gotten gains. The piper has come, and the due must now be played.

Messalina is named for a very promiscuous (and unfaithful) Roman empress, and with the Sun here, light is shed on these matters. Affairs being brought up and all the sultry details come out. Bad times for those who get caught.

Maybe it even comes out in court proceedings. Heavens help child custody hearings in those instances.

This is a period that can lead to some very messy divorces.

And Full Moon Scorpio also apexes a Yod Kite from quincunxes to 447 Valentine in Gemini and 763 Cupido and 157 Dejanira in Aries, kited by… Sun and Messalina.

Oh yeah. Lots of affairs, adultery found out, and even new affairs starting up. Those with placements close to 4 degrees Scorpio, Aries, Aquarius, and to a slightly lesser degree, Leo, you’re going to have a harder time with these themes if in a position to be vulnerable to such infidelity, or you’ll have opportunities to be tempted with this.

If you’re not in that situation, and are a writer, you could let your creative juices flow and write a bestseller based on sultry details, mystery, and intrigue. The mental imagery of this will be much stronger now.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Full Moon

Mercury Retrograde Winding Down

With Mercury retrograde winding down and the direct station a few days later on April 25th, 2024 around 5:54 AM PDT / 12:54 PM UTC, this Full Moon still has the last bits of the delay, review, and reworking vibes. So whatever you think you’re finishing up right now, it probably won’t stay finished. Expect a little bit of polish to do by the end of the week.

And with this timing, it also means Mercury has slowed down considerably at the lunar peak, but is still in slow motion. We want answers and action now, but that’s not going to happen for the most part. Expect delays, and also expect some clarity with news coming by the end of the week.

Mercury is also conjunct North Node Aries during the Full Moon, and Mercury’s direct station will also have Moon in Scorpio. We want to say our peace now, and there’s a lot brewing beneath the surface that is ready to bubble over. The perception of “I must speak my peace now!” will be very strong.

Will it go over well? Depends on your situation. You may have some long-running issues that come to a head and you’ll be forced to make a move.

Shit or get off the pot, in other words.

During the Full Moon, Mercury (still retrograde) also conjuncts 9951 Tyrannosaurus and 4955 Gold with the North Node, and squares 26955 Lie in Cancer and 151 Abundantia in Capricorn. We just got out of tax season in the United States here, and consumer prices (gas, food, etc.) are still higher than they need to be, so the overall feel is “we had to pay into Uncle Sam’s coffers, and they say the economy’s good, but where is the relief?!”

We’re frustrated.

Mercury retrograde in Aries trine 2031 BAM in Leo might be helping keeping some serious missives from going out and going off. Cooler heads are prevailing a little bit better for the moment, or at the very least, the hotheads are moderating their tirades.

Hot to Trot

Venus in Aries square 3063 Makhaon and 896 Sphinx in Cancer is an interesting one. Makhaon is a medical asteroid, and Venus does represent beauty and attraction. Sphinx is full of riddles here, so the real question is: Are we really attracted to what we think we’re attracted to, or is there something being obscured beneath the surface that will surprise us (in a not-what-we-quite-wanted way) in private.

Venus opposite 7328 Casanova retrograde in Libra only amplifies this. We may be wanting to get out there and “sow some oats”, but we need to make sure we’re getting the full and real picture. Given the deception and lustful aspects Full Moon Scorpio has by itself, I really wouldn’t count on it.

Venus conjunct Eris and Chiron also adds to the chaos and “what the hell are we thinking” vibe. Given that Venus also represents money and valuables, we’d be vulnerable to rug pulls and scams now too. Not to mention the feelings of FOMO (fear of missing out). Don’t jump into every investment opportunity that comes about now without consulting a solid financial professional and/or doing some very thorough research.

And even taking precautions may not be enough, both in finances and wrapping your weiners.

Harness the Illusion, But Be Aware

Neptune and Mars conjunct in Pisces sextile Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus is a major aspect to consider here. Neptune is also conjunct fixed star Scheat, further amplifying the illusory powers and dangers of addiction of this combination.

Neptune is already amplified in Pisces, being its home sign or domicile. Intuition, illusions, delusions, and subconscious desires and thoughts all have greater impact. With Mars, there’s more energy, drive, and impulse control issues.

Scheat, a fixed star with an unfortunate reputation, points to drownings, poisonings, inebriation, and all sorts of nautical issues. Neptune is going to really ramp up the themes of this now. Drugs, alcohol, medicine, all of these will come to the forefront in some way. Now, there could also be some positive developments in mind-altering substances in terms of combatting addiction, or perhaps safer ways to take the edge off of a stressful day.

The sextile to Uranus and Jupiter (both conjunct in Taurus) from Mars and Neptune does point to some opportunity.

Uranus is in a weak position just being in Taurus, and the last time it was around here in that sign, we had the buildup to World War II as the status quo, land, resources, and prejudices all came to a head. We’re seeing some wild swings in some markets, and I have personally noticed the potential for some serious accidents lately too (I’ve had several near misses just this past week alone, but fortunately nothing happened to me).

Jupiter expands and amplifies what it touches. Uranus is rebellion, out-of-the-box thinking, accident potential, and surprises (both pleasant and otherwise). So we’ve got the potential for some serious swings in the markets both online and offline. Potential. Chance of big gains and big losses, as well as with normal everyday purchases. An example would be stocking up on groceries right before, or right after a major sale cuts prices, or a major price increase.

With Jupiter-Uranus sextile Mars-Neptune, there’s some opportunity to use some intuition and insights to minimize losses and maximize gains. The opposite is, of course, true, but I think the manifestation with the sextile here is going to be people being a little more cautious and not suffering the most catastrophic losses in general.

Neptune making an offsign square to 389 Industria at 0 degrees Cancer could indicate a hoped-for technology, product release, or innovation doesn’t quite pan out, and that the worst of the details may end up being kept under wraps for awhile.

Neptune offsign conjunct 2696 Magion in Aries, there’s potential here for some insights coming through in meditation, daydreaming, and so forth. Make some good magic happen.

Pluto in Aquarius sextile Neptune in Pisces is a long-lasting aspect that should reveal itself as innovative thinking, brainstorming, and coming up with solutions to problems that just weren’t obvious. Don’t dismiss ideas out of hand, as there might be some potential there. But don’t go jousting against windmills either. Be reasonable about it.

Put Your Insight to Good Use

Saturn in Pisces conjunct 34 Circe, 432 Pythia, 829 Academia, and 19 Fortuna may prove to be fortunate and mitigate some of the downsides of the Full Moon, provided we pay attention and don’t overreach.

Circe and Pythia with Saturn suggests to me foresight via discipline and experience. Saturn in Pisces also splashes some cold water on the reality that we’d otherwise look through via rose-colored glasses. We can see where we’ve got trends coming that didn’t help us before, and take the steps necessary to alter course. Pay attention to signs, put in the work and effort, and do things differently.

Academia and Fortuna are also potentially fortunate here, provided we do the hard work and heavy lifting. Some good study and research should lead to some better processes.

The downside is that Saturn also can block and constrain, so some of us could also have trouble thinking clearly and not see the patterns emerging until its too late. Research could also potentially be stifled in some way, either via bureaucracy or some other lack of access.

Saturn trine 26955 Lie in Cancer, however, indicates that whatever blockages happen, deception shouldn’t be the big reason why the blockages occur. Saturn sextile Abundantia in Capricorn may also point more to the innovating our way through hard work.

Perhaps, if a block occurs, it’ll lead to something better down the road. So don’t lose all hope.

In Closing

This Full Moon in Scorpio is a mixed bag this time. There’s potential for some great gains and heavy losses. Also, doing things the “tried and true” way won’t be any guarantee of success, at least not for awhile. We’ll have to rethink some things.

The unethical among us will have some difficulties, and also some opportunities to pull some sneaky shit, so keep your eyes open and don’t get bogged down by details and/or distractions.

We have to adapt. That’s a major message of this Full Moon. If we keep trying to do things the same way we’ve been doing, it isn’t going to work. Notice where you have to make changes, get rid of whatever isn’t working, and be ready to rebuild yet again.

It isn’t all glitter and rainbows, for sure. But we can get to a sunnier place. Eventually. Be aware, be alert, and harness the chaos to your benefit.

Just sitting still isn’t the winning move. Know when to make the move.

See you soon. Maybe before the next New Moon in Taurus.